What Zodiac Sign is September 22?

What zodiac sign is September 22?

If you were born on certain days of the year, your zodiac sign may not be the same depending on the year of your birth and September 22 is one of those dates.

This can be a little confusing! So, what Zodiac sign is September 22?

If your birthday is on September 22 then according to Vedic astrology, you are a Virgo. However, in terms of Western astrology, your Sun sign could be Virgo or Libra, on the 22nd of September, depending on the year you were born, due to the slightly changeable position of the Sun each year.

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What is this thing going on between the two astrology systems?

Two astrology systems started to differ more than two thousand years ago when the great astronomer and astrologer Ptolemy introduced the “tropical” system, and the Western world started using tropical positions of planets, which means their projections onto the plane of Earth, while Vedic astrology uses the “true” positions of planets looking at their placements on the Celestial plane, the same positions astronomers officially use.

At Ptolemy’s time those positions were the same, however, due to the precession of Equinox now we have a difference of almost 24 degrees, which means that tropical or western signs are approximately 24 degrees “ahead” of Vedic positions.

You can find everything explained in great detail here – What are the differences between Vedic astrology and Western astrology here.

Even if you are focused on Western astrology solely, you have to be aware of the fact that astrology charts are circular and that they contain 360 degrees, while the Earth needs 365, 25 days to revolve around the Sun.

Those 5 days and 6 hours create slight differences each year when it comes to positioning the Sun in our charts.

Therefore, for one person born in a certain year, the Sun can be at the last degree of Virgo, while for the other person born in a different year, the Sun can cross over the first degree of Libra.

For someone with a birthday on September 22, the Zodiac sign can be determined precisely only if you enter your birth details into a tool.

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Why is the 22 September birthday Zodiac sign so important?

Besides the fact that the Sun can be on the last degree of Virgo or the first degree of Libra on September 22 or 23, this position is exceptionally important in terms of Western astrology and also tropical astronomy because it shows one of the four cornerstones of the sky and how we truly measure the time.

On this particular day, the autumnal equinox happens and the lengths of the day and night are equal. In pair with this day, we also have the spring equinox, the beginning of the sign of Aries, as the opposite moment in time.

We also have summer and winter solstices which fall at the first degrees of the signs of Cancer and Capricorn.

In terms of astronomy, this means that the Sun crosses over the Celestial equator and it’s heading toward the Southern celestial hemisphere. This is the beginning of the cold season for our northern hemisphere, and the warm season for the southern hemisphere.

In general, for those who are living in Australia, southern parts of Africa, and South America, their Sun sign should in essence be an Aries, the sign opposite to Libra.

However, astrologers are keeping away from this logical idea simply not to complicate the lives of their clients more.

Virgo part of your personality

There are many misconceptions about the sign of Virgo, primarily because this sign is representing service and daily obligations. As if this is not enough, Virgos are perceived as people who are nit-picky and prone to critique. But, nothing could be further from the truth.

If your birthday is September 22 then you surely must have many Virgo traits, no matter whether the Sun crossed the first degree of Libra, simply because in terms of celestial positions, you are a Virgo for sure, and this must be mirrored in your personality to some extent.

People, especially women, in most cases prefer the idea of being a Libra because this sign is related to beauty, harmony, and balanced views and appearance.

You shouldn’t forget the shrewdness a Virgo possesses and the intellectual, logical, and reasoning abilities of this sign. Whenever you show those traits, you are essentially showing your Virgo practicality and yes, even superiority in many cases.

It really doesn’t matter will you spend hours deciding which dress or shoes you will buy at a store and use this characteristic as your main Libra show-off.

You need to keep things in order, to know what you want, and where you are going in your life, and while you are fulfilling your daily obligations, your discipline, determination, the will to help others and leave everything in a better condition after your “touch” are all under the sign of Virgo.

You may also possess some healing talents, know how to treat plants, animals, or humans, and understand healthy practices, all those things show your true nature even better, and this is nothing you should be ashamed of.

Not to mention, your innate talent for astrology, philosophy, literature, and complicated administrative tasks.

