Sun Tarot Card Meaning – 35 Interpretations!

The Sun Tarot Card, A Complete Guide!

In the Rider-Waite Tarot, the Sun rises at number nineteen, just after the Moon and preceding Judgement. Its imagery shows the sun in a cloudless sky. Four sunflowers emerge from behind a brick wall.

In the foreground, we can see a jubilant baby crowned with a wreath of golden flowers riding a white horse and waving a crimson banner.

The radiant sun is the same for all living things with no exception. Like the Moon card, it is personified, and the beaming face looks at us directly, eye-to-eye. Its brilliant truth heralds the end of difficulties. Doubt disappears and loves triumphs.

Here, two steps before the destination of the Fool’s journey, there are no secrets anymore; no mysteries and no shadows, only light.

We have seen the white horse of the Sun card once before, in Arcanum XIII. Evidently, the happy child riding the horse and holding a red flag, the color of blood, the life force, represents a victory of life!

In this garden, everything grows and flourishes, all is well, and the world is once again bright and eternal, forever young.

The solar sphere is the heart of our little corner in the Universe. Sending forth the inexhaustible energy of the heavens, it supports life with perpetual renewal — healthy masculine energy directed at the creation and preservation of all life.

Traditionally, the element associated with the Sun card is fire, and it deals with Manipura, the solar plexus chakra.

A source of light and heat, the sun is a life-giver and thus was an important element in the culture of many ancient civilizations with many gods and goddesses attributed to it, like Amaterasu, Apollo, Helios, Ra, Sol, Surya, and many more.

It is quite possible that monotheistic religions sprouted from the subsequent exclusive worship of solar deities.

The card also alludes to the Christian Trinity: the fraternal God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And it is no coincidence that saints from all religions are crowned with halos that resemble the sun disk or emit rays of light, emphasizing the brilliance of enlightened consciousness.

Now let’s take a step back to the Sun’s equivalent in the first decimal series of the Major Arcana, the Hermit.

These two cards are interconnected. The Hermit looked within, withdrawing from the secular in favor of the spiritual, carrying the sun and the wisdom of a lifetime in his lantern. The pure, innocent sun-child looks outside, being one with the external world, eager to learn and experience it.

Moreover, the four sunflowers remind us of the Emperor, the steady, reasonable father figure and head of the fraternity.

Hence, in the face of the sun, we see the ideal father archetype: one that loves all his children unconditionally, one who provides and cares for them in the warm spirit of solidarity, asking for nothing in return.

The simplicity, innocence, and radiance of the Sun card invoke a strong feeling from the distant memories of childhood, a joyous celebration of life. It’s the dawn of a new day and there is nothing confusing or alarming, nothing to worry about — so long as we accept the true guiding light of awareness. After all, the Sun is new each day.

In this guide, we’ll walk through the meanings, imagery, and symbolism of the Sun card in various situations and positions in spreads.

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What does the Sun Tarot card mean?

The Sun card means things are getting better and coming together with little interference. It is considered to be something beneficial, a monumental, joyous occasion, a pleasant boon, or a favorable omen that will lead to success and progress. The card brims with confidence and abundant energy.

When we draw the Sun card, it means that the most daunting obstacles on our path have been removed. The way to success and positive energy is clear, and the time is close when our labor shall yield a bountiful harvest.

We are properly aligned with the cosmic energies and have the green light to start something new, carry on with our plans, or simply enjoy what we’ve built so far. We are protected and guided by the universe in our endeavors, armed with wisdom.

Think of clouds clearing to reveal the sun. After a long and toilsome adventure, the Fool catches a well-deserved break. In a timeless walled garden he rediscovers the inner child, now healed and liberated from the shadows of the past.

Everything becomes simpler and crystal clear, if only for a moment before Judgement’s call to a different realm; but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The sun-child is naked because it is innocent — there is nothing to hide. There is no shame here, no restrictions. Pure, lucid, spontaneous, and playful, it guides the tame animal spirit forward. The red flag it carries stands for passion, vitality, and victory.

