Cancer Compatibility With Each Zodiac Sign

Cancer Compatibility with each Zodiac Sign

In this article, my intention is to provide you with a summary of the compatibility of Cancer with each zodiac sign.  I have split up compatibility into five important sections:

  • Cancer Emotional Compatibility
  • Cancer Sexual Compatibility
  • Cancer Spiritual Compatibility
  • Cancer Financial Compatibility
  • Cancer Intellectual Compatibility

We have relationships with many different people, some relationships are intimate.  We have friendships and business relationships as well as acquaintances.  Each of these relationships has varying degrees of compatibility.

My goal here is to provide you with a bit of understanding of your compatibility with the other zodiac signs.  If you want a more in-depth, personalized compatibility analysis, then you can use our Synastry tool, below!

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To easily find the section you are looking for, use the Table of Contents below to read about each zodiac sign and how they are compatible with Cancer.  Have fun!

Table of Contents

Cancer / Aries Compatibility

Cancer – Aries Emotional Compatibility

The emotional needs of Cancer and Aries are completely different and although the two of them can be powerfully attracted to each other during the initial stages of their romance, this fact will produce all sorts of misunderstandings, bitterness, and a huge disappointment in the end, for both sides.

Aries wants to feel loved through action and ego-validation, while Cancer needs to have a non-verbal connection, stable emotional support, and someone who will easily get used to all sorts of psychological drama.

In the beginning, the polarity between them might produce attraction, but later, this relationship will surely turn into a disaster.

Cancer – Aries Sexual Compatibility

Surprisingly, the intimacy between Ram and Crab will always be inspiring and uplifting. Aries will get the sense that Cancer loves variety and unusual things, and Cancer will “translate” Ram’s sexual desire into pure emotion. Therefore, they will enjoy it, no matter what reason brought them together.

The area of sexual pleasure for Cancer falls in the sign of Aquarius which is the place of social support for Aries. And the sign of Scorpio, which represents everything related to sex and transformation for a Ram, is the area of heart, love, and romance for a Crab.

This is why their intimate life will never fail, although they could be using each other for some other purposes.

Cancer – Aries Spiritual Compatibility

Aries and Cancer will surely be a somewhat odd combination when it comes to all things related to a higher power and other dimensions of existence. The Ram will keep everything in the realm of goodness, honor, and expansion, while the Crab will often get lost in the waste ocean of mystic ecstasy.

And this habit of “communicating” with the Higher powers through visions or altered states of consciousness could frequently seem very hostile, and at least, totally confusing for Aries individual.

The Crab could even despise Ram’s spiritual feelings looking at them like those are something down-to-Earth or “nothing special at all”.

Cancer – Aries Financial Compatibility

Those two Zodiac signs will share really good compatibility when it comes to all financial issues, although their motives will differ greatly. However, if they can both learn how to see the difference between the price and the real value of everything, their partnership will become very successful.

This could be an astounding fact, but Aries and Cancer can co-operate perfectly well in terms of finances or legal matters.

Cancer’s area of income is placed in Leo, which is the heart point for Aries, and Ram’s valet is safe there in the sign of Taurus, where the Moon just loves to be. They will keep each other’s resources, increase them, and enjoy enormously every lucrative business deal or investment they make.

Cancer – Aries Intellectual Compatibility

At first glance, the intellectual harmony between the Ram and the Crab is something unimaginable. However, they will understand each other perfectly well, although they won’t have the identical stance or the same impulses. They will be emotionally different, but their minds will still work in sync.

The intellectual pursuits, practicality, or daily obligations for each Aries sign fall into the sign of Virgo, which is considered to be Cancer’s “best friend”. On the other hand, Cancer’s mental traits lie there in Ram’s sign of spiritual desires and achievements – Sagittarius.

In this way, the two of them will nicely connect combining their friendship, honorable goals, and disciplined efforts to create something new or to discuss something useful for both of them.

Cancer – Aries Compatibility Summary

Aries and Cancer should not get romantically involved because this kind of union will bring many disputes and frustrations. However, for other types of partnerships, their union will bring positive effects due to the fact that each of them will become specialized for different types of challenges.

Crab and Ram will both seek full attention but use different methods and express their feelings and needs in ways “unreadable” the other hand.

They are simply not compatible for a family or romantic couple, and they could have some short-time success in intimacy, and lasting success in any type of business partnership.

Cancer / Taurus Compatibility

Cancer – Taurus Emotional Compatibility

Taurus and Cancer will reveal their true feelings to each other after some substantial time spent together. However, they will both feel a strong attraction, and more than just attraction, they will feel true emotional and psychological closeness from the moment they meet. This bond will last.

Above everything else, Taurus and Cancer are two best friends. They will face life together with inner calmness and gentleness.

And Taurus will act like a masculine partner here, carrying all the outside battles and challenges on their back, while Cancer will create inner harmony and beauty, feeling well protected by the Bull’s calculative abilities.

Cancer – Taurus Sexual Compatibility

Taurus and Cancer share great sexual compatibility, and although their relationship can seem rather conservative and calm to other people, they will show enormous versatility when it comes to intimate experiences. They will be ready to try many unusual techniques at any time or in any safe place.

The area of sexuality for Taurus falls in the sign of Sagittarius which is ruled by the planet Jupiter and which is the strongest in the sign of Cancer.

On the other hand, sexuality for Crab is under the government of the planet Saturn, which is the teacher for Bull. This is why their sexual encounters will be filled with uplifting joy and much experimenting.

Cancer – Taurus Spiritual Compatibility

The area of spirituality will be something very personal and hidden from the outer world for Taurus and Cancer couple. Taurus will tend to stick to traditional religious views and common rituals, but Cancer will tend to experience some deep insights related to religion. Taurus will respect that.

For Cancer, spirituality falls in the sign of Pisces which gives extreme feelings and inner experiences. However, for Crab, those experiences will be related to the ancestral religion, and therefore it won’t collide with Bull’s religious feelings in any case.

