What Are The Best Questions To Ask In Tarot Readings?

what are the best questions to ask in tarot reading

All of us have questions that we want answered. However, when the time comes to ask these questions to our tarot decks, there have been moments when we are left even more confused than we were.

Just as asking an ineffective question in tarot will bring confusing, misdirected, and vague results, asking an effective question will allow answers to be illuminated and provide a higher level of insight.

Asking a question is one of the primary steps to setting up a powerful reading and asking a good one can be not only extremely helpful, but also a critical, skill to achieve.

So what exactly constitutes an effective question for a tarot reading?

The best questions in tarot allow the querent to receive advice and gain perspective. They allow the deck to speak through an open-ended approach. Powerful questions often involve an aspect of self-reflection. The most insight will be provided when the question is purposeful and open to further development.

At the bottom of this article, I also have a number of Related Articles with Tarot spreads that you can use once you form the perfect question.

In this article, we will be examining some wider criteria for an effective tarot question, as well as some closer comparisons of example questions.

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How a Tarot Question is Best Worded and Phrased

Question words are crucial in determining the results of a spread and how the querent interprets the answer. Starting a question with the interrogative word ‘when’ will result in an uncertain and unclear answer and won’t necessarily provide sufficient insight for many of the problems that we seek advice on.

Instead, starting a question with an interrogative word such as ‘what’, ‘how’, or ‘why’ will allow a much deeper understanding of the actions to undertake to reach certain goals.

Here is a set of questions that illustrate the point above:

  • When will I get into a relationship?
  • What do I need to work on for a relationship to come to me?

Note that the first querent might meet difficulties in matching time periods to certain tarot cards, and a lack of clarity in attributing exact dates, months, or speeds to particular cards.

Using numerology is of course a valid way to determine when an event will occur, but the querent would still be left in a period of uncertainty and waiting.

In contrast, the second querent will know what to focus on to further their skills and mindset to invite the blessings and opportunities into their lives.

Instead of anticipating and worrying over the outcome, they will be able to detach by knowing that once they have experienced enough growth, there will be a final guarantee.

Additionally, one of the best questions to ask is this:

  • Why, or for what purpose, has this situation been brought into my life?

Complications and rough times are almost always presented to us, sometimes even in a repeated fashion, to further our growth. In overcoming these challenges, we learn a particular lesson to put into practice in all areas of our lives.

Therefore, in asking this question, we are able to further our understanding of these struggles and gain a deeper understanding of how to address them in the future.

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Definitive Answers from Open-Ended Questions

A common type of question is a ‘yes or no’ question, wherein certain cards with a positive outlook are attributed to a ‘yes’ answer, and cards with more negative outcomes are associated with a ‘no’ answer.

Unfortunately, although these types of questions take much less energy, they are not the best type of questions to ask.  (However, I have written an article that does explain how to ask “yes” or “no” questions from your tarot deck, read that article here.)

In truth, the practice of tarot reading operates on a more complex level. Each card represents and invites a multifaceted interpretation, and the result of a spread is different for each person. Sometimes, the outcome of a situation does not rest on a simple yes or no answer.

Any spiritual tool can be used for a yes or no question, including pendulums and tarot decks, and they do work. However, a better question to ask would be a more open-ended question, especially when looking for more detail or insight into the situation.

When the answer is not restricted to a yes or no, the resulting spread will trigger a process of deeper understanding and a call to action.

For example, let’s analyze these two different situations:

  • Will I get a new job soon? The Devil card is pulled. The answer is inclined towards a no.
  • What can I work on to attract a new job opportunity? The Devil card is pulled. It explains that letting go of co-dependency and attachments in certain areas of your life can point towards a spiritually healthier lifestyle. Positive manifestations will being to flow towards you because you have raised yourself to a higher vibrational level.

Read more about the Devil card here.

The answer will be much more defined. Sometimes, when we are uncertain about a situation, we are looking to resolve our fears. What we desire to know the most is not the outcome, but instead what we can do about it.

Understanding Our Intentions Behind the Question

Your intention is one of the most important aspects of asking a question in tarot.

If you are unsure of the exact details and specifics behind your problem, then finding the right question to ask can be difficult. However, this is ironic, in the sense that we turn to tarot to find clarity in the areas where it is absent in the first place.

So how can we overcome this? If we are unaware of our faults, weaknesses, and biases regarding the situation at hand, our questions may be skewed in a direction that is not necessarily the most effective.

The best solution for this would be to ask some, once again, open-ended questions:

  • What do I need to know more about in this situation?
  • What is an unknown aspect of the situation that I do not yet understand?
  • In what type of manner do I appear as from their perspective?

By doing this before diving into the root of the problem, we can stand from a middle ground, instead of just from our perspectives. Often, this is also key to interpreting the spread, as we have gained much more information to work with and put into the interpretation.

Clarification Questions

The importance of clarification questions can often be overlooked. In many situations, we are inclined to pull more clarifying cards or have a large spread for one question. However, in following up on the primary question with a clarifying one, more detail can be expected to be gained.

If the question is about the future, clarification questions can be used to assess the querent’s current energy, and likewise about the past.

Clarification questions can also be used to split the previous question into smaller parts and delve further into these parts with even more insight. A follow-up question may build upon a shadow aspect that was previously hidden from you that arose in the primary spread.

In truth, there is no rigid or particular way in which tarot readers determine their clarification questions. They will always be adjusted according to the context, question, and reading.

Ultimately, assess what aspects you need to answer through your intuition. Tarot reading for the self is not restricted in manner, time, or price. Therefore, spending time and building experience with your deck is key to developing better inquiry skills.

Suggestions for Self-Reflective Questions in Tarot Readings

Sometimes, there isn’t necessarily a question that we need to ask.

When we don’t turn to our tarot decks for advice, we can instead turn to them for self-reflection. At the end of the day, in striving to forward our self-development, self-reflective questions are the best to ask ourselves to set our spiritual goals for the next day.

Here are some suggestions to ponder over:

Shadow Self

  • What aspects of myself am I not acknowledging?
  • Which aspect of myself should I work on?
  • How can I work on embracing my shadow self?
  • What is a blockage that is preventing me from self-growth?
  • What am I subconsciously manifesting that I may not be aware of?

Spiritual Development

  • What messages or advice from my spirit guides do I need to hear right now?
  • What lesson did I need to learn from this situation?
  • How can I further my alignment with my higher self?
  • What steps can I take to draw nearer to fulfilling my life purpose?

General Life Questions

  • What kind of lesson was this person supposed to bring into my life?
  • What aspect of my life should I be focusing on more?
  • Which aspects of the past week can I improve upon for next week?


Therefore, the art of asking the best questions in tarot does not necessarily have to be complicated. You can ask any question that your heart desires, but when it comes to a topic that is important to you, be sure to utilize the more powerful questions to gain more powerful answers.

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