Moon in Cancer Traits & Personality

Moon in Cancer Traits & Personality

The Moon is the ruler of Cancer, and this sign is all about the nation, patriotism, close family, especially family of origin, and above all motherly figure who has immense power when it comes to creating the person’s character. Whether we like this fact or not.

Cancer is a sign of family, a motherly figure, and our national roots. This sign is all about where we came from and where we feel the safest. Its ruler is the Moon, and here in Cancer, we have the luxury of being vulnerable and sensitive.

Moon in Cancer is at home because Cancer is the Moon’s “basic” foundation. The person with Moon in Cancer will be attached to their motherly figure, and national roots, and also prone to overdramatize emotions.

The feelings will flow so powerfully, that this person could capitalize using those feelings or ruin their life.

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What does it mean to have a Cancer Moon?

The Moon rules over the sign of Cancer. And Cancer is all about the family of origin, a safe place to rest and nourish, patriotism, national identity, but above all, this is the story about the mother or the motherly figure.

The mother is the one who has the most power over each individual because she is energetically connected with the child, and more importantly, she shapes the child’s character.

Yes, extremes are possible too, when a person grows without any motherly figure, or this figure is not emotionally or physically available. However, in “usual” cases, the child will get a certain “style” of nourishment and affection.

Whether this style is good or bad, in some biological and psychological terms, the person will get used to it, and especially male people will try to find their partner according to their motherly figure, simply because they will feel “at home” with such person.

Moon in Cancer individual is deep with their emotions, and those emotions can be like the ocean tide that they can create magnificent works of art, culinary, furniture, or home-building crafts, and on the other side, those emotions could lead a person straight into depression, deep sadness or alcoholism.

Moon in Cancer Traits

Moon in Cancer Traits & Personality

Moon in Cancer’s positive traits will be their immense empathy, their willingness to sacrifice, and even give their life defending their country or nation. They will be a wonderful parent while the child is small, providing the perfect nourishment and warm care. They are also kind and have a pure heart.

Moon in Cancer’s negative traits is always revolving around their huge reservoir of emotions. They will appear clingy frequently, not able to forget and forgive anyone who hurt them, even a long time ago. They will be impractical and have this feeling of sadness even if everything is perfect around them.

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How does having Moon in Cancer change each zodiac sign? 

Aries with Moon in Cancer

A strong connection with a motherly figure will surely be present although the individual will have frequent misunderstandings with her. Also, this will be someone extremely patriotic and devoted to the idea of family and tradition.

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Taurus with Moon in Cancer

Close and devoted friendship with a female figure or sibling will make this person’s life. They will surely ponder or even start some home-based business together. But even if this is not the case, this individual will have powerful emotional support from a female figure.

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Gemini with Moon in Cancer

Doing business with lots of people, especially older females, or selling some products intended for females or babies, could make this person very rich. The same applies to food or beverages. And in general, this will be someone focused on the material world.

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Cancer with Moon in Cancer

Moon in Cancer Traits & Personality

The ocean of emotions will flow through this person all the time. This is an excellent position for a poet or singer, someone who loves family values and enjoys taking care of children, elderly people, or animals.

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Leo with Moon in Cancer

The person will have a powerful inner world hidden from their closest ones. Behind the public image of unbreakable will and strong ego, there will be someone vulnerable and prone to phantasies and support coming from their traditional religion.

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Virgo with Moon in Cancer

The perfect support will come to this person through social circles, and in general, the individual will get immense help from female figures or their mother’s social connections and flawless reputation. And social contact will be extremely important for them.

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Libra with Moon in Cancer

Lots of changes will take place in this person’s life in their career area. They will mainly work with older women, small children, and even elderly people in general terms.  This career will affect their mood often and have the power to shape their future, too.

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Scorpio with Moon in Cancer

This person will find peace and a sense of safety while exploring and traveling to lands related to their family or roots. The same will go for visiting the ancient national places of worship and learning more about the native history.

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Sagittarius with Moon in Cancer

Moon in Cancer Traits & Personality

Sexual experience will reveal this person’s vulnerable soul, and therefore this individual will find it hard to totally indulge in carnal pleasures, except when they are with someone who deeply understands them and who is ready to keep their secrets.

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Capricorn with Moon in Cancer

The person will choose their spouse by the image and traits of their motherly figure. And in most cases, their spouse will be moody, and overly sensitive, but in some sense, they will feel familiar with marital situations.

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Aquarius with Moon in Cancer

Working with lots of people, mainly women will color this individual’s life. They could be known as shrewd and talented psychologists, or use their skills regarding human, mostly female psychology in their everyday tasks

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Pisces with Moon in Cancer

A strong inclination to poetry, national songs, and myths will color this person’s life. Besides those talents, they will also fall madly in love several times in their life, and they will most likely have a daughter who will resemble their mother.

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