Don’t Believe Your Tarot Reading! Here’s Why…

Should I believe my tarot reading?

Whether we did the reading ourselves or by a friend or professional, we don’t always like what the cards say. “That can’t be right!” we tell ourselves.  This situation often leaves us questioning whether our cards are accurate and whether we should believe our Tarot reading.

The results of a Tarot reading are not always literal, but that does not make them untrue. Many factors can impact the outcome of a reading, so while you should always take your results with a grain of salt and apply your critical thinking skills, you should consider your reading with an open mind.

Readings done in different situations can also yield different results. Readings done by professionals can vary from readings done by someone you know personally, and those readings vary even still from those that you do yourself.

The readers experience level, beliefs, the deck being used, and the reader’s reading style can all impact the reading results. These varying factors may also impact whether or not you believe what the cards have said.

Before you decide to ignore your reading or if you should believe your tarot reading, let’s take a look at who might be giving the reading and their motives…

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Professionals do readings

Readings done by a professional tarot reader can often be very vague. The results are often intentionally left vague so you, the customer, can draw your conclusions based on the information you were given. This is done so “accuracy” can be achieved without the reader asking too many questions about what is going on in the customer’s life.

That’s not to say that the results of your professional tarot reading aren’t accurate, it just means that the conclusions you draw from what a reader tells you may only be one of multiple possible interpretations.

Professional readers may also sometimes tailor the results of reading to try to sell you something else. This isn’t true of most professionals, but we can’t pretend there isn’t the odd bad apple out there.

If a professional reader tells you that you have a dark energy following you, but they can banish it for an additional fee, or if they offer to sell you a love spell after conducting a relationship reading, it is safe to assume that this person is far more concerned with money than the accuracy of the results of a tarot reading.

In these cases, you probably shouldn’t believe what the reader has told you. These situations can be avoided by choosing a reader with a good reputation.

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Readings done by friends

It is not at all uncommon to have a friend read your cards for you. Having someone you know do a tarot reading for you can be a lot of fun. It’s a great opportunity for you to have someone else read for you and a great opportunity for your friend to practice reading for others.

A tarot reading from someone with an outside perspective on your situation can also be beneficial when you’re looking for a new perspective on a topic. That being said, a friend who cares about you may be hesitant to share their full honest interpretation of the cards if the results include bad news.

This can be a great exercise in considering more positive interpretations of cards that look like bad news at first glance, but it may also change the overall outcome of a reading. If you are worried about a friend doing this, make sure you let them know before they begin the reading that you’re ready for whatever the cards have to say. 

The possibility of your friend lightening up the results of a reading should not deter you from having them read for you or from believing the results, but you should always keep the possibility in mind when considering the results of the reading.

Readings are done yourself

Nobody knows your situation quite like you do. When you’re reading tarot for yourself, you can easily go very in depth on whatever topic you are reading about. It is also possible to only see what you want to see in your cards though.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust the results of readings that you do for yourself, but it does mean that you should take care to keep an open mind when interpreting your cards. You won’t always like the answers you get from your cards, but that doesn’t mean your results aren’t true. 

If you are really unsure about the truth of a spread you’ve done for yourself, you could walk away for a while and do something else, then come back and re-do the spread and compare the results you got each time.

I wrote two articles that show you how to quickly learn and read the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana cards; read these articles here:

Now that we’ve reviewed the three possible scenarios where you receive a reading, that is from a professional, from a friend, and by yourself, let’s look at some other factors to consider.

Other factors

Multiple factors can impact whether or not you believe the results of a tarot reading, especially when another person is reading for you. It is a good idea to consider these factors when considering your results.

Your Reader’s Experience

If you or the person reading for you is an inexperienced tarot reader, the results of the reading may be less in depth or accurate than you would like them to be. 

There are plenty of cards that carry multiple possible meanings but someone who is learning to read tarot may not learn all of the possible interpretations right away.

This means that it is possible for a card to turn up in your reading representing one thing but could be interpreted to mean something completely different. Inexperienced does not mean unreliable though.

If you or the person reading for you is inexperienced, the only way to learn is to keep doing readings. As with any tarot reading, you should take the results of an inexperienced reader with a grain of salt, but you shouldn’t automatically assume that they are incorrect.

Your Reader’s Beliefs

Different people believe different things about tarot and how it works. Some people see tarot strictly as a tool for predicting the future. Others see their cards as a means of communication with spirits or a deity. Some people view their cards solely as tool for personal reflection.

The beliefs that the reader holds will impact the outcome of the reading. A reader who believes that they are receiving guidance from a spirit will likely interpret cards differently than someone who uses tarot as a means of looking inside themselves for insight on a situation.

It is important to know where you stand in your beliefs of how tarot cards work, and if someone else is reading for you it is well worth asking them about their views on the matter.

If someone reads for you and they do not agree with their views on how tarot works, you may be less inclined to believe what they are telling you. As long as you are polite, there is nothing wrong with this.

You can always take notes on what cards were pulled, how the reader interpreted them, then re-interpret them on your own based on your own beliefs.

The deck being used

No two decks are quite the same, and there are thousands of them out there. Some readers believe that the Rider Waite Smith (RWS) deck is the only proper tarot deck, check out the Rider Waite Smith deck here.

Others believe that any deck can be used for tarot, even a 52-count playing card deck.

There are some other beautiful Tarot decks that you could choose as well, the Mystic Mondays Tarot Deck, The Light Seer’s Tarot Deck, The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck, just to name a few.

Some readers fall somewhere in the middle and have trouble trusting novelty decks but feel comfortable reading from decks with a more traditional style. The deck in use in a given reading may influence your decision on whether or not to believe what the cards are saying.

There is nothing wrong with choosing which decks you do and don’t trust as long as you are polite if you find yourself in a situation where someone is doing a reading for you with a deck you don’t believe will be accurate.

The Reading Style

Some tarot readers are very literal and do not stray from the interpretations listed in their deck’s instruction book.

Others choose to go far more in depth and base their interpretations off the book as well as their view of the art on the cards, the card’s relation to another that appears in a spread, and their own personal opinions.

Neither of these reading styles (or anything in between them) are wrong, but not everyone will see eye to eye on the matter. It won’t hurt to give alternate reading styles a chance, but if you disagree too deeply with the way someone has interpreted the cards for you, it is okay to disregard these results in favor of a reading done in a style that you have faith in.

Should I believe the cards?

The results of a tarot reading are almost never absolute. That is why reading tarot cards is an art, not a science.

You should always give some thought to the results you get from any reading, but it’s important to remember that the cards don’t always produce results that are completely true.

With anything in life, do what feels good for you. If you feel stress or frustration or some other “negative” emotion, then you aren’t connecting with who you really are. If that’s the case, then the reading might not be right for you at this time.

If you feel satisfaction or joy or relief when you have the reading, then you are more likely to be connected to who you are and therefore you may want to believe this reading.

I believe, that it all comes down to how you feel!

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