Is January 20 Capricorn or Aquarius?

What zodiac sign is January20th?

If your birthday is January 20 or January 21, you must have seen different Zodiac signs regarding your exact date of birth and that might have brought some confusion.

Do you belong to the sign of Capricorn or you are, eventually, an Aquarius? Let’s find out the correct answer right now. What zodiac sign is January 20?

In terms of Vedic astrology, January 20 is Capricorn no doubt, and the same goes for January 21. However, in Western or tropical astrology school this will depend on the exact year you were born, due to the fact that the Sun doesn’t have an identical position each year.

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Different Astrology Approaches

Surely, if you had an interest in astrology at any point in your life, you must have encountered some conflicting information about your January 20th or January 21st birthday Zodiac sign. Some resources confirmed you were born as Capricorn, while others claimed that you are strictly Aquarius.

And, they both stood by their statements. This happened and is still happening because there are two main astrology schools on this planet.

Those two main schools are Vedic astrology, which uses sidereal or true astronomical data, and western or tropical astrology which uses tropical astronomy data.

You can find out what are the differences between Vedic astrology and Western astrology in greater detail here, but for now, you should know that Vedic or sidereal astrology uses the exact positions of celestial bodies projected onto the Celestial plane.

At the same time, tropical or western astrology as we know it today was established a little bit more than two thousand years ago when the great astronomer/astrologer Ptolemy introduced the reformed system which uses the projection of celestial objects onto the Earth’s plane.

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At that exact moment in time, those positions were identical, but due to the Precession of Equinox for more than two thousand years, tropical astrology is now approximately 24 degrees ahead of sidereal.

And this creates the first type of confusion when it comes to that old question, “What is the zodiac sign for someone born on January 20th?”

Different Positions of the Sun in Astrology Charts

The second dilemma regarding your January 20th or January 21st birthday exact Zodiac sign happens because the Sun doesn’t have the same placement in the astrological chart year by year.

You have to remember that the Earth revolves around the Sun for 365, 25 days, while the Western astrology chart is circular and has 360 degrees.

This difference of 5 days and six hours makes all the confusion because the Sun can be at the last degree of Capricorn or the first degree of Aquarius on January 20 or January 21.

The only precise way to find out what the exact Zodiac sign for January 20 or January 21 is to put your birth information in any free online astrology program and you will finally find out. I use

If your natal Sun is marked on 29CapXX, where 29 means degrees and XX means minutes, then you are still a Capricorn. However, if your natal Sun is at 00AqXX, where 00 is the first degree and XX are minutes again, you are born as an Aquarius.

Please don’t create more confusion here stating that 00 is the “zero” degree, because this doesn’t exist in mathematics and physics.

The space between 00 and 01 is the first-degree “area”, in the same manner when you have the half of inch or cm, you don’t have the zero inches or zero cm, but you have the half of one of the first inch or cm.

What is your Sign?

OK. So do you want to know what your sign is? Try this little tool!

To determine your specific zodiac sign if you were born on January 20th or 21st, enter your details below. Provide the date, location, and time of your birth to receive your natal chart and ultimately determine your zodiac (Sun) sign.

Disciplined Capricorn

When it comes to Vedic astrology, your January 20 or January 21 birthday Zodiac sign is Capricorn for sure.

This sign is known for its humble origin, disciplined or challenged youth, gaining a lot of experience while dealing with harsh circumstances or people, and also, reaching the highest peaks of professional success and good reputation.

Although the younger age for each Capricorn has its disadvantages, when this person gets older, “older” like during the second half of their life, everything fits right into its proper place.

Everything going on here in the house of the planet Saturn is mature and must be respectful. In this manner, the planet Venus shows the perfect elegance and you can recognize her influence by looking at the politicians, their wives, or some established socialite or royal figures.

Mercury will tend to think deeply and measure each word very carefully before he speaks his mind. Mars will be unbeatable, although controlled, while the placement of the Moon will show some sort of emotional coldness.

Outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto will show their power in some sort of a hidden way, so the inner or the actual physical events of the individual will be experienced very privately.

The only planet that doesn’t “feel” good here is the god of the expansion and spiritually uplifting – Jupiter which will be restrained and bordered by the Capricorn’s strict rules.

On the other side, many people with this placement achieve incredible financial success later on in their lives due to the fact that they had to learn how to juggle their dreams and reality circumstances well.

