Tower Tarot Card Meaning, 35 Interpretations!

The Tower Tarot Card, A Complete Guide!

The Tower card is the 16th card of the Major Arcana. The card shows a tower structure in flames, surrounded by clouds and a bolt of lightning. Two people, along with a crown, are seen to be falling towards the ground.

The Tower is a reference to the biblical tale of the Tower of Babel. The survivors of the Great Flood decided to build a tower so tall that it would reach Heaven. God would not allow this to happen and confounded their speech so they could not understand each other anymore.

People often misunderstand the Tower as a problem, either an unfair disaster or the retribution for our hubris on behalf of the Universe, but there is another way to look at it. The lightning strike that turns night into day is sudden enlightenment.

Yes, this card can serve as a warning of upheaval. However, the tremendous burst of energy when it all comes crashing down is actually pointing to the solution, it is the shock that reveals a secret truth.

This is an opportunity to surpass the barriers of communication, to break the illusion and attain clarity even in times of distress, to unravel the ineffable mystery and unlearn what is untrue.

A life-changing and unexpected moment when we realize that nothing will be the same ever again, the Tower challenges our intellect and our belief systems and ejects us out of our comfort zones.

Here, we have to accept that some things are beyond our control, that life is not always meaningful, and that a lot of humanity’s attempts at greatness are much like building sandcastles; inevitably the tide will wash them away.

This brings us to another interpretation, that of the lighthouse and its double purpose: to help with navigation and warn about dangerous waters.

The imagery on this card is a typical scene of destruction and disruption. It speaks of emergencies and unforeseen disasters, the catastrophe brought on by a devastating storm, both literally and metaphorically.

After their imprisonment in the depths by the Devil, the man and woman are finally free, but their troubles are not over yet.

As captives in the Tower, they were relatively safe. Now, the world changes all around them. Walls are struck down, mental constructs dissipate, and premonitions and uncanny feelings arise. There is much confusion and disorder in this card.

After the storm has passed, questions arise. What lessons can we learn from our mistakes? How can we rebuild what has been lost? How much of what we’ve lost did we need? What has remained steadfast despite the turmoil?

Then, perhaps, we’ll get one step closer to the truth and prepare to find our place in the world under the guidance of the Star.

However, if we wish to grasp this “truth” we must first realize how and why we are confused. Exiting the Tower means entering uncharted territory where nothing is certain, like leaving the family home for the first time. Franz Kafka once said ‘I am free and that is why I am lost.’

One of the strangest and most powerful Arcana, this card states, among other things, that creation and destruction are interconnected.  In this article, you’ll find a variety of interpretations on the Tower card and what it can represent.

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What does the Tower Tarot card mean?

The Tower card upright signals a significant change in the physical, mental, and spiritual realms of the querent’s life, brought upon them by an external force. It can indicate an unexpected moment of disaster and chaos, but it will always bring spiritual enlightenment, a new perspective, and more stable foundations.

Did you think that something in your life was stable and truthful? Not anymore- with the Tower, the systems, situations, relationships that you thought provided you with shelter and safety are being brought down, and for good reason.

The reason is that they were operating upon volatile and untruthful foundations. In the end, they’ve caused more harm than good.

However, often these situations that endure a Tower moment are close to our hearts, which is what makes them painful- and what makes them Tower moments. Their unpredictability only adds to the shock.

The Tower (Thoth Tarot Deck)

During the burning and collapse of the tower, there is panic and upheaval, both physically and emotionally.

But in the aftermath of the situation, just like in any real-world disaster, a healthy way to cope is to be alone with your grief, acknowledge it, and slowly heal, resulting in deep personal and spiritual transformation.

The Tower upright isn’t warning you about a situation that you will leave on your own. Rather, you’ve been forced to leave it behind. You’ve been tossed out of a current situation due to external forces beyond your own control, and you’re falling just like the people in the picture.

It also is not necessarily any particular event that may occur. The Tower can also be built upon falsehoods or lies.

When the truth is made known to you, even perhaps through that flash of divine guidance, your circumstances must be viewed in a completely different light. Everything that you’ve thought to be true is exposed, resulting in an emotionally charged and traumatic experience.

Ultimately, the removal of this situation was to make way for better opportunities. These Tower moments occur for you, reflective of how the bad situations in life occur for the good ones to be appreciated. The divine realm knows which lessons need to be learned.

The Tower Tarot Card Upright Keywords

  • Change
  • Transformation
  • Creation
  • Stability
  • Unpredictability
  • Clarity
  • Revelation

What does the Tower Tarot card mean when reversed?

Reversed, the Tower card can indicate that this significant change lies in the internal mindset or belief system, transforming and questioning inner beliefs. The reversal shows that there is a lack of unexpectedness; rather, you could be resisting change that you know is vital to your growth.

This card is the embodiment of being able to see the bigger picture. Change starts with the individual’s self. They will unlikely be able to accept change in the external if the internal is blind to the truth of a situation.

