Oranum (Read This BEFORE You Get A Reading!)

If you are interested in getting a reading with an Oranum Psychic, then you’ve come to the right place! I’ve written an unbiased Oranum review for you, with tips from my experience getting readings with different Oranum Psychics.

I just had a psychic reading on Oranum! If you are looking to get some insights from a psychic reading, then I would recommend using Oranum. I had a very good experience.

However, there are some things I wish I had thought of before I started, and some additional tips based on my experience navigating the website.  (I wish someone had told me about Tip #5, below!)

What is Oranum?

Oranum is a psychic collective website where you can message, audio call, or video call with the psychic of your choice. Psychic readings range in price and are based on a credit system. For example, a psychic may charge 3,000 credits per one minute of a private message reading or 5,000 credits for one minute of a private video call reading.

Once you register, you can also interact with a psychic through live chat and pay 1500 to 2500 credits for them to answer a question for you. Check out Oranum Live Chat here.

What services does Oranum offer?

Oranum offers a range of psychic readings, including tarot cards, pet psychics, astrology readings, and more. Many of the psychics on Oranum have specialties. Here are a list of some of the specialties that Oranum psychics offer:

  • Clairvoyant Psychics (these psychics provide you with answers based on their intuition and connection to you. They may or may not use tools like tarot cards, or runes, or astrology or numerology, etc.
  • Tarot Readers (these psychics use Tarot to provide answers to you based on your questions).
  • Psychics specializing in Astrology Readers (these psychics will provide you insights based on your birth date, birth time, and location of your birth) Astrology readings can be very lengthy, but typically provide you with a lot of information.
  • Psychics that specialize in Dream Interpreters (some psychics on Oranum will help interpret your dreams. They will use their intuition to connect with you as you provide details about your experience.)
  • Numerology Readers (these psychics will typically utilize your birth date and your full legal name at birth to provide you with details about yourself. They will also tap into their intuition to fill in the details.)
  • Pet Psychics, (these psychics will tap into the energy of your pets to provide you with answers to questions related to your pets.)

Is Oranum a scam?

Having gone through the registration process and paid for some readings, I can confidently say that Oranum is not a scam. All charges are clearly explained upfront and private calls are automatically ended when you run out of credits.

The psychics work fast, so they aren’t trying to extend the conversation just to waste your time and money.

I had plenty of time to check out a number of the psychics once I registered as a member. I added my credit card details (I had a choice to use PayPal if I wanted, but I just entered my credit card details. I thought that was easier.)

Once I was registered, I received 10,000 free credits and could then visit the live chat page to see who was available to chat with. (click here to visit the live chat page – note this will open in a new window so that you can come back here to finish reading this review if you wish).

Let me explain the full process of registering next…

Registering on the Oranum website

The Oranum website is easy to use and understand. I started by registering as a new member. You must register before you can talk to any of the psychics, and the site was offering a promotion of 10,000 free credits when you sign up and verify your card. I was charged $3.52 to verify the card, which was refunded immediately (this information was sent to the email address I used to register).

Registration was very quick and easy, all I had to do was click the icon on the top right of the page and select “JOIN NOW.”

I entered my name, email address, and credit card information, and was immediately granted the free 10,000 credits.

The only issue I had at this stage was that the website does not accept American Express, so I had to switch the method of payment I usually use to a Visa card.

You can see the names and photos of different psychics on Oranum’s main page. There are psychics of all different ages, genders, and nationalities, so you should be able to find one you connect with.

Some have a banner over their photo that says “LIVE” so you know they are currently online. You can view the profiles of psychics who aren’t live and send them a message, but you can get a reading right away with the live psychics.

I intuitively selected the first one based on appearance and the vibe I got from her photo. You can click a psychic’s photo and see a short profile if they aren’t online, or a live group video chat if they are currently online. Anyone can send a message to the psychics for free in the public group chat, but the psychic may not respond to specific questions in the public group chat.

The psychics I clicked on were reading aloud from metaphysical books or doing general tarot card readings while waiting to go private. If you select to go private, you are sure to have your questions answered, and other users cannot see your questions or hear the answers.

For each psychic, you can chat with them via messaging (you can see and hear the psychic but they can’t see or hear you), two-way audio, or two-way video. Messaging only is the cheapest, with audio and video costing more.