And what greater victory than to look at the bright side of life and know that, in one way or another, everything’s going to be alright!

Therefore, Arcanum XIX brings delight and spiritual release. We open our eyes to see a world full of light in perfect unison. The brick wall is low enough to climb over; it poses no limitation, rather offers protection, and symbolizes a secure construction.

Error and confusion have no place here in this sunlit garden.

Finally, the Sun card is often associated with birth and the seed of vital energy that will once again set new things in motion, much like the Empress or the Aces of Cups, Wands, and Swords of the Minor Arcana.  An easy pregnancy, fertility, and even a healthy birth can be indicated by the presence of this card.

The Sun Tarot Card Keywords

  • Life
  • Passion
  • New Birth
  • Success
  • Removed Obstacles
  • Happiness
  • Health
  • Light
  • Beauty
  • Vitality
  • Goodness
  • Positivity
  • Peace
  • Growth
  • Abundance
  • Fertility
  • Marriage
  • Victory
  • Creativity
  • Clarity

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What does the Sun Tarot card mean by reversed?

A reversed Sun card isn’t a bad omen by any means. It calls our attention, however, to a sense of somber pessimism and a lack of clarity — a rainy day. On the other hand, it might suggest that you put too much trust in your abilities. Overconfidence often leads the way to disappointment.

It never hurts to be realistic in our thoughts and expectations; it is wise to know our limits. The reversed Sun can be a sign that you are overly optimistic without a valid reason. Think of a whimsical child who pretends to be Superman!

Doesn’t it actually believe in this imaginary power at some point during playtime?

Conversely, this might be a case of the notorious half-empty glass. Just because clouds have masked the sun, for now, that doesn’t mean it will always be so, and constantly questioning your abilities or feeling left out is no better than the aforementioned illogical boldness.

Give it a rest and tomorrow will be a better day.

So when this card is reversed, pay attention to those things that once brought you joy and evaluate if they still serve you. Pay attention to where you feel yourself losing your light or creativity. What dulls you?

Sometimes we make a big deal out of trivialities. We reinforce our limits, instead of finding ways to outgrow them.

In these moments it is important to reconnect with the inner child, the carefree, playful, and innocent side of our personality who perceives the world as an adventure; and soon enough the sun will shine again.

This Major Arcana deals with a really specific chakra: the solar plexus, which according to Vedic tradition is considered the center of energy and willpower, and radiates the life force throughout the entire body. Whatever it is that puts your energy off needs to be addressed to help you grow and find your balance.

Overall, precisely as the Moon card always incorporates darkness and hidden peril, the Sun is never a very negative card, albeit a temporary or minor inconvenience.

The Sun Card Keywords Reversed

  • Overly Optimistic
  • Feeling Down
  • Feeling Excluded
  • Play
  • Childish
  • Immature
  • Irresponsible
  • Repressed Child
  • Limitations
  • Draught
  • Loss of Innocence
  • Lack of Clarity
  • Sadness
  • Blocked Solar Plexus
  • Rainy Day
  • Disillusionment

The Sun Tarot Card as How Someone (He/She) Sees You

If someone sees you as the Sun then hurray! When we see the sun we acknowledge how vital it is for life and sustaining the world. It is integral to the balance of the heavenly bodies, and the progression of the seasons. The Sun holds sway over the day like nothing else.

When the Sun card is pulled concerning how someone sees you, they think you’re out of this world! They see you as beautiful and radiant, the light of their life.  You are very important to them. Just a glance at you will make them smile and bring warmth to their heart.

Like a child’s parents are the center of its world, so it is for the person you asked the question about. To them, you are irreplaceable and of vital importance. Whether related or not, you are part of the same family and belong together. Not only that, they cherish your carefree and warm attitude.