Taurus will simply let Cancer express those feelings, and they will act like a decent couple regularly visiting their church or temple.

Cancer – Taurus Financial Compatibility

In general terms, Taurus and Cancer will get along well regarding their finances, and the influence of Cancer will have several very beneficial impacts on a Bull’s life and domestic happiness, while the Bull’s versatility and ambitious goals or actions could frighten Crab’s safety sometimes.

The area of direct financial flows for Cancer falls in the sign of Leo, which is the area of family, properties, and domestic affairs for Taurus. And this is why having Cancer by their side, the Bull will invest more and gain greater profits related to all real-estate themes.

At the same time, Cancer could carry a great fear because Taurus will use “fast” and too risky ideas for gaining this wealth. However, those ideas will always pay off richly. 

Cancer – Taurus Intellectual Compatibility

Some minor disagreements are foreseen between Taurus and Cancer when it comes to their intellectual and practical exchange. On one side, they will truly become best friends, no matter what kind of relationship they basically have, but some Bull’s thoughts could be annoying for Cancer sometimes.

Cancer is the area of ideas for Taurus, but the part of practicality this Zodiac sign has is placed in the sign of Libra, and Cancer wouldn’t agree many times regarding the Bull’s social circles and open conversations their partner may have with many “outsiders”.

At the same time, Taurus will love deep ideas a Crab has, but this partner will be bored with the confused Cancer’s style of dealing with usual subjects.

Cancer – Taurus Summary

The union between Cancer and Taurus will be very harmonious and calm in its nature. Two of them will function the best as romantic, or even better, as a married couple. And they will do excellently well as best friends, close siblings, and through a “good” parent – “nice” child relationship.  

As far as their business co-operation goes, they can also be successful. However, this will take a great amount of time, because they will both lack the initial spark and ambition to start something big and adventurous.

Their fear of change could keep them away from reaching new heights, and they will do their best in the food production or hospitality industry.

Cancer / Gemini Compatibility

Cancer – Gemini Emotional compatibility

The good emotional compatibility between Gemini and Cancer is possible if their natal faster-moving planets create positive aspects. And this will especially be true if Gemini’s partner has their natal Moon placed in water signs, like Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. In general, they could get along nicely.

The main issue here is the fact that Gemini might frequently come too strong, too fast, or too shallow for Cancer’s taste, the sign which needs the most time to open up and start trusting its partner. On the other hand, Cancer will seem too gloomy for Gemini’s emotional outlook.

Therefore, only their personal planetary positions will be able to determine if a real emotional connection between the two of them is possible.

Cancer – Gemini Sexual Compatibility

Sexual compatibility between Cancer and Gemini looks way better than expected. Cancer will surprise its partner with a variety and innovative ways of love-making, and Gemini will show firmness and durability each Cancer craves and needs so much. And this is why they will get along perfectly well.

The only issue present here is how to get a Cancer individual to start the intimate experience with Gemini in the first place. Cancer needs a lot of love, devotion, and trust to open up in a physical sense, while Gemini doesn’t need much to start experimenting.

However, if they become so close in an emotional sense, their sexual life will be truly amazing and they will learn many new techniques from each other. Cancer’s area of sexuality falls in Aquarius, where Gemini learns. And Twin’s area of sexuality is in Capricorn, the house of partnership for Cancer.

Cancer – Gemini Spiritual Compatibility

Spiritual compatibility between Gemini and Cancer will be under the strong influence of their career accomplishments and even some sort of sexual charisma could be underlining this exchange. In this case, Gemini will admire Cancer for its ability to achieve ecstatic religious experiences.

The area of spirituality for Cancer is placed in the sign of Pisces, which is the area of career highlights for Gemini. At the same time, the area of higher knowledge and abstract ideas for Twins falls in the sign of Aquarius, which is the area of sexual experiences and dramatic transformations for a Crab.

This is why their spiritual exchange and communication could revolve around deep mystical experiences, paranormal phenomena, and the hidden sexual meanings beneath those conversations.  

Cancer – Gemini Financial Compatibility

Gemini and Cancer will achieve wonderful financial compatibility together, although the two of them might look like opposite types of people for any sort of business partnership. Gemini will uplift Cancer’s ideas and Crab will act like a best friend and have great support for anything Gemini starts.

Despite their differences, Gemini and Cancer will thrive in any sort of mutual business venture. Gemini’s area of finances falls in the sign of Cancer itself, so the mere presence of Cancer will inspire the Twin to work more to achieve wealth.

At the same time, Cancer’s area of finances is placed in the sign of Leo, which is the area of close friendships and co-operation for Gemini. This is why two of them will have guaranteed success.

Cancer – Gemini Intellectual Compatibility

Cancer and Gemini will have better than just the average mutual intellectual compatibility. Cancer will admire Twin for its innovative views, inner freedom, and diversity, and also a success. Gemini will find Cancer refreshingly calm and co-operative. And therefore, they would make a great team.

The area of practicality and intellectual exchange for Gemini falls in the sign of Scorpio, which is the area of heart’s desires and talents for Crab. The same area for Cancer is placed in the sign of Sagittarius which is the area of partnerships for Gemini.

In this combination, Cancer will secretly admire Gemini, while Gemini will find that Crab is ready to follow, and add something interesting and even lucrative which will inspire them both.

Cancer – Gemini Summary

Generally speaking, Gemini and Cancer can achieve rather good mutual compatibility, if Gemini’s natal Moon is placed in signs which complement Cancer. This will mean that Gemini will have a sensitive soul and enough sense to know when to slow down a bit. And this will create a harmonious bond.

In the majority of cases, Gemini could find Cancer a bit difficult to deal with since this sign is notorious for its stubbornness and pulling back. And at the same time, Gemini is known as someone too fast.

However, if their natal planets match up well, this union could turn out to be life’s lasting, and they can substantially increase their wealth and reputation. Their best combination can be seen in the world of business.

