Best Tarot Spreads for Love

tarot spreads for love

Are you looking for different Tarot spreads for love, you’ve come to the right place.  Before we delve into the various spreads and explore the cards, the card placements in a spread and the meaning for each location, let’s talk a little bit about love itself.

Love… in some ways, our society is obsessed.  Packaged in many forms – passion, betrayal, friendship, familial – love is the backbone of our culture and all media.

Most people are well acquainted with the fairy tale love stories of Disney or The Brothers Grimm.  It is a role acted out in various forms in our lives and a concept predating the bible (“For God so loved the world…”). 

Love is an emotion so powerful it can bring a nation to its knees as with Helen of Troy or unite the ruthless, as seen with John Shelby’s forced marriage to Esme Lee in Peaky Blinders.  The lack of it can create a sociopath while an abundance can nurture a baby into a thoughtful, confident being. 

And with that kind of influence, one could argue that love is as necessary to human identity as the air that we breathe to our life. 

No wonder it motivates and is the force behind so many of our decisions here on Earth.  After all, influence is power, love can become an addiction and without our passions, we are no better than walking corpses.

 So who do you love?  What do you love?  Who would you like to love you?  And how far would you be willing to go to make that happen? 

Allow this article to help guide you through the tarot spreads that will help you answer hard-hitting questions such as these.

Before we delve deeper into different spreads for love, I wanted to point to the Related Articles section at the bottom of this page. I’ve collected a number of articles that are related that you will find interesting and informative. Please check them out!

Considerations before doing a Tarot spread for love

If I were someone who believed in luck, I would define it as so:  Finding a mutual, soul-bonding love during one’s lifetime. 

Taking it a step further I would describe love, at least the romantic kind, as an intense passion between two willing individuals, anchored by trust and the strength to grow into a partnership.  What would your definition of love be?  What kind of love are you interested in?  Looking for?  Feel worthy of? 

I do not ask these questions lightly.  Know that I am trying to evoke a response. Get you thinking and re-examining your deep, personal desires. 

It is important when posing a question to know your feelings regarding the question.  Specifically, what answer(s) you are secretly hoping for and your reason(s) behind asking the question(s) itself. 

As a seeker, not only do you hold responsibility for the question you propose, but you need to assume emotional and psychological responsibility for the answer.  You may not hear what you want to hear, and you should be prepared for that.

Love is arguably one of life’s greatest mysteries and like all mysteries, adventurers are willing to seek out the answers no matter how difficult.  Tarot is just one of the many tools used to find the answers to what we do not know. 

It is then not surprising that those who turn to tarot for answers usually come searching for answers concerning love, an emotional mystery that runs undercurrent in all our lives.

I wrote another article called, What Tarot cards can tell you about love?, that would be a great complement to this article that covers Tarot Spreads for Love. (I will list this article at the bottom with related articles, if you want to read it after.)

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Table of Contents

The Methods

There are numerous love spreads in tarot to choose from and depending on your perspective, not every spread is going to give you the insight that you are looking for.  Tarot spreads should not be approached with the “one size fits all” perspective.

For this article, I experimented with different forms of spreads all with different intentions. Know that I have tested all the tarot spreads that I will be recommending, and these are the ones that have proven to me to be the most accurate.   I narrowed it down to the following:

  • When the answer you seek is simple
  • Love Compatibility Tarot Spread
  • The True Love Tarot Spread
  • The Manifest Love Tarot Spread
  • The Self Love Tarot Spread

Simple Answer Tarot Spread for Love

When it comes to love, and the answer you seek is simple, you could use the one card method to ask yes or no questions.  The one card method is exactly what it sounds like. 

Know that this method is best used for direct questions that are straight to the point such as, “does blank like me?”.  You then would pull a card, from a 78 card tarot deck, and depending on the card picked it will visually symbolize yes or no. 

Know there are cards within the tarot deck that represent the ever irritating “maybe”. 

This method is not useful if you are seeking any further insight into your situation.  Though you may pull a second card, known as a “clarifier card” that will potentially bring a little more understanding to the first initial card pulled.

For more examples of how to use Tarot cards for Yes & No answers, read our article…  How to use Tarot for Yes or No answers, with 10 examples.

Love Compatibility Spread

There is a seven card love compatibility spread that allows you as the seeker to explore your emotional, physical and mental compatibility between you and your partner.

I like this spread as it makes it clear, or clearer, what draws you both together and where your differences lie.

Above, is a picture of what my compatibility spread looked like after completion.  Going from top to bottom I will explain what each card represents:

Card One – Your Wants in a/the Relationship

  • Always great to identify your desires before taking on anyone else’s.