They could be seeing in you someone who deserves all their love and attention, or perhaps they need yours like no one else’s. You are literally a ray of sunshine in their life, so make sure you show them that you care and don’t let them down!

The Sun Reversed as How Someone (He/She) Sees You

The Reversed Sun card can be read a few ways. Someone may have once seen you as a bright light but now finds you dimming, and they sense a humble sadness about you that creates a block or an obstacle in their life. They may need to move past you to get forward and progress.

Concerning how a person sees you, the reversed Sun means they find you disconcerting and childish. Perhaps you’ve been nostalgic or giddy, and your light is blurry at best.

Right now, they might feel you are causing trouble for them — nothing too serious, but consider whether you are holding them back in some sense.

It will surely pass with time, but be careful not to ruin the mood between you. This person is struggling to see the good in you. They know it’s there, yet something’s in the way and maybe they can’t afford to deal with you for the time being.

In this case, the brick wall of the Sun card becomes a border, a limitation. For their wellbeing, they might indeed have to keep their distance from you or disregard what you say to them because it doesn’t help them at all.

What does the Sun Tarot Card Mean in Love?

The Sun is the hallmark of reciprocal, unconditional love in the Major Arcana, an unmistakable sign that a union is blessed. It promises an affectionate and intense relationship that will help both partners grow as individuals. It also denotes the possibility of a new relationship or a successful marriage.

What does the card’s imagery omit but is the rather obvious requisite for a happy child? A devoted couple who treats each other with respect and loving-kindness!
A lasting love that will only grow stronger with each day — the stuff of fairy tales!

A relationship’s future as indicated by the Sun card has only good things in store. It might even foretell a marriage and the outset of a happy family or, if the time has not yet come, an eventful relationship that will go swimmingly, marked by mutual love and the most positive and warm feelings.

Few cards convey the themes of joy and fulfillment as the Sun does. Passion, yearning, glee, tenderness; these are merely words that, try as they may, cannot approximate the real thing.

Already a stable base has formed for you and your partner to build your hopes and dreams upon.

Give it everything you got and don’t hold back! The conditions are ideal. Maybe it’s time to go on a trip and just be alone together for a few days to enjoy each other’s company in your own personal paradise away from it all.

And if you’re wondering when love will finally knock on your door, someone might be waiting around the corner wondering about the exact same thing. Make sure you wear your warmest smile and soon you will attract your special someone like the sunflower attracts bumblebees!

What does the Sun Reversed mean in Love?

When reversed, the Sun maintains its positive qualities — but in a lesser and weaker sense. There is love and passion here, but obstacles between you keep you both from enjoying your time together. Perhaps an incidental issue is being exaggerated or this love is unfortunately just not meant to last.

In the reverse, this is a fickle bond, often associated with puppy love or summertime flings. This relationship will teach you a lesson that will help you understand how you need to be loved or what to look for in a partner.

It all depends on how much you’re willing to make this work, or it could be over and done in the blink of an eye.

This affair has hit a bump before maturing enough to be able to deal with the pressure and responsibilities of a real relationship. The reasons might be a difference of opinions and a quarrel that left a bitter taste; or things were intense at the start and now it just feels… boring and tedious.

Every romance can be exciting at first. But the Sun card nears the end of a cycle, and if a stable foundation and strong connection are not yet present, then it can only go downhill from here.

However, if it means a lot to you, there is still hope, as a few rays of light will always find their way to us, regardless of the clouds in the sky.

If you’re single, the reversed Sun has yet another lesson for you: we all go through times when we need to be loved but no ones there. Learn to love and care for yourself first and foremost, to be comfortable on your own. The sun always rises the next morning, and there’s somebody for every single one of us out there.

What does the Sun Tarot Card mean in Friendship?

The Sun gives us light, love, and life. When we think of this card in regard to our family and friends, it fills us with a warm sense of reassurance.