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The Rebellious spirits of Aquarius

In terms of Western or tropical astrology if your birthday is January 20 or January 21, and for your particular year of birth, the Sun has entered the first degree of Aquarius, then you are a Water-bearer sign, the only human symbol in the whole Zodiac.

(Zodiac means the “animal belt” because most of the constellations on the Celestial Equator have animal titles.)

This is the basic sign of humanity or the “common” people, having in mind that opposite to it is the sign of Leo, representing the rulers, kings, or some special beings or ideas.

And now knowing this, it’s fairly to understand that all the rebels, pioneers, explorers, and fighters for a better future have their roots in this sign.

An Aquarius individual can be an annoying agitator, a powerful freedom fighter, a crazy-brave adventurer, an exceptionally skilled astronaut, or at least an IT specialist.

In the traditional sense of astrology, this sign is ruled by Saturn, which is the planet of the poor and oppressed here. And as far as “modern” astrology goes, its second ruler is Uranus, the planet of turnarounds and surprises.

When you think about people at stadiums, village fairs, traveling across the wilderness in wagons, rushing over the big-city streets, yelling and acting in a revolutionary way, you know this is Aquarius at its best.

And this is the sign of human evolution, because the strongest don’t survive, nor the smartest for that sake, but those who unite no matter what their true causes are.

The Later Victory of Uttara Ashada

Right here at this point, in the sense of tropical astrology, where the Capricorn and Aquarius kingdoms merge, you will find the Uttara Ashada nakshatra or the Vedic Moon station. You can find more about nakshatras and their deeper meaning, read 9 Differences Between Western and Vedic Astrology”.

Uttara Ashada nakshatra goes in pair with the Purva Ashada and they both mean “victory”, although Purva Ashada means the early victory, while Uttara Ashada means the later victory. This is why this area is considered to be milder, softer, and not so intense, but with better results.

When you come to think of it, would you rather have the initial victory while starting the war, or you’d rather have the later victory ending that same war? Yes, this is why this nakshatra is also called the “Universal Star” and it announces success after a period of struggle.

At this point in the Zodiac wheel, the major influences of the planets Mercury in its earthy element, as the ruler of the last decan of Capricorn, and Saturn in its airy element, as the ruler of the first decan of Aquarius mix by producing genius ideas with the determined action and firm statements.

However, regarding Vedic astrology, the Sun rules this area too, and this shows someone strong, full of self-esteem, and yet, humble, and very dangerous on some occasions.

The symbol for this nakshatra is the Elephant’s tusk, and its animal symbol is the male mongoose. And this is one detail you should have in mind, because there are 27 “official” nakshatras in the sky, due to the fact that Moon needs 27, 5 days to circle the night sky.

All those nakshatras are paired by their animal symbols, except this one.

This is showing some unresolvable issues when it comes to marriage or partnerships in general for this individual with significant objects or sensitive points placed in this area.

The Universal Star

In an ancient scripture Mahabharata, although there are some other sources with similar statements, God Krishna is advising the Baharata leader and his army to attack when the Moon is transiting Uttara Ashada nakshatra.

Yes, the battle will be exhausting and they will have lots of losses, but the victory will be ensured because the whole sky will support them.

This part “the whole sky will support you and your army” is the theme statement for each Uttara Ashada individual.

This person is always on some sort of a spiritual quest, he or she will show a total focus on ant task which should be accomplished, and this person will surely be exceptionally skilled or deeply involved in some aspect of specialized knowledge.

This is why this individual has many friends and is liked by many. When it comes to their positive traits, they are extremely intelligent, fun, virtuous, and loving, with strong leadership qualities.

They could become loved politicians because they are not able to lie and because they tend to hold on to their ideals and dreams.

They are always more than just interested to learn more and dive deeper into subjects of their desire. Also, they are sympathetic and empathetic with good manners and modesty, and this is why others love them and love to confess to them.

On the other side, if the planets placed here are affected by the other tense astrology aspects, this individual will often become self-indulgent or self-centered, he or she will be over-active, but they will fail to complete their tasks.

The frequent change of residence with many frustration episodes will be present too, and this person could easily take responsibility for other people’s problems and become overwhelmed.

And no matter whether the person has positive or negative planetary aspects related to this nakshatra, marital problems will be present.

This could be shown through many career obligations that will prevent this individual to be present at home and with their family, or through the constant ego battles of both spouses which could be obviously won, but the “winner” will lose the war of love.

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