The first situation that the Tower reversed can talk about is having the willingness to actively challenge or remove our old limiting beliefs. This process, unlike the upright, does not have to be sudden or fast-paced. Instead, the installing of new beliefs will take months of sustained learning and practice.

You are questioning old ways of life. One most common example of this is having to endure a spiritual awakening, which also brings on a slew of physical impacts, such as headaches, moodiness, or shifts in sleeping patterns.

Once again, a spiritual transformation can be slow and less glorious than what it sounds like, but it occurs for the ultimate benefit of the querent.

However, with the Tower reversed, there could be significant refusal to go along with external changes. This results in unnecessary inner conflict and stress. In fact, hiding from a situation or attempting to search for an easy way out will not prevent the tower from toppling over in the future.

Sometimes, the best step to take is to embrace the truth, the change, or the truth of these changes, and find clarity on the way.

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The Tower Tarot Card Reversed Keywords

  • Trapped
  • Stagnancy
  • Aversion
  • Fear of change
  • Uncertainty

The Tower as How Someone Sees You

The Tower may indicate that you’ve had a significant effect on their life. Whenever you reappear, you may bring chaos or conflict to them. There may be a cycle of fighting and breaking. However, there are many more interpretations that are possible.

When the Tower card is drawn as how someone perceives you, this means that you may have shown yourself to be contrary to what they had expected. Your actions may seem unpredictable. You may challenge their inner belief systems.

It may refer to the way you entered their life or how you have changed as a person.

The person of inquiry may have been someone who initially possessed a different inner belief system in contrast to yours.

An example of such a belief system may be a person’s perspective upon money or self-worth. Your actions and your way of perceiving the world may have caused them to start questioning their own and see themselves in a new light.

However, this is not necessarily only limited to inner belief systems. Perhaps you have played a role in their lives that has resulted in a significant change in either their private or public realms.

The Tower does not always refer to something negative- only that this change refers to a complete collapse of the old into the new. You may have been the person to offer them a new job that changes their lifestyle completely, or inversely, caused them to sacrifice or lose things that they used to hold onto.

Otherwise, it may just be the fact that your personality is what they perceive to be Tower-like. You may like to continuously challenge them- for example, urging them to step out of their comfort zones.

Your thoughts, actions, and words can be hard to predict and quite sporadic. They’re not sure what to expect next, whether it’s a burst of emotion or some other instantaneous decision.

Additionally, particularly if you had previously drawn a card asking the same question and that card had been replaced by the Tower, it might mean that you were not who they thought you to be.

This shift in perspective could have happened because of a situation, or that you’ve revealed something about yourself to them.

The Tower Reversed as How Someone Sees You

Reversed, the Tower symbolizes someone afraid of change.

They can be set in their ways, holding onto old and previously established values or situations. This can be how others perceive you, but alternatively it can indicate that a person finds it hard to move on from you. They are stuck on you and refuse to let go.

Other people might perceive you to be someone who can’t seem to let go of the past, remaining in unhealthy situations that will only serve no good.

However, this can be a two-way problem, as the other person of inquiry might feel trapped with you instead, whether through the effects of a past relationship or a current one.

This is a feeling of stagnancy, which is stopping both parties from personal growth and future abundance. It might just be that the person regards you as someone who is always hesitant to venture into new experiences or try new things.

Overall, there is a clear sense of frustration from this card. Some situations are better left in the past to learn from in the present.

The Tower in a Love or Relationship Reading

The Tower indicates the ending of a current relationship.

If an ending doesn’t occur, then there will be something that is revealed that will cause the relationship to be broken down and viewed in a new light. This can refer to a significant break or an adjustment to how the relationship has been regularly progressing.

If a current relationship has not been built upon solid foundations, an event like one that the Tower signifies can easily break it apart.

You may have heard of the phrase ‘having it all crash down’ when referring to the Tower card, because it is the literal collapse of a tower that wasn’t rooted firmly in the ground.

The Tower indicates emotional upheaval just as much it indicates actual physical upheaval. Having Tower moments can lead you to discover the truth about your significant other. The truth can lead to a complete break, a short break, or a re-evaluation of the relationship so that it can hopefully be built back up again.

If the querent is currently single, then there may be some past Tower situations that they still have to address before attempting to be in a relationship again.

This past situation could have impacted the querent negatively and possibly even leave them with unaddressed trauma. However, the Tower card here can also indicate the actual person that they will meet, maybe in an unexpected way.

The Tower Reversed in a Love or Relationship Reading

Reversed, this card speaks of needing to address inner issues before committing to another relationship.

Whether this refers to simply moving on from a past situation, or rethinking certain mindsets toward love and relationships, avoid resisting change in your love life and acknowledge that you must be able to accept yourself first.

Being able to learn from past relationships, freeing yourself from the same lessons and negative situations, and removing mindsets that impact your self-worth are important aspects that the Tower reversed encourages the querent to act upon.

This card is about readying the internal to prepare for the external.

This is a card that commonly appears to remind us to move on from past relationships, or even a recurring one.

It says that the querent might be re-entering relationships with or constantly thinking about people who aren’t good for them. Accepting change in the people we surround ourselves with is extremely important.

