Are Tarot Card Predictions True?

Are Tarot Card Predictions True

I was chatting with a friend the other day. She was telling me about a Tarot reading that she had last month and how some of the predictions made by the reader have come true and other predictions were completely off.

Like most things in life that are spiritual – there is no black-and-white answer to this question, “Are Tarot Card Predictions True?”

Your Tarot card reading will be as true to you as you wish it to be. The important thing to remember about any insight you receive from a tarot reading is that you have ultimate control and power over your life. Reading is less about the truth than it is about gaining insight into events in your life.

When you experience a reading, let your spirit and body guide you…What I mean is… that if you leave a reading feeling empowered and energized, go with that feeling!  Don’t take on any energy that doesn’t resonate. 

Ultimately, and I believe this is a good general rule with all things religious or spiritual, use the reading as a guide, not gospel. You alone know yourself best. You can change the course of events that unfold around you.

Let’s take a deeper look at Tarot to get some insight into whether you should even ask if (or care if) Tarot predictions will come true.

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A Little Perspective about Tarot History

The search for divine wisdom and knowledge is something that both predates this generation and will not die with this generation. 

This hunger for understanding will never be satiated as long as we, as human beings, retain our cognitive abilities and tools of reasoning which of course leads to our inevitable questioning (and inevitable suffering).

All this to say – seers and psychics, fortune tellers, and tarot readers – will always have business as long as we humans demand answers to seemingly unanswerable questions. 

As a casual observation, we as a people seem to have a hard time accepting things as they are in the present, and lack the patience necessary to trust the future to unfold on its own accord which is why we turn to religion, spirituality, and tarot.

Tarot cards themselves have a complex history – entering mainstream society as early as the late 14th to the early 15th centuries as playing cards for the wealthy until they were adapted and assigned spiritual meaning by French occultists in the late 18th century.

These occultists claimed the Egyptian gypsy origins of the cards, a claim that carries little to no proof, but this idea eventually led the way for the tarot imagery and meanings we are most familiar with today.

Note, I also wrote an article that talks about the history of tarot in this article: Are tarot cards religious?

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The Factors At Play in a Tarot Reading

Essentially a tarot card reading is the laying out of cards, from a 78-card tarot deck consisting of 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards, one by one to tell a story concerning the question asked. 

For more information about the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana, read these articles…

Like any game/religion/tool/practice/whatever your word is…a tarot card reading changes depending on the style of the reader. 

There is no one size fits all technique to reading the cards and there are several meanings associated with each card within the 78-card deck, and these meanings are subject to change depending on the position/placement of the card during the reading and the other types of cards surrounding it.

Another key factor to a tarot reading is you: the querant.  Reading tarot is essentially the practice of the seeker deciphering their intuition concerning the question asked. 

Add to that reading another individual, ie. you as the querant, not only is the reader relying on their intuitive abilities aided by the tarot cards but they are assessing and feeling out your energy as the querant. 

This is why it’s so important to feel confident about who you choose to conduct a tarot card reading for you.  You are allowing them a glimpse inside of your life while also permitting them to step inside of your energy field. 

A Tarot Reading can be an Intimate Connection

A tarot card reading is similar to sex in the sense that sex is a sacred and powerful act much like tarot is, as with any form of divination, a powerful tool to obtain a deeper knowledge of the present, potentially giving you more power with the choices in your life. 

You are of course free with sex, like tarot readings, to partner with whomever you like and as frequently as you like, but there is wisdom in choosing a partner carefully and ensuring a positive connection is felt between the two of you before opening up and sharing the most intimate parts of yourself. 

If possible, trust and connection should be the foundation of any good reading as you are asking questions and sharing details of your life probably only your closest friends are privy to, if that. 

This explains why so many reputable readers have repeat clientele – a relationship and therefore trust develops between both parties.

You Hold the Power, to the Truth of your Tarot Reading

As mentioned earlier, there is no one size fits all technique to reading the cards and though good tarot readers will be fairly attuned to their intuitive and psychic abilities proving them capable and strong readers, it is ultimately left up to you and how you decide the reading will influence your life. 

Yes, you may be seeking guidance and are looking for concrete answers but know that no matter the outcome of your tarot reading, your future is not set in stone.

With the gift of free will, each choice made in your life produces a ripple effect presenting new options and a variance of possible future scenarios. 

So even if your tarot reading has been interpreted as fairly negative on your part – think the Death card and the Tower card, both Major Arcana cards that seem to strike fear in the hearts of many a reader and querant – if you use the reading as a guide, not a “life sentence”. 

Even the most seemingly negative reading can prove to be insightful and useful as it may point out the blind spots in your personal life or show you areas in your life that requires your focused attention, or at worst – encourages you to let go of what no longer serves you.

A tarot reading is a glimpse inside of your energy and life path at that particular moment in time.  Nothing more.  After that, depending on you, everything can change even if it’s the most positive reading because that’s just how life is. 

Life throws people and situations at us and we respond and adapt accordingly ultimately shaping our future in the process.

My Personal Opinion

I see the tarot as a way to hone my intuition.  It challenges me to look deep within and seek answers not readily available on the surface of my mind.  It also promotes community through storytelling. 

When I read for my friends and family they are allowing me to speak general truths about their lives and as I read the story presented through the cards, if I have done my job correctly, I can help empower them on their life journey. 

Tarot, for me, is just an insight into my intuition.  Some people may believe the cards themselves hold power, but I believe strongly that the power lies with the intuition of the individual doing the reading.  Tarot cards are simply tools to help guide us or make clear what we already know to be true.

Some Helpful Tips to get to the “Truth” of your Tarot Reading

So how to make this tool work best for you and ensure a positive tarot experience.  Keeping in mind what has been mentioned above, the following is a list of five factors to consider before beginning a reading:

  1. Have a clear and direct question if you want a clear and direct answer.  Sometimes our emotions and imagination get the better of us, and instead of being clear with our intentions we ask a question based on a made-up or wishful scenario instead of addressing the reality of a situation.  Now is the time to be honest with yourself and get clear about what is happening in your life if you desire an accurate response from the cards.
  2. Accept that the tarot cards will only be answering your question(s) in real-time, in the present moment.  If you ask the same question six months later, depending on the choices made in your life during that time, you may get a completely different answer to the same question.
  3. Accept that the future, for the most part, will remain completely unknowable. I say for the most part as I do believe there are readers with exceptional psychic abilities but ultimately remember that the choices in your life, therefore the future, is completely in your control.
  4. If possible, get to know more about the person doing the reading.  Do you feel comfortable with this person? Are they psychic?  Does their style of reading the cards appeal to you?  Remember you are paying for a service or/and allowing someone into your life in a meaningful way – you should feel comfortable.
  5. Trust your instincts. Maybe not everything in the reading resonated with you – that’s ok.  Take what you can and leave what you don’t need at the table. Again, you alone know yourself best.

Final Thoughts on Whether Tarot Predictions Are True

Tarot card readings should be fun but please take all the readings you receive with a grain of salt.  If you have a positive vision for your life – stick to it! 

Let the tarot cards guide you on your current path not lead you or make decisions for you.  Do not forfeit your power – enjoy the reading, be open but ultimately trust yourself. 

It is all a game of intuition after all.

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