Chariot Tarot Card Meaning, A Complete Guide!

The Chariot Tarot Card, A Complete Guide
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The seventh card of the Major Arcana is the triumphant Chariot.

We can see a young warrior-prince inside a peculiar two-wheeled construct that resembles a vehicle. Crescent moons and various symbols from the zodiac adorn his magnificent armor.

He has left the citadel in the background by crossing the river, and we can see a black and a white sphinx in front of him.

A golden, winged sphere on the vehicle connects this card with the Lovers and the Sun as well, although there’s an abundance of references to the other trump cards.

The Chariot card talks about action and control without interference, about moving forward like a river and aligning with the momentum and rotation of the earth.

The mythical sun-god Helios would ride a golden chariot with winged horses and carry the sun across the sky every day.

In this detailed guide, we shall explore the meaning of the Chariot in different readings and try to understand its rich symbolism.

What does the Chariot Tarot Card mean?

One of the most active cards of the Major Arcana, the Chariot exists in three planes simultaneously. Past, present, and future become one for the warrior-prince who is moving ever forward while standing still.

The Chariot represents action in the world, healthy ambition, and moving forward in the desired direction. It is the ability to face challenges, solve conflicts, and achieve victory without effort, but with sheer willpower, and by letting the spirit lead the self where it needs to be.

Perhaps the most important clue in this card is that the prince of the Chariot holds no reins. He lets his will drive the vehicle.

We can interpret this card as the higher self, the soul that brings the chariot-body where it wishes to be. It brings harmony and creates the personality, the ego that serves as the instrument of the spirit in both the material and mental realities.

The Chariot can symbolize the human being and the personality, both its structure in the mind and its physical appearance.

The enigmatic sphinxes may stand for thought and emotion, joy and sadness, pros and cons, reason and chaos. It is the rider’s challenge to find balance and steer the opposites towards the right way, often unconsciously.

In simpler words: life is a never-ending cycle that revolves around quietness and activity, darkness and light, inside and outside, giving and receiving, cause and effect. Everything in the universe is constantly moving and changing from one form to another, even if it seems stationary and permanent.

This card can signal a seven-month or seven-year cycle of change and positive development. After several trials of initiation, the Chariot is the Magician’s reward for staying on the path, and his prestidigitation wand has evolved to a scepter of power.

The Chariot has crossed the shapeless river of uncertainty and is only beginning to create his own reality. This often means figuring out the right place, the right time, and the right course of action.

The youth in the card may often need a solid plan, lest his random actions lead him to defeat or debauchery.

He has discovered the first secret, but, unlike the High Priestess, he doesn’t know any answers yet. That will not stop him.

Nothing can stop him, because he knows exactly where he is going, he works hard and methodically, and dares to claim a place among the stars! Fearless of competition, he will keep the vehicle in motion.

He’s on a quest to discover the truth, and reach his destination, becoming a conqueror in his own right.

The stars on the curtain and his crown along with the wheels bring to mind a fundamental law of the universe; things in motion will stay in motion. Likewise, what refuses to move and progress will be forgotten, while the Chariot aspires to immortality!

The squares signify stability, order, reason, and action in the physical world.

The moons on the warrior’s armor state that he may be sensitive and mystical, but he’s well protected and certainly not vulnerable. When he knows he’s right, nothing can move him from his place.

The two masks on his shoulders, one smiling and the other frowning, bring to mind drama and theater, and the popular artistic idea that the whole world’s a play, and we’re all actors playing our parts in it.

We have to consider the possibility that the Chariot is stationary. The sphinxes appear to be resting, while a cube conceals the legs of the human figure. Thus, we realize that the Chariot doesn’t need to move.

Life will take him where he needs to be, as he can harness the momentum of the Earth, moving with it naturally and easily.

The Chariot Upright Keywords

  • Action
  • Ambition
  • Victory
  • Initiative
  • Ease
  • Plan
  • Warrior
  • Conquer
  • Aid
  • Mirror
  • Competition
  • Motivation
  • Control
  • Cosmic Force
  • Decisions
  • Harmony
  • Synthesis
  • Personality
  • Pros and Cons
  • Willpower
  • Vehicle
  • Travel

What does the Chariot Tarot Card mean reversed?