The old may be comfortable, but the new is certainly better for you emotionally. Even a harmful mindset, such as thinking that you don’t deserve love, or lowering your standards just to get into a relationship for the sake of having one, is a habit of our minds that becomes more and more familiar to us.

But what these internal mindsets do is hold you back from releasing the past. The change will only come for you when you are ready for it, and being able to accept such change means looking out for yourself and overcoming old lessons.

The Tower Tarot Card in Friendship

The Tower card predicts major change unfolding in your friendships. It communicates not only some sort of truth coming to light, leading to the end of a friendship, but also the abruptness that it arrives at. It can range from a sudden confession to romantic love to a betrayal or a collapse in affection altogether.

An ending of a friendship does not necessarily suggest sadness or despair. In fact, a friendship could be giving way to a romantic relationship instead. A total break in the relationship altogether means that any toxicity or stagnancy that was present will be removed, revealing more time to focus on yourself.

Because the Tower ultimately refers to the shifting of the truth into the spotlight, perhaps you may be discovering a secret or a fact, previously unknown to you, that will cause you to view a friend, other friendships, or your own friendships from a new perspective.

For this card, expect some element of shock or surprise; this isn’t something that you had privately speculated about before, and even if it is, it is not what you thought it would be.

One example can entail a surprise confession. Or on the other end of the spectrum, you can make an unexpected discovery that a friend does not have your best interests at heart, dragging your perception of a seemingly innocent friendship into the dust.

So clearly, a wave of major reconstruction is arriving. A dismantling of certain friendships, a renewal of old ones, realizations in a current friendship—all paving the way for new, healthier friendships in the future.

The Tower Reversed in Friendship

In the upright version of the Tower, an event has caused your perception of a friendship to change drastically. Yet reversed, you may still be in denial about the hurt that they could have caused, deciding to tuck away the problem instead.

Reversed, the Tower calls for an honest assessment of a friendship. Some matters are being repressed for fear of confrontation and loss, only brewing more quiet resentment by the day. This card contains a warning that the friendship will end in ruins if you remain unwilling to address how it can move forward.

Not all friendships represented by the Tower card are lost causes. Tarot aims to warn you of the consequences of avoidance and suppression, because the sooner that you acknowledge the truth and accept it, the sooner you can move forward to work on that friendship.

Many times, arguments have arisen in relationships due to a lack of communication, or an unwillingness to effectively communicate. In this case, you might even be unwilling to communicate with yourself and your intuition.

Resisting an inevitable confrontation or ending will only build matters up to a point where the friendship is completely stagnant.

This card encourages you to come to terms with the facts of the situation, see if the situation is becoming toxic or unsuitable, and let go if need be. Move on, and surrender to what needs to happen. Only the truth can be relied upon at this time.

The Tower in a Career Reading

In terms of finances, the Tower card can indicate potential bankruptcy. Because finances and career are linked so closely together, the Tower card will most likely indicate a potential career setback.

In a career reading, the Tower indicates a highly challenging and stressful time period. There will likely be changes occurring to work environments, work positions, the actual job, or even the whole company. If self-employed, then this indicates that your business will experience a significant setback or failure.

Upright, this card is about outside circumstances that are out of the querent’s control. However, it may not necessarily be a fully negative situation, as it could even be referring to difficulty in coping with a new job position.

There is a positive side to every negative event, but in the moment, especially when they’re in the Tower energy, it can feel especially discouraging.

If you own a business or have struggled with your career, then something that you’ve worked extremely hard for, for such a long time, may become seemingly undone.

Look to surrounding cards if there is hope for recovery. Even if there is no hope for return, this card signifies the end of a cycle and the time to move onto newer situations.

Alternatively, if looking for career options, then consider this card to be an indicator that an unexpected opportunity might present itself to you. Additionally, this card can indicate building foundations, perhaps for a business or start-up company.

The Tower Reversed in a Career Reading

Reversed, the Tower may indicate that a change is needed in your inner belief system or your current career. If there is a sense of stagnancy, make sure to embrace new ideas and new opportunities. A refresh or transformation may just be the thing that propels your career forward again.

The Tower reversed in a career can indicate that the market, other companies, or fellow competitors are changing all around you, but your company may be refusing to adapt to a new environment, stuck in old, outdated ways of operating.

If seeking out a career, your mindset may be the only aspect blocking your way.

This particular work environment may be old-fashioned, which is not a negative aspect at all, but turns disadvantageous when technology is not being used as needed, or when necessary alterations to an environment or product are ignored.

This can result in degrading work culture and little company growth.

Alternatively, this card can refer to your personal situation. You are stuck on a concept or career that other people have enforced upon you.

You may be chasing a job that doesn’t necessarily entail what you think it does. You may be forgoing opportunities and not applying for certain companies or positions because it does not fit your ideal job in mind.

The Tower reversed asks you firmly to be more open-minded. Willingly apply to different job positions and take initiative in experimenting with new career choices. Assess what you desire out of your career, assess your skills, and research what kind of career suits these aspects.

