Manifestation Journal

Manifestation Journal

I resisted using a manifestation journal for the longest time.  I’ve listened to many gurus in the “law of attraction” space and many encourage writing things down, but I kept avoiding doing it.

That is until this year!

I decided that I was going to write down statements in my journal every day and actually track what happened.

I bought a journal (notebook) and started that day.

At the top of the first page, I wrote the date, then I started writing in my journal.  I decided to write about things I wanted and things that I typically don’t experience.

For example…

  • I am grateful that I received a compliment.
  • I am grateful that I saw a butterfly. 
  • I am grateful that a past client reached out to me.

I wrote many statements like these on the first day.  I had purchased the journal mid-afternoon and wrote the statements at around 4 pm that day.  The butterfly statement was a fun one.  It’s not that time of year, where I live, to see butterflies.

My First Manifestation Journal Experiences

The next day, I wrote in my manifestation journal (click to purchase on Amazon) mid-morning, after I had worked a little, caught up on email, and was sitting outside on my deck with a cup of coffee.

Again, I wrote similar statements…

  • I am grateful that my family loves and appreciates me.
  • I am grateful that I saw a butterfly.
  • I received a compliment
  • A past client reached out to me for help.

I wrote 20 different statements, then moved on about my day.

In the afternoon, I was driving out of town looking for a place where my wife and I could have a picnic. As I was driving, I watched a butterfly flutter across my path.  I realized that writing in my manifestation journal had manifested that butterfly.  It’s really not the time of year that we would see butterflies. “Wow”, I exclaimed driving in my car, “I manifested that!”

I was really excited.  When I got home, I wrote on the back of the page what I had manifested a butterfly! I was stoked!

Later that evening, around 630pm, I received a call from a past client.  I hadn’t talked to him in over 5 years.  He asked me how I was doing, we caught up a little then he asked if I could help him again.

Wow!  I realized, I had manifest that.  I wrote in my manifestation journal that I wanted a past client to reach out for help and within hours a past client called and asked for help!

Later that evening, I was watching YouTube.  I had been thinking about booking an Airbnb for my wife and me to spend a weekend away and was watching some YouTube Videos about unique AirBnB experiences.

While watching one video, the host was taking a tour through the AirBnB and came to one of the bedrooms.  As he walked into the bedroom, he panned over the room.  The wall was covered in Butterflies.  Big butterflies and small butterflies.  He called the bedroom the butterfly room because the wallpaper on the feature wall was covered in butterflies.

Wow.  Again.  “I manifested that!”  This was incredible! For the second time, I manifested more butterflies.  This time in a video.  But, it was butterflies nonetheless!  I immediately grabbed my manifestation journal and wrote down my experience.

Before I give some more examples, let me offer some guidance on what worked for me.

How to Write In A Manifestation Journal

If you wish to start using a manifestation journal, then there are a few important steps that you must do.

Be Consistent

The first thing to remember is consistency. When I first started writing in my journal, I was really resistant. I still don’t completely know why. I would guess that internally, I was a little scared. Perhaps that it would work and perhaps that it wouldn’t.

I wrote down things that I wanted and I wrote down fun things just to see if I could manifest them. I also wrote more than 20 statements. I basically filled one notebook page every day, which leads to the next important step.

Make A Big List

I believe that I am manifesting all the time. I was manifesting from the moment I was born and will continue to manifest my world until I’m pushing up daisies. I believe that everyone is. We just don’t realize it. Until we stumble upon something that wakes us up.

If I’m manifesting all the time, then why not write about everything. Write statements in your manifesting journal about every experience that you wish to have. Big or small! Write them all.

If you drive to work, then write a statement about what you will experience driving to work. Will all the lights are green, or will you be stuck in a traffic jam? It’s up to you to choose by writing in your journal.

If you are meeting with friends or colleagues, write about that experience.

If you want a new home, then write about that. If you want a new car, then write about that. If you want a better golf score, write about that. Write about everything. I have listened to many of Abraham Hicks videos and she talks about “Getting out ahead of it”. Well, I found that I can “get out ahead of it” by writing in my manifestation journal.

Write Statements as if you have already received your desire

Once I started writing statements as if I’d already received my desire, my manifestations flooded toward me. Writing the statements this way, the correct way is the single most important lesson I learned. In the Manifestation Journal that is available on Amazon, I’ve included over 60 different statements that I’ve used.

You can use these statements and you can use these statements as inspiration to write more of your own manifestation statements.

More Manifestation Journal Experiences

The next day, I wrote in my manifestation journal again.  I wrote statements like:

  • I am grateful that I received a compliment.
  • I am grateful that my clients appreciate me.
  • I am grateful that I saw a butterfly.

I had a call that morning with a colleague.  She had just changed businesses and we were talking about her experiences.  We had a great conversation.  During that call, she gave me several compliments.

Again, wow!  I realized that I had manifested these.  For the last few days, I had been writing in my manifestation journal about receiving compliments and now I have received a bunch.  This manifestation journal is working! 