Cancer/ Cancer Compatibility

Cancer – Cancer Emotional compatibility

Cancer and Cancer will be strongly drawn to each other right from the beginning. However, the true nature of their relationship will be revealed through the positions of their natal Moons, since Moon rules the sign of Cancer in astrology. But, in any case, they will always act nicely to each other.

Two Cancers will wait for some time to open up to each other. However, this doesn’t mean that they won’t enjoy their encounters in a calm and often silent manner.

They will surely need some time to start trusting each other and from that point, they will open up fully and accept each other with great respect and kindness. Whatever the nature of their relationship is, they will show some sort of motherly care.

Cancer – Cancer Sexual Compatibility

Cancer and Cancer will have an incredibly good sexual life, and although they won’t parade in public with their intimate experiences and performances, they will surely experience a variety and unusual techniques the moment they fully open up emotionally and establish the firm bond as a couple.

The area of sexuality for the sign of Cancer falls in the sign of Aquarius which is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Those two planets carry the strong symbolism of breakthroughs and variety.

This is why two Crabs who will establish the commitment and surrender to each other trusting fully, establish frequent and very exciting and fruitful intimate experiences. And among all other Zodiac signs, they could be blessed with the greatest number of children.

Cancer – Cancer Spiritual Compatibility

When it comes to the spiritual realm, Cancer and Cancer shouldn’t have any problem whatsoever understanding each other. These types of thoughts and experiences will be related to deep and even ecstatic personal experiences, and they will fully accept and understand each other’s religious views.

The area of spirituality for Cancers is found in the sign of Pisces. This is why the position of the planet Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces, in the natal charts of both Cancer partners, will play a major role regarding their religious compatibility.

In any case, they will stick to the religious tradition of their ancestors and accept supernatural phenomena only if those experiences match the official dogma of their religion.

Cancer – Cancer Financial Compatibility

Cancer and Cancer will surely get along well regarding all financial issues. However, their success will depend solely on the position and compatibility of their natal planets. And they will have fantasies about wealthy life, but at the same time, they will be afraid to act using focused efforts.

When it comes to finances, the sign of Cancer can create the biggest profits among all Zodiac signs if their natal planets are gathered in the sign of Leo which is the area of their direct earnings.

However, this doesn’t happen in many cases, although the desire for creating something truly big and memorable will always be present. In this sense, both Crabs will want to be wealthy, but the way they get and handle the money might differ.

Cancer – Cancer Intellectual Compatibility

For two Cancer individuals, their usual conversations and intellectual exchange will be very punctual and even neat and picky as long as their emotions are not involved. They will love orderly things and events, and good manners, and they will feel safe in this kind of surrounding mental space. 

The sign of Virgo is the area of mental activity for Cancer, and the sign of Sagittarius is the area of usual activities for this sign. This is why two Cancer individuals will choose their conversational themes and ideas very carefully.

However, they will show great skills and invest major efforts while practically performing upon those ideas. Two of them might not make any significant breakthroughs, but they will surely finish everything they start together.

Cancer – Cancer Summary

Depending on the position of their natal planets, Cancer and Cancer partners will either become an inseparable couple or they will simply avoid each other right from the start. They will also need some time to emotionally open up, and from that point, their relationship will be fully committed.

Two Crabs could seem funny or odd, looking from the side because they will need some substantial time to emotionally surrender. As long as this phase of their romance lasts, they could act weird or closed off, or move backward as real crabs do.

However, the moment one of them breaks the ice, everything will develop rather quickly and they will bond for a lifetime. The same will go if they are friends or just business partners.

Cancer / Leo Compatibility

Cancer – Leo Emotional Compatibility

Cancer and Leo often get together due to the closeness and overlapping of their natal planets. Leo will always play the role of the masculine partner, while Cancer will be the feminine one, while calmly keeping the power domination over their relationship. And in most cases, they will last.

As lovers, Cancer and Leo will be drawn to each other by the powerful initial attraction. And the fact that the Cancer partner won’t reveal their feelings so easily in the beginning, will be challenging and magnetically seductive for Leo, who is used to getting everything straight away.

This is why Cancer will dictate the slower tempo and Leo will fall for Crab’s charm, innocent looks, and opposite characteristics.

Cancer – Leo Sexual Compatibility

Sexuality-wise, Cancer, and Leo might have some issues because their performance styles could differ a lot. Cancer will be the one who will need more activity and newness, while Leo will look at sex as something mysteriously uplifting, but calm in its nature. And those differences could affect them.

The sign of Aquarius is the area of sexuality for Cancer. This is why this, usually shy sign, finds great joy in a different approach and perhaps sometimes strange ideas regarding intimacy. It doesn’t mean that anything is wrong, but Cancer simply loves action and variety.

On the other hand, this area for Leo is placed in the sign of Pisces, and Leo prefers romantic, dreamy, and even platonic, as sex without real sex, types of acts.

Cancer – Leo Spiritual Compatibility

In terms of spirituality, Cancer and Leo will find it extremely hard to understand each other. Cancer will be dedicated to very personal, one, and very traditional types of expressing faith on the other hand. And Leo will get spiritually inspired only through action and especially, history.

The real issue going on here is that they will have truly opposing views about everything deep, supernatural, or spiritually inspiring. Pisces is the sign of higher knowledge for Cancer and ecstatic religious experiences, deep insights and solitude will be the driving forces for a Crab.

At the same time, this area for Leo will be placed in the sign of Aries. And therefore, Leo will get inspired through military actions and historical information, while this will look awful to Cancer. 

Cancer – Leo Financial Compatibility

As far as financial compatibility goes, Cancer and Leo will function better than just average. Cancer will surely benefit from Leo’s mere presence. And Leo will show great prudence in all money-related issues. This is why they will have all chances to succeed, but if Leo takes the lead.