We are placed in different situations to learn from their experiences, so we will technically never make a ‘wrong’ choice, just ones that we can learn from. Don’t be afraid to make large decisions regarding your career.

The Tower Tarot Card in Conflict

A conflict represented by the Tower card brings alongside it some emotional, physical, and spiritual drainages. This conflict may be the product of one cataclysmic event, or if already in the midst of a conflict, the Tower can indicate a sudden change in direction caused by an external event.

It feels like quite a tumultuous time; with everything you thought to be true having been proved false, with one tragedy after another, with one event perhaps bleeding into other areas of your life.

You may have received notice concerning some negative news, such as a sudden layoff from the company. It has affected your finances, your mental mindset, and you start to become particularly irritable with the people around you.

Once the one shocking event of the Tower has managed to touch upon your emotional stability and psyche, then it is capable of creating mass conflict in all areas of your life.

From another point of view, the Tower card may appear when enquiring about a current conflict. This can refer to a certain external event, not necessarily related to the conflict, that will shake the people involved into an entirely different mindset.

For example, a couple may be arguing over matters regarding purchasing a new property, when news of a close family member’s death halts the argument. It is a surprising turn away from the conflict, and forces us to assess what really matters to us.

Or a Tower moment in a legal conflict can refer to the divulging of abrupt new information, which throws the situation into a whole new light.

It is purely up to how those involved in this conflict will react that will determine whether this situation ends amicably or badly. If they are able to gain perspective and accept reality, then the future will seem less daunting.

The Tower Reversed in Conflict

Whilst all parties are involuntarily forced into reassessing their position and mindset, prompted by some external factor with the Tower upright, the Tower reversed asserts that they need to take initiative and have enough maturity to accept the truth.

A reversed Tower card calls for a shift in an internal attitude in a conflict. There can be an unwillingness to accept the truth of the other side of the argument, or to make an effort to understand opposing truths. Otherwise, you may feel as if you have no way out of a conflict, or even an internal one.

In an internal conflict, the battle can seem infinitely endless. You are your own biggest enemy and it seems like there’s no way to negotiate your way out of it. Sometimes, the person we are the harshest towards is ourselves.

The Tower reversed encourages us to relax our inner critic and to go with the flow. It’s time to cease holding ourselves back, removing that self-censor that worries over and restricts the way we express ourselves. Consider getting some therapeutical help in acknowledging past traumas or truths about yourself.

In an external conflict, it’s important to accept that there is no one universal truth. The truth we call reality is made up of a combination of different individual perspectives. We even try to grasp onto the truth that we know and are comfortable with, since other truths fill us with fear.

But when we try to assert just one perspective, we become ignorant. We become caught up in denial and stubbornness, unaware of the unnecessary harm, invalidation, and dissatisfaction we are causing for others.

The Tower Tarot Card as How Someone Thinks of You

You cannot always tell if the Tower creates a positive or negative impression on one’s mind, especially when that pertains to the impact you have in their life. Because the Tower lies beyond good and evil, beyond this polarity, and that is also why it’s so hard to interpret.

The Tower card suggests that the person thinks you are a very strange individual. You seem like an impenetrable keep of secrets at one moment, then you reveal such energy and knowledge that they do not know what to expect of you.

They are probably intrigued to get close, but the mere thought makes them nervous.

They think you are volatile and passionate. Don’t get this the wrong way; they like you, but in their mind, you are unpredictable, perhaps even dangerous. It’s like fear of heights.

They cannot help it and get vertigo when they think of you! Your ideas are radical, if not divisive by design. They think there’s much to learn and experience by your side, nonetheless.

If something’s amiss, it is their own doubts. They don’t know if they can handle your chaotic energy. They also don’t know how to approach you. The Tower’s gate is nowhere to be seen on the card…

The Tower Reversed as How Someone Thinks of You

When reversed, as a card describing someone’s thoughts of you, the Tower isn’t a very good sign. They might think you are trapped in your thoughts and beliefs, that you are afraid to push your limits.

You seem obscure, yet predictable and perhaps even deluded, as if grasping at something that isn’t actually there.

Sometimes, the Tower can refer to the illusions that our beliefs and worldviews create in our lives. The person of inquiry seems to think that you are imprisoned in such a scheme, trapped in a fantasy; or, quite literally, that you should get out of the house more!

In the sequence of the Major Arcana, the Tower comes after the Devil. Hence, it is a card of liberation and ascension.

But its reversal suggests that the individual doesn’t want to accept their freedom just yet. The Devil’s shadow lingers and the figures on the card, not knowing what to do with their freedom, are falling into the sky without purpose or structure.

That could be just their interpretation and rationalization of you. They do not understand you, maybe they do not want to understand you. They might not be able to perceive your reality and, thus, they are expelled from your Tower.

The Tower Tarot Card as Feelings

The feelings that arise as the Tower are ones of extreme intensity, best described as a strong burst of emotion that comes out of nowhere. It can be a sudden uprising of anger, or even an unexpected rush of feelings for a person whom you never thought to be your type.

