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best psychic on Oranum

If you want to get in touch with a psychic on Oranum’s website but aren’t sure where to begin, I want to provide you with my opinion on the top 10 best Psychics on Oranum. There appear to be hundreds of psychics on Oranum and when I first visited the site, I wasn’t sure which psychic to choose.

I decided to register, test, and interact with a bunch of different psychics so that I can provide you with my personal experience and opinion on the top 10 psychics on Oranum.

Let me give you my Top 3 psychics on Oranum, based on my personal experience:

#1 AlyciaRose

AlyciaRose is the 5th top-rated psychic on Oranum at the time of writing this article. She is online frequently so it’s easy to connect with her. She wastes no time during private readings and she works quickly with tarot cards to answer questions.

I recommend having a very specific (not open-ended) question in mind when you do a reading with her.

Visit AlyciaRose.

#2 Sensei

Sensei is the 3rd top-rated psychic at the time of this article. He has a kind and gentle presence, and he is particularly skilled at working with angels and spirit guides. He is very knowledgeable about the different angles, and he is online often. Sensei is a clairvoyant who does not use tools during his readings.

Visit Sensei.

#3 LoveDrNikki

LoveDrNikki is excellent to interact with in her group chat room. She makes everyone feel welcome and she fills the silence by choosing a daily card for the group room. She is positive and maternal, and she uses tools including cards during her readings.

Visit LoveDrNikki.

Read more about Oranum, how to find the top-rated psychics based on viewer (clients & customers) awards, and an overview of the top 10 psychics…

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Choosing your Psychic on Oranum

Once you start using Oranum for psychic readings, it can be overwhelming to choose the best psychic from their wide selection of professionals.

There are several factors you may want to take into consideration when choosing the best psychic for your needs.

For more information about my overall experience with Oranum, read my Oranum Review.

Different psychics use various tools, including tarot cards, runes, crystal balls, crystals, and more. If you enjoy tarot readings, you may have a preference for a psychic who works with tarot cards. Many psychics choose not to work with tools at all, opting instead to allow their psychic abilities to guide their readings.

Many psychics specialize in love and relationships, while others focus on careers and finances. Others work primarily by connecting with angels and spirit guides. Some psychics on Oranum’s website even specialize in connecting with pets, both living and nonliving.

You might also want to choose a psychic based on personality or professional background.  You may feel more comfortable using a male or a female psychic, or you might want a psychic who has been doing a professional reading for a certain number of years.

Price is another aspect to consider when choosing the right psychic for you. Oranum works on a coin system. Customers purchase coins that can only be used on Oranum’s website, and psychics set their prices in Oranum coins.

You could get a personal, Live psychic reading using a webcam for a certain amount of coins, or simply request a public tarot card draw for a different amount. Many psychics on Oranum have preset services, such as rituals for banishing negativity or predicting your future love life, for a predetermined amount of coins.

With all of these factors to consider, how can you select the perfect psychic on Oranum for your needs?

One of the best and easiest ways to choose an experienced psychic with a good reputation amongst customers is to check out the new “Awards” psychic ranking feature on Oranum’s website.

From there, you can look through the profiles of the top-rated psychics on the site to choose the one that best fits your preferences.

How to access the “Awards” psychic ranking feature

Once you are on the Oranum website, you can find the current top-rated psychics from any page by clicking the three horizontal bars at the top right corner.

This will give you a dropdown menu with “Awards” as one of the options to select. Click “Awards” to see a numbered list of the top 100 psychics on the website.

Best Psychic On Oranum

Oranum ranks the top 100 psychics on the site according to the number of points earned. Points are awarded to customers who enjoyed their readings with the psychics.

Oranum likes to keep the scoring fresh so they reset the awards every so often.  I believe it’s monthly, but I’m not 100% certain.  At the time of writing this article, you can see images of the top 6 psychics.

Best Psychic On Oranum

The top 10 psychics on Oranum

Here is a list and description of the top 10 highest-ranked psychics on Oranum. You can see that they have different professional backgrounds, use various tools, and offer different set-priced services:

1. PsychicShamanMae

The psychic who has the most points awarded by her clients and customers is PsychShamanMae, therefore she’s the top-rated psychic on Oranum.  She primarily uses tarot cards and/or a crystal ball in her readings.

She is a psychic, expert tarot reader, Usui reiki master, and shamanic practitioner. You can learn more about her on her profile, including watching videos of her work, but she does not have a list of prices for her services.

I have tried to connect with PsychicShemanMae for several weeks but have never been able to connect with her.  At this point, I can’t provide you with a personal recommendation. However, with over 2,600 points awarded many people really like PsychicShamanMae.

You can see her profile here: Visit PsychicShamanMae

2. MysticMilena

MysticMilena offers quick spiritual and tarot card readings. She is frequently Life online and easy to reach for immediate reading.

She will do a one-card reading in the Live group chat for a donation of 100 coins, which is a common practice on the Oranum website.

Many psychics fill the silence on their Live group chat by reading aloud from metaphysical books, offering a group card reading for the day, or chatting about their day, but MysticMilena waits in silence for customer requests.

You can see her profile here:  Visit MysticMilena

3. Sensei

Sensei describes himself as a natural-born clairvoyant. He does not use tools in his readings. His abilities and services include clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, claircognizant, empath, angel channeling, angelic oracle, angel therapy, and energy reader.