For Cancer, Leo is the area of direct earnings and any kind of relationship with Leo will simultaneously increase income, and wealth, and generally, this union will create some big material desires which could be seen as a luxury.

This same area for Leo will be placed in the sign of Virgo, which is the area of close friendships and intellect for Cancer. This is why Leo will take control of their financial matters with great punctuality and skillfulness.

Cancer – Leo Intellectual Compatibility

Cancer and Leo will have truly mixed results exchanging ideas while executing practical tasks. Leo’s habit to act with a certain nobility and always perform on behalf of a larger group or context of things will appear annoying to Cancer who will value neatness and a savvy way of performing.

The area of logical thinking for Cancer is placed in the sign of Virgo, which is the area of financial flows for Leo. In this sense, Leo will respect Cancer’s ability to be precise and goal-oriented.

However, this same area for Leo is positioned in the sign of Libra, and too much talking and too little concrete efforts will get on Cancer’s nerves and make them insecure because verbal expression is not one of their biggest strengths.

Cancer – Leo Summary

In general terms, Cancer and Leo will be able to achieve very nice emotional and even financial compatibility as long as they don’t involve in the other areas of their lives. Cancer will enable the inner stability of their couple, while Leo will take care of their “public” presentation and plans.

In all other zones of their lives, Cancer and Leo will surely have changeable results. Cancer could be too moody or shy for any form of serious business, and therefore almost extremely risky when it comes to initiative and execution.

At the same time, Leo could seem too scattered or socially distracted for a true friendship and the confessions and vulnerability this kind of relationship requires.

In a way, they could function nicely, but sometimes they won’t be able to understand each other.  

Cancer / Virgo Compatibility

Cancer – Virgo Emotional Compatibility

Cancer and Virgo will achieve immediate friendship and deep mutual understanding right away. Both of them will act rather shy in the beginning and take everything at a slow pace. But on the other hand, this will immensely help them to establish firm trust and advance toward more closeness.

When it comes to emotions, Cancer, and Virgo will take them very seriously and thoroughly because they both will be very sensitive.

In this sense, Cancer will take more time to open up and start communication, while Virgo will seem more talkative, but with some strict moral rules. On the other hand, this will help Cancer to feel safe and Virgo to be heard.

After this initial encounter, they will both feel that honesty and kindness will become the cornerstones of their friendship and from that moment on, love will also follow easily.

Cancer – Virgo Sexual Compatibility

Some minor issues are possible between Cancer and Virgo when it comes to their sexuality. However, those issues can be easily avoided in the case if they have established full trust and open communication. And mainly those issues will revolve around who has the power and initiative among them.

Surprisingly, both Virgo and Cancer will show incredible durability and even in some cases, roughness during their sexual performances.

The area of sexuality for Cancer is placed in the sign of Aquarius, and this area for Virgo is positioned in the sign of Aries. Cancer and Aries don’t match so well, and in some situations, the Cancer partner will literally feel “attacked” by Virgo.

At the same time, Virgo will perceive Cancer as someone who requires a lot of effort in bed and shows the tiring need for variety and exclusivity.

Cancer – Virgo Spiritual Compatibility

In the sense of religious and spiritual themes, Cancer and Virgo will establish a wonderful connection full of love and respect. They will understand each other’s needs for expressing those higher aims, and act in a supportive manner while keeping their views within the norms of their confession.

Virgo and Cancer can act like the perfect couple who regularly attend religious services, and tries to act with kindness and justice during all other activities in life. The area of spirituality for Cancer falls in the sign of Pisces, making this individual prone to deep ecstatic experiences.

However, the sign of Pisces is the partnership zone for Virgo, and this is what actually attracts very pragmatic Virgin.

As per Virgo, the area of spirituality is in Taurus which is the social support and networking for Cancer. And this is why they will always stand by each other’s sides in those matters.

Cancer – Virgo Financial Compatibility

Frequent disputes and misunderstandings can be expected between Cancer and Virgo regarding their finances. Cancer will expect affluent types of incomes and spending when it comes to home and family, and Virgo will be more interested in deals and investment strategies aimed at safe retirement.

The main problem between Cancer and Virgo when it comes to money is the fact that the area of financial flows for Cancer is placed in the sign of Leo, which acts as the enemy for Virgo dreaming too big and recklessly spending even more.

On the other hand, this financial area for Virgo is positioned in the sign of Libra, which annoys Cancer and is more oriented toward serious business deals, legal aspects of money in life, and versatile investments.

Cancer – Virgo Intellectual Compatibility

Despite the usual prejudice that Cancer and Virgo are too emotional for logical thinking, those two signs are extremely shrewd and can operate very smoothly under great stress. And two of them will surely create many useful and in most cases, great business ideas just by spending time together. 

Cancer and Virgo can easily become the winning combination regarding their intellectual compatibility. The sign of Virgo is the area of logic and close friendships for Cancer. This same area for Virgo falls in the sign of Scorpio, which is the area of love and talent for Crab.

In this sense, the two of them will easily find many common themes, but more than just that, they will quickly put those ideas to work for mutual benefit. 

Cancer – Virgo Summary

Generally speaking, Cancer and Virgo are the images of best friends and business associates. They will protect each other’s interests and integrity, they will have many things in common, and they will be devoted for a long time, and in many cases, for a lifetime. This bond will be based on trust.

As a parent and a child, or two friends or co-workers, Cancer and Virgo will simply excel.

However, as business partners, they will have to face some issues related to their finances, and the best thing they can do is to let their Virgo partner deal with money, while Cancer should focus on production or supportive processes.

As lovers, their bond can also be unbreakable, but they will have to learn to communicate openly and effectively when it comes to intimacy.

Cancer / Libra Compatibility

Cancer and Libra Emotional Compatibility

Cancer and Libra represent one of the worst astrology combinations. And this is why the sign of Cancer is considered as a symbol of home, a motherly figure, and emotional intimacy. And Libra is seen as the area of partnerships, publicity, and diplomatic manners, and not in line with deep emotions.