Your emotions are powerful, almost explosive.

At its most basic level, the Tower card represents feelings of shock. Whatever your emotions, they come with a large amount of surprise and sometimes disbelief. By itself, there are no positive or negative connotations to this card.

With a more complex interpretation, the Tower is seen as a symbol of instability. But regarding your emotions in the short term, this may not be a negative thing. Strong bursts of emotion, particularly anger, help us identify the areas we are truly passionate about.

And when we feel powerful bursts of positive inspiration, we can create art that truly moves us.

This can even refer to romantic feelings, when you suddenly find yourself falling for a certain person whom you did not previously consider a romantic interest. It can be something as small as a change in appearance or a particular way they acted that catalyzes your realization.

The Tower Reversed as Feelings

When the Tower is thrown upside down, it projects feelings that are repressed, avoided, or bottled up. The main emotion behind this act of aversion is fear. There may be a certain hesitancy in confronting how you really feel.

If the upright Tower refers to passionate outbursts of emotion, then the reversed suggests that there is hardly any at all. There is almost a sense of detachment, with the querent struggling or intentionally refusing to come to terms with the emotions that afflict them.

The best description of this is denial. The feelings are kept quiet inside of the person, hesitant to come out into the light. Ironically, this can also lead to the building up of internal emotions, resulting in an explosive outburst as seen in the Tower upright.

The Tower Tarot Card as a Situation

This situation is one that requires your full attention. The Tower card talks of a veil of falsehood surrounding you. The people and places you thought you could rely on turn volatile. It is not a matter of transformation, but more so of dismantling those situations that have finally revealed their truths to you.

A Tower-like situation always arrives when you least expect it. It is also very much a situation that you cannot control. It is indeed frustrating to be helpless in a situation where you feel so betrayed by the ‘truth’ that crumbles down around you.

Or it can be very much a happy truth, where you feel enlightened or even elated at a new revelation.

Tower moments are different for each person, but the way in which we process them is less varied. It is important to always acknowledge your own emotions, regardless of a positive or negative situation, and confront it head-on.

After a Tower situation, what you are blessed with is true clarity, which is much better than a false sense of contentedness or happiness.

The Tower Reversed as a Situation

In this situation, you are embarking on a spiritual quest to seek some sort of truth. You have taken the initiative in an attempt to free yourself from self-limiting beliefs.

Your mindset and thoughts have the ability to transform the world around you. For now, there is something you are not facing; go and confront it.

Facing your inner demons and mindsets is a harrowing task. In a situation such as the Tower reversed, you are being encouraged to tackle what you know that you have been avoiding. It can range from a conflict at work all the way to a mental health condition such as anxiety or PTSD.

Without head-on confrontation, it is unlikely that you will be able to move forward with as much momentum and success as you would like. Perhaps along the way, you will also find your own truth, or parts of it at least.

The Tower (Marseille Tarot Deck)

The Tower as Intentions or Wants

A woman falls from the top of a tower, which is surrounded by ominous imagery, and has been struck by lightning. The situation seems nuanced- has she been pushed off? Or has she really been freed?

As intentions, the Tower signifies that the other person might want to expose or betray you, or in a sense, throw you off the tower. In a positive light, the person might instead want to challenge you, urging you to open up to movement and change, and freeing you from the tower that you have been imprisoned in.

Look deeper- not everything is as it seems. Is this person’s intentions built upon a falsehood or pretense? Revealing the painful truth about a situation is one of the aspects of the Tower, and it can also, vice versa, refer to them wanting to investigate you.

There is certainly harm caused here, regardless of whether the other person’s intentions were harmful or not, because it results in you being brought down, or falling down, from where you originally were.

However, the Tower as the intention may just be to expose you to more risks and liberate you from a certain limiting mindset, job, or way of life.

The Tower Reversed as Intentions or Wants

Reversed, their aim might be to keep you stuck and unable to move forward. Jealousy and lack of self-worth are examples of factors that motivate people to drag others down.

The intention represented by the Tower reversed is to keep you in your place. They aim to limit in the number of opportunities you receive or accept. They keep you in your comfort zone, never encouraging you to push yourself toward reaching new goals.

They can be jealous of your success or unwilling to let you go.

Often, when we are compared to others from a young age and are told that other people’s achievements are our own failures, we learn to bring others down with us. This is certainly not a healthy mindset to have, yet it is ingrained in many cultures and often passed down generationally.

When this occurs, we unconsciously, habitually, or deliberately attempt to limit others in their success. Sometimes, it’s our closest friends who do so.

The Tower reversed represents such intentions, ones that we may not have even been aware of. The important thing is to discern whether they are truly malicious, or if they just need to grow out of what was taught to them.

Sometimes, for fear of being left behind alone, this person will try to keep you by their side for as long as possible. Step out of relationships, romantic or platonic, that you will no longer grow in.

Opportunities and blessings will begin to flow freely again once you no longer have people holding you back.

Is the Tower Tarot card a Yes or No?

