What Will Tarot Cards Tell You?

what will tarot cards tell me

If you ask five different people what kind of information they get from their tarot cards, you will probably get five different answers. A quick google search on the topic will also get you a vast range of answers.

Whether you are diving into the world of tarot as a reader yourself or as a customer of a professional reader, this question is probably very near the front of your mind. So, what will tarot cards tell you?

Tarot cards will tell you what you ask them, though not always in a direct way. The information you get from tarot cards will vary based on a few different things including how you personally believe the cards work, and how you word the question that you’re asking of them.

They may not always tell you what you want to hear and their answers may not always be direct, but if your questions are worded well your tarot cards will usually give you answers to the questions that you ask them.

Tarot cards can tell you about all sorts of things. They can answer questions about just about any topic you can think to ask about.

Tarot cards can also help you understand the past, make sense of the present, and even shed a light on the future.

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How you see the cards

You will interpret tarot cards differently based on how you believe they work. There are three main styles in which people interpret their cards. Each style reflects a way in which many tarot readers believe their cards work.

1. Connection with a Deity or spirit.

Some tarot readers believe their cards to be a tool for communicating with a chosen deity, or a spirit. Some readers connect with spirits that they are familiar with such as a departed loved one, while other readers use their cards to communicate with a spirit who may inhabit the space they are currently occupying.

If this view of tarot is what clicks with you, then your cards will tell you what the deity or spirit you are connecting with wants to say.

This insight from a sentient outside party is very appealing to many tarot readers.

Reading tarot through this lens can offer guidance, comfort, advice, or even a kick in the pants when it’s needed, which is why it is such a commonly held view on how tarot works.

2. Divination

Other readers see tarot as a tool for divination and fortune-telling. Those who view tarot in this way believe that their cards will tell them snippets of what will happen in the future.

Some readers view this information about the future as exact and unchangeable, but many others view it as a sort of warning or sign that behaviors need to change to avoid negative events to come.

For example: if a tarot reader does a spread asking for information about the future and is told that there is sickness awaiting them, they can use this information as a sign that they should take better care of themselves, quit destructive habits, or even just go out and get a flu shot.

On the flip side of this, those who use their cards for divination can also find their cards telling them that they are definitely on the right track and they should keep doing what they’re doing.

3. Self-reflection

There are also tarot readers who view their cards simply as a tool for self-reflection. Those who view their cards this way often conduct tarot spreads as a means of looking inside themselves and reflecting upon the issue at hand.

This style of tarot interpretation can be a great way to organize your thoughts and feelings in a way that is highly personal.

If this is the way you view the cards, tarot will tell you what you already know but perhaps haven’t accepted yet. It can also help you come to a realization that hasn’t quite clicked during the previous reflection on the matter.

We may not like what we’re being told by the cards, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t something we need to hear.

Past, present, and future

Tarot can tell you all sorts of things if you think to ask about them, and you can definitely ask about more than just what lies ahead of you.

We all have complicated pasts that shape who we are today. While any past trauma that still negatively impacts your day-to-day life should be discussed with a therapist or other medical professional, tarot can be a great way of reflecting on the events of the past as well.

Your cards could help you reflect on why a past relationship fell apart, why you made certain decisions, or even why an event in your life played out the way that it did.

Tarot can help you reflect on the more distant past as well. If you believe in the concept of past lives, you can use your tarot cards to explore that too.

Just like tarot can tell you about your past and future, it can tell you about the present too.

You can do readings to determine what’s currently holding you back, what steps you should take to achieve your goals or to help you reflect on a decision that you are currently struggling with making.

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Deciphering vagueness

While there are many things that tarot can tell us, we won’t always get clear answers when we ask a question. As frustrating as it is, it’s just part of the world of tarot reading.  

When you’ve asked a clear question but received an unclear answer is up to you to look closely at the cards you’ve drawn and interpret them as best you can. If you’re really stuck, you can pull a clarifying card, or do a whole new spread for clarification.

Sometimes, tarot cards will give you exactly the straight answer you were looking for, but other times you’ll be left scratching your head asking “what does this even mean?”

Other times, it’s our own fault that we’ve been given an unclear answer because we haven’t asked a good question.

The wording of a question is an important part of tarot reading and if a question is worded poorly, the answer you get from the cards will probably not be helpful.

Keep away from yes/no questions since it is very difficult to get a straight-up yes or no answer from a tarot deck. I wrote an article about this here, “How to Use Tarot for Yes or Now Answers (with 10 Examples).

Instead, word your questions in an open way. For example: instead of “should I do the thing?” try “What will happen if I do the thing?”.

Manifesting Your Desires

One topic that isn’t covered much when it comes to Tarot is manifestation. If you believe in the Law of Attraction, then you might be surprised to realize that you can use Tarot Cards to manifest your desires through the law of attraction.

Here are a couple of articles that talk about the law of attraction and manifestation with Tarot:

What the cards won’t tell you

Tarot cards aren’t all-knowing and can make mistakes. That means that there are some things you shouldn’t ask them about.

It can be tempting to ask your deck medical questions, but this is a bad idea. If your interpretation is a bit off, you could end up leaving a serious illness untreated, continuing to needlessly suffer from a mental illness, going out in public with something contagious, or even harming a baby you didn’t think was there.

Medical questions need to be reserved for medical professionals.

You also should not ask tarot questions that will dictate your actions. You can ask for insight about what will happen if you take a certain action or make a certain decision, but this sort of thing should be reserved for big decisions that you are really struggling with.

You don’t want to reach a point where you can’t make a decision without consulting your deck.

The third thing that you shouldn’t ask the tarot about is things that are out of your control. “When will I meet my soul mate”, “will my friend’s mom beat cancer?”, and “will I get the job?”.

These situations are all out of your control, so really, the best thing to do is to wait it out and see what happens. I also review these types of questions in this article, “What is more accurate, Astrology or Tarot?

If you really want to do a tarot reading on situations that are beyond your control, ask “how can I open myself up to love?”, “what can I do to support my friend and her family right now?”, or “what can I do to be more confident in interviews?” instead, since these are things that you can actually take action on.

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