Libra represents love, but love in the matrimonial sense and established forms of behavior so that one couple or the wider community can function smoothly. At the same time, Cancer is focused on self-expression, and can often seem too moody or even rebellious in some depressive way, in Libra’s eyes.

At the same time, Cancer could see Libra as someone who is faking or simply shallow, even if this is not true at all.

Cancer – Libra Sexual Compatibility

In matters of intimacy, Cancer and Libra will surprisingly find common ground, but not without some “side effects” for sure. They will act somewhat like friends with benefits in the beginning and as long as they don’t get emotionally attached, things will function pretty well between them.

Sexual experiences between Cancer and Libra will surely look very deep and variable at the same time. Since the area of intimacy for Cancer is placed in the sign of Aquarius which is the place of heart’s desires for Libra, both of them will find immense thrill in unusual poses and games.

Since this area for Libra is placed in the sign of Taurus, and this is the social support and friendships zone for Cancer, everything will seem very well synchronized.

But the real danger here is that they both won’t be able to keep just at a physical level, and when their emotions get involved things will start to complicate.

Cancer – Libra Spiritual Compatibility

When it comes to higher types of knowledge, spirituality, or supernatural phenomena, Cancer and Libra will simply feel like they’ve come from different planets. They will have some foggy perception of what the other person is talking about, but they will lack a true understanding of those views.

For Cancer and Libra, the world of transcendence looks completely different and this is why the two of them will find it so hard to even start a meaningful conversation about those issues, not to mention practicing any form of religious worship. For Cancer, this area is placed in the sign of Pisces.

While Pisces for Cancer create all sorts of uplifting feelings, this is just the art form of expression for Libra. On the other side, for Libra spirituality falls in the sign of Gemini, and this open communication and analyzing something sacred will be truly frightening for Cancer.

Cancer – Libra Financial Compatibility

Regarding financial matters, Cancer and Libra will have mixed results, but in the end, they won’t be so satisfied with how their partner handles money, especially expenses. Cancer will surprisingly love careless spending, while Libra will have some pretty real economic views and discipline.

The common thought might be that Cancer would be the one to act stingier and Libra not to pay attention to where the money is going. But actually, things will look the opposite of that. For Cancer, the area of finances is placed in the sign of Leo and this is the social support zone for Libra.

At the same time, Libra’s money will be positioned in the sign of Scorpio, which is the place of love for Cancer. However, this Scorpio economist will dictate discipline and the fear of lack, while Cancer will just hope everything will work out fine.

Cancer – Libra Intellectual Compatibility

Things won’t look so good regarding the intellectual exchange and practicality for Cancer and Libra, for sure. Libra will feel uncomfortable with Cancer’s critical views, and Cancer could even despise Libra’s need to intellectually play with big ideas, Crab sign will perceive as reserved for experts.

Intellectual exchange for Cancer and Libra will not exist at all, in most cases. For Cancer, this area will be placed in the sign of Virgo, which needs criticism and deep analysis will seem very frightening for Libra.

On the other hand, Libra’s area of ideas and logic will be positioned in the sign of Sagittarius, which is the area of duties and obligations for Cancer, and this will seem too tiring even to listen to.

Cancer – Libra Compatibility Summary

In general terms, Cancer and Libra won’t get along in the majority of cases. They will simply belong to different worlds and their views and perceptions of moral norms or other areas of life will differ a lot. They won’t act openly and negatively toward each other but rather avoid confronting situations.

Cancer and Libra can hardly ever call themselves partners. Even if they have lots of their natal planets in nearby signs, so some level of compatibility is seen in natal charts, they will still have so many issues that their partnership will have a small chance to survive.

The common case is that a Cancer person is in a position of authority for Libra, and in Libra’s eyes, this situation is perceived as something extremely hard to cope with.

Cancer / Scorpio Compatibility

Cancer – Scorpio Emotional Compatibility

Cancer and Scorpio will create a wonderful team right from the start. They will feel strongly attracted to each other and those emotions will last for a long time, even a lifetime in many cases for both of them. Scorpio will take the protective role here, while Cancer will act as a calming partner.

For Cancer and Scorpio, emotions will be the deep and powerful river. Having in mind that Scorpio is the area of the heart’s desires for Cancer, this will mean that the Crab will easily fall in love and stay that way.

For Scorpio, the sign of Cancer is the area of higher knowledge and spiritual joy, and while admiring firm moral and family norms in Cancer, and trying to understand their psychological mechanisms, Scorpio will open up emotionally.

Cancer – Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

Cancer and Scorpio will have exceptionally good sexual compatibility. Their experiences will be versatile, powerful, and always, surprisingly refreshing for both of them. They will be hungry to learn and try new things, and those moments of joy will symbolize total soul openness between them.

Cancer and Scorpio are probably the best couples in the whole Zodiac when it comes to their intimate experiences and performances. Scorpio is legendary for those skills, but Cancer is the sign which will act modestly and quietly in “public” situations, and show the passionate and even wild attributes in sexuality.

This is why their encounters will last long, be durable, and above all, be filled with immense passion.

Cancer – Scorpio Spiritual Compatibility

In terms of spiritual achievements, Cancer and Scorpio will treat each other with respect and appreciation if their views differ in some details. Also, they will be on the same line regarding higher knowledge, even if they don’t belong to the same or similar religious or family background.

For Cancer and Scorpio, spirituality is about transformation and deeply personal experiences. This is why they will pull back from “popular” or mainstream beliefs regarding anything concerning paranormal or religious experiences. For Scorpio, Cancer will be the epitome of spirituality because Cancer is the area of their higher knowledge.

For Cancer, this area will be placed in the sign of Pisces, which is the love zone for Scorpio and also the symbol for the waste ocean of subconsciousness.

Cancer – Scorpio Financial Compatibility

Money matters are going to go fine between Cancer and Scorpio. Scorpio will be the one to set the main tone when it comes to their incomes. And at the same time, Cancer will take care of spending, and serve as a sort of inspiration for Scorpio to create bigger and better living conditions for both.

