What Zodiac Sign is November 21?

What Zodiac Sign is November 21?

If your birthday is November 21, then you must have encountered many astrology forecasts putting you in the sign of Scorpio or Sagittarius. Obviously, this can be very confusing to many people, so let’s find out exactly what really is your Sun sign in astrology… What zodiac sign is November 21?

If you were born on November 21, in terms of Vedic astrology, your Sun sign is definitely a Scorpio. However, when it comes to Western or Tropical Astrology which is most common in the west part of this planet, then your sign can be Scorpio or Sagittarius depending on the particular year you were born in.

Before we delve into the zodiac signs for November 21, I wanted to point out the Related Articles section at the bottom of this page.  I’ve assembled a number of articles that I know you will enjoy.  Make sure you check them out.

Let’s find out everything you need to know.

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Why are there two Astrology systems?

First, you need to know that by the beginning of human development astrology together with astronomy appeared at the same time as all other basic sciences.

Many myths, historical data, and also, archeological sites are showing us clearly how important and frequently used astrology was, and this is nothing new or fashionable as people may perceive it these days.

However, more than two thousand years ago, astrology used just one astronomical system, sidereal or the heavenly projections of the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars onto the Celestial plane.

Then the great astrologer/astronomer Ptolemy introduced tropical astronomy, which uses the projections of the heavenly bodies onto the Earth’s plane.

At his age, those two systems were the same, but due to the Precession of the Equinox, the western or tropical astrology is approximately 24 degrees ahead of the sidereal.

The fact that Vedic astrology uses “true” astronomical data doesn’t matter so much, nor do the different systems make mistakes. Each type of reading can be very accurate no matter which system is used if you choose a knowledgeable astrologer.

If you want to learn more about astronomy terms, and the main differences between those two astrology systems, please check – 9 Differences Between Western and Vedic Astrology.

The real issue with Tropical Astrology/Astronomy

Now you know that your November 21 birthday Zodiac sign is Scorpio for sure in terms of Vedic astrology, but when it comes to a tropical system you have to be aware of one very important detail when it comes to determining the precise position of the Sun in the sky.

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The western astrology chart is circular and the sky is presented as one big circle around us. Having this in mind, just remember that each circle has 360 degrees, and the Earth revolves around the Sun for 365, 25 days.

This small but significant fact that we have 5 days and six hours more than the number of degrees in the circle, produces a slightly different position of the Sun in the yearly sky chart. And this is why your November 21 Zodiac sign can be Scorpio, but it also can be Sagittarius.

The only way to find out precisely what your zodiac sign is, if you are born on this day is to use an online tool. Try ours right now!

Calculate Your Zodiac Sign & Natal Chart

OK. So do you want to know what your sign is? Try this little tool!

To determine your specific zodiac sign provide the date, location, and time of your birth to receive your natal chart and ultimately determine your zodiac (Sun) sign.

With your newfound details, you will now certainly know whether the Sun crossed into the sign of Sagittarius in a tropical sense, or if it was still on the last degree of Scorpio.

Embrace the Scorpio depth-less within Yourself

Whether you like it or not, there is a strong influence of Scorpio in you if your birthday is November 21, since you are a Scorpio for sure in Vedic astrology. And you shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed of this “quality of darkness” in your soul.

This is the time of the year when nature dies and everything is naked and it can often appear ugly. Days are getting shorter and people are gloomier than ever.

It’s like the reality that everything must end and die slapping us right in the face and there is nothing else to do but think about the “whys” and “what for” of life.

Abandonment, often physical, but surely always emotional, is the Scorpio’s early age signature and the demons from the past are so easy to become the repeating theme until this person goes through a very deep, painful, but also, necessary inner transformation.

Others, especially in our day and age, might go through emotionally painful and seemingly never-ending procedures to regain their confidence and heal their souls and bodies. It’s almost like healing and finding some strictly-defined purpose in life had become a norm for an educated person in the Western world.

However, Scorpios are masters of the game of life and death, and the moment they understand that all traumatic experiences from their past don’t need any sort of healing, cleaning, or fixing and that all these stories are part of their history, they will explosively fast move toward total spiritual breakthrough and absolute mind control.

This is what makes them different from all others, and unique in many professions.

