Moon Tarot Card Meaning, 35 Interpretations!

The Moon Tarot Card, A Complete Guide!

Taking its place at number eighteen in the Major Arcana succession, The Moon certainly shifts the mood from the peace and hope of The Star.

The Rider-Waite deck brings us the imagery of a full moon in a clear night sky, a crescent moon encased within it representing the progression of time and inevitable change, looking down onto the Earth.

The moon sits between two towers and though it does not shine as brightly as the sun, it is enough to illuminate a path below, one that leads into the rocky unknown of the blue mountains in the distance— The path to higher consciousness.

A pool in the foreground represents the unpredictability of the subconscious and from it crawls a crayfish, symbolizing an emergence into the conscious world.

We approached the lake of the unconscious in the Star. Now, something has surfaced and risen out of the deepest depths: a strange primordial creature from the early stages of evolution.

Crustaceans were roaming the seas long before humanity’s ancestors first appeared on Earth, a reminder that we are a fairly new life form in comparison with these ancient beings.

Two beasts, a dog, and a wolf howl up at the moon, playing the role of our tame and wild spirits. Drawn by its energy, an eerie power that affects even the oceans, they bark and growl at it, though they do not know why.

The moon feeds those creatures of the night, the primitive and dormant animal side of human nature, with fifteen small rays of light that symbolize spiritual nourishment.

The Moon Arcanum calls to the nocturnal instinct and the dark side we never show to anyone. Its luminosity, though beautiful and magical, is a reflection of the sun’s radiance and emphasizes the satellite’s receptivity.

Symbolism is abundant for this card: from intuition, the occult, and the succession of phases, to lunacy, hidden danger, the fear instinct, sleep, and the twilight of the dream world.

The lonely grey rock that orbits our planet has been the object of worship since prehistoric times. Tribal societies revered the moon as a goddess of fertility and the cycle of life, and later civilizations included lunar deities, both male and female, in their pantheons.

Most notably, there was Selene in ancient Greece, Luna in Rome, Máni in Germanic mythology, and Chandra in Hinduism.

Finally, the two towers mark the edge of the intellect, a place where the rules of the rational mind do not apply. Duality breaks down, simplified as a man-made construct. The pillars then form a gateway that we must cross alone to walk the path through the unknown and towards daybreak.

Lest darkness and illusion deceive us and we forget that shadow is often a mere trick of the light, let us reflect upon the words of author Ai Yazawa: “But even when the moon looks like it’s waning… it’s actually never changing shape.

In this comprehensive guide to The Moon Tarot card, we will dive into the mysterious world of the night and find out what it has to teach us.

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The Moon (Thoth Tarot Deck)

Table of Contents

What does The Moon Tarot Card Mean?

No matter how far down we push past traumatic experiences, they are never really gone.

The Moon appears when our past years and uncertainties become projected onto our future. Nothing is at it seems and it is time to slow down and clear your vision. Being grounded is the most important thing you can strive for.

When the moon comes up and we close our eyes to sleep, the subconscious mind takes over, whisking us deep into our dreams. Sometimes, these dreams and illusions can follow us into our waking life, and The Moon card directs our attention to this distortion of the real world.

This is a time of uncertainty and suspicion is high. Sometimes we can’t seem to stop asking the question “What if?”

This is not a time to make fast decisions. Do you have all of the information? There is always more to be uncovered, not just using our logical brains, but tapping into our intuition. The Moon calls us to trust our gut and look beneath the surface of our fears and anxieties.

The Earth’s moon controls the tides. Bear in mind that more than eighty percent of the ocean has yet to be explored. Our minds, in all of their vastness, fluidity, and unpredictability are often represented by water, as seen in the imagery surrounding The Star card.

The Moon, though, emphasizes control of the oceans we contain within us. We must trace back our misgivings and uncover their roots to unblock them.

Though the moon is associated with many negative-sounding words such as anxiety and suspicion, it is not a bad omen by any means. The Moon arrives to encourage us. It tells us that we have the power to assert dominance over our fears and claim our clarity.

This is a card of transition, for every morning, the moon must give way to the sun.

The Moon Tarot card Keywords:

  • Illusion
  • Anxiety
  • Intuition
  • Fear
  • Deception
  • Hidden things
  • Insecurity
  • Confusion
  • Misunderstanding
  • Risk
  • Suspicion
  • Vagueness
  • Dreams
  • Subconscious
  • Misconception
  • Uncertainty
  • Change

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What Does The Moon Tarot Card Mean When Reversed?

Often, reversed cards are generalized into something negative. This frame of mind does a great disservice to The Reversed Moon, though, as it serves as a symbol of the continuation of the work we are called to do by The Upright Moon.

When The Moon appears reversed, it confirms the presence of anxieties and fears but notes the work being done to address them. It promises that these feelings will subside soon but warns us of the many delusions that can take over during this process.