Sometimes, instead of trying to push past the obstacles of life, we keep creating problems that will only delay the realization of truth and the completion of our plans.

The Chariot reversed is a sign to change the direction of your energies. Life has become too challenging. Healthy motivation and a realistic plan are needed to move forward.

The appearance of this card reversed in a reading can mean two different things, but the result of both is failure and disappointment.

You may have been letting life toss you around, with no purpose or direction, and it’s time to assume responsibility and be in charge of your fate. Make that change happen, because no one can do it for you.

The Chariot urges you to stop pondering about results and complications. Don’t give up just yet, don’t give in to boredom. Find a way to express your will, stand your ground, and simply act.

But maybe you are trying too hard, with a desperate need for validation, obsessed with goals, destinations, and success. For every problem you struggle to solve, ten more appear in its place.

Remember that you don’t always have to be in the driver’s seat. Let events flow in their natural course for a while. Stop, back up, and take a deep breath. You may be surprised by how life always finds a way when we just let it be.

The charming prince can easily turn arrogant, aggressive, even manipulating. He cannot stop reinforcing the ego, fearful of oblivion and failure. An armor of logic blocks the emotions, while he won’t hesitate trampling down anyone with a different opinion.

He mistakes reaction for genuine activity, and the lack of balance and purpose leads him to a reckless and pretentious way of life. He will often blame external forces for his troubles, trying to absolve himself of responsibility and fault.

The Chariot can also indicate conflict and opposition, an enemy who’s rushing towards you and blocks your way.

What choices have led you on this adversary’s path? Will you defeat him with a clever strategy, or do you have to hold your position until you’re ready to face him and find the weak spots of his armor? Is there a chance to convert him into an ally and avoid a costly battle? Maybe this rival is a mirror, after all…

There’s a reason behind every choice we make. To understand this reason means to gain control of our destiny and our actions. Should we fail to do so, we’re bound to be carried away, forever ignorant of the consequences.

Ultimately, the Chariot in reverse appears when we need a change of direction. The path we’ve chosen may hold challenges that are too dire and dangerous.

Instead of mindlessly charging into a fight that can only hurt our ego, or passively giving up and losing hope, we can find the courage and logic to steer our efforts into a safer road and align our will with the will of the universe.

The Chariot Reversed Keywords

  • War
  • Aggression
  • Unrestraint
  • Reckless
  • Boundaries
  • Forceful
  • Obsession with Success
  • Fear of Failure
  • Opposition
  • Impatience
  • Give Up
  • Need for Validation
  • Defeat
  • Arrogance
  • Conflict
  • Lack or Change of Direction

The Chariot as How Someone sees you

When someone sees you as the Chariot, they think you’re gentle and sensitive, yet fearsome and powerful. Basically, they think you’re really cool. You appear as someone who’s got a sound strategy and knows where they’re going; however, you may seem arrogant and opinionated at times.

The Chariot radiates confidence, purpose, and power. Others may fall at your feet, disarmed by your charm, believing they have found a leader, a man with a plan who inspires greatness and won’t give up easily. Who wouldn’t want to be around such a person?

The impressive armor protects and conceals weaknesses, but most of all, it serves as an expression of the personality, it makes a statement. We could say that the Chariot is dressed to impress and draw attention, both admiration and judgment alike.

However, the reversed Chariot and its negative aspect may evoke a sense of arrogance, absent-mindedness, and carelessness.

Others may tread carefully around you, fearful of your anger. They speak with caution, knowing that they can easily hurt your pride. An unstable temper that ranges from deliberate to condescending will often make them wonder: Just who do you think are?

Finally, they will try to stay away from such a person, knowing that they will stop at nothing to achieve their goals, a careless driver indeed.

What does the Chariot mean in Love?

This is a peculiar card for romance. While the warrior-prince can lead the way to passionate adventures, he can also be controlling, hasty, and immature.

The Chariot Tarot in a love reading can mean that you have to control your emotions. Search for common ground, set your boundaries, and respect your partner’s wishes without letting them walk over you. It can also signify the arrival of an exciting affair.

