Is April 19th Aries or Taurus?

What Zodiac Sign is April 19?

If you are wondering what is the correct Zodiac sign for April 19 or April 20, look no more because right here and right now you are going to get the precise and very interesting answer which will clear out all the doubts from your mind and show you diversity and amazing little details regarding your astrology sign.

So, is April 19th and 20th Aries or Taurus?

If your birthday is April 19, you are Aries in terms of Vedic astrology however in terms of Western Astrology you could be Aries or Taurus! There are two main schools of astrology and each uses a different method to determine your zodiac sign.

This is known as the Cusp when the sign moves from one to the next.

To determine your specific zodiac sign from the Western astrology perspective, then you need to check our zodiac tool. Scroll down to the section below “Calculate Your Zodiac Sign and Natal Chart” to see what your zodiac sign is based on the date and time of your birth.

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Why do Vedic and Western Astrology Exist as Separate Systems?

The answer to this question is not complicated at all, but you have to be aware of the fact that those two main astrology schools were once upon a time.

And this “once upon a time” happened a little bit more than two thousand years ago when the great astronomer/astrologer Ptolemy officially started using “tropical” or western astrology instead of sidereal or known as Vedic astrology today.

Slowly, bit by bit, and due to the Precession of Equinox, now western or tropical astrology is almost 24 degrees ahead of the sidereal system.

This difference creates a lot of confusion and many misunderstandings between people who don’t know the “traits of the trade” of astrology so well. However, if you want to know more What is the difference between Vedic astrology and Western astrology, check here.

But let’s get back to basics. Tropical astrology is based on tropical astronomy calculations, meaning that this system uses degrees regarding the projection of the Sun onto the Earth’s plane. And we all know those calculations are correct because we can check them through simple observations here from Earth.

The moment the Sun crosses over the Celestial Equator and enters into the Northern hemisphere the first day of spring begins on Earth and we have the Aries ingress point here. We know this is so because the length of the day is equal to the length of the night, and therefore we have the Spring Equinox.

The same goes on the other side, in the sign of Libra when Autumn Equinox occurs.

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The points when the day is the longest, Summer Solstice, and when the night is the longest, Winter Solstice, form the 4 cardinal points or 4 cornerstones of tropical astronomy and therefore tropical astrology.

Tropical or Western astrology is based on those 4 fixed points in the sky and all calculations and sign’s degrees are determined from those 4 points.

On the other hand, Vedic astrology is using the projection of the Sun, Moon (luminaries), and planets onto the Heavenly sphere and the position of the constellations of stars, therefore called sidereal or “starry”.

This is why when the Spring Equinox happens here on Earth, this doesn’t mean a thing for Vedic astrology because the Sun is still in the constellation of Pisces.

The real issue with the tropical astrology

You might get clearer now between the two astrology systems, but you still want to know what astrology sign April 19 or April 20 in terms of tropical or western astrology is sole. At this point, the answer is not so easy because you have to become aware of one interesting thing.

The Earth revolves around the Sun for 365, 25 days, and the circular astrology chart has 360 degrees. And those 5 days and 6 hours make some minor changes regarding the charts and calculations.

This is if your birthday is April 19 or April 20, your Zodiac sign could be Aries or Taurus depending on the fact did the Sun cross the first degree of Taurus on that particular day, or was it still on the end degree of Aries?

And the only precise way to know what exactly your astrology sign is for your April 19 or April 20 birthday – is to put your date of birth into a tool that will calculate your natal chart.  Try this tool to determine your zodiac sign (and more…)!

Calculate Your Zodiac Sign & Natal Chart

Fiery Enthusiasm of Aries

You might prefer the fact you are Taurus in Western Astrology, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know more about your Aries nature which is surely written in the stars.

Remember “sidereal”? And as such, you could notice that your hair, eyes, and skin complexion are lighter than usual for your racial or national background.

Competition is your middle name, and you truly enjoy sports and wear sporting or military-style clothes. Also, your profession could be related to the military, police, or any other call that demands wearing some sort of uniform and obeying the rules and strict structures and rankings of staff.

This is why you need order besides the constant action and adrenalin fixes. And being an Aries you could be loud, proud, and frequently angry, trying to change many things on your own… by banging your head against the wall.

