What Tarot Cards Represents Aquarius?

What tarot cards represent Aquarius

Have you ever wondered how tarot intertwines with the zodiac? In this article, I thought we could review tarot cards associated with the astrological sign, Aquarius.

Aquarians solely represent cardinal air element energy which best known for their ingenuity and curious characteristics. Ten of the seventy-eight tarot cards are most associated with and represent the zodiac sign, Aquarius.

Aquarius represents the air element which is also associated with wind. Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus. Uniquely enough Uranus is the only planet that spins on its side, even Aquarius’ ruling planet has quirks. This energy is eccentric, one of a kind, blowing around like the element itself.

 The Aquarius is humanistic, and reformative which is seen throughout the tarot. Any kind of emotional distance is shown here as well. So, which tarot cards represent Aquarius?

Do you see all of the sword energy there, and wonder why? Both sword and cup aspects of tarot tap into that air element expressively through reading and divine meaningful messages on the card itself.

As seen, Swords are mostly associated with air due to their swiftness to cut through the air itself.   

They’re usually presented by cups that also tap into air elements through divination, though, cups are almost always associated with water, this case has an air/water aspect that brings the two together with the knight of cups.

If you’re not familiar already in tarot, the cards are divided into two separate Arcana groups. Both groups are equal in meaning, it’s the energy that separates these into power. There are only twenty-two Major Arcana cards in a tarot deck. They are known to have more energy behind them and move with more force.

The other is known as the Minor Arcana and is made up of fifty-six cards.  The Minor Arcana is further divided into four separate categories, and numbers from one to ten. These cards are symbolized through everyday conflict and any current situations.

The Minor Arcana cards are commonly known to have less of an impact on your long-term journey, focusing on these cards during the short term is best.

I wrote a couple of articles that review the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana in details:

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Table of Contents

 Aquarius and the Major Arcana

The Star

The Star represents Aquarius energy and how it rules astrological optimism and spiritual sense. The Star card brings inspiration and generosity much like the Aquarians themselves do. With a nude woman present, in no shame, one foot in the water and others on land.

She is representative of balance, freedom, and curiosity.

 That air cardinal energy is completely innocent and considered a huge humanitarian alongside its other signs. This hope and healing energy breathe in the air, creating space for serenity in the Aquarian’s view.

The Fool

The Fool shows a carefree young man roaming the lands, he seems eager and packed light for the road.

The fool is cheerful in Aquarius energy with his carelessness and drive for something new. He seems to be associated with some level of rebellion, lightly going about his way, alongside the cliff where he must not get carried away with the wind.

 This air energy presented in the card shows upfront the lighthearted spirit of the Aquarius, also how exciting and bright energy air can bring. The Fool must be careful out on the edge, with the wind blowing through his hair.

Here is an article that tells you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Fool! The Fool Tarot Card, A Complete Guide!

Aquarius and the Minor Arcana

Aquarius is brilliant, conscious creatures known best for their inner rebel. They stand out amongst the crowd with their eccentric and hopeful ideas. Almost always associated with being alien-like, their the most different of the signs to remind everyone to trust themselves.

King of Swords & Queen of Swords

The King and Queen of Swords bring Aquarian energy by defining the transformation of the butterfly in symbolism, on their throne decor. We are in their calm, cool exterior presence. Whereas it must be clear that to have reached this level of solidarity, the cocoon process was extreme for these two.

The butterfly goes through a strengthening process before getting to its beautiful harmonious state, much like the King and Queen of Swords.

 The King and Queen are undistracted, confident in their power, yet they lack emotional connection and warmth. The kingdom was not always this built and thriving, this is their empire.

This is being Aquarian energy that they lack consistency and emotions from their air element, but working hard to keep that composure.

 Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups is like a fairytale romance dream in a beautiful faraway place.

The Knight seems capable and strong, though mindful with this one, with very little practicality this air and water card, the poor horse is even seen as distracted in the wind. The Knight of Cups brings water and air energy together.

 This card gives us much precaution with what’s to come with this unpredictable air energy. Aquarian energy can seem a bit off to others who don’t have this in their chart, the rebels without a cause can come out and be a disaster for all.

This Knight will have to trust in himself and lead his horse, blindly. The wind seems to be blowing extreme, causing a cold front to be present and were presented with isolated energy. He has the perseverance to make it through the journey.

Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords is associated with its cardinal air energy and mostly known for adaptation and knowing luck is on your side. Aquarian’s put their impulses and ability to switch up the circumstances above all else.

Their progress can seem externally quick, it seems they have it all together, though internal they could be unroofed.

The man on the card is swiftly acting on his feet, adapting well to the change around him. He is steady to continue on his journey to keep up at any pace necessary. Externally he seems to be okay, but on his face, we see his struggle. Aquarius has this reputation for powering through, detaching one’s self to adapt.

Six of Swords

The six of swords are connected to Aquarian energy through the physical and inward journey shown on the card. What seems to be going on is not thought out, the process looks very irrational and rushed. This air energy can be so scatterbrained, it causes mush distraction from what’s important.

As six swords face downward in a boat, leaving us with too many questions. This family seems to not have much planned out; they seem like they just want to go anywhere else. Just an airy moment of life, going in a new direction but away from something that caused much deprivation.

This confidence of the Aquarius shines through even in the darkest of times.

 Five of Swords

The Five of Swords shows an awkward side of the sign Aquarius, the atmosphere of this card is saying something is off. How is one supposed to carry such an odd number of swords, is he walking away from a fight? Did he win or lose?

 This uneasy energy is linked to Aquarius because on the occasion this energy is known to kind of leave you hanging and isolate themselves. This swordsman isn’t worried, he’s just making it up as he goes along.

This emotional detachment can affect yourself and others, use this card to sense the Aquarians negatives and learn from it.

The Page and Ace of Swords

The Page and Ace of Swords, both represent all the air signs, bringing Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra energy altogether. More so the Ace of Swords suggests lots of creativity and change coming into one’s life. Kind of appearing out of nowhere from this cloud is accurate air energy.

 At the most random times Aquarian energy means quick movements throughout your journey, one must be keen and swift. In the Pair of Swords, we see the strongly independent young man, who is ready but has a lot to learn.

It’s important for an Aquarius to trust their intuition always and pass it on to generations to come.

This complements the sign so well, bringing out some of the strongest qualities of this energy of being both restless and inventive. The Page and Ace both represent the birth and initial use of altruistic air energy.


As expressed, the cards associated with Aquarius energy in tarot are divinely linked through air elements. These cards will help you understand the differentiation Aquarians have, and what makes them so unique.

 Connecting with these cards and energy shows us the freedom and expressiveness of an Aquarian. These are inner journey cards, called to be used in tarot readings where it defines a person or certain aspect that holds an astrological position in the Aquarius sign.

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