The Sun card describes true friends and a healthy social life. You are loved and have so much love to give. Relationships are balanced and fulfilling. Spend time with those close to you and be sure to express your gratitude for all they do for you!

Relationships can be difficult, no matter what form they take. The Sun asks us to trust that we are valued by those close to us even in times of strife. The love that surrounds us is unconditional.

The card speaks not only about healthy relationships, but also of mutual help, collaboration, solidarity, and playfulness. It is an affirmation that you are loved and cherished. You have people on your side who care and think about you every day and would love to spend an afternoon with you!

What does the Sun Reversed mean in Friendship?

In its reversed position, the Sun asks us to revaluate relationships and look beneath the surface. Do you feel excluded? Are your interactions feeling dreary or rehearsed? There may be a distance or dimming in the relationship that you haven’t noticed.

The sun is a reminder not to let our relationships fall by the wayside. Maintenance is always important. The rote of work and daily life can affect communication, reducing it to habitual requests and mechanical responses.

It’s quite simple really — playing some board games with your friends might just do the trick. Give your loved ones a call, they’ll be delighted to hear from you.

Perhaps the distance between you is your own doing. Remember not to project your bad mood or unwillingness onto others. You might have been feeling left out, excluded. But is that really the case or have you been hiding behind a wall?

Introverts require a lot of downtime. Don’t pressure yourself into social situations when you just want to stay home. Your friends won’t forget you.

What does the Sun Tarot Card mean in Career?

The sun in a career spread is often exceedingly good. It’s the card you’re looking for if you are hoping to progress in your line of work or find a new one. Things are looking bright and your input is extremely valued.

Your bosses and higher-ups see you as important and integral to the team, value your input, and see you as someone dedicated to the company. Promotions are possibly on the horizon, or successful business deals.

This also is a good card for starting your own business, and promoting and creating brands, art, and concepts of any kind. Your work is blessed with abundance and success when marked by the Sun card.

You have the clarity to make the right choices. Go for it! The Sun card is the light at the end of the tunnel, so now is the time to give it all and do what you love to do. They say that if you find a job you enjoy, a job that looks like play to others, then you will never have to work a day in your life…

What does the Sun Reversed mean in Career?

In regards to career and financial issues, the reversed Sun card suggests two possibilities: either you have overestimated your abilities, or have lost your motivation temporarily. In any case, things are much simpler than you think. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

The Sun in reverse is scarcely a bad omen. Nonetheless, it points out that we have not entirely escaped from the throes of confusion just yet, and in terms of work and finances, it calls our attention to what lies outside our field of perception.

For example, you might think you’ve finally got a great idea that will bring in millions! How realistic is that? Is it a crafty gamble or just exaggerated enthusiasm? Have you considered all the possible obstacles you might encounter? The Sun reminds you to walk one small step at a time.

Or it could be that you don’t see the positive in your situation and working seems dull and pointless. Yes, play is nobler than work, that much is certain. But in the world of men, everything moves and grows thanks to money.

If you feel your job is unimportant, remember that success and fame are not everything. Society’s high standards shouldn’t get between you and your happiness. What would become of the world without hairdressers and waiters?

Learn to love your work or find the work you love doing. Even baking a loaf of bread can be an art form if you do it with your heart and soul.

The Sun Tarot Card as What Someone Thinks of You

Concerning how someone thinks of you, the Sun is a wonderful card. Your presence brings people joy and insight into what they want to be, it inspires them to be their best selves. You give them strength and hope that better days are coming. You help make life colorful again.

The Sun relates to what you bring to the table. You are a source of goodness to them. They think of you as an exceptional and warm-hearted friend with so much to give. Your energy motivates them and there are only positive feelings between you.

If there is something to be concerned about, it could be that someone assumes you’re too generous and harmless for your own good. Altruism is fine but don’t let people you don’t know well enough get too comfortable with your kindness.