Card Two –Their Wants in a/the Relationship

  • This way you know if what they want is in alignment with you.

Card Three –Your Differences as Human Beings

  • Sometimes opposites attract and sometimes…well, you get the Tower.

Card Four –Your Similarities

  • What already bonds you both.

Card Five – Your Emotional Compatibility

  • Is this card positive or negative for you?  Explore the meanings.

Card Six – Your Physical Compatibility

  • Is this card positive or negative for you?  Explore the meanings.

Card Seven – Your Mental Compatibility

  • Is this card positive or negative for you?  Explore the meanings.

Maybe you are already with someone and just need some clarity, or you have someone in mind and would like some insight before making your first move…

I highly recommend this spread as it gives you a glimpse into who you are, not just the other person, and from there you can determine whether or not you align – mind, body and spirit.

Example Spread: Love Compatibility Spread Insights & Interpretation

In this image, I’ve drawn 7 cards for my own relationship and provided a brief interpretation of each card in that location.

Card One – The Eight of Wands – Your Wants in a/the Relationship

  • Shows that I want action. I desire passion, enthusiasm, energy and great communication.

Card Two – The Seven of Swords – Their Wants in a/the Relationship

  • My partner in question desires someone resourceful and courageous. A strategist, who is witty and able to use their intelligence to take calculated risks. *Disclaimer: I do not see this card as solely one of trickery and deceit, I view this card as multi-faceted*.

Card Three – The Tower – Your Differences as Human Beings

  • This one I find a little tricky.  I see this as highlighting our different approaches in dealing with sudden, unexpected and brutal change.

Card Four – Ten of Wands – Your Similarities

  • To me, this represents how willing we both are to sacrifice ourselves and take on far more than we can handle at times.

Card Five – Four of Pentacles – Your Emotional Compatibility

  • We both have tendencies to hold our experiences close to us and we don’t find it easy to allow people deeply into our lives.

Card Six – the Justice card – Your Physical Compatibility

  • Fair is fair.  We are both givers and takers ; )

Card Seven – the Chariot – Your Mental Compatibility

  • Headstrong and determined.  Together we can accomplish great things as we move forward and plan for the future.

The True Love Tarot Spread

The True Love Tarot Spread is a six-card spread for those of us who dream of finding our “true love, our “Mr” or “Ms” Charming:

Although this spread is similar to the compatibility spread above, in terms of practicality, it digs a little deeper into the psyche of both persons involved in regards to current feelings and present attitudes.

This six card spread is for those of us currently living without that special someone, for those who feel overwhelmed in their hunt and restless in their curiosity. 

We may have someone in mind who we hope feels as strongly for us as we do about them.

We may find ourselves spending precious time wondering who our ideal partner will be (and when will they come into our lives!), creating lists of attributes and desires we seek while using our imaginations to tease us with attractive possibilities.

This spread is for all my daydreamers and romantics.

Manifest Love Tarot Spread

The Manifest Love Tarot Spread is best use when you are tired of waiting patiently and want to take some actions to manifest that special someone.

Manifest Love Tarot Spread

I found a spread that was created for the sole purpose of gaining personal insight (source, the Inner Goddess).  The best thing to do when waiting for that special someone to come along is to make sure you are ready for love when they do arrive. 

This spread helps identify your innermost desires and any internal blocks you may have that is potentially keeping love from heading your way.

Going from top to bottom I will explain each card’s significance in this five card spread:

Card One – What do you need in a romantic partner

  • It is so important to identify what it is you will not only like, but what you need to feel safe, secure and loved.  This is why it is important to know yourself first before taking on anyone else.

Card Two –What can you offer a romantic partner at this point in your life

  • Know thyself.  Become self-aware.

Card Three – What from the past do you need to let go of

  • Most of us have baggage but are we learning from our previous experiences or being held back by them?

Card Four – What life will look like when you find real love

  • Explore the different meanings and themes of this card.

Card Five –What practical thing can you do to attract the right partner into your life right now, in this moment

  • You may not know how and you may not know when, when it comes to the right person entering your life, but how can you help yourself now to become the partner you feel you deserve and are waiting for?

Example Spread: Insight & Interpretation Manifest Love Tarot Spread

Manifest Love Tarot Spread

Card One – The Tower – What do you need in a romantic partner

  • Someone who can roll with the punches of life with me.  Who I can trust to collaborate with me as we inevitably deal with struggle and unexpected situations.