If you’re currently searching for love, the Chariot will lead your heart to the right place, as long as you don’t give up on yourself and have the confidence to engage in flirt and conversation.

He is, after all, a conqueror who doesn’t let obstacles get in his way. For him, the search for true love is the noblest aspiration.

Past relationships may have left some trauma and emotional strain, but in the present, the only way to move on is forward! The moment we learn how to walk alone, we’re ready to invite others to join us.

In a relationship, the Chariot states that communication and working together to solve any problems are essential. Balance the heart with the mind, and find a way that is comfortable for both of you.

Intense feelings can complicate the way you view your relationship. They may be sincere, but can easily overwhelm us and take the wheel.

Acknowledging these emotions without allowing them to dictate every thought and action can create an atmosphere of harmony and stability in romance. The Chariot’s advice for a successful relationship is to use your initiative, imagination, and common sense.

The charming prince of the Chariot can impress and conquer a lover’s heart.  However, he can indicate emotional defenses and abrupt fits of aggression, raising questions about control in a relationship.

Clearly state your intentions and set boundaries so no one feels under pressure. Don’t rush things, go with the flow, and always talk with your partner so you can get to know them better and find a pace you both feel comfortable with.

The reversed Chariot in a love reading is a sign to slow down. There’s the possibility that you’re chasing after love with such enthusiasm, that you’re forgetting other important elements of your life. Your thirst may even repel people who would otherwise like you.

If you’re not experiencing what you expected, remember that love isn’t always a fantastic fairy tale and that real-life relationships demand compromises, patience, and understanding.

What does the Chariot mean in Friendship?

The Chariot card as a friend is someone who wants to help you take control of your life and set your goals. It is a friendship that makes one feel alive like they’re ready to conquer the world. It can also indicate that rivalry and competition have appeared between you.

When the Chariot describes a friendship, it speaks more of an alliance between two equals who will strive to help one another no matter what. This card brings fun, laughter, thrills, and sympathy for the other as well.

Collaboration under the spirit of the Chariot is bound to succeed, or at least turn out to be a great adventure. It is when friends join forces and set differences aside to work towards a common goal.

Arguments will be productive and both parties have a lot to learn from the other. They will move forward in their lives by finding creative solutions together.

The Chariot is a trustworthy friend who knows where he’s going, and will often put the other’s needs above his own. He will take the initiative and responsibility in dark times. For him, friendship is a pact, an honor, and a duty.

It’s that cool friend who will set an example, try to motivate and cheer you up, and yet he’ll be honest when you’re wrong. He can be stubborn and you won’t succeed in changing his mind even for trivial issues, and maybe for a good reason.

Unfortunately, when the alliance stops being profitable, or when he has to carry someone else’s emotional baggage, the logical and brash Chariot will simply disappear in the fog of war!

If you fail to appreciate his help and don’t mind your manners, there won’t be another chance, only negotiations. He believes there’s no time for weakness, and that you’re as strong as the person who’s got your back.

The reversed Chariot is a dangerous friend. For him, betrayal and manipulation may prove a good strategy when facing a dead-end.

He may arouse suspicion, cause inconvenience when emotionally unstable, and may constantly try to prove his worth, making a competition out of friendship.

The Chariot is a warrior, not a nanny. He will steer away from failures and won’t tolerate toxic, needy behaviors (other than his own). Losing a friend may weigh heavily on the heart, but it may be necessary, knowing that each and every one of us has to face the greatest challenges of life alone.

The Chariot Tarot Card as Emotions

The Chariot represents the ability to balance your feelings and not let them carry you away. When asking about another person, it is a sign that they wholeheartedly like you and want what’s best for you. They may have intense feelings, yet they keep them under control.

The creatures moving the Chariot can symbolize wild feelings that have no direction or purpose. Logic reins them in so there is a balance between mind and heart.

Mystical tradition places the root for each emotion in its opposite. Hope is the absence of fear, sadness the absence of joy, and so on.

The Chariot is only beginning to comprehend this equilibrium. To strive for perfect balance on a moving train would be futile. Instead, he attempts to guide the chaotic and unpredictable feeling into the boundaries of the rational mind.