Traditionally, the Tower card represents a ‘no’. With enforced change comes likely disruption. However, the card could simply refer to unforeseen circumstances. something even better than what you asked for. Reversed, The Tower card urges you to release past experiences regarding your question and outcome.

Depending upon context, since the Tower also refers to unexpectedness, then it may appear to assert that a yes or no question does not necessarily cover all unforeseen factors.

It is very simple to assume that the Tower card represents a negative answer in most cases, but Tarot cards will often show an additional meaning instead of a straight answer.

Similarly, reversed, it does not necessarily refer to a yes. A good question to ask yourself is this: there is a wide range of good, neutral, and bad cards in a Tarot deck. Why would the deck use the Tower card, reversed or upright, to convey this one?

Reversed, it may mean that an unwillingness to accept change will result in the answer being a no. The reversed Tower is not a positive energy to be in.

Perhaps the situation in question is one that you are too overly invested in, and spirit is asking you to let the outcome go, for the benefit of yourself and others.

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The Tower as a Place

The Tower card could simply refer to a particularly tall or large building. This could include skyscrapers, castles, or even actual towers. Moreover, it could signify a place where a Tower-like situation had happened, or someplace unexpected.

Did you always think or expect to meet your future spouse in a commonplace, such as a university or at work? Well, the Tower could signify that this won’t necessarily be the case. Whatever your question, the Tower could point to the place that you least expected.

In a more literal sense, any tall skyscrapers or large office buildings could be represented by the Tower card. Therefore, this could lead to the direction of a more urbanized cityscape.

Someplace with a cathedral or castle, both buildings with tower shapes incorporated into their design, that has been preserved as a museum could also be a possibility.

Even more explicitly, the Tower could refer to actual constructed towers, such as the Eiffel Tower or even the Big Ben.

The Tower Reversed as a Place

The Tower card reversed can refer to a place that is familiar to you. It may even be a place that you are being urged to move out of or release. It can be an old or comfortable space for you. It might even symbolize someplace underground, due to the reversed nature of the card.

This card is an uncommon card to pop up as a place, but if it does, it can symbolize a place that you have old emotional attachments to.

You may have long moved away, but still experience perhaps the mental trauma or memories that the place once brought you. One possibility is that it is not a physical place, but a mental landscape that you carry wherever you go.

Wherever this place is, it’s time to seek out new arrangements and new experiences. The answer to your question might refer to someone or a situation surrounding that particular place. Leave the emotional baggage behind, and meet in a new context, a new future.

The Tower as an Obstacle or Challenge

Upright, the Tower refers to the fact that unpredictable outside factors may present themselves to be a challenge to a goal or project. Reversed, the obstacle is a mental shift that requires letting go of old self-belief systems and being unafraid to allow yourself to go through necessary change.

The Tower is drawn as a large, intimidating structure with a lightning flash and obvious chaos. This is a challenge that requires a lot of willpower and strength to overcome.

In fact, if paired with the Strength Major Arcana card, then this may indicate that the querent needs to draw upon their inner guidance to help tackle the shifting external factors and problems.

These external problems have a high possibility of being largely unexpected, and therefore previously unaccounted for. It is important now to react with an open and analytical mind.

The Tower Reversed as an Obstacle or Challenge

The Tower Reversed is a situation that almost all of us will go through at some point. It signifies some sort of mental block. Even if the querent’s problem is an unwillingness to face change, then this can still be the result of a limiting mindset of low self-worth or lack.

The challenge that the Tower reversed presents is one of stagnancy. You feel unsatisfied with your current situation, which may have looked the same now for many months or years. The situation may seem impossible to escape from, leaving you locked inside the tower.

It may be either a physical or mental barrier.

The Tower reversed indicates that everything has become too predictable and too repetitious. There is no sense of excitement or passion. It might be that your emotions seem almost desensitized against everything occurring around you.

There are no surprises, no unexpected events, and it seems like this situation is dragging on towards eternity.

Becoming trapped in the monotonous or tedious routines of a certain job, way of life, or any situation in fact, can leave us feeling drained.

You desperately want something new and exciting to appear, but the universe doesn’t seem willing, and neither are you utilizing your agency to free yourself from whatever is draining you.

This card might refer to a physical or material bond, such as financial troubles, being bound by words, such as by a contract, or a mental bond, such as being afraid to take the risk of leaving unhappy situations and finding something new.

Whilst this may not solve the immediate problem, do something small for yourself. Let go of the mental bonds first, and clarity might arrive in the most casual of moments.

Go watch a movie at the actual cinemas, attend an art exhibition, or grab a friend and have a chat and a snack. Do something you wouldn’t normally resort to—and no, you don’t need a logical reason for it!

The Tower Tarot Card as Action

Aim to seek clarity and truth in a situation. In the face of harsh struggles and reality, remember to let those aspects that you have no control over to just occur and pass. The best course of action here is to focus on the kind of lessons that can be taken from these disruptions, as well as what we can do next.

