Moon In Scorpio Traits & Personality

Moon In Scorpio Traits & Personality

Scorpio is the sign of dramatic transformations and deep inner wisdom. This is the place where we excrete, not just physical matter, but also psychological baggage, where we learn about sexuality and occult sciences, and also a place from which our investments begin.

Moon in Scorpio is at its worst place in astrological terms. Moon fears changes, and any sort of pain the most, and this sign is all about those issues. The person with Moon in Scorpio will surely be dramatic and very vulnerable, but at the same time, strong and wise after some time. This is the place to grow.

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What does it mean to have a Scorpio Moon?

The sign of Scorpio forces us to face our deepest fears and overcome them. And this is exactly why we have a very interesting situation when it comes to Moon in Scorpio. Moon belongs to the watery element, and so does Scorpio.

Moon is the ruler over the sign of Cancer, which has the ninth position looking from Scorpio. This means that Scorpio learns from Cancer and their soul – the Moon is oriented toward Cancerian values, like defending territory, feeling safe, and being surrounded by trustful people.

On the other hand, looking from Cancer, Scorpio is the fifth area, or the area of talents, love, and progeny. And in this sense, there shouldn’t be any problem. However, Moon in Scorpio is in its sign of debilitation in Scorpio, meaning that its position is the worst in the whole Zodiac.

This happens because Moon has to go through so many very unpleasant transformations here, mostly through traumatic experiences. And then it becomes someone new, someone, stronger and wiser. This is the purpose of this Moon’s placement.

Moon in Scorpio Traits

Moon In Scorpio Traits & Personality

We can notice that Moon in Scorpio’s positive traits revolve around feelings of safety. This person is the best one to create a safe environment for all those whom they love. And they will be able to fight like the strongest hero, love like a devoted mother, and in some cases, be the real genius.

Scorpio Moon individuals will resolve all issues so fast, simply because they can’t stand confusion and wasting time. And this is why their career will always be focused on those ideas and people who can help them go higher.

And more than any other Zodiac sign, Moon in Scorpio will be extraordinarily talented in medicine.

However, when it comes to Scorpio Moon’s negative traits, you can see straight away how dramatic and even vengeful this person can be. Their extreme jealousy when it comes to people they love will emerge from their “territorial” need to control everything around them.

If some other negative planetary aspects are involved, this person can easily become a master of manipulation, and also a psychopath. Consequently, if Moon in Scorpio individual declares war on someone, things will probably end up bad because they will never forgive and forget.

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How does having Moon in Scorpio change each zodiac sign? 

Aries with Moon in Scorpio

Moon In Scorpio Traits & Personality

The strong tendency toward the occult will mark this person’s life. Their talents for the occult will come from their family heritage, especially from their mother’s side. And besides this trait, they will find a way to capitalize and create huge returns on investments.

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Taurus with Moon in Scorpio

There is a possibility that this person can be widowed at one point in middle age. The spouse could come from a circle of close friends, and doing business with close friends, siblings or spouse will be their destiny.

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Gemini with Moon in Scorpio

Working in a medical environment or the environment related to urgencies, like police departments, firefighters or similar services will color this person’s career. They could also be great psychologists reading people’s intentions.

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Cancer with Moon in Scorpio

This person will have a life of dramatic transformations. They could deal with harsh illnesses, frequent deaths of their dear ones, or through heartbreaking relationships. They will overcome those issues and become known and respected healers.

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Leo with Moon in Scorpio

Close and very unpleasant relationships with family members, especially the mother will be in this individual’s cards. They will be ashamed of their family or mother to some extent and try to escape from the spiritual, mental, or material family heritage.

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Virgo with Moon in Scorpio

Moon In Scorpio Traits & Personality

This person will know all the right and powerful people and the right and powerful places. And they will become truly close and honest friends for a lifetime. Also, this can be someone exceptionally talented in medicine, especially surgeries of all kinds.

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Libra with Moon in Scorpio

The material world and the tendency toward material thoughts will be this person’s obsession, and for a good reason, because they will face many monetary troubles and become aware of the importance of a financially secure life.

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Scorpio with Moon in Scorpio

Great inner transformations, changes in beliefs, and spirituality will be on this person’s agenda due to several harsh episodes in their life which will show them quickly how to deal with betrayals, broken hearts, and tight finances.

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Sagittarius with Moon in Scorpio

The dark sarcasm will color this individual’s life because they will be extremely vulnerable, and they will surely have a questionable relationship with their mother or any other motherly figure. On a positive note, this is great for a writer or psychiatrist.

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Capricorn with Moon in Scorpio

Moon In Scorpio Traits & Personality

This person will have all sorts of useful social connections and friendships with powerful and knowledgeable people. Their mind will be focused on success in affluent circles, and they will surely gain a stable, but fearful reputation in their profession.

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Aquarius with Moon in Scorpio

Working with lots of people, mostly in medical institutions, and also working with endangered social groups will be this individual’s mission. They will have in-depth insight into human psychology and capitalize on this talent.

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Pisces with Moon in Scorpio

This is the image of a talented scientist, a researcher in the hidden worlds of biology and chemistry, and a passionate artist revolving in their delicate worlds. Or, if the other aspects are negative, this is the alcohol or drug addict.

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