You can see the cost per minute upfront, and you cannot go over the number of credits you have in your account.

You can review the number of credits in your account at any time by clicking the coin button on the top right of the page. When you want to purchase more credits, simply select the number of credits you want to buy from the list and it will automatically charge the card you used to register and add the credits to your account.

Check out Oranum, click here.

Let me tell you about my experience with the psychics that I interacted with!

Oranum Psychic Readings

As I completed this research, I communicated and received readings from 3 online psychics with Oranum and I’ll describe them and my experience below. I also plan to chat with more psychics on Oranum and I’ll provide you more details about the top 10 Psychics on Oranum here.

Psychic 1

The first psychic was EmeraldAphrodite, I tried to do a two-way audio call but had some trouble with the audio on my end. I could see and hear her, but she couldn’t hear me. We were also able to message each other. The psychic ended the call quickly when she wasn’t able to hear me (I believe this was a kindness to save me money since the audio wouldn’t work and you have to pay more for an audio call reading).

Although obviously, I didn’t get any insights out of this experience, it boosted my confidence in the psychics on this website because EmeraldAphrodite could have easily kept the call active without audio working just to get paid for a longer call.

The fact that she terminated the call so quickly when there was a technical issue told me that the psychics on this website, or at least this psychic, actually want to connect with customers instead of just making a quick buck at our expense.

Want to speak with this psychic? Click here to visit EmeraldAphrodite!

Psychic 2

I tried my luck with a different psychic, AngelikaArkey, and this time chose to message only, which is the cheapest option for a private chat. When you do a private chat, you can see and hear the psychic live on your screen, but they can’t see or hear you. You can message them your questions and comments in the chat instead of saying them out loud.

As soon as we went private, I messaged her to ask if I should ask a direct question or if she would just do a cold reading. AngelikaArkey told me she was already sensing some things, but I could also ask questions if I wanted. I noticed that she used tarot cards to guide the reading and pulled cards very quickly, not wasting time on frivolous rituals.

As far as the quality of the reading goes, this psychic instantly told me things that were very accurate and specific to my life without me saying a word. I asked some questions along the way and she was able to give me clarity and confirmation regarding a difficult personal situation I’ve been struggling with for some time.

AngelikaArkey didn’t ask me any leading questions, and I offered very little information in the chat to receive such an accurate reading. I was honestly shocked by her insights and how quickly they came to her. I went into this experience a bit skeptical but was completely won over by this reading.

I like that the website warned me with a popup when I was running low on credits/time and offered an easy button to buy more credits without having to stop the reading. The private reading cut off automatically when I ran out of credits, which I allowed instead of opting to buy more credits to continue the reading.

Since this psychic was cut off mid-sentence, AngelikaArkey sent me a message finishing what she had to say to wrap up the conversation. Messages are free to read, so I appreciated her taking the time to do this outside of our paid time together, and it again reassured me of the honesty, integrity, and quality of the psychics on this website.

Want to visit this psychic? Click here to visit AngelikaArkey!

Psychic 3

Although I was tempted to continue the reading with the previous psychic to hear more, I wanted to get insights from a different psychic, too. I purchased more credits, which was easy to do by clicking the coin icon at the top right of the page. I selected the same option for the next psychic, a messaging-only private chat (I was still able to see and hear the psychic).

I chose AlyciaRose. This psychic also used tarot cards to guide the reading. She said right away that she didn’t want to waste my time and told me to ask a specific question. The first question I typed, which was, “What does this year have in store for me?” was too broad, so she asked me to narrow it down. I said, “Specifically in friendships,” and she requested that I narrow it down even more.

When I asked, “What should I do about my Scorpio friend?” (because the previous psychic brought up a Scorpio in my life), she was able to give me a very quick and specific answer. Her answer also matched what the previous psychic said, further clarifying the issue for me.

Want to visit this psychic? Click here to visit AlyciaRose!