I realized that if this process works with one item then it will work with anything that I write in the journal!  And, by keeping track of my experiences, I am increasing my belief in the manifestation process, and I am attracting more manifestations to me. I am creating more and more manifestation success.

I’ve been writing in my journal for many months and I am just in love with what has been happening around me.  I’ve had wonderful experiences.  I have noticed that some manifestations take more time than others, but that’s OK.

I also realized that sometimes, things happen around me that would appear to be a complete contradiction to what I want to manifest, but if I don’t judge these things.  If I just trust the process and tell myself that everything always works out for me.  Then it does… BTW, that’s one of the things that I write every single day… “I am grateful that everything always works out for me.”

What do you want to manifest?

After all the success that I’ve experienced, I wanted to create a journal for others to have experiences as I have had.  I’ve stumbled upon a process that’s really easy and it works!

I wanted to provide some information at the beginning of the journal.  Some tips and instructions that I’ve modified over time while using my manifestation journal.

There are a couple of tweaks that I made as I’ve worked through this process that has made a huge difference.  I realized how important these tweaks are when I was sharing the details with some friends.  I’ve honed the instructions so that you can easily have success.

Here is the book, my Manifestation Journal.  You can purchase it on Amazon!

Click to Purchase this Manifestation Journal on Amazon

As you can see by the cover, there are butterflies.  I thought that this manifestation journal should recognize the first manifestation that I had using the process!

The introduction to the book provides you with some insights into the process.  I provide a simple to follow 4-Step Process to write the statements for your best results.  I also provide examples of statements that you can write. 

I have statements related to Manifesting things, manifesting experiences, improving relationships with manifestation statements, manifesting money, manifesting health, and other manifesting ideas.

My daughter was studying for a big exam and was frustrated when I was chatting with her.  I told her about my manifestation journal, and we brainstormed some statements that she could write related to her exam.

I added these statements to the introduction so that you could use them as inspiration for your own manifestation statements. 

When I write in my journal, I write about my relationships with others.  I also tried writing statements about others around me.

Manifesting Relationship Changes

It’s my opinion, that I am constantly manifesting everything in my experience.  I also believe that you are manifesting everything in your experience.  With that said, someone close to me was having a difficult time with her daughter.

She and her daughter were estranged, and this was causing some distress.  They hadn’t talked for over 5 months.

Over the course of several days, I wrote the following statements in my manifestation journal.

  • I am grateful that my friend (I used her name) and her daughter (I used her name) have a loving, caring and supportive relationship.
  • I am grateful that my friend and her daughter enjoy spending time together.
  • I am grateful that my friend and her daughter communicate easily and regularly.
  • I am grateful that my friend and her daughter enjoy each other’s company.

For 3 days, I wrote statements like these above.  Sometimes I would write these exactly, sometimes I would write statements that were slightly different.  I didn’t tell either of them that I was writing these statements.

On the third day, my friend received a call from her daughter.  This was the first communication that they had had in the last 5 months.

The conversation went OK.  My friend had told me about this the next day.  I was awe-struck!  I didn’t tell her that I was writing about her and her daughter.  But, I was amazed that writing in my manifestation journal had manifested an experience for someone else.

I immediately wrote down my experience in my manifestation journal. Three days of writing positive manifestation statements seem to have started a change in someone else’s relationship! I was stoked!

Their relationship isn’t perfect yet, but it seems to be on the mend.  I haven’t written any more statements about them since, but I could.

Do you have any relationships that you want to improve?

Use this manifestation journal to improve your relationships.  Use the journal to manifest your every desire!

I’d love to hear your feedback and I also want to hear about the statements that you write in your manifestation journal. (click here to view the Manifestation Journal on Amazon)

I wish I had started doing this years ago.  I had resistance when I started, but now I look forward to writing in my manifestation journal.  Sometimes, I write in my manifestation journal 2x per day.

Manifest your every desire.

With this journal, you can write statements about anything and you will manifest them. Follow the steps that I’ve offered here and in the Manifestation Journal. Use the example statements that I’ve written to inspire your own statements.

You are a master manifestor. We all are. However, we were never told this as children. No one ever explained how it works. Our words and our thoughts are creating the world we experience around us.

I have always believed that the words I speak are powerful. I’m not sure where I heard this, but I’ve believed this since I was 16. That’s when I started meditating. I purchased about the mind and meditation, The Silva Mind Control Method. After practicing the techniques in this book for several months, I took a Transcendental Meditation course back when I was in high school. The Silva book was the beginning of my journey.

After practicing with my manifestation journal, I’ve realized I can change my own thoughts and actions, and behaviors by writing down my desires.

I noticed that I was having some negative thoughts a couple of experiences and situations. I wrote statements in my journal like, “Everything is always working out for me.” or “I take things in stride.” or “I am grateful that I see the positive side of every situation.”

You can do the same.

Try it out. Good luck!

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