How To Attract An Aquarius Man

How to attract an Aquarius man?

Aquarius is the eleventh stage of astrological creation, from Aries’ “I am”, Taurus’ “what is mine”, Gemini’s “who is around me”, then Cancer’s “what are my roots”, over Leo’s “what is my joy” and Virgo “let’s work this over”, Libra and the concept of union, of “we”.

Through Scorpio’s “what is death” and Sagittarius’ “what is behind death” to Capricorn’s “standing grounded in material life”, we came to the Aquarius’ “let’s work together for the better life for all”.

To attract an Aquarius man, you have to position yourself as someone who is standing above the crowd and has some unusual qualities. At the same time, you have to be kind and noble, sophisticated in some ways, and this will instantly confuse him, and you will install your image into his mind all the time.

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Is an Aquarius man always so rebellious?

An Aquarius man is rebellious only when he feels insecure, paradoxically in the world in which law and order were established to organize and make life easier for the common people. And yet, those laws can seem oppressive and in those moments, this man will activate his innate need to fight.

In astrology, there are four major elements that determine how life in the whole Universe will follow. And those elements are fire, earth, air, and water.

Now knowing this, you must notice that the sign of Aquarius is the third or the “fixed” form of the air element.

In Gemini, the air element is about spreading ideas and communicating, in Libra it’s all about creating meaningful and respectful connections between people, and in Aquarius, this air element achieves its full purpose by uniting people in order to accomplish a certain goal.

This is why an Aquarius man feels the strong need to improve things all the time. Aquarian spirit was in those first pioneers who came to new territories like America and Australia.

Aquarian spirit is the essence of not giving up when conditions are hard to bear, or that wind of passionate desire that moves ships, being them sea or spaceships, and the breath of freedom during social revolutions.

The rulers of Aquarius are the planets Saturn and Uranus, and those planets can be positioned anywhere in the natal chart. And their placements show where are the obstacles, hardships, discipline, and innovative solutions for those issues.

If the Aquarius man’s natal Saturn is in water signs, Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio, he will usually be sensitive to social injustice and suffering.

If his Saturn is in fire signs, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, he will have constant issues with the government, clergy, or military rules. If his natal Saturn is in the earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, he will be the provocateur in his job or career.

If his natal Saturn is in air signs, Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, he could easily become a politician, or at least defend his views with great zest.

In the case his natal Uranus is in water signs, he will be prone to viruses, but also he would love to travel over water or discover something new under the water. In fire signs, Uranus can behave like a bomb, bringing radical breakthroughs.

In earth signs, this planet will work a bit slower, but those moves, and results will be “tectonic”, they will have long-lasting consequences. And in the air signs, the Aquarius man with this placement will show a brilliant mind and “electric” new ideas. 

What are the main traits of an Aquarius man?

The Aquarius man is original and eccentric, sometimes ironic or with ambiguous intrusions, and yet without last intentions. And that is why he is very popular in a society where he knows how to add a dose of the unexpected and exciting. But, in the depths of his soul, he is very sensitive and shy.

He was born to create great things, from being a genius scientist, and an entrepreneur, all the way down to the last homeless person, who is usually the leader of all the other homeless people in the neighborhood.

It is simply innate for him to do something great, but when he is surrounded by others. And for him, the greatest punishment is when he is alone.

His temperament is a bit colder, and he responds to threats with silence, completely indifferent, and thus in fact shows his fearlessness.

He often knows how to suffer for general ideals, and he is ready to fight to the death even for a cause that seems to have disappeared.

He is very relaxed in relationships, oftentimes even too much, and is able to cheat until he finds a special person. Only then does he bond and become very faithful and loyal.

The higher type of Aquarius man is a genius and creator, and the lower type is an eternal rebel, provocateur, or deceiver.

What are your chances with your Aquarius man?

Before I we review a bunch of ways to seduce your Aquarius man, it’s probably a good idea for you to check how compatible you are with him!

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Can you seduce an Aquarius man?

Surely, you can seduce Aquarius man rather easily. However, if you want to capture his whole heart then you must be different than the people he is surrounded with. And by acting noble, like a royal figure, having some true accomplishments, and being humble will have him on his knees.

The planet which will show how the love and pleasure will unfold for Aquarius man is Venus. Since this planet is never more than 45 degrees apart from the Sun, he might have his natal Venus in Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, or Aries.

If an Aquarius man has his natal Venus in the sign of Sagittarius, he will fall for someone educated and prone to frequent traveling.

If his Venus is in Capricorn, he will secretly fall in love with someone with a greater age difference and he will love conservative types of people.

If his natal Venus is placed in the sign of Aquarius, this special person will mirror him in many things, and if his Venus is in Pisces, he will attach love with financial or material benefits, and he will fall for someone romantic or looking lost or confused with the outer world.

If his Venus is in Aries, he will feel instant attraction toward someone who will be competitive, a bit aggressive, and who will pursue him.

How to attract the younger Aquarius man

The younger Aquarius guy will fall madly in love with someone who is quite the opposite of him. This person must have a certain “glittery” style of appearance, different tastes, and daily obligations, and those facts will serve as a real magnet in his mind and heart, and he won’t be able to resist.

The area of partnerships for Aquarius man is placed in the sign of Leo, ruled by the Sun. And his natal Sun will be positioned in his sign.

However, it will signify an ideal partner who has achieved a lot and someone he really wants to become like.

Since the sign of Leo represents the ruler, he will secretly admire all those people who are not “common” or who came from a different environment.

This person will symbolize those secret desires and become irresistible. Therefore you should come as someone noble, sophisticated, and perhaps rich or influential.

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How to attract a mature Aquarius man

The older or the mature Aquarius man will become strongly attracted to those individuals who are talkative, persuasive, oftentimes diplomatic in their approach, and carefully choosing their words. Proper communication will be the key to attraction in this phase of his life for sure.

The mature Aquarius man won’t fall for some shiny “object of desire” as he did at his younger age. And this will happen because his natal Sun, also representing his natural partner in the sign of Leo, will mature, too.

His Sun will have its accomplishments and he won’t need to seek support or confirmation coming from someone else.

And in this sense, his natural areas of romance and talents, seen through the sign of Gemini, and also, his natural area of higher education, spirituality, and also, second marriage or committed relationship, seen through Libra, will become exceptionally active.

His heart will be full while communicating with someone who is younger or appears young in their style or body type, like smaller and thinner.

Also, he will fall someone who is always on the move and ready to learn many new things with great zest and huge curiosity. It could be said that he will go through his second youth phase now, discovering all those things he missed while he had to fight for his early ideals.

And on the other hand, he will easily fall in love with someone who has an elegant appearance, could be in law or politics, and uses words very carefully and with style. And if you can combine those two types of personalities, you will have his whole heart very fast.

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