Sometimes the temptation arises to simply wash our hands of a matter and consider it dealt with when in reality, there is much more work to be done. It’s not hard to surround ourselves with the notion that we “did all we could.”

The Moon asks us to go deeper, though. What goes up must come down. While an Upright Moon urges us to take time and immerse ourselves in our fears, The Reversed Moon encourages us to keep pushing to completion.

While The Upright Moon deals with the search for information, The Reversed Moon notes that we have all of the answers within us already. The next step is to harness them. This means tuning into our inner voice as well as the messages given to us in our dreams.

The Reversed Moon appears when we are receiving a great amount of psychic communication, and messages from The Universe, but may not know how to make sense of all that is being presented to us.

There is a feeling as if a wall has been put up between us and our clarity, be it through insomnia or delusion. This blockage must be disassembled brick by brick. It is hard and time-consuming work, but it must be done.

The truth is within reach, we just need to open our eyes to see it.

The Moon card Reversed Keywords:

  • Releasing Fear
  • Unveiling Secrets
  • Truth
  • Composure
  • Self-Deception
  • Blocked Intuition
  • Repression
  • Insomnia
  • Inner Turmoil
  • Unhappiness
  • Revelation
  • Unusual Dreams
  • Vision
  • Confirmation
  • Denial
  • New Information
  • Surprise

The Moon Tarot Card Meaning as How Someone (He/She) Sees You?

The Moon denotes that you are seen as shrouded in mystery. Others may find you confusing or difficult to understand. You may leave others feeling confused as to where they stand from you. This leads some to see you as an alluring challenge.

It’s never as easy to see by moonlight. We may be able to make our general shapes, but it’s hard to get a sense of the fine details in one another.

The Reader-Waite Moon shows a path winding off into the rocky mountains until it disappears into the unknown. When trying to understand how others perceive you, it is important to keep this road in mind. You can be a tough act to follow.

You may be a rather private person or find yourself in a time of your life in which it is hard to open yourself up to others. This leads you to be intriguing, but a challenge to get close to. Some will understand that hard work is necessary for getting to know you and will come ready to put in the sweat.

These people who are willing to dig deeper are valuable in your life. However, others may find the task too daunting and will turn away— Their loss!

In readings surrounding perception, The Moon may speak to a sense of frustration among those who surround you. They may be confused as to the position they fill in your life.

They are often left wondering “What do I mean to them?” It is important to be clear with our emotions and let those who are important to us know.

The Moon Reversed as How Someone (He/She) Sees You

When reversed, this card deals with the denial of certain aspects of you.

The Moon card reversed indicates that you are seen as larger than life. You project your best qualities and catch the spotlight, but unknowingly avoid and hide your weaknesses. Others see an ideal version of you that is far from the truth. There is a certain danger in repressing your dark side.

We are blinded by the beauty of moonlight, so much so that we may not see the danger approaching in the darkness.

It is time to analyze yourself and hold yourself accountable. Others may be ignoring the parts of you that need improvement, sweeping them under the rug. Those surrounding you are only able to see the positives, which, as nice as that sounds, is detrimental in the long run.

It is important to surround ourselves with those who push us to be better. Currently, though, others have an imbalanced perception of you. You’re not perfect and it’s okay for them to know that.

The Moon (Marseille Tarot Deck)

What does The Moon Tarot Card Mean in Love?

When The Moon makes an appearance in our readings, something’s up. It’s up to you to get to the bottom of it. In love readings, this is no exception.

There is dishonesty brewing in your relationship. Your intuition is correct, but material evidence is needed. This leads to high tensions and past hurt bubbling over.

The Moon turns us into sleuths in love. Your gut may be telling you something is wrong, but you’re not quite sure how to approach the feeling. Now is the time to be wary of dishonesty. A prospective partner’s interest or disinterest in you may not be completely genuine. A long-term lover may be keeping a secret.

The Moon is ruled by the element of water. In the Minor Arcana, the suit tied to water is cups and deals mainly with emotions, and the water signs of Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are often associated with emotionality.  In an evaluation of love, this connection to water represents a time of high emotions.

Small disputes may be escalating into full-on arguments in a matter of seconds. There is an underlying meaning to everything, and you must look past the surface to understand your partner’s intentions. Maybe you’re struggling to decide on a restaurant, but what are you really talking about?

Past issues have been pushed down for too long and are coming up to the surface, demanding to be dealt with. Perhaps you are struggling to reconcile with past heartbreak resulting in an inability to commit to someone new or are struggling to trust your existing partner.

The Moon is not a death sentence in a relationship by any means though, so fear not! It is merely a time to analyze fears and disagreements to get to their core in order to work best together.

What does The Moon Reverse mean in Love?

When reversed, The Moon draws our attention to restricted thought.

Relationships are all about balance. The reversed Moon tells us that we cannot embrace the good if we choose to deny the bad. Tension and confusion are building up. Keeping silent about underlying problems will lead to anxiety and delusions. Speak up — don’t keep your partner in the dark.

