What Tarot Cards Represent Capricorn?

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Whether you are a professional tarot card reader or someone who consults the cards for fun, reflecting on the relationships between tarot and astrology can lead to a deeper understanding of both – and better readings as a result.

Knowing the tarot cards that represent Capricorn will build your understanding of their significance and help you access useful interpretations. What Tarot cards represent Capricorn?

The tarot card most associated with the sign of Capricorn is the Devil, while the World reflects Capricorn’s central lesson. As an earth sign, Capricorn is aligned with the esoteric meanings of the suit of coins (also known as pentacles), especially the Knight of Coins, Ace of Coins, and the Seven and Nine of Coins.

Let’s take a look at how the Devil and World cards represent the underlying lessons available to those on the Capricorn path and how Capricorn’s story of struggle unfolds in the suit of coins.

In this article, I’ve included images of Tarot Cards from Chris Anne’s Tarot Deck called the Muse. If you like this deck, compare pricing from etsy and online “handmade” store versus a popular online retailer. Note, with the Muse deck, the traditional “suit of coins” is called “materials”.

On another note, I’ve also included links to other related articles for the other zodiac signs at the bottom of this article.

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The Devil

Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn, is often seen as a malefic planet in astrology, which explains this sign’s association with a card more usually associated with all things “evil”.

However, the meaning of the Devil does not necessarily reflect the terrifying supernatural forces for which it is known.

At first look, the Devil shows the shadow side of the sign of Capricorn, indicating a tendency towards pessimism and viewing the world through a lens of limitation and lack. There may be a tendency towards material attachments or negative habits holding an individual back from their potential in life.

Challenges in the querent’s life may pose an opportunity to turn inwards and examine who they are and who they might want to become.

While this may seem somewhat dark, in astrology, Saturn places us in situations that call us to growth and spiritual development.

Therefore, any influence of Saturnian energy, whether in the skies or the cards, is merely an indication that we have been given an opportunity to dig deeper and reach higher than we have before.

So, when you see the Devil in a spread, don’t be afraid. It is simply a sign that it is time to turn inwards, away from worldly things, towards the path of spiritual enlightenment.

When reduced to its fundamental essence, this is Capricorn’s major life challenge.

The World

Just as the Devil represents the shadow side of Capricorn, the World represents its enlightened form: the simple knowing that creation is finished and that an individual’s goals have been achieved in the spiritual reality. Capricorn’s task is to endure the limitations of the material world while maintaining this faith.

While Capricorn’s struggle is often characterized in material terms, ultimately, success means transcending material reality. The struggle, therefore, is not only about mastering the world in front of us but also mastering our attachment to it.

It is this that the World represents. It calls us to awaken to our position as divine creators.

If the Devil is the starting point of Capricorn’s journey and the pitfalls along the way, then the World is where the Capricorn’s path ends. Many of us have elements of this journey within our lives, it is not just those with Capricorn sun signs.

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This is because Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn appears within all of our charts. If you should see the World in a spread, then this suggests an opportunity to embrace the creative powers with which we have all been bestowed.

There may be great enlightenment in terms of the lessons available to the querent in these cases, perhaps involving liberation from material constraints through spiritual development.

The Devil card and the World cards are part of the Major Arcana, read more about the major arcana here. The cards that follow from the suit of coins are all in the minor arcana, read about the minor arcana in more detail here.

Knight of Coins

This card gives us some insight into the positive expressions of Capricorn energy that our beloved mountain goat must take with him or her into the fray. This is a reminder of the characteristics that will help the querent overcome material challenges in their life.

The Knight of Coins is an easy-going and relaxed man who is always willing to work with people and forces rather than against them. He teaches us that in times of struggle, it can be better to yield and go with the flow rather than fight and resist what the universe is trying to teach us.

When you see this card in a spread, it suggests a need to see the big picture and avoid being distracted by temporary changes in the material world.

It shows us that we must play the long game, using our strength to give our endeavors stability and longevity rather than fighting against the forces imposed upon us.

This card suggests that we must not only be resolute, we must also learn forbearance.

As with all Capricorn cards, the Knight promises success and mastery at the end of the journey.

Ace of Coins

The appearance of the Ace of Coins in a spread indicates the beginning of the journey of success. It is a reminder to tackle challenges and reach goals through the steady progress of small steps, especially those associated with wealth and material prosperity.

Both of these are Capricorn’s domain, because Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet, teaches us that diligent hard work will reap material rewards in the long term.

A deeper esoteric meaning can be applied to this card that hints at Capricorn’s great lesson in life, which is to understand that our spiritual condition manifests our material reality. This is why the Capricorn challenge is to overcome pessimism and limitation to triumph in the end.

This card shows the possibility of success that can be achieved only if we are willing and able to commit to the long haul.

When this card appears in a spread, you can be sure that material progress is on the horizon. It is a sign to maintain steady progress with a project and that while gratification may be delayed, it is most certainly on its way.

Seven of Coins

The Seven of Coins is perhaps the most Capricorn of them all. Modest and unassuming in the middle of the minor arcana, it reflects the middle of the Capricorn journey, which is dominated by a need for perseverance in the face of struggle or lack.

The Seven of Coins suggests a need to persist in a stage of humble servitude to limiting forces before breaking forth in later mastery.

This is the meaning of Capricorn with which we are all familiar. It is the tension between the challenges and limitations imposed upon us by the material world and the spiritual freedoms that sometimes seem so far away.

It is also the fight between our higher and lower nature – the battle between faith in what we don’t see and feeling worn down by what we do.

But in the middle of all things is a turning point. There is a moment at which struggle begins to give way and we begin to see rewards. So, while this card may suggest the toughest stage of the journey, it also reminds us that it will not last forever.

Nine of Coins

This card represents the rewards of Capricorn energy, that is, the freedom of financial and material security won through hard work and struggle. It shows that success can be achieved in even the most difficult of circumstances through pure tenaciousness and strength of character.

The Nine of Coins can point to a disaster or crisis that has been turned around by an individual who just won’t give up, no matter what. In the story of the suit of coins, this card is the happily ever after – the fulfillment of desires, the rainbow at the end of a storm.

Perhaps there is a karmic reward available to the querent or simply a sense of sweet victory after overcoming a difficult time in his or her life.

If you see the Nine of Coins turn up, this suggests a sense of freedom or an ability to exhale after a hard effort. If the querent is not aware of this freedom (and they may not be) then now is the time to point it out. The journey of hard work is not always about the struggle, it is also about enjoying the rewards.

The Muse Tarot by Chris Anne

Capricorn in the Tarot Spread

As you can see, certain cards in the Tarot spread may indicate life lessons or energy related to Capricorn or its ruling planet, Saturn.

The Devil, the World, and certain cards in the suit of coins speak clearly to the Capricorn journey, showing us how to transcend our worldly nature and material limitations to embrace the freedom of spiritual creativity and enlightenment.

If any of these cards appear together, then viewing them through the lens of astrology can help you understand how they may be linked. In these cases, one thing is for sure – your querent is likely to be someone who is being called to invest spiritually to ensure their material success.

And lucky for these people, it seems that even the Devil himself can’t keep them down!

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