Cancer and Scorpio will manage nicely their mutual financial things. However, Cancer might annoy Scorpio by occasionally practicing careless spending, although those expenses will always be related to their home and family improvements.

But on a positive note, Cancer will “activate” Scorpio’s luck, and by simply being together, Scorpio will increase their earnings and total wealth.

Cancer – Scorpio Intellectual Compatibility

Intellectually, Cancer and Scorpio will be able to achieve a lot. First of all, they will use the same language of ideas. And secondly, they will show tremendous discipline while putting those ideas into action. Scorpio will lead here, but Cancer will give many valuable insights about details.

For Cancer and Scorpio, logic, ideas, and calculations will be very realistic and together they will be able to achieve a lot in terms of planning their business, future, or family affairs.

Cancer might appear too emotional for those things at first glance, but having in mind that their area of ideas is placed in Virgo, which is the sign of social support for Scorpio, will yield wonderful results.

The same area for Scorpio is positioned in the sign of Capricorn, which is the natural partnership zone for Cancer. Therefore, anything they agree upon will become reality very quickly.

Cancer – Scorpio Summary

Cancer and Scorpio will make great teammates no matter what kind of relationship they have. Scorpio will act like someone who is in charge of the outer world’s issues, while Cancer will stick to home, or their inner communication and plans. Once united, they will cherish this bond and advance.

As lovers, Cancer and Scorpio will need some time to start trusting each other, but when this happens, they will stay devoted through all sorts of circumstances.

Also, as a parent and a child, or friends, two of them will contribute by giving different perspectives about many things and ideas, and yet stay on the same line. As business partners, they will simply thrive strategically deploying their roles.

Cancer / Sagittarius Compatibility

Cancer – Sagittarius Emotional Compatibility

Somewhat mixed results are expected between Cancer and Sagittarius when it comes to their emotions. They will both feel like their partner is a good and honest person worthy of respect, but at the same time, they won’t be able to understand each other fully and this will their biggest obstacle.

Cancer and Sagittarius will simply be two individuals with completely different expressions and ways of communication. For Cancer, the sign of Sagittarius is the area of usual duties and work.

For Sagittarius, Cancer is the zone for intimate pleasures and investments. This is why they won’t be able to feel true and pure romantic feelings, and something will always stand in the way to open communication.

Cancer – Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility

This might come as a surprise, but Cancer and Sagittarius can become excellent partners when it comes to non-committed sexual encounters. Sagittarius will show a lot of sensuality, while Cancer will excel in various techniques, but this type of relationship won’t last long if it ever happens.

The main issue here is the fact that Cancer and Sagittarius will make great partners for sex. On the other side, Cancer will need emotional support and devotion too, and this will ruin the “casual” or just relaxing type of intimacy Sagittarius will love to have.

This is why their sexual compatibility belongs to hypothetical situations. However, it will be possible if the other natal planets in their charts create positive mutual aspects.

Cancer – Sagittarius Spiritual Compatibility

Cancer and Sagittarius will have some sort of strange connection when it comes to their spirituality. Sagittarius will find Crab’s higher views somewhat conservative and even rudimentary, and Cancer will see Archer’s ideas as a form of lucrative deal, not something emerging truly from the heart.

Cancer and Sagittarius will simply have different conceptions regarding spirituality. While this area for Cancer will be filled with uplifting and in some cases, ecstatic personal experiences, but always according to their religious dogma, this will seem too boring and old-fashioned in the eyes of the Archer.

At the same time, the glorious and a bit glittery and joyous views Sagittarius will have about Ultimate power will be too theatrical for the real faith, but very useful for some religious-related businesses.

Cancer – Sagittarius Financial Compatibility

When it comes to finances, things will work out perfectly well between Cancer and Sagittarius. Two of them will respect each other’s different ways of handling money. However, they will, at the same time, mutually learn and support their partnership, creating stable increments and lasting wealth. 

This can come as a surprise, but Cancer and Sagittarius will really thrive starting any type of business together. The area of direct finances for Cancer is placed in the sign of Leo, which is the area of higher education for Sagittarius.

At the same time, money matters for Sagittarius are positioned in Capricorn, which is the natural area of partnerships for Cancer. This is why two of them will enjoy Crab’s ability to make a lot with something small, and Archer’s skills to transform a “lot” into a real and lasting fortune.

Cancer – Sagittarius Intellectual Compatibility

Cancer and Sagittarius will have a mixed bag of results when it comes to their ideas and practicality. Cancer will appear to be too tiring or too strict often, and Sagittarius will operate with various thoughts which will seem too dangerous or radical for Cancer’s sensitive and punctual taste.

A meaningful conversation will be possible between Cancer and Sagittarius. However, since the area of ideas for Cancer is placed in the sign of Virgo, which is the authority zone for Sagittarius, this partner will feel bored and even oppressed frequently.

At the same time, ideas for Sagittarius will be placed in the sign of Aquarius. And Cancer will see those ideas as tempting and sometimes even sexy, but not practical at all.

Cancer – Sagittarius Summary

Cancer and Sagittarius will in, general terms, have less than-average mutual compatibility. They will be able to work together well as long as their roles are strictly separated. In other areas of their lives, they will simply avoid any type of contact knowing that it will result in confrontation.

When it comes to love, friendship, or a child-parent relationship, Cancer and Sagittarius will quickly realize that they belong to different worlds and they won’t even confront or try to become closer through any sort of action or conversation.

They will slowly, but surely pull back from each other keeping their contacts at the bare minimum. And this will be satisfactory for both sides.

Cancer / Capricorn Compatibility

Cancer – Capricorn Emotional Compatibility

Cancer and Capricorn are the dream match in astrology, and right from the start, they will feel a strong attraction for each other. However, like no other ideal couple in Zodiac, they will need a substantial amount of time to emotionally open up, but this will be compensated with immense devotion.