Sensei is surrounded by imagery and statues of angels in his Live group chat room. He chats over typed messages rather than speaking aloud in the group chat, but you can speak with him in a paid Private chat or hear him speak in the videos on his profile.

Sensei has set prices on his profile for certain services, such as a house cleansing for 500 coins. In this service, he performs a ritual to protect your home or office from negative energy.

Another one of his services is healing your love life for 500 coins. Sensei performs a ritual to boost and heal your love life with Archangel Chamuel.

Besides his preset services, he offers personal readings and rituals, so your needs do not have to fit into one of his categories of services.

You can see his profile here:  Visit Sensei

4. Psychicalex2

According to his profile, Psychicalex2 is an energy healer, no tools reader, and a clairvoyant psychic energy worker. This means that he does not use tarot cards, crystal balls, or runes like many other psychics. He reads and heals energy intuitively.

I have not connected with Psychicalex2, therefore I can’t provide my opinion about his services.  When I do connect with him, I will update the details here.

See Psychicalex2’s profile here. Visit Psychicalex2

5. AlyciaRose

With her inviting screen background of tarot cards and twinkling stars, this psychic relies heavily on tarot cards to assist her readings. She also uses runes in her practice.

According to her profile, AlyciaRose has been featured on television and radio shows for her special gifts. She has 38 years of experience doing psychic readings, including 9 years on Oranum.

AlyciaRose is clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and precognizant. She can do reiki healing, get in touch with the paranormal, and even help find lost objects.

In her Live chat, customers may request a one-card reading (without having to pay for a private session, and the results are shared in the Live chat) for a 100-coin donation. AlyciaRose pulls a card for the user and explains its meaning.

AlyciaRose is frequently online and easy to reach. She also follows up on private readings with a private message.

You can visit her profile here:  Visit AlyciaRose

6. Inspirebymee

Inspirebymee is a third-generation, naturally gifted psychic who has been doing professional readings for 13 years. She became aware of her psychic abilities at a young age and has been helping others with her special abilities ever since.

She offers picture readings, help finding lost items, dream analysis, numerology readings, and psychic advice regarding love, relationships, career, and finances.

She offers some preset-priced services on her profile, such as a ritual to ban negativity quickly for 500 coins or communicating with a twin flame telepathically for 30 coins.

You can visit her profile here:  Visit Inspirebymee

7. LoveDove477

LoveDove477 does not typically use tools in her psychic readings. Instead, she is a Natural Intuitive, and Automatic Writer. Automatic Writing is the gift of being able to produce words without conscious writing.

She has many free video examples of her services, as well as preset prices for particular rituals. For example, she offers a video on anxiety and depression for 100 coins or a video on the laws of manifestation for 300 coins.

You can view her profile here:  Visit LoveDove477

8. Earthangels

Earthangels does not use tools in her readings. She works with spirit guides, angels, and crystals. You can watch a free video to get to know her on her profile page.

She has a welcoming and pleasant personality but does not seem to be online for Live readings frequently. You may want to send her a message (at no cost) to get in touch with her.

You can view her profile here:  Visit Earthangels

9. LoveDrNikki

LoveDrNikki is online frequently and has a warm, inviting presence in her Live group room. She does not wait silently for customers to chat but instead starts conversations by sharing a group card for the day.

She shows the card to the screen, reads it, and explains its value. She works with cards, crystals, and more to do psychic and intuitive readings.

You can view her profile here:  Visit LoveDrNikki

10. Healing lady

Healinglady states in her profile that honesty is her only tool. She is a top-rated, natural-born healer, life coach, empath, and expert on love life, career, dream analysis, and more.

She has some set-priced services, including telling you when your soulmate will come into your life for 500 coins and telling you whether or not your lover is cheating or keeping a secret for 500 coins.

You can view her profile here:  Visit Healinglady

Important Notes About the Best Psychics on Oranum

The rankings of the psychics on Oranum are always changing because rankings are based on points awarded by customers, and customers are constantly awarding points. The psychics listed in this article are the top 10 psychics at the time of writing this article.

The more frequently psychics are online to do readings, the more opportunities they have to earn points and move up in the rankings. You may see the same top 10 psychics from this article in the exact same order, or they may have moved up or down in the ranks.

If you have a preference for a particular psychic based on this review or on your own experiences, you don’t have to rely on that psychic maintaining their same numerical ranking in order to find them again for reading.

You can search for a psychic by name from any page on the Oranum website by clicking the magnifying glass icon at the top left corner.

Best Psychic On Oranum

Then, navigate to the magnifying glass at the far right corner of the page, beneath the coins, messages, and options icons.

Best Psychic On Oranum

Start typing in the username of your preferred psychic, and a dropdown list with the psychic’s name and photo will appear. You will also be able to see whether or not your psychic is currently Live and available online. Click the psychic’s name or photo to navigate to their page.

Best Psychic On Oranum

Oranum Top 10 Psychic Summary

If you want to find the best psychic for your needs on the Oranum website, the new “Awards” feature is a great tool. It ranks the top psychics based on points awarded by customers, and you can click the profiles of the top-rated psychics to learn more about their prices, professional services and experience, what tools they use, and more.

You can find your preferred psychic at any time, regardless of ranking, by using the search tool and typing in their name. Since rankings are always changing, you don’t have to rely on the “Awards” page ranking to track down a psychic you’ve worked with before on Oranum.




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