Once the Tarot has warned you about such a situation, then we can prepare ourselves and try to stand in our truth. It is of course completely acceptable to feel pain, frustration, or grief, but the advice that the Tower gives is to concentrate on rebuilding what you lost.

There is no time limit to this: take as short or long a time as needed.

A reminder to think quickly and be adaptable to the changes that get thrown your way, the Tower card is a flashing sign telling you that things might not be what you think they are. If you had plans, they might get overturned. Obstacles will arise. Do not panic! Improvise, adapt, overcome.

It is often near impossible to try and solve the entire situation in one solution, so adaptability in this situation and other areas of your life is an important skill to have.

The Tower Reversed as Action

Sometimes, we feel weighed down or trapped by responsibilities that are not our own. In a sense, the only thing stopping us from following our truest path is really ourselves.

As an action card, the Tower in reverse calls on you to question all conventions and mental constructs imposed by society or created organically through the years. Which of them are true and helpful, and which are mere illusions that limit you?

Dare to do what you have never done before and walk away from falsehood.

Ask yourself if you really are obliged to remain in that position or job. Is it your responsibility to answer to other people’s favors, or dress, act, and look a certain way on the account of someone else’s request?

We are being advised to move on from things that aren’t working for us. It’s those mental states and situations that, as soon as we withdraw our attention from them, they crumble like a house of cards.

In most non-dangerous and non-legal situations, we realize that no one is barring us from making our own decisions. We are not obligated to follow the norm. We can also be kind, but also realize that a huge burden can be lifted off our shoulders.

Following along the same line of thought, one of the most enjoyable ways to improve ourselves is to push ourselves beyond the boundaries of what’s comfortable. Enter competitions, sign up for classes, and challenge yourself not with activities that you know you can do, but ones you know you can learn to do.

The Tower Tarot Card as Advice

The Tower’s advice is to brace yourself and be aware; a major change is coming your way. Do not struggle, rather try to ride the wave. The Tower sometimes allows us to catch a glimpse of the true nature of existence for the first time. Remember, the Tower is you. If your foundation is strong, you won’t falter.

The unexpectedness of the Tower might be devastating and life-altering, leading to a reevaluation of everything that kept your world together up until now. This is a time to rethink, rebuild, and consider the possibility of similar incidents in the future.

Or it might be like a very distant thunderstorm, barely visible and audible. Keep your eyes and ears open or you might miss it. More precisely, the Tower can appear in the form of a subtle warning.

Though you can only grasp its meaning intuitively, it likely means that you are still confused, still searching for something from the outside that will avail you of nothing.

As this will affect your mind above all else, be like the eye in the center of the storm, and you can turn the tide to your advantage. The lightning bolt we see on the card might cause much confusion, but you can also harness and channel this energy.

That one moment when the darkness becomes illuminated, new paths and opportunities might reveal themselves. A shelter to be found…

The Tower Reversed as Advice

Reversed, the Tower may be advising you to take the initiative in challenging your own mindset and beliefs. Don’t be afraid to reform new beliefs and let go of the old.

As advice, the reversed Tower card urges you to start with yourself first to seek clarity on what you really desire and want to achieve. There is no wrong answer. If you are asking about how to improve upon something, then this card tells you to challenge yourself. Place yourself out there and see what happens.

Additionally, a lot of clarity can be gained through self-reflection. Reflecting upon past situations can sometimes give insight into current ones. The Tower reversed advises you to break yourself free of what limits you, which is often a certain mindset or expectation.

In the shadow of the Tower, we find isolation and the agitation of uncertainty. We build these imaginary walls to protect ourselves, we become nervous because we seek solutions… But perhaps we try to solve imaginary problems.

While trapped in the Tower, either nothing at all happens or the slightest discomfort is exaggerated and feels like a tragedy. Here, we must reverse the card’s logic. You must be the thunderbolt that brings the Tower of your ego down.

And in the ruins of these delusions, you might find your purpose, your desire, and your true will.

Ultimately, that is a sign to stop waiting for the Universe to fulfill your dreams. See clearly and leave the boundaries of your comfort zone. Your beliefs should be tested in a trial by fire. Do they suddenly seem empty when exposed to the light of truth?

Are you experiencing synchronicities and strange premonitions? Good… that means you are waking up!

The Tower in the Outcome Position

In drawing the Tower for the outcome position, your mind may jump to the worst possible conclusion that there is. But the Tower card warns you- what you think is the worst may not even be correct! The outcome may turn out very differently, but not necessarily any worse or better.

In the outcome position, this card urges the querent to acknowledge what their belief or mindset towards their situation is in the current moment. The Tower indicates that the situation will not turn out as previously expected. There may be a really unexpected turn for the positive or negative.

Perhaps you’ve had a goal in mind, or you had pictured the best and worst possible scenarios in your head. The Tower can indicate that although you do not achieve that goal, you will achieve something else instead, and in the end this achievement satisfies what your intentions really were.

The aim here is to ask yourself what you really desire when you think about that goal or dream.