No relationship is perfect, but issues can be acknowledged and addressed in order to keep a relationship healthy. Is there anything you’ve been avoiding confronting in your relationship? What is that thing you just don’t want to think about?

A direct, straightforward approach might disturb the waters, but it is far better than letting everything slide. Hiding secrets, feelings, and recurring thoughts beneath the surface can only restrict the development of your love life.

As the energy between you waxes and wanes, you must find the right moment to address these matters.

The Moon has an irresistible charm, but also conceals things, and makes the shadows seem longer and more intimidating than they really are. Don’t be afraid to give, to open up, and to show all of yourself, including your darkness.

If single, the reversed Moon card denotes anxiety to step out of your comfort zone, a fear to follow your desire. You stop yourself cold and, no matter how you rationalize it afterward, you are fundamentally denying yourself your basest instinct. Under the moonlight, we all need to love and be loved.

What does The Moon Tarot Card Mean in Friendship?

There is a lack of clarity or a sense of unease when the moon is present in a friendship reading. There are secrets hiding just below the surface that threaten to rear their heads at any moment.

There is a very strong element of secrecy to the moon. Do your friends know something you don’t know? Is there a possibility that they’re meeting up without you? On the other hand, there may be a secret that you’re carrying with you. Is there a friend that you’re trying to exclude?

Before jumping into accusations, it is best to know what you’re talking about. The Moon promises that these secrets will be exposed when daylight comes, so it’s important to work toward honesty and consider what might be causing this behavior.

You may find that it is a time for self-improvement or a new group of friends.

Your trust is being tested and you may be seeing people in a new light.

What does The Moon Reversed mean in Friendship?

When the Moon Tarot card is reversed in regards to friends, The Moon symbolizes a similar tension bubbling under the surface. However, this tension is being glossed over and ignored. You are all carrying on as if nothing is wrong when there is discord simmering nearby.

There is no shame in imperfect relationships. In fact, relationships that acknowledge and address their imperfections are often healthier than those in which they are ignored. Make it clear in your friend group when you sense tension and that you want to resolve it for everyone’s benefit.

If you all neglect an obvious problem, it won’t be long until the balance of the relationship is disturbed. It is difficult to speak about it, yet it must be addressed.

It has been said that a true friend is someone who has told you at least one of their well-kept secrets. Perhaps it is time for everyone to share.

What does The Moon Tarot Card Mean in Career?

In business, The Moon champions privacy. Keep your business plans close to you and beware those who act as if they have your best interests at hand, but secretly want to orchestrate your failure.

The realm of career is filled with competition. No matter how hard we attempt to escape it, it is in our nature. We all want to succeed and be the best.

The Moon brings us a familiar message: Something’s up. This is not a symbol to be taken lightly. Any feelings of unease that you may have are justified. It warns that there are people close to you who do not have your best interests at hand.

In the world of business, this card says that we don’t have all the facts. There could be something going on within your company that you are unaware of that might not align with your values. There are factors at play that you have not accounted for.

This is a time of uncertainty in your career path. Keep your cards close to your chest.

What does The Moon Reversed Mean in Career?

In the reversed position, The Moon Tarot card calls you to open your eyes. You have been blinded by a false sense of comfort and reality is far from what you think it is. Your career and financial situation might as well be hanging by a thread.

You have been deluded out of your intuition and now more than ever it is time to realign with your values and dreams. Nothing is as it seems, and you must be vigilant. It is time to review the signs and regain your clarity.

When something is vague, there must be a hidden reason for it. If you feel unease and discomfort in your work or a lack thereof, do not expect that to change with the passage of time.

A monthly salary is one of the most cunning traps. Look within to find what you love doing, even if that means going through a phase of uncertainty.

The Moon Tarot Card as How Someone Thinks of You

The Moon indicates that you are thought to be obscure, dark, and distant, yet quite charming. Some people may be intimidated or even afraid of you, while others will find delight in meeting you, as you reflect the best in them.

You create an alluring impression that is hard to describe — perhaps the people you meet don’t know exactly what to make of you. You unlock something in their subconscious minds and bring out their most profound qualities for them to see.

But not everyone likes to be reminded of who they are, and so you learned to conceal yourself, move in the shadows, and tread lightly. That is why you may find it hard to earn their trust. They are suspicious and may often misunderstand you.

Like the different lunar phases, you appear to change all the time but that is only a distraction. Remember: the moon never changes, it’s all a play of light and shadow.

The Moon Reversed as How Someone Thinks of You

When reversed, the Moon card denotes that others do not have a clear sense of the real “you.” They have formed an opinion that is a mere fraction of the truth, a delusion. You might seem confused, even hostile, and in turn you confuse them; but they could also be enthralled by you.

In this case, the Moon becomes an object of either confusion or enticement. Be wary, this might be your own doing. Are you, perhaps, trying to create an illusory appearance, concealing your flaws and transforming into a beautiful, yet dangerous, creature of the night?