Sagittarius – the Noble Archer

But let’s not just jump to the conclusion you must be “all”l Scorpio if the Sun has crossed over the first degree of Sagittarius during the year you were born in. Yes, Scorpio is dark, and dramatic, and then becomes someone fast, practical, and fierce.

Sagittarius is noble, with wide views and with a sense of freedom and of higher realms. But, don’t forget the fact that Sagittarius derived from Scorpio and that it took to get down to the core of the Underworld to be able to fly to the highest mountain where the gods, the natural forces, or the ideas reside.

The Archers need some time to develop their views and consequently skills, which will ensure them a carefree life.

This goal is not present because they will fall for the world of illusion portrayed by items and shallow social connections followed by praise. No, they need the material base to be able to develop their spirit and joy higher and more deeply.

They are the best teachers, professors, and instructors in any area. They are also enormously talented when it comes to scientific research and traveling, and they simply excel in the matters of history, archeology, ancient languages, exotic cultures, sociology, astronomy, and of course, religion.

But no matter whether Sagittarius is a priest, diving instructor, or elementary school teacher, he will give the best of himself to his students. And this “best” will involve the knowledge, additional and very useful information, and above all, humor and easiness only one Archer can spread around.

Also, have in mind that right there at the point where Scorpio becomes Sagittarius, according to decans in Astrology (or the tenth-degree division of each sign), the Moon as the ruler of the third Scorpio decan becomes Jupiter.

In a sense, this means that a soul reaches the godly level. Now, when you know what your higher “purpose” is, you can start to develop your divine nature right away. 

Anuradha nakshatra – the Small Flash of Lighting

At this point in the Zodiac circle, if your birthday is November 21 of course, and if we look at the sky from the Vedic astrology perspective, Anooraadha, commonly named Anuradha nakshatra, or the Moon station shines its light.

If you want to learn more about nakshatras please read “9 Differences Between Western and Vedic Astrology” for the nakshatra part.

The main symbol for this Zodiac area is the small flash of lighting or a small spark that will result in success. The plant symbol is the lotus flower which shows that the most beautiful blossom is achieved through the mud of obstacles and trials.

The animal representing Anuradha nakshatra is a female deer, again in a strong correlation with Sagittarius, hunting, forests, and wild areas.

People born in this nakshatra are under the special rulership of the planet Saturn, and this brings lasting success after some struggles. This is the area of rich, living in a foreign country or these are simply the people who live in different places due to exceptionally frequent traveling.

They are usually known as very successful entrepreneurs and this “tiny spark” they carry deep inside is some interesting or innovative idea that becomes the auspicious source of wealth.

One thing you have to know here too is that they are not able to cope with hunger or thirst, and this could be their weak point.

In Hindu mythology, Radha was the best friend of Lord Krishna. Since male-female friendships weren’t so usual in the past, she had to face much public disapproval of her behavior.

Having in mind this fact, Anuradha nakshatra carries the strong symbol of lasting friendships, and the need for an individual to be “backed” by his friends.

It can also indicate the need for a male-female friendship, which can seem nice until one of the friends decides to start a marriage or a lasting relationship. Then several types of problems can appear because the spouse is usually jealous and doesn’t want to emotionally share the partner with some “close friend”.

In this case, the other planets in the natal chart create negative aspects, this will show the person who has to become a “third party” in someone’s marriage for sure, and for at least once in their life.

Everything will appear to be “destined”, they will almost always feel that the other person (person married to someone else) is their soul mate, and it can truly be, but… It will also be destined that eventually, they will have to separate and simply move on looking for another soul mate.

Besides those love stories, Anuradha individuals have beautiful faces with bright eyes. They are able to uplift the spirits of many people, they are attractive, vigorous, well-minded, and good-hearted.

The achievements of their dreams and real success will wait for them in far-away places and then and there they will be able to enjoy exquisite social and professional reputations.

If they are not so focused on male-female personal friendships, they will be able to gain a lot from business partnerships, and their life after 48 years of age is extremely good and in many cases very wealthy.

Unfortunately, those individuals will have to face several failures, but those failures will help them to notice where the weak points are and to eliminate those weak points.

By serving others, giving them unique ideas, and developing new enterprises or technologies, they will serve the highest force within their soul, and gain in the spiritual and material world at the same time.

Nothing can stop the true faith in those bright eyes, and once when the spark of Anuradha is lightened in them, anything is possible. And usually is.

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