Or, you could be very silent, discreet, better to say, and very disciplined and hardworking, implementing those changes through your working ethics and action. In this second case, your results will be astounding after a while.

All shiny and glittery objects, including those types of romantic partners, attract you very much, and when something is expensive, you just know it must be good. On the other side, when someone talks about spirituality and high philosophical ideas, then you know that person must be “above” all others.

Those two illusions can reward you or present you with so many disappointments, depending on the other placements of your natal chart.

High blood pressure, eye pressure, face scars, frequent head injuries, and some issues with your upper teeth or jaw can take place due to your fiery Mars which is the ruler of your natal Sun, and the best thing you can do to avoid those problems is to be moderately active by doing some forms of martial arts or combative training.

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Valuable Taurus in you

However, if your natal Sun crossed over the first degree of Taurus in Western astrology and for the year you were born if your birthday is April 19, then you are a member of the kingdom of Venus, which belongs to the earth element and is all about the lasting values.

Yes, the planet Venus is all about beauty, grace, and pleasures, but here in Taurus, her influence on your natal Sun is huge in the material sense. Your face should be oval, skin soft, and eyes big and dreamy, but at the same time, you are far from being just an airhead.

Many of your ancestors were farmers and their efforts provided you with substantial financial means or with the “material” or calculative way of thinking. And this is nothing you should be ashamed of.

Simply, you don’t let life or any person coming your way, step all over you, and you choose your companions and social circles very wisely.

You excel in banking, farming, food, or fashion industries, and your entrepreneurial nature is something that is at the core of every cell. However, you are truly wise because you don’t fall for shiny objects or fast fashion. Your goal is to secure yourself and your family or to find a suitable partner who will be an excellent protector and provider.

This is why, you don’t look at the price first but at the quality and esthetics of every object, clothe, accessory, asset, property, or anything else. And although many people might think you are so lazy, the truth is on the opposite side.

You just need some time to thoroughly evaluate will some action bring adequate rewards and once you find it will, nothing will stop you from achieving your goal. This is the true nature of Bull. It’s hard to move him, but once he gets going, it’s hard to stop him, too.

Food plays a major role and more often than not, you have many issues with weight gain.

And this is an interesting fact about you in general because if your wealth increases, your weight increases too. This is why many rich people, especially women, are literally starving to look their best while their material fortune grows.

Thyroid issues, lower jaw or teeth, some skin problems, and a sore throat could be your annoying reoccurring health themes, and the best cure, in this case, is always grounding because the Earth is your element, your healer, and your support.

Ashwini – Innovative Doctors

If your date of birth is April 19 or April 20, now you know what your Zodiac sign is, but you should also know that your natal Sun is placed in Ashwini nakshatra. Nakshatras are Moon stations in Vedic astrology, very important areas, and if you want to learn more about them please check this article:

What are the differences between Vedic astrology and Western astrology.

For now, Ashwini carries the meaning of “physician to the Gods”, its symbol is the horse’s head and its name derives from Hindi mythology where Ashwins were the horse-headed twins, called physicians to the gods. The governing celestial body in this nakshatra is the South Node of the Moon, Ketu.

If your natal Sun or Moon is placed here, then your face could be long, or your eyes are a bit on the side, so your face might remind some people of a horse’s head. And that doesn’t have to be negative, there are many beautiful celebrities with this trait you can see all the time.

Ashwini is the first nakshatra in Vedic astrology, and therefore people who are under its influence are fast, ready, and more than just interested in always starting something new or innovative. They are pioneers in their career fields, emanating fiery sources of energy all the time.

This is why they even speak fast and get more speeding tickets than other people.

Ashwini is known as the “star of transportation”, and horses which are carrying the Sun over the sky is their major theme, and this theme is the same for Hindu, Greek, or Slavic mythology, showing the spirit of new beginnings, but also something too fast and therefore irresponsible or inconsiderate.

On the other side, Ashwini individuals, due to the influence of the South Node of the Moon, Ketu, carry many blessings from their previous lives, especially those related to medical themes.

This is why they are exquisite doctors or medical researchers, and everything flows so easily for them in their career fields. Also, there are many Ashwini healers capable of doing “miracle” healings or helping humankind in different areas.

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