The Sun Reversed as How Someone Thinks of You

Reversed, the Sun card means you dampen people’s perception of themselves or rain on their parades. They might think that you are a childish spoilsport, too needy to stand on your own feet.

There’s something between you that blocks communication and causes irritation. It’s your responsibility to overcome it. You’re not an outcast, you have simply distanced yourself from your best possible self and other people.

Like a jealous, cranky child, you perhaps tend to spoil the fun for others and demand their attention, thinking that if you’re not having fun then no one else should! Even if there’s a valid reason for that, not everyone will tolerate such behaviors. You cannot expect them to always give in when you bring nothing to the table.

What does the Sun Tarot Card mean in Conflict?

Regarding conflicts, the Sun card is fairly simple: someone is blinded by the other’s light, not knowing how to handle it, or they are jealous and want it for themselves. Indeed, there can be too much of a good thing, especially when one is not prepared for it and covets what they do not have.

Imagine a person who has lived all their life in the confines of a small yard and they do not know what lies beyond it. Then one day, someone tells them there’s a whole world out there. They will refuse to believe it and even blame the bringer of good news for waking them up from a deep and docile slumber.

Likewise, the brightest light casts the longest shadow; a man who is not yet ready or able to break free will despise those who bask in the glory of the sun without a care in the world. The card then points to an object of envy — one man’s joy, another man’s sorrow.

But this uncalled-for comparison merely drains their own energy and dims all hope. Jealousy is poison and always turns on the aggressor.

What does the Sun Reversed mean in Conflict?

In reverse, the Sun card means we see problems where there are none! Perhaps you got caught up in the habit of stirring up childish drama or you fail to see the good that the other party has done for you. Relax and let it be. Don’t poke the hornet’s nest.

Perhaps due to ingratitude, anxiety, or an impulse to throw blame around, someone in this case is looking for trouble. If that is you, acknowledge it and let it go. Things are better than you think. It’s a momentary lack of clarity that makes you restless and it is nobody’s fault.

But if you are on the receiving end of this quarrel while you were merely minding your own business, then state your case loud and clear. You shouldn’t put up with childish nonsense when there is no just cause for it!

The Sun Tarot Card as Feelings

When the sun peeks over the horizon in the early days of spring it coaxes the warmer nature of the earth from its cold winter slumber. It inspires life to reanimate and be as vibrant and radiant as possible.

The Sun card deals with positive feelings such as love, inner peace, happiness, and joy. It stands for euphoria, energy, and enthusiasm. Regarding a particular person’s emotional state, it means they are literally glowing. They are living in alignment and feeling it.

These are emotions that make life seem and feel amazing. Allow your heart and body to accept this light and do all you can to share your joy with others so that they too may feel the sun on their skin.

Nothing measures up to the sunlight’s warm embrace as it wakes the living world up and fills it with lively colors and activity. From the tallest giraffe to the tiniest ant, everyone benefits from the sun.

The frisky energy of this card provides the ideal conditions to do anything that pleases your heart. It is the fortunate realization that we all know what we must do to be happy and productive or, better yet, interesting and resplendent.

Sometimes we forget; but once we connect to our inner light, we gain access to the feeling that nothing can stop us and the mightiest challenge seems like child’s play.

The Sun Reversed as Feelings

The Sun in reverse suggests that you’re just feeling grumpy on this day or week; but there is another interpretation, one that is much more serious.

When reversed, the Sun card denotes a stubborn unwillingness to feel alright and see the bright side. It is the melancholy of a rainy day, a mild winter depression that will surely fade. But it could also affirm a lack of confidence that is crucial for building new things and enjoying life to the fullest.

Don’t worry — you haven’t lost your mojo! Somewhere the sun is still shining but today might just not be your day and you’re thinking of times when life was happier, simpler. It can’t rain all the time, so try to endure this nostalgia and emotional draught without making a fuss about it.

However, if these feelings of emptiness and gloom are more than frequent and day by day you feel like giving up on life, then there is a valid reason for concