Best Tarot Spreads for Relationships

best tarot spreads for relationships

Using your Tarot cards to get insight into a relationship can be really useful. Are you Wondering if the boy likes you back? Considering whether it’s time to take the next step with your partner? Worrying about having hurt a family member’s feelings? Feeling like it’s time to let a toxic friend go?

We’ve all been there at one time or another, but have you tried to get some guidance from your tarot cards? When deciding to do a relationship reading it can be tough to decide what are the best spreads to use for a relationship question?

The best tarot spreads for relationships are spreads that are suited to your question and situation. There are as many relationship spreads out there as there are types of relationships, so the best thing you can do is choose a spread that’s tailored to what you’re looking to learn.

Since there are so many types of relationships, the following article will take a look at some great spreads for three different types of relationships. Our romantic, friend, and family relationships all present unique situations, challenges, and questions.

Read on to find some of the best spreads for each type. This is by no means a complete list of what is out there, but the spreads discussed here are all great ways to gain insight into your relationships.

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Spreads for romantic relationships

Everyone has wanted to turn to their tarot cards for advice. The following are two great spreads you can use for insight on romantic relationships.

Table of Contents

Five Card Cross

Number of Cards: 5
Layout: Three cards from left to right, and one card each above and below the center card, creating a cross shape.

Instructions: Set up and prepare for your tarot reading like normal and shuffle your cards. Lay out the cards in the above-mentioned orientation.

  • Card 1 represents your role in the relationship.
  • Card 2 represents your partner’s role in the relationship.
  • Card 3 represents the foundation that your relationship was built on.
  • Card 4 represents the present state of the relationship. The final card represents the future of your relationship.

Notes: this spread is great for when your relationship has hit a rough patch. It allows you to reflect on how each of you contribute to the relationship, as well as your history together.

It’s important to reflect on where you’ve been so you can consider what steps to take to keep your relationship strong.

Sometimes men and women are on different wave lengths. I’ve found that when we learn to speak each others language, our relationship can improve a lot. Check out Felicity, she’s figured out how to talk to men.

If you plan to complete multiple spreads in a row, you should consider cleansing your cards between readings. Read about that here.

“Readiness for Love” Spread

Number of Cards: 6
Layout: Pyramid shaped with Card 1 on top, Cards 2 and 3 in the second tow, and Cards 4-6 making up the bottom tow.

Instructions: Prepare for your reading in whatever way you normally would, and shuffle your cards.

  • Card 1 represents what you’re looking for in a romantic relationship.
  • Card 2 represents what is holding you back from finding a partner/making a move with your love interest.
  • Card 3 represents what you can do to overcome what is holding you back.
  • Card 4 represents the time-frame for you to meet a new partner/make a move with your love interest.
  • Card 5 represents your future partner’s energy.
  • Card 6 represents the long-term outcome of the relationship.

Notes:  It is important to remember that you can’t push things when it comes to beginning a new relationship. Things will happen when they’re meant to, even if it’s not on the schedule that you prefer.

It’s also worth noting that Card 6 of this spread may not be as positive as you’d like. That doesn’t mean you should feel discouraged.

Your actions and the work you put into a relationship are what will truly determine its outcome.

Spreads for Family relationships

You don’t get to pick your family. For some of us that’s quite alright, but for others it can mean a lot of difficulty in life. Tarot cards can offer us some insight when things get rough with our families, and these spreads are designed to help.

“Determine the Issue” Spread

Number of cards:  3
Layout: A simple line from left to right.

Instructions: Prepare for your reading as usual and shuffle your cards.

  • Card 1 represents a false or “decoy” issue that is overshadowing the true problem.
  • Card 2 represents the root of the actual issue.
  • Card 3 represents the action you can take to remedy the situation.

Notes: This spread is quite simple, and you may wish to conduct a follow up spread based on the results you get. It is also worth mentioning that this spread can be applied to any type of relationship and does not have to be strictly used for family problems.

You may also wish to adapt this spread by adding a fourth card between the original cards one and two, which would represent “how can I get the decoy issue out of the way?”.

“Closeness with Parents” Spread

Number of Cards: 5
Layout: Your choice! Lay the cards out in whichever way feels best to you.

Instructions: Prepare for your reading as you normally would and shuffle your cards.

  • Card 1 represents your relationship with your first parent.
  • Card 2 represents your relationship with your second parent (not everyone has one mother and one father, which is why the instructions are worded this way).
  • Card 3 represents what can be done to strengthen your relationship with Parent One.
  • Card 4 represents what can be done to strengthen your relationship with Parent Two.
  • Card 5 represents what you can do to have a better relationship with them as a pair.

Notes: This spread can easily be adapted to apply to siblings, aunts and uncles, grandparents, cousins, or even friends.

If you are doing it for siblings or cousins or friends, you can easily add an appropriate number of cards to represent the number of people being considered.

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Spreads for Friendships.

Friendship isn’t always smooth sailing, but our tarot cards can help us navigate the waters whether they’re smooth or choppy.

Friendship Checkup Spread

Number of Cards: 4
Layout: Two on the top two on the bottom, so the cards create a square.

Instructions: Prepare for your reading in your regular way and shuffle your cards.

  • Card 1 represents what you take from your friendship.
  • Card 2 represents what your friend takes from the friendship.
  • Card 3 represents your friend’s trustworthiness.
  • Card 4 represents the long-term sustainability of the friendship.

Notes: You can easily adapt this spread to apply to a family or romantic relationship that you’d like to check in on.

“Is it time to let go?” Spread

Number of Cards: 5
This spread can be laid out in a simple left-to-right format, or in a five-card cross formation, depending on your preferences.

Instructions:  Prepare for your reading as usual and shuffle your cards.

  • Card 1 represents how you have benefited from this relationship.
  • Card 2 represents the ways that this relationship may have hurt you.
  • Card 3 represents the issue(s) that you are currently facing in the relationship.
  • Card 4 represents an action you can take to remedy these issues.
  • Card 5 represents how successful the resolution to your issues can be.

Notes: It may be difficult, but sometimes the healthiest thing to do is let go of a friendship. People are constantly growing and changing, and sometimes this makes friendships grow apart or even toxic.

There is no sense in clinging to a friendship that is hurting you. This spread can also be used for romantic relationships.

Using Tarot for Relationships

It’s important to remember that while tarot readings can give you insight into relationship issues, it probably won’t give you all the answers.

Relationships are such unique and complex things, that one tarot spread may not be able to address everything that needs to be considered in a given situation.

If none of the spreads mentioned above, speak to you and the relationship you wish to do a spread for, don’t be afraid to create your own.

Use as many cards as you see fit. Lay them out in whichever spread speaks to you. Have each card represent a piece of the puzzle that you’re looking to solve.

After all, the best tarot spread for relationships is the one that gives you the insight you need.

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