Cancer and Capricorn are a natural couple in terms of astrology, and their opposite traits create a powerful attraction polarity.

Capricorn will appear strong and Cancer sensitive, and this will awaken the natural feeling in Capricorn to protect, provide, and also to feel safe with Cancer, who will, in return, offer kindness and inner nourishment in this relationship.

Cancer – Capricorn Sexual Compatibility

In terms of sexuality, Cancer and Capricorn will have excellent results. Cancer will enrich their connection with various techniques and overall joy, and at the same time, Capricorn will feel like a royal figure generously responding to those innovative initiatives, surprises, and sweet games.

Sexual life for Cancer and Capricorn will look completely different than the image two of them will present to the public.

Since the area of sexuality for Cancer is placed in Aquarius, and the same area for Capricorn is in the sign of Leo, the two of them will show amazing levels of skills regarding intimacy.

What is more important, those experiences will bring them both never-ending joy and satisfaction.

Cancer – Capricorn Spiritual Compatibility

In the sense of higher knowledge, religion, or supernatural events, Cancer and Capricorn will have opposing views on one side, but in the same line, on the other. They will stick to tradition, and this will be the strongest bonding force when it comes to spiritual expressions, hopes, and achievements.

For Cancer and Capricorn, spirituality is always strictly connected with the religious practice they were raised in. Capricorn will understand that need in Cancer and feel very comfortable with it because the area of spirituality for Cancer is the area of the family for Capricorn, positioned in the sign of Pisces.

This same zone for Capricorn is placed in the sign of Virgo, which is the area of ideas for Cancer. Therefore, Cancer will be able to accept Capricorn’s views about spirituality fairly easily.

Cancer – Capricorn Financial Compatibility

Regarding monetary issues, Cancer and Capricorn will get along very well. Cancer will show great skills to make something out of nothing, and Capricorn will diversify its income streams. Together, they will surely financially thrive, even if they start modestly. The wealth is assured for this couple. 

Cancer and Capricorn will be oriented toward wealth creation right from the start. Their relationship will always be family-focused and becoming rich will be on their agenda.

The area of finances for Cancer will be placed in the sign of Leo, and Capricorn will be simply amazed by the Crab’s ability to increase income from home or around the home.

Capricorn is well-known for its skills for diversification and for having a big impact on the financial world since the area of money is placed in the sign of Aquarius.

Cancer – Capricorn Intellectual Compatibility

When it comes to intellectual exchange, Cancer and Capricorn will learn from each other’s ideas the most. Cancer will shine with the ability to be concise and realistic, and at the same time, Capricorn will be a great listener and add some new and very unusual views which will help them both.

Intellectually and practically, Cancer and Capricorn will wonderfully complement each other. The area of ideas for Cancer is positioned in the sign of Virgo, which is the area of knowledge for Capricorn.

Vice versa, this area for Capricorn is in Pisces with the same purpose of learning for Cancer. This is why Cancer will probably talk more and Capricorn less, but they will respect each other equally.

Cancer – Capricorn Summary

Cancer and Capricorn will be an ideal couple, no matter what kind of relationship they have. They will act quietly in public with a clear focus on their projected goals. Capricorn will take the masculine role here, and protect all of their assets, while Cancer will handle organization and pleasure.

If in love, Cancer and Capricorn will be one of those strictly private couples who won’t show how passionate and joyful they are when they are alone.

On the other hand, as business partners or friends, they will have a clear delegation of their tasks and they will be incredibly devoted to any mutual goal they’ve agreed upon. Their bond will be established slowly in the beginning, but it will be unbreakable later on.

Cancer / Aquarius Compatibility

Cancer – Aquarius Emotional Compatibility

Cancer and Aquarius will hardly ever fall and stay in love. They can easily become strongly attracted to each other in the beginning, but soon after those emotions are going to disappear in front of the growing feeling of annoyance in both of them for sure. And then, they will avoid each other.

Cancer and Aquarius are simply not the right match. Cancer is the area of daily duties and working obligations for Aquarius, and as such it will seem too tiring or too demanding for the aquarian free spirit.

At the same time, Aquarius is the area of sexual desire or indirect financial flows for Cancer. And this could be a love based on interest as if Cancer’s character would allow such a thing to happen.

But this is not the case, because Cancer needs true emotions before anything else.

Cancer – Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

Sexual compatibility is highly possible between Cancer and Aquarius. Cancer will be the first to “notice” how Aquarius is physically irresistible. And Aquarius will feel the same the moment they start talking. But, Cancer won’t be capable of just “casual” sex, and Aquarius will give up soon.  

The main issue with Cancer and Aquarius regarding sex, won’t be their attraction because this attraction will be powerful right from the start.

Their problem will be the fact that Cancer won’t agree upon “friends with benefits” types or encounters, and Aquarius won’t have the nerve to be emotionally involved with a Crab. This is why their great intimate achievements will stay in the hypothetical realm.

Cancer – Aquarius Spiritual Compatibility

When it comes to spirituality, Cancer and Aquarius will have simply disastrous compatibility. They will both feel strongly and passionately that “their” way of expressing higher knowledge is right, and the other partner is truly wrong. And Aquarius will tend to annoy hard Cancer in this matter.

Spirituality is a word with different meanings for Cancer and Aquarius. The area of spirituality for Cancer is placed in the sign of Pisces, which is the financial zone for Aquarius. And for Aquarius, faith is positioned in the sign of Libra, which is the area of home or property for Cancer.

Therefore, their mutual “faith” could be around money and property matters. Aquarius talks about true and free spirituality will be seen as harsh “propaganda” in the Crab’s eyes and sensitive soul.

Cancer – Aquarius Financial Compatibility

Cancer and Aquarius can achieve surprisingly good results while merging their business ideas and finances. Aquarius will feel secure dealing with a Crab who is trustworthy, and Cancer will learn a lot about how to double income or expand to foreign lands regarding any business idea or related actions.