Or are you just being yourself, while the person of inquiry only sees what they want to see or what they’re afraid of? Either way, you should not encourage delusions — sooner or later the truth will emerge, and everyone will see you for who you are.

What does The Moon Tarot Card mean in Conflict?

The Moon does it’s best to discourage you from jumping into conflict. There is still information that is unknown that will prove to be integral in deciding if a fight is worth it or not.

It is time to walk a mile in your opponent’s shoes. Everyone is going through their own struggles and battles each day that we may not know about. Chances are you have more in common with your adversary than you think. You have both felt pain, heartbreak, and loss, but also joy.

Though it may be tempting to act rashly and teach your opponent a lesson, The Moon asks you to slow down and review what you know and don’t.

There are two sides to every story and there is always more to be uncovered. Your opponent is human and wants to be treated with civility the same way you do.

If you feel a fight is absolutely necessary, it is important to fight fairly and with dignity. There is no need to feed off your opposer’s fears and anxieties. It is time to take the most diplomatic route possible.

There is a way to disagree without disrespecting.

When you are approaching a battle and this card makes an appearance, it asks you to look within and analyze your role in this fight. Like the volatile ocean that the moon oversees, there is a possibility that you are the one inflicting and inciting violence.

When faced with conflict, we can often be stubborn and feel the need to stick to our guns even when we are presented with new information that may shift our perspective. Do not let your rage block your intuition from guiding you towards what is right.

If you find yourself to have overreacted or perhaps are playing the role of the villain, now is not the time to put up a wall of denial. It will speak to your maturity if you can overcome the enemy that lies within you.

What does The Moon Reversed mean in Conflict?

When reversed, the Moon card suggests that you are afraid of conflict and confrontation. You keep silent when attacked, you feel defeated before the fight even starts and deny your wild side. It is time to stand up for yourself.

The powerful fear instinct is good to have; it is a trait of survivors. It serves no purpose, however, if you are afraid of your own shadow. That is an illogical fear.

Consider the three creatures of the card. They could be fighting over a food source… or for the attention of the Moon, the cosmic mother! Would you give up so easily if your survival depended on it?

Our senses dulled by comfort, our nerve lost to alienation; sometimes we let others walk all over us just to avoid an awkward moment of confrontation. We are conditioned to submissive behavior, forced to overlook the elephant in the room.

Here, the Moon baits us to let it all out, to state our claim, stop repressing the instinct, and howl like there’s no tomorrow! When upright, it’s about standing still, reconsidering, trying to see the clear picture. But not in this case.

The more you let it go, the more it will darken your days. It will claw and bite at you, and you will say to yourself “oh, it’s nothing!” But it will stay in the depths of your mind. If you have something to say, then say it.

If somebody wronged you, do not let it slide this time. If they think they got the better of you, prove them wrong.

The Moon Tarot Card as Feelings

The fast pace of our lives can often leave us with little time to do a deep dive into our brains, or perhaps you don’t know where to start and need a push in the right direction.

The Moon does not offer an easy answer when it comes to feelings but gives us the tools to unlock a new level of understanding with ourselves.

The Moon focuses in on the things we feel that we may not necessarily know that we feel. The subconscious may want things that we can’t explain, leading to times of deep confusion. The Moon validates these dreamlike desires, though, and assures us that what we feel is real.

Sometimes we’re overcome by a spontaneous wave of sadness or a fit of irritability that we can’t seem to trace. This leads us to anxiously ask ourselves “why do I feel this way? What’s wrong with me?”

When our subconscious thoughts find their way into our conscious realm of thinking, we’re often left feeling confused and unsettled. Not understanding your own thoughts can be frustrating or scary!

The Moon reminds us of the role our subconscious mind plays. None of what we feel is unfounded, rather it serves as a message from our subconscious on which areas of our lives we need to focus on. It’s not hard for certain aspects of ourselves to fall by the wayside.

Times like these may lead you to feel a bit off. The Moon is a symbol that it’s time to tune in to your inner voice and listen to what it needs. If we operate purely on a surface level, areas that need attention deep within us will begin to fester. The Moon is a call for an emotional maintenance check.

The Moon Reversed as Feelings

When reversed, The Moon cites the existence of an inner dishonesty. Do you find yourself denying your feelings? What you’re letting off may not be in line with what you truly feel. You may find yourself developing a tendency to bottle up your emotions in order to give off the illusion that you’re fine.

This denial can only last so long, though, before things come spilling over.

While it is impossible to observe the dark side of the moon, to ignore its existence serves no purpose at all. As the symbolic crayfish demonstrates, all that you repress and try to forget will find its way back to you — and its pincers’ grip can hurt a lot!

Perhaps you’re looking at only one side of the coin. The feelings you refuse to acknowledge on the downside will eventually emerge from your subconscious mind both in dreams and in your waking life as anxiety.