Lovely Libra was born on September 22

Or, September 23 depending on the precise position of your natal Sun because if you see in your natal chart that your Sun is at 0Li degrees and some minutes, this means that in terms of tropical astrology, you are a Libra for sure, and you have your birth-date at the exact moment when Sun crossed the Celestial equator and headed toward the Southern hemisphere.

This is the time of the year that signifies wealth and enjoyment since the food is plenty and all the hard work in the fields is finally over.

This short time of celebration before the winter sneaks in accompanied by the sign of Scorpio is marked with public events like fairs, village dances, and of course, weddings.

In our modern times, we surely feel a certain joy while watching the wonderful autumn hues while the weather is still warm enough and we are meeting our friends and relatives through many joyful encounters.

This is also the perfect time for businessmen, lawyers, and judges since Libra is a sign of negotiation and fruitful partnerships with others.

If your natal Sun is placed in Libra, and you have some good chances it is, if your birthday is September 22 or 23, then this position describes you as someone who needs to be in a union, marital or business-wise, to be able to fully express your abilities.

And perhaps your partner is the strong one, someone who is capable of making the breakthroughs or showing courage and readiness to risks, but at the same time, your partner needs you to “see” what’s on the other side of the truth or a deal and to let them know or take care about all little, but very significant details which can determine the future of your enterprise or marriage.

Even more, you are here to enable the beauty and balance in this world because what is money good for if we can’t enjoy exquisite meals, beautifully decorated environments, interesting travels, inspiring entertainment, and useful socializing? 

Besides the firm legal agreements which will ensure our safe retirements and divorce procedures, just in case something goes the wrong way?

Don’t forget, Libra takes care of all those issues, each time, on time, precisely, without exception.

The Powerful Hasta Fist

As far as Vedic astrology goes, this position in the sky belongs to the sign of Virgo, but if we want to go into greater detail, this is the Moon’s station, or nakshatra called Hasta, of the first. You can find more about nakshatras here.

The ruler of this nakshatra is the Moon. It is symbolized by the female buffalo and any planet placed in this nakshatra, and especially Sun or Moon, describes a person as someone hard-working, determined, often stubborn, but strong and courageous.

The name of this nakshatra “the fist” or “the hand”, shows that this person possesses powerful innate talents related to their hands.

They can be exquisite artists, interior designers, civil or construction engineers, architects, mechanics, furniture makers, or plumbers, it really doesn’t matter because all wonderful fast problem-solving capabilities and innovative solutions will “flow” through this person’s hands, including energy healing, even if he or she is not aware of this gift.

On the negative side, those people can be “blessed” as extraordinary thieves and naturally, pickpockets.  They are also prone to frequent conflicts, simply because they want to compete all the time and reach the highest position.

They can be restless and moody, emotionally unstable, and yet controlling and often they can treat “insignificant” people very harshly, the people who are not useful to Hasta natives in any way.  When it comes to bringing the “con art” to the highest level, they can be unbeatable.

However, in most cases, they are not just skilled in arts and crafts, but in humor, too, and spiritual, emotional, and intellectual uplifting of all people around them.

It’s not that they are just witty and always persuasive; they are also genuinely cordial and carrying. And the best breakthroughs in their career usually happen around innovative industries in foreign countries. 

Their childhood and early youth are often filled with many obstacles and setbacks, but this is how destiny is preparing and instructing them to develop their talents to the greatest extent.

This fist they carry is symbolic in nature, as well as physical, and shows their ability to catch lucrative ideas and business deals.

In many situations, this main trait they possess is making them hard to let go if things are not working their way, so they can be so stubborn to the extent to sacrifice their health, family, or fortune, just to create some idea that is bothering them for such a long time and keep them restless.

Having this in mind, if your birthday is September 22 or 23, you should know how truly blessed you are, not just possessing the Libra’s sense of harmony, beauty, and partnerships, but also, being able to create so many items or innovative solutions which can improve our lives, while shining your witty and uplifting spirit as a true star.

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