How True are Online Tarot Cards?

How true are online tarot cards

The thought of an online Tarot reading is both confusing and intriguing. Are Tarot cards simply cards? Does their function rely on being held and touched? Can distance, or a computer screen, allow for the same answers as a physical deck?

How true are online Tarot Cards?   Online Tarot cards and tarot readings can be very accurate depending on the information you are looking for but it will be more general compared to an in-person reading.  If you give yourself a reading with an online deck, the cards that you draw can be just as accurate as if you drew them from your deck at home.

An online (computer-generated) Tarot reading will differ from in-person readings because a person will connect with you and interpret the cards and discuss the cards with you.  A computer-generated reading will give you a generic answer but may not go into the detail that a person would.

With the internet, Tarot readings are no longer limited to your proximity to a professional reader. You can get a Tarot reading within seconds with just the click of a mouse.

There any many individuals that are skeptical about the accuracy of online readings. This brings into account many questions about how Tarot “works”. Can an online reading bring the same reliability as more traditional ways of reading the Tarot?

When referring to online readings, it is important to acknowledge that there are two types: computer-generated readings, or personal online readings.

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Computer-generated tarot readings

The positives of online tarot cards

Using a computer-generated readings website or application allows for multiple ways to record your readings. Documenting a reading can be as simple as taking a screenshot or forwarding an email.

When I use these tools, I like to be able to reflect on previous Tarot readings.  I like to go back to past readings, re-interpret them based on my experiences since the original reading occurred, and also determine how accurate the reading was.

The overall convenience of accessing Tarot through computer-generated websites is another significant benefit. For the average person, it can be difficult to set time aside to complete a reading. Although shuffling cards and arranging them, in practice, may only take a couple of minutes, many readers find that setting up an appropriate space and analyzing the cards deserves dedicated time.

Visiting a Tarot reader in person involves booking a time that’s convenient, transportation to and from the reader not to mention the time for the reading itself.

Sometimes, this can be too time-consuming, and unfortunately, it can turn many who are interested in Tarot away because of their hectic schedules.

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With computer-generated websites and applications, a Tarot spread can be pulled in seconds. Interpretation of the cards will be displayed alongside it to provide a quick overview of what the card may represent.

This is a great option for people who are on the go. Waiting at the doctor’s office or taking the bus to work? It’s quick to just pull some tarot cards on your phone and get a quick reading!  Then take a screen print to save it for future reference.

Another advantage to computer-generated Tarot readings, they are often FREE! Although readings cards for yourself technically has no cost, there is the consideration that you must have a Tarot deck gifted or purchased to read your cards (read our article about buying your first tarot deck).

Therefore, computer-generated readings can be a great starting point for people that are interested in learning about Tarot without a price.

The drawbacks of online tarot cards

Some people feel more comfortable with the physical nature of holding or seeing a Tarot deck. The act of shuffling the deck allows some to connect with their deck and meditate on a question. I enjoy handling my tarot cards.  As I shuffle the deck, I have time to focus on my question and allow other thoughts to fall away.

When you seek a reading in person, you have the benefit (as the querent) to see the reader handle her cards, to shuffle the cards and some readers will allow you to cut and shuffle the cards as well. The physical touch brings the reading to life for me.  What about you?

Personal preferences vary greatly between people; for some, the physical aspect of the Tarot is of the utmost importance when receiving a reading. For this reason alone, many may be dissuaded by accessing online generators for readings.

Many websites and applications have multiple card layouts (or spreads) to select from after making a query. The standard Celtic Cross is a popular option, as well as past-present-future or one card pulls.

Here is an article about some of my favorite tarot spreads

While online apps have pre-determined spreads, sometimes it’s nice to create a custom spread for a specific inquiry or question that you have.  Online applications don’t have that option.

Many websites and applications cannot also pull clarification cards which prevents someone from being able to explore more about certain aspects of a card, spread, or overall idea.

Because computer-generated apps and websites rely on a digital algorithm, there is no personalized interpretation of how the cards interact. Most websites do include some information about the card itself, but there is no information about how the cards interact.

Keep in mind that there are hundreds of thousands of card combinations, which ultimately makes it nearly impossible to have a comprehensive computer-generated analysis of cards.

For example, a computer-generated reading would not take into account a high number of wands pulled in one reading, or perhaps discuss that the reading included many cards that pointed to an upcoming change.

Websites/apps also do not take into account cards that hold personal meaning to people, or cards that come up repeatedly that indicate a pattern. There is some element of personal interpretation that is required by the quierant to get the full benefit for a computer-generated reading.

If someone is still learning the Tarot, they will lack the knowledge that accompanies a human reader.

Do Online Tarot readings work?

In short, yes, an online tarot reading can certainly work! Consider that computer-generated readings are just another way to shuffle a deck of cards.

The better question to ask yourself is this… Can this method of reading work for you and your needs?

Computer Generated Reading Options

Lotus Free Tarot Reading: Has access to free computer-generated 6 card readings using the Major Arcana. Very broad. No ads.  Many spread options to choose from as well as an option to select reversals or to select a significator.

Golden Thread Tarot App: Combination of the Tarot database as well as a reading generator. Multiple spread options and an option to read with reversals.

Personalized Online Tarot Readings

Tarot Reading, 5-Minutes Free!

I’ve recently started working with an online psychic reading company and I’ve received some great feedback. Check it out, then let me know your experience.

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The positives of personalized online tarot readings

In contrast to computer-generated personalized online reading will provide access to the knowledge that the reader possesses. Behind the email, online chat, or video call is a person who can analyze the cards pulled and provide an individualized experience.

As discussed before, a reader will be able to notice patterns seen in the cards, as well as incorporate any personal information that you have given to best analyze the cards.

Many online readers advertise different specialties with card readings as well. Although there are a standard 78 cards in a Tarot deck, each card can be interpreted in many ways depending on the question asked. Some readers may focus on relationships and love, while others may use the cards to read for personal development or support.

Like an in-person reading, you may still have the opportunity to ask relevant follow-up questions and inquiries. This varies based on each reader’s boundaries and fees, but the option will usually be available.

Computer-generated readings do not often have an option to pull additional cards to go along with the current reading, whereas the flexibility of a person completing the reading may allow for additional information.

I have checked out a number of these and I like this one the best:

Oranum will offer up to 10 minutes free for new customers, click here to go to that offer. They have many different psychics from all over the world. Each specializes in different types of readings. Visit Oranum for a live reading.

The drawbacks of personalized online tarot readings

Similar to computer-generated readings, there is also still a lack of physical connection towards the cards. Although the experience can be described as “warmer” since you are interacting with a person on some level, not being able to touch the cards or interact with the reader face to face can be challenging for some.

Unless you are getting a digital reading from a Tarot community, most personalized online tarot readings will have a price. Although methods of payment are quite extensive and accessible, people that are looking for spiritual support from Tarot may not be financially able to pay for a reading.

Do personalized online tarot readings work?

Again, yes! And again, only if you are willing to allow it to work. Trusted Tarot readers can be found all over the world. Receiving your reading by online methods does not diminish their knowledge and expertise.


Like many Tarot questions, it is all about determining how the Tarot works for you. Do you believe in the cards, the messages, or the reader?

There is no correct or incorrect answer when it comes to believing in online Tarot options. Feel free to explore other methods of Tarot, but if online readings are not beneficial for you, it’s okay to not use them!

With the spread of technology, the beautiful art of Tarot is more accessible than it has ever been before.

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I’d love to hear about your experience.  Please connect with me, after you’ve had a reading…

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