If you wonder how a person feels about you and the Chariot is drawn, it means they’re determined to be your loyal friend. They feel honest admiration and would go at great lengths to prove it.

Essentially, this card expresses the feeling of having control over your life. It is perhaps the opposite of desperation.

However, the Chariot reversed indicates an immature and petty attitude towards feelings.

Believing that he can understand something as abstract and enigmatic as love, fear, resentment, or any other raw emotion, the young prince gets swayed into an illusion of control, a coping mechanism. No one can translate the language of the heart in cold, mathematical terms.

He may prove to be shallow, moody, cryptic, and inconsistent. He built a fortress around his heart so no one will ever know the wounds and the secrets hiding there.

This is only human. It merely proves that emotions really do exist, they influence daily life, and some people may even fake these expressions of the human psyche to earn attention and respect.

The Chariot Tarot Card as a Place

The Chariot represents vehicles, roads, and the daily transition between different environments. Furthermore, this card may indicate the theater, a movie set, a sports arena, or a museum.

Obviously, the Chariot resembles a vehicle. Buses, cars, and motorcycles may not be places per se; however they get you from one place to another.

It is the journey, the road observed at the intervals, bustling with activity.

It could also refer to the theater, a stadium, or a venue where something spectacular takes place. The imagery of the card brings to mind a constructed scene wherein someone competes, addresses a crowd, or presents a work of art.

The Chariot Tarot Card in Career

The Chariot is a good omen in financial issues. It brings method and confidence, but not without risks.

In a reading about money and career, the Chariot card represents ambition, motivation, and hard work. It may appeal to drivers, entrepreneurs, and artists (especially actors). To succeed, a realistic strategy is required. Stay calm, chase after opportunities at once, and listen to reason.

This card is about taking risks and facing challenges head-on. Looking for work? Well, get out there and search for it. Enthusiasm and initiative are necessary. Don’t just wait on providence, make it happen.

The Chariot is a winner, a conqueror and the willpower to face any challenge. Not a master yet, but someone with great ambition and the means to chase the dream.

Consider that maybe it’s time to expand your business, apply for a promotion, or work on that secret project you’ve been planning. Turn the risk into an opportunity. Motivation and a clear destination are keys here.

As always, try to keep emotions under control, they can make someone sloppy and careless, and thus, bad for business.

When reversed, this card points at haste and clumsiness. You may have overlooked important details, or you’re simply way out of your depth for now. Don’t overextend yourself, slow and steady wins the race.

It’s a sign of trying to achieve the impossible or working too hard. The driving force may be unrealistic expectations, a self-absorbed ambition that has evolved to a daydream or heading for disaster.

Ultimately, the Chariot in business matters is about knowing when to go all in, and when to steer away from potential failures.

The Chariot Tarot Card as a Situation

The Chariot describes a situation where you are in control of your life, and heading straight to the completion of your goals. As the will of the human being aligns with the spirit and the will of the universe, everything synchronizes and works together.

In the past position or when describing an ongoing situation, the prince of the Chariot advances into a state of things where all events converge. It may seem like the universe is sending messages for guidance.

It’s not a realization, because this card concerns material reality. It is rather about trying to understand what’s going on in the world and finding the first piece of an intricate puzzle.

One can be delighted by the discovery, and set out to complete the puzzle and direct their life where they wish. On the other hand however, they can suddenly believe that they know everything, and rationalize what they do not understand by ignoring the rest of the picture. 

Reversed, the Chariot is drawn by ignorance and megalomania. It is a state of always being in conflict with the world and dismissing everyone’s opinion, just for the sake of it.

Like the juvenile belief that wishful thinking qualifies for a decent method to accomplish what you want, better than actually working for it. At its best, it is procrastination, a tendency to avoid confrontation and delay the tasks that have to be done.

The Chariot as What Someone Wants

The message of the Chariot is all about intention and will. The person wants to be in control of their life. They want a clear direction and no distractions.

This card describes the desire to get things done and move to the next step of the ladder. With a balanced mindset and full of purpose, the Chariot thrives because the underlying intention has aligned with reality.

It’s about knowing exactly what you want and how to get it, and sometimes this means to persist and desire with all your heart and mind, to set an example so others may start wanting a better tomorrow.