It’s the classic “I’m fine” we say to others when they ask us why we look so sullen. And it’s more of an attempt to convince ourselves. We think that if we repeat it enough times, it will be true.

This illusion we must break. The Tarot can help us do that, by awakening and unlocking those feelings we want to forget and pretend they don’t exist. The Moon’s twilight may cast terrible shadows of the things we fear most. But it always reveals the way out, too.

The Moon Tarot Card as a Situation

The Moon in the past position, calls into question the legitimacy of our memory. We are asked to thoroughly review our current situation, for not all information has been gathered. You are in a volatile position in which uncertainty will breed discord.

It is imperative that we are aware of our past as we move into our present and future. When our understanding of history is distorted, we are robbed of our chance to create the best future possible. When The Moon appears in the place of a situation, it notes that you may be headed down this path.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “hindsight is 20/20” before. As we sit in our current situation, we must use the clarity that comes with looking back to reflect on our past. The Moon signals that there is something we’ve left misunderstood that is now having an ill effect on our current situation.

While The Star looks forward, The Moon looks back, eager to see if there’s any stone we’ve left unturned. Rather than trying to control our future, we must reconsider how we got here.

The Moon Reversed as a Situation

When reversed, The Moon once again draws our attention to our current needs. Your current situation is a product of choosing conformity over your intuition. Sure you may look fine on the outside, but within, there is something lacking, and things will not feel quite right until this is properly seen to.

Think back to the Rider-Waite imagery; the wild landscapes and various creatures. Your current situation is a call back to nature and magic. Your reality has become too saturated with a desire to fit in as opposed to being your best and healthiest spiritual self.

The moon’s melancholy comes in waves. You can let it be and try to look normal, but that won’t make it go away. Look beyond your safe space and discover the magical qualities of life once again. Question everything!

The reversed Moon card also warns of nightmares and insomnia. Try to remember the next dream you’re going to have and write it down. What do you fear most? What is your own mind trying to tell you? What do you desire?

The Moon Tarot Card as Intentions / What Someone Wants

The Moon does not make the fight to read others’ minds any easier.

The Moon signifies that the person in question may not know what it is they want. They are existing in a time of confusion and their vision is clouded by fantasy. They are seeking change but aren’t sure what form that change will take.

This card appears when the person in question has entered a stage of transformation. Their world is confusing, and their path is unclear. They know they are seeking stability and change, but don’t know how to achieve that. You may witness them trying an onslaught of new things.

The things that this person wants may be diluted in fantasy. Their dreams may influence them to want things that don’t exist, therefore making their reality unsatisfactory.

It is your job to trust your gut in giving them guidance. There is no right answer when there is no clear desire.

The Moon Reversed as Intentions / What Someone Wants

As a card that describes someone’s intentions, the reversed Moon denotes avoidance, aversion, and a state of regression. They want to withdraw and feel safe, to ignore all of their problems, as if they would magically go away.

When the Moon appears reversed, this person is seeking to bury their head in the sand and turn a blind eye to the things that plague them. They want to live their life as if their struggles do not exist.

Like the crayfish, they want to recede to the shallow waters, to a warm hug or a deep sleep, and pretend everything’s going to be alright.

It is your choice to feed into this or not. You can provide a distraction to buy them some momentary happiness, or you can help them to face reality and steer them towards some long-term solutions.

Is The Moon Tarot Card a Yes or a No?

The Moon’s close relationship to secrecy, risk, and confusion leads it to be a no in a yes or no reading. Not enough is known at present. Situations must be approached with a sense of reservation, and impulsive behavior will have tumultuous results.

The Moon is a confusing card to unpack, which only furthers it’s point that currently, you are in a state of unrest.

It calls us to approach decision-making with caution and consistently preaches that there is always more information to be uncovered.

Our intuition shifts and sways as we learn and grow more and more each day, and so it is important that we continue to nourish our intuition with wisdom so that it can act as our compass.

While risk-taking can be beneficial in certain situations and gives the fire within us more fuel to burn, The Moon asks us to evaluate what risks are worth it. There could be more on the line than we are aware of. There may be deception at play, even in the areas of our life that we feel most comfortable in.

Due to the obscurity surrounding the Moon, the card means “No” when reversed, too.

This card could also point to your not being in the right state to take risks currently. You are consumed by anxieties and paranoia and it is time to soften so The Moon may take its time to heal your residual wounds.

This is a time to find comfort in the unknown while understanding its power. Nothing is as it seems, and The Universe welcomes you to dig deeper in order to understand.

Here’s an article that talks more about yes or no questions: “How to us Tarot for Yes or No Answers

The Moon Tarot Card as a Place

The moon is the mysterious and powerful orchestrator of the tides. The Moon is deeply connected to the ocean.

When you think of the ocean, you may think of warm, tropical beaches where crystal blue waves roll over one another and lap at the shore. On the other hand, you may think of ice-cold, monstrous waves threatening to capsize a fishing boat.