Oranum Pros

  • The website is fairly intuitive and easy to use
  • You pay for credits upfront and can’t go over the number of credits you have purchased, so there is no chance of losing track of time and overspending
  • Promotion of 10,000 free credits at registration with credit card verification
  • Wide variety of psychics to choose from in terms of age, gender, nationality, etc.
  • Many of the psychics were online and available to chat live
  • The three psychics I spoke to seemed fast and honest, like they wanted me to get the most out of my paid time with them and they weren’t trying to make me stay on the chat longer than necessary just to make more money
  • The readings I received seem accurate and genuine

Oranum Cons

  • The conversion rate of the credit system is confusing to me. For example, 3,700 credits cost $11.99, and the psychics I spoke with charge 3,000 credits per minute. It would make more sense and be easier to tell how much you’re spending if the credits were a 1:1 exchange rate, but perhaps it is for a different currency
  • The cost of private messaging, audio, and video calls is high
  • Since psychic readings are charged by the minute, I felt rushed to ask my questions and get the answers as quickly as possible

Oranum Tips

My overall experience with Oranum was positive, and I definitely gained some clarity and insights from the psychic readings. But there are a few things I would have done differently now that I know how the website works…

1. Prepare Your Questions with Specific Questions

  • Have a question, or a list of questions, prepared. Be as specific as possible instead of asking broad, open-ended questions.
  • This will save valuable time instead of trying to narrow down the question or come up with one on the spot during your reading.
  • I had some questions prepared, but they were too broad to work well for a short reading.

2. Don’t Have A Question? Ask Your Psychic, “Tell me what you feel I need to hear?”

  • If you don’t have a question, just ask the psychic to tell you what they are sensing that you need to hear.
  • Instead of trying to think of something and coming up blank, you may find answers you didn’t even know you were looking for.

3. Find One You Like And Stick With Him or Her

  • Find one psychic you like and stick with that person. This may mean that you will have to try short readings with a few different people before you find the one you connect with the best, but it will give you the best experience.
  • I liked all three psychics that I spoke with, but I connected most quickly and strongly with the second one because she offered very specific information right away, didn’t waste any time, and followed up with a message to finish our conversation after the call was cut off by my credit limit.

4. Private Meeting Via Messaging Works Great

  • I wouldn’t bother using an audio or video call unless you strongly feel that there is something to be gained by making that sort of contact with the psychics.
  • The private reading via messaging, where I can see and hear the psychic over video but they can’t see or hear me (they could only read my chat messages), worked very well and was a better value than audio or video calls.
  • It also decreases the chance of technology issues, like I had with the first psychic when I tried to do an audio call.

5. Record Your Call

  • Record your call (I saw nothing on the website to indicate that this is discouraged or not permitted), or at least keep a notepad and pen handy to jot down some notes during your conversation!
  • I took notes, but I wish I had thought in advance to record the private readings so I could go back and refer to specific things that were said.
  • I retained most of the information, though, and definitely got the answers and guidance I was looking for without recording.

Need to record the session… Try using one of these options:

  • If you are using a mobile device, then you could download a screen & audio recorder app. (I searched “record screen and audio” and came up with several free options)
  • If you are using a desktop, then I’d recommend loom.com, the free version works great. (you can either install the Chrome extension or download to your desktop to make it work)

Best Psychics On Oranum

I have not talked to all of the Psychics on Oranum, however, I made my choice based on who was available when I was logged in and I also looked at their reviews.

I’m also in the process to trying multiple psychics on Oranum. I plan to publish an article about the Best Psychics on Oranum. I will have the top 10 psychics overall and provide you with my top three picks! Check out this article here, 10 Best Psychics on Oranum.

Oranum Reading Review Final Thoughts

This was my first time visiting a psychic website, and I went into the experience a bit nervous and skeptical. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the psychics, and I didn’t know how accurate the readings could be online.

I was pleasantly surprised and even blown away by the specificity of the readings. I felt like I had crammed hours of therapy into just a few minutes with the psychics, and I gained clarity and insights about an issue that has been bothering me for some time.

I didn’t even go into the private readings with this issue in mind (I prepared only broad, vague questions), but once this specific problem came to the forefront I realized how much of my time and energy it has been costing me. I also got a clear answer on what I need to do to resolve the problem.

I would recommend this website to a friend for the accuracy of the readings, the way the psychics value your time and don’t try to get you to spend more than necessary, and the user-friendly interface. The biggest issues I have with Oranum are the exchange rate of the credit system and the high cost of private readings.

Overall, I think Oranum is a great resource if you want a quick, clear answer to a specific question, or you just want to hear what the psychics are sensing for you at the moment.

If you are interested in getting some insights about your relationships, about yourself, about money, or details about something else, give Oranum a try. I recommend it. Click here to visit Oranum.

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