These intentions are honest, but the Chariot may want to control others, manipulate their thoughts, and claim their loyalty.

A reversed Chariot wants attention and pointless wandering about. He won’t tell you what he wants because he doesn’t know, and will dance around the subject until it’s time to leave.

You can never guess which way he’ll turn.

Is the Chariot Tarot Card a Yes or No?

The Chariot is definitely a Yes. The theme of achieving your goals and following your dreams make this card a positive answer, even reversed.

If only life was so simple… But the Chariot reminds you that it sometimes is.

It’s a sign to advance and don’t worry about it; things are going the way they’re supposed to. If the card could speak, it’d say “why not”?

The Chariot as an Obstacle

The Chariot presents the challenge of managing failure, when despite all efforts you remain on the same page instead of advancing forward. It is about a lack of direction and a cynical, self-centered life with no real purpose.

Whether aimlessly wandering about, or failing and trying to figure out some kind of a plan, there’s a certain notion of being stuck in a rut and unable to move. Or, better yet, running and not going anywhere, like on a treadmill.

The Chariot card is a test of one’s character. It is about knowing that one’s greatest enemy is the self.

The clue here is the river, an obstacle in nature. The problem: to cross the river and get to the other side. Will you build a bridge, hire a boat, or swim?

The solution will be what you make it, and it requires work, trial, and error. The lucky ones can fly across like it is nothing; while some are swept away by the impetuous river and crushed under fate’s wheel.

The Chariot as Action

The Chariot is the embodiment of activity. It’s about being spontaneous, positive, open to new adventures, and ready for action.

The brave Chariot charging into battle is a sign to get up and do some work!

Do not mistake this for a brash and mindless gesture; it is decisive, timely action after careful planning and consideration of the facts.

So, the Chariot passes the trial not simply by showing enthusiasm, while he may be heading for a brick wall, but by knowing where he wants to be and how to get there, even if it’s just for a moment to enjoy the view on the road.

The Chariot as Advice

The Chariot’s advice is that if you keep at it, you’ll get there eventually. Life is tough and everyone has to fight their way through.

Perseverance and determination lead to victory. Fight the urge to give up, not other people.

This card is about taking control of your destiny by understanding what you want and why. Even if you’re going through a rough patch, see failure as a lesson. What do you have to get in order, so that you can lead a better life?

Consider that your fate is in your hands. Don’t wait until you’re ready, you may never be ready! So why not now?

Reversed, the Chariot states that life is not a competition. Impatience leads to carelessness and accidents, so think before you act.

The Chariot Tarot Card in the Future

The Chariot expresses the idea that the present moment shapes the route for the future. It foresees a new cycle where determined action will lead to a better place. There will be a discovery or a notable victory.

The rider of the Chariot lives on their own time. Past, future and present are merged by reason into a map, so the right course may be revealed.

This card will appear just before something great happens! Not a random event, but more like reaching an important milestone or destination.

Reversed, however, it leads to failure, delay, and disappointment.

The Chariot as a Person

The Chariot is someone who will go past all the boring details and get to the point. They know what they want in life, and they’re on their way to get there. Sometimes, though, they may be naïve, and full of contradictions.

This can make them exciting, but careless. Think of an individual dressed in a striking, colorful fashion, who talks in a commanding and certain voice, all eyes on them as they stride across the room. Some are impressed; others think they’re absolutely ridiculous.

But that’s enough about appearances. What’s more important here is the Chariot’s complex personality. Balanced, confident, resolute, and driven by sheer commitment and determination, truly an inspiration to others.

They certainly know how to drive the vehicle, but can they get to the destination?

Such posture and certainty can make a person arrogant. They could turn around at any moment, and without notice, trample down whoever tries to stop them.

Best let them be. They’ll eventually find their balance between triumph and disaster.

What Zodiac Sign is the Chariot?

The Chariot aligns with the zodiac sign of Cancer. The impressive armor is the shell of the crab, protecting the sensitive inner world, and the sign’s symbol can be seen on the belt.

Under the Chariot’s influence, Cancerians appear as the brave warriors of love. Defensive and emotional, yet savvy and full of surprises and secrets!  

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