Cancer and Aquarius will make a great team as co-workers or business partners, but they will have to delegate their tasks and let Aquarius do the talking and negotiating, while Cancer will handle the money matters.

The area of finances for Cancer falls in the sign of Leo, which is the natural partner for Aquarius. At the same time, finances for Aquarius are placed in the sign of Pisces, which is the area of additional education and faith for Cancer.  

Cancer – Aquarius Intellectual Compatibility

Cancer and Aquarius will annoy each other greatly in all matters related to ideas and practicality. Cancer will seem too dark and gloomy, and also boring to Aquarius. And Aquarius will show a wide range of brisk, loud, and unmannered thoughts which will truly infuriate usually calm Cancer.

The realm of logic, duties, and thoughtful activities will indeed exist in Cancer and Aquarius, but they will simply stand on opposite sides of it. Ideas and intellectuality for Cancer will fall in the sign of Virgo, and this is the area of indirect financial flows and all legal issues for Aquarius. On the other side, this area or

Aquarius will be placed in fiery Aries, and this will annoy Cancer the most. They will speak different languages of ideas, and have different speeds and comprehension, and in short, their conversations will become torturous for both of them.

Cancer – Aquarius Summary

In terms of astrology, Cancer and Aquarius won’t become a good match because their mutual positions are negative, Cancer is the area of obligations for Aquarius, and Aquarius is the area of psychological transformation for Crab. Since they will dread those things, they will avoid each other.

Cancer and Aquarius can be a good team when it comes to business partnerships. However, in this case, Cancer will act as the owner or the bookkeeper, while Aquarius will take the role of executor or negotiator if they truly want to succeed.

In all other situations, their relationship might start with some kind of passion, but this feeling will disappear soon leaving the space for annoyance, disputes, and many lost nerves.

Cancer / Pisces Compatibility

Cancer – Pisces Emotional Compatibility

Cancer and Pisces will either have immense respect for each other, or they will instantly fall madly in love. Their emotions will be extremely deep and truly wild, but they won’t show them to the outer world or each other until they start to feel completely safe, truly accepted, and welcomed.

Other Zodiac signs will hard to understand Cancer and Pisces because of their moody type of behavior filled with many secrets. However, for those two signs, powerful emotions are the natural environment they swim in all the time, and sometimes even drown.

For them, this love will seem magical, precious, and glorious right from the start. And it will continue to look like that for a long time, because of their innate need to get high and be inspired through the realm of emotions.

Cancer – Pisces Sexual Compatibility

Sexuality is the only place Cancer and Pisces can have some minor disputes. Cancer could get annoyed with accentuated sensuality Pisces will love to express during intimacy, and Pisces will surely get a little scared of strong Cancer’s performance. But in general, they can overcome those issues.

Cancer and Pisces get so well together that some minor misunderstandings they will experience during the initial stages of their relationship regarding sex, won’t disturb them so much. They will just need a bit more time to completely open up, and this will immensely help them to synchronize during intimacy.

These things can happen because the area of sexuality for cancer is in the sign of Aquarius, which is the unknown zone for Pisces and therefore can look frightening. On the other side, this area for Pisces is in Libra, the sign which basically annoys Cancer because it seems a bit fake.

Cancer – Pisces Spiritual Compatibility

Nothing else will look as perfect as the spiritual compatibility between Cancer and Pisces. Two of them will be deeply devoted to religious teachings and basically follow the same inspiring line. And although their expressions could differ a bit, they will know that they always stand as one.

Cancer and Pisces are the couples destined to spice up their complete life with generous amounts of spirituality. This will happen because Pisces is the natural area of higher knowledge for Cancer.

For Pisces, this same zone falls in the sign of Scorpio, which is the area of the heart’s desires for Cancer and also, talents. Scorpio is all about deep transformation and this is why they will surely get inspired and uplifted always seeking the greater good in every day’s events.

Cancer – Pisces Financial Compatibility

In terms of handling money, Cancer and Pisces will show great compatibility, as well as unusual courage and shrewdness. Their incomes will rise higher than anyone will expect from the two of them, due to their dreamy and romantic nature. However, they will be destined to get and accumulate a lot.

For Cancer and Pisces, financial issues are something that flows easily through their lives, especially for Pisces. The area of finances for Cancer falls in the sign of Leo, and for Pisces is placed in the sign of Aries.

Two of them will, due to those fiery Zodiac signs influences, show tremendous skills to make something out of nothing. But they could also be prone to losing big amounts of money equally fast. The best thing is that they won’t worry so much knowing that money will come to them again.

Cancer – Pisces Intellectual Compatibility

When it comes to intellectual abilities and the exchange of ideas, Cancer and Pisces will behave like best friends. Cancer will talk and analyze more, while Pisces will have some well-grounded and lucrative suggestions. And this is why they will find enormous support and joy in each other for sure.

Cancer and Pisces will have some well-thought ideas about many things in life, including their future. For Cancer, the area of logic and practicality is placed in the sign of Virgo, which is the natural partnerships house for Pisces.

On the other side, this area of the intellect for Pisces will be in the sign of Taurus, which represents the social support and networking for Cancer. Therefore, they will enjoy this exchange and find many efficient and profitable solutions for their issues.

Cancer – Pisces Summary

Cancer and Pisces will make a great team in whatever type of relationship they are in. As business partners, they will show incredible sense and intuition, and consequently gain a lot from each local or global change in the market. And the same will hold true for their friendship or romantic bond.

As lovers, Cancer and Pisces will always have some special and extremely romantic narrative. And their deep emotions will frequently create all sorts of sweet little dramas, which they will secretly love.

It will seem like something big is always happing and preventing their love to become stale. As a parent and child, two of them will influence each other with traditional values, and deep spiritual teachings at the same time.

And they will do it in a calm and almost secretive way, so the world won’t have an idea what is happening between the two of them.



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