The Tower Reversed in the Outcome Position

The Tower reversed in the outcome position talks of an expected outcome, although perhaps more disappointing. The outcome will not result in any significant changes to your life, which may be positive or negative. It however may result in lingering uncertainty on whether to stay committed to this situation.

Instability or insecurity can be the possible outcome of the situation of inquiry. It may have brought on a period of personal transformation that doesn’t necessarily show in your external world, but affects everything from how you perceive yourself to how you act or speak.

When one goes through an inner transformation, internal and mental discord is an unwelcome but also very common aspect. The Tower reversed certainly does not feel positive, but once you have broken out of the tower, this period of uncertainty will lead to a renewed sense of self.

The Tower Card in the Future Position

The Tower in the Future position offers a warning to the querent. If the disruption has not occurred yet, knowing that the Tower talks of external, usually unavoidable forces, then the best course of action is to be mentally prepared, as well as physically and spiritually rejuvenated.

In the future position, the Tower is a warning for upcoming change. However, if it is drawn even after it has happened, the aftermath may continue to challenge you. Although the worst point seems to be over, it acts as a catalyst for the series of changes and difficulties you still need to overcome. 

The old will always be replaced with the new. And so, when this period of loss, confusion, and grief is over, if the Tower card appears in the Future position, then it signifies that the ramifications of the sudden upheaval still need to be dealt with.

It might be bad news to hear that the energy of the Tower card is not over quite yet, but without fully erasing this old situation, then the new will have difficulty coming in.

For example, in the Future position, the Tower card might indicate that the loss of an important job might propel you into the face of new difficulties, both career and financial wise.

However, the energy of the Tower doesn’t last forever, and once these lasting mental and physical disruptions are resolved, then the future is looking to be better than before. But anything built upon a false premise or pretense will almost certainly be taken down.

The Tower Card Reversed in the Future Position

In the future position, the Tower reversed informs of a period of dissatisfaction, lack of passion, and lack of movement. On the outside, everything appears relatively normal, but this sense of normalcy may also be what is trapping you from revealing the truth about a situation or truthfully expressing yourself.

Seeking and revealing a personal truth can be a delicate situation. Perhaps you can see that the only way out is through honest and effective communication, but you are afraid that being emotionally vulnerable or sincere will result in judgment or denial from others.

Sometimes, we can be presented with a problem that can only be solved by confronting what we fear. It is extremely frightening to have no choice but to confront the truth about a situation or to confront others about your truth.

Fear is a reasonable and valid emotion. Once this energy has passed, we can look back upon what we experienced and realize it was to push us out from where we were hiding. Perhaps the true future that the Tower card represents is a future of freedom.

The Tower Tarot Card as a Person

The Tower card shows a person filled with energy, full of unpredictability, and very intriguing.

They certainly do not subscribe to the norms of society, being quite eccentric and radical. Not only can they be brutally honest with you, but they also enlighten you with so many more different ways of perceiving reality.

There is no doubt that this person can and will capture your attention. They are not shallow personality by all means. Though they may act on a whim sometimes, led by their passions and energy, this does not mean that they cannot sit down with you and talk for hours.

Because they are represented by the Tower, they can consistently surprise you with new aspects of themselves.

Their way of thinking or speaking can be distinctly different or unknown from yours, which is how this person is able to influence your worldview and reveal to you truths that you hadn’t considered before.

With the Tower not being the most stable or reliable of cards, the person that it represents can be quite impulsive. They do not tend to stay within societal expectations or norms.

The Tower Reversed as a Person

This is someone who is less of a visionary. The Tower reversed can refer to a person who is stubborn, combined with a fear of revealing the whole truth of themselves or how they really feel. As a result, they tend to stay within the lines of society. They might have a fascination with history or past eras.

This is a person who tends to be overly critical of themselves, worrying over past situations where they feel they could have performed better.

However, they could also be living in an idealistic past, avoiding red flags or problems in the present. Thirdly, they can be invested in the past purely on the basis of interest or fascination.

This person may like to remain in control of the present situation. Although this often makes them reliable and organized, they lack the passion or courage to rebel against social stereotyping or discrimination.

They find it hard to accept alternate truths that compete with their exact vision of the world as they perceive, and prefer, it to be.

What Zodiac Sign is the Tower?

The Tower card is associated with sudden and unexpected transformation which represents the more reckless and impulsive side of Aries. The Tower is also ruled by the planet Mars and corresponds with the element of fire.

Appropriately, being the god of war, Mars is associated with destruction, conflict, and aggression.

The energy of Aries can bring the positive side to the Tower card. When you bring the fierce and abrupt energy of Aries to sudden and unexpected change, then you are saying, “Bring it on, I’ve got this.” You are ready for whatever comes your way.

Although Aries and the Tower can represent unwise or careless decisions, you can face the results and come out the other side stronger than you went in.

Mars most definitely has positive traits as well, such as ambition and drive. However, when associated with the Tower card, a more traditional interpretation would be more suitable.

Mars brings an energy of anger and action. It is not a slow-paced energy, and so the Tower card similarly indicates a swift, abrupt change that will certainly bring disruption, but ultimately for the growth of the querent.

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