There are countless forms that the ocean can take, much like The Moon in The Tarot.

The Moon always calls us to be cautious, and yet emphasizes trust. When we approach the ocean, we must use our best judgment to decide if it is safe to swim or not.

The choice is in our hands and by extension, so too is the outcome. Should we sacrifice all swimming in the ocean just because there might be a storm? No. Should we set out on a voyage at the sign of storm clouds? No.

The ocean is unpredictable and speaks to the mystery of The Moon card.

When we swim out into the ocean, the bottom becomes impossible to see. We are reminded of just how small we are in this vast universe.

This may cause any amount of fear or anxiety, but we must also remember that the ocean is the colorful and diverse home to millions of species of sea life, many of which humans have yet to encounter.

The Moon is the card of the uncharted, just as our oceans remain a source of great allure and intrigue. We cannot turn a blind eye to the things we do not understand. If we ceased to acknowledge the ocean, science would find itself in a rather difficult position.

When we bottle ourselves up, we are unable to progress.

The Moon controls the tides as well as the push and pulls of life. It is a reminder that things are ever-changing, and we are meant to be a part of it.

The Moon Reversed as a Place

The Moon card, in reverse, speaks of an imaginary world, an unseen place in the depths of our souls. It is the world of dreams and spirits, and whether it exists or not is of no importance if it feels all too real.

In every story, both mythological and modern, the hero is called to leave the safe boundaries of their home and venture forth to an uncharted world. This could be a vast wilderness, enemy territory, the underworld, the shaman’s spirit world, etc.

The goal is to cross the threshold into the unknown, withstand the darkness and danger, and return with the “elixir of life” or, in this case, the Sun’s might and life-giving energy.

Now, the reversed Moon could warn you of dangerous places and a new adventure that will test you. Be careful, keep your eyes open. This is a passage into a world unknown and ancient.

But it could also signify the depths of our inner world, where reason diminishes and fantasy takes over. For the timid, that could be a plane of nightmares and fears they shy away from; for the creative and the daring, a light in the darkness of the void.

The Moon Tarot Card as an Obstacle / Challenge

When The Moon crosses us, it serves as a reality check. Sometimes our fantasies can cloud our vision and leave us unable to progress as we reach for things that might be unattainable, draining our energy and time.

The Rider-Waite deck shows us a dog and a wolf howling up at the moon. While one is tamed and the other is wild, they look in the same direction— the light of the moon, a reflection of the fulfillment the sun brings.

As we approach our wants and needs, we must seek to balance these two beasts within us.

Getting tied to our tamed mind leads us to stagnate and perhaps not give our dreams the respect and attention they deserve. Becoming enamored with our wild mind can lead us down a path of continual failure as we struggle to bring fantasies into the real world.

Our obstacle becomes finding a way to entertain our wild and fantastical dreams in a grounded way. It is not our dreams that must be tamed, but rather our methods by which we hope to achieve these dreams.

There is an element of magic associated with The Moon that cannot be ignored when we recognize its power. When we learn to find a spiritual equilibrium as we approach new situations and dreams, that magic is made available to us in The Moon’s mysterious ways.

The Moon Reversed as an Obstacle / Challenge

As an obstacle, the Moon card reversed is a warning that we are not seeing clearly. There is much confusion here, and we are in the dark. Receptivity is blocked and the messages of the Universe are scrambled and misinterpreted.

When The Reversed Moon crosses us, it is our blindness that holds us back. Our restrictions do not exist outside of us, but rather within us. Much like how our solutions and answers can lie with our inner voice, our downfall can as well.

The night is deceptive; things are not what they seem to be and the shadows take on the form of our fears. This distortion is confusing.

If the upright Moon is a full one, the reversed is the new moon, hidden from sight. For the time being, no help will arrive. Each and every one of us must face the dark alone at some point in our lives.

Before you a great challenge awaits, one that must be faced head-on but also with great care. Try to discern which messages and signs are valid, and which are delusions and tricks of the mind. Stay alert.

Wait until the water settles but do not be fooled by the eerie calm and silence; something is definitely up and, when the time is right, you must act with diligence and maintain your composure.

The Moon Tarot Card as Action

The Moon calls us to tread lightly and be cautious. Making assumptions will not serve you during this time. Whatever you do, do not rush into action. Calculate every possible outcome, no matter how unexpected it may be.

Our world is filled with mystery and secrecy and arrogance, and assumption will lead us into sticky situations without a clear way out.

Continually, The Moon asks us to slow down and think. You may have some information at hand, but you don’t know what the darkness conceals. There might be errors in your judgment. It is not time yet to make important decisions.  Better to wait and stay out of harm’s way until the safest path is revealed.

Shadow and light are two sides of the same coin. While moonlight is associated with beauty and romance, the night also brings with it the cover of darkness where dangerous things may be lurking. The Moon calls our awareness to this duality.

When we step forward, we must consider that we could be met with either reality.

Man once walked on the moon and conquered this final frontier only because of careful planning and accurate calculations.

The Moon Reversed as Action

As an action card, the reversed Moon is about walking the path alone for a while and finding answers. You are going through a phase of confusion, and your perception is distorted. Your priority should be reaching a vantage point and a sense of deep calm. Then you will know what to do.

This “vantage point” is about putting everything into perspective. Which people in your life are helpful? With whom can you cooperate and communicate? What causes you anxiety and trouble? Which activities are a waste of your time?

Think about how your life was a year ago. Now imagine another year has passed. What can you do right here and now that will get you back on track for the future you are hoping for? What is your intuition telling you?

The Star showed how light shines most bright in the darkness. But there we arrived at a halt — there was no road, no forward movement, only hope. In the Moon card, we still are in the middle of the night. Whether we see it or not, the path is right in front of us, and even the shadows can be turned to our advantage.

The Moon Tarot Card as Advice

As an advice card, the Moon warns of hidden things. Whether you understand what is going on in your life or not, if you do not know all there is to know about a situation, your conjectures will be more or less mistaken. Remember: we all are tiny elements of a complex, unpredictable, and unforgiving world.

Much like the crayfish crawling out of the pool in the Rider-Waite symbology, things from our subconscious may be creeping up on us without our knowledge, leaving us more vulnerable than intended.

Though the knee-jerk reaction is to push these things that make us uncomfortable down, we must travel down to their roots. The Moon is telling you that this emotional and spiritual work cannot wait any longer. In fact, it is long overdue.

There isn’t enough light at the moment to reveal all the important details. We must find what lurks beneath the surface, everything we have omitted.

We must trust in our other senses and learn our place. The crayfish can roam the dry land for a while, but it must eventually return to the deep from whence it came, where only one rule applies: the big fish eat the small.

The Moon is a card that asks you to be humble and understands the vastness of the physical and spiritual world. The Universe is great and terrible, and while it is gracious, it contains powers beyond us that should be feared.

This fear of the unknown and everything that is greater than us is a driving force for all life. If we are cautious and respectful, it can lead us to new knowledge and uncanny wisdom, one small step at a time.

The Moon Reversed as Advice

In the reversed position, The Moon pushes you to block out all of the noise surrounding you. Ignore distractions, half-hearted offers of help, and the mindlessness of others. They will mislead you. This is a call to mature and evolve on your own — mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

When things get confusing, we frequently turn to our peers, our family, or other sources we trust. This is not a time in your life where this practice will aid in your growth, though. When this card appears reversed, the only person who can help you is yourself.

The advice here is to break free from the safety net and put yourself out there, all the while turning a blind eye to distractions that might keep you down.

The only way to efficiently evolve as an individual is to expose yourself to risk, beyond the restrictions of your comfort zone, and behave as if no help will arrive. Only then can one be prepared for anything at any time.

Though it can be frightening, The Reversed Moon calls you to put your trust in yourself and your intuition. Remember that The Universe’s energy flows within you. Have faith in that energy and feel your way through this situation. All of the tools are inside of you. Now put them to use.

The Moon Tarot Card as an Outcome

When foreseeing the direction of current events in your life, the Moon’s message is a harsh one: you won’t get what you want. Errors have been made, the outcome is uncertain, and things are not what they seem. A certain change of attitude is in order.

You’re in for a surprise, an unexpected occurrence. Perhaps you lacked the hindsight and experience to foresee this, or there were factors at play that no one could have expected. If there’s time to make a decision, consider your next steps very carefully.

The Moon card implies that the cause of this failure does not lie in your abilities, bad luck, or some kind of setback, rather in sneaky pessimism and a tendency to perpetuate past mistakes. When all you want is for the pain to stop, you repress it, and it comes back threefold.

The lake will always return what you cast into it.

Don’t despair — there surely must be ways to turn the tide. You can do it. But first, you must alter the way you state your intentions, and face the dangers you refuse to acknowledge. For now, you have to accept that the Universe will say “no” to you.

The Moon Reversed as an Outcome

As an outcome, the Moon card in reverse doesn’t promise much. Obscurity and confusion prevail. There is, however, a small window of opportunity if you can trust in your powers and stay alert. Don’t expect anything to be given freely though — you have to fight for it.

The Moon card is often proof of misplaced optimism. Perhaps you overestimated your abilities or thought that luck would finally smile upon you. However, the Moon brings changes that are fleeting and superficial, its promises fade with dawn, and its half-light conceals more than it shows.

If, for example, you are wondering about what’s going to happen with your crush, the card means you must fight for their attention or they will soon lose interest. If you’re applying for a new job, there will be tough competition.

There will be times when you won’t know what to do. The answer is always within. Don’t lose any sleep over it. Even if you fail, you will have gained a vital lesson.

The Moon Tarot Card in the Future

When it falls in the future position, The Moon denotes an unclear path. It calls us to make peace with the unknown and trust our intuition as we move forward at the risk of staying still. We cannot know what rewards wait beyond the horizon if we allow our anxieties to keep us in place.

There come times in life when even the most self-assured people feel lost. One of the most beautiful things about life, however, is its unpredictability. Think of the beauty of the ocean.

It has the power to be ferocious and volatile, and yet we still decide to swim in its waves when the weather gets hot. Uncertainty doesn’t always lead to pain, especially if we carry the right amount of caution in our steps.

Unlike The Fool, The Moon is not directionless in the future position. The destination has been chosen by you, and now you must plot uncharted land in order to get there, guided only by your own good (or bad) sense.

This does not ensure an easy journey by any means. There will be struggles as well as times of fear and confusion, but when this card appears in your future, know that you are watched over by The Moon. These struggles, as long as they are faced in the name of reaching your full potential, will be worth it.

The Moon Reversed in the Future

When reversed and in the future position, The Moon asks you to return to nature and trust your instincts. This is a time in which you must protect yourself. Remember that only you can be your own guide. The path ahead of you may be dark, but all the answers are waiting for you.

There are mysterious forces at work, good or bad. These energies, no matter how obvious or obscure, cannot be fully understood right now. It is important to be wary and allow your intuition to have the final say in every situation you face. Trust your gut and you won’t regret it.

In a reading about your future, the reversed Moon works perfectly in conjunction with the Seven of Cups. They both include a notion of moving forward, all alone upon a moonlit path, and turning your back on the troubles and fears of the past.

Be watchful, even suspicious, and don’t let your guard down. The future will require of you to stand on your feet. Don’t rely on anyone’s help, and try to discern which signs and clues are meaningful, and which are delusive.

The situation will take some time to develop — always depending on your own choices, of course. But this road can take you places you haven’t even dreamt of.

Take note of your thoughts and events that will happen during the current lunar cycle. When the next moon rises, you might realize that you are not the same person you were at the onset of this long journey.

The Moon Tarot Card as a Person

A person represented by the Moon card will be tough, charming, and intuitive, but not always trustworthy. They have many secrets and always play their cards close to their chest. Just like the lunar cycle, their personality, or what they allow you to see of it, will fluctuate.

Don’t get this the wrong way. This person might have excellent qualities, like a disarming honest smile and a strong sense of independence, paired with the ability to care for the pack, and also apply tough love when necessary.

But they also like to keep to themselves because, deep down, they are solitary, incredibly sensitive, and easy to offend. They have developed an adamantine exterior for this reason. They also are enchanted by the shadows, which feel like home to them and are well equipped for a game of smoke and mirrors.

You might think they have peculiar mood swings. Or could it be that they put on a happy face to entertain you, while in truth they are a coy introvert? With the Moon over them, you can never be sure.

If they disappear for a long while, don’t blame them. They need more time than others in the warmth of their nest, that is their nature.

Finally, more often than not, they will be a water zodiac sign or have a strong Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer placement in their astrological chart.

That’s why you should cut them some slack but don’t be too quick to trust them — their unfamiliar and strange patterns stem from volatile emotions and the fathomless depth of their character!

The Moon Reversed as a Person

In the shadow of the Moon, we have a person who either is deeply confused or deliberately confused. They will be silent, anxious, and probably unhappy. Their potential, however great, is diminished by these factors. They need a jarring wake-up call to stir them from their deep sleep.

The Moon in reverse, when describing a specific individual, will sometimes appear for people who exhibit symptoms that resemble those of anxiety or bipolar disorder.

Nightmares or insomnia might haunt their nights, and they’ll always seem to be running from their past. They might be defensive, quiet, distant, and closed-off for weeks, then burst out laughing in mania under the bewitching full moon.

What this person needs is to trust in themselves and learn to walk alone, something easier said than done, because words of encouragement have not much merit for the moonstruck fellow.

However, they do possess the uncanny and mysterious power of the moon, it’s just that they do not know how to harness and channel it properly. It overwhelms them, and they easily neglect their strong intuition and the wisdom of their inner voice.

What Zodiac Sign is The Moon?

It’s no surprise that The Moon is connected to the water sign Pisces the fish.

Pisces are known for their strong sense of intuition and deep connection to their emotions. Just like the tides, their moods are ever-changing, and they are defined by their dreamy creativity.

Water signs are notorious for their strong emotions and idealism. The Moon calls us to look to our dreams while guided by our intuition, something that Pisces excels in.

Pisces have been known to allow their pasts to haunt them or view the world with a hint of naivete, both things that The Moon attempts to tackle in its symbolism.

Pisces is a thorough sign who seeks to dive headfirst into all they can. The Moon reminds us that there is always more wisdom to be gained and Pisces is determined to find it.

Their creativity and strong sense of self leave them ready to forge their own path, just as The Moon prescribes.

In conjunction, Pisces and The Moon work together to inspire us to trust in ourselves and travel into the magic and uncertainty of the unknown. Both day and night must be embraced.

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