Card Two – Four of Wands – What can you offer a romantic partner at this point in your life

  • Support and true friendship.  I will be there in times of struggle and celebration.

Card Three – Four of Pentacles – What from the past do you need to let go of

  • I need to learn to trust and let people in and let go of fear-based thoughts in this area of my life.

Card Four – Ace of Wands – What life will look like when you find real love

  • Full of ideas and imaginative sparks!  A lot of great opportunities will be opening up for me because I will have found a partner truly worthy of collaboration.

Card Five – Five of Pentacles – What practical thing can you do to attract the right partner into your life right now, in this moment

  • Remain positive and grateful for who I am in this moment.  It’s easy to focus on the negative when things are not going according to plan.

Self Love Tarot Spread

The Self Love Taro Spread is for those who acknowledge that the greatest love story always starts with you. I personally believe that the law of attraction is like gravity, it is always on whether we think about it or not.

Therefore, it’s really important for us to be aware of who we are and to love ourselves for what we are. If we are careless with what we say and what we think, then we won’t attract our true love.

The Self Love Tarot Spread

Please be gentle with yourself. What I love most about Tarot is how it acts as a mirror for our intuition.  And when you ask the right questions…. You can gain significant insight.  Self-love is a journey. 

Tarot is a useful tool.  Your intuition is never wrong.  Enjoy getting to know yourselves and I hope you are all lucky enough to fall in love.

This spread can help you gain insights into you. As I said before, we are always attracting things into our lives. Let’s get insight into what we are doing so that we can consciously create the love that we desire.

I wrote an article about manifesting desires. It’s focus is more about manifesting wealth, but that principles are true no matter what you want to manifest.

You can read that article here, “How to unlock your hidden powers and manifest your desires?

To Believe or Not to Believe…

So, in looking for answers about our love lives…we are essentially asking questions in hopes of bringing peace and clarity into our lives, ultimately absolving us of all doubts and insecurities regarding the questions we hold within us. 

But how much of our emotional well-being should we invest in the answers we receive after a Tarot reading? 

The answer, as I believe to be true with all tarot readings, lies with us.  As a tarot reader, I do not believe that the cards themselves hold magic, but the power of the reading lies with the reader’s own intuition and ability to piece together the stories displayed from the cards. 

As the seeker of knowledge, or the querant, it is your responsibility to know yourselves well enough to be able to discern what message is truly meant for your ears and hearts and what you can do without. 

It is also up to the seeker to decide what he or she wants to do with the newly presented information and additionally, determine the significance it will hold in their lives. 

As always, look towards your own intuition and employ common sense and the golden rule (karma) when it comes to receiving answers about your life – particularly an emotional, therefore potentially volatile, aspect of your life (otherwise known as your love life).

If you want a little more insight into this question, I wrote an article called, “Should I believe my Tarot reading?” I explore believing a reading in more detail here.

Emotional Honesty

When it comes to questions about love…

  • Why turn to Tarot cards instead of just communicating directly with the person you have feelings for? 
  • Can seeking information about another without their consent be seen as a betrayal of trust?
  • Would you be okay if someone sought psychic help in regards to you or would you feel violated if you found out afterward? 

Again, these questions are being posed to provoke thought. 

This is why knowing yourself and your intentions are so important along with having a strong moral code, in this case, the golden rule, to help not only decipher your intentions but to figure out what you’re going to do with any newly gained information.

Direct communication is always recommended and encouraged but let’s be honest… not only is it hard to consistently do, as everyone carries with them a different idea of how to communicate, sometimes you already know the answer to the question you’re asking and just need a second… third… fourth opinion. 

There will always be a reason why people suss out information in indirect ways instead of confronting or speaking directly to the individual in question. 

Just make sure you’re comfortable with your reasoning behind asking the question and willing to accept the consequences of an answer responsibly and respectfully. 

If you know that you wouldn’t like it if someone sought out answers about you without your knowledge or consent – golden rule it. (Also read this article, “Can you do a Tarot reading for someone not present?“)

Alternatively, know you can always ask questions like “what do I need to work on to let love in my life?” or “what strengths will I bring into my next relationship?”. 

These questions still revolve around love but deal specifically with you, the seeker only, with the bonus of the answers becoming helpful in terms of self-development.

Final Thoughts

Using tarot spreads for love is a fun way to not only explore who and what we have in mind but ourselves as individuals.  I hope you have found this guide not only useful in terms of spreads but helpful when it comes to exploring all the themes and ideas you hold within yourselves. 

I wish you all the best in your curiosity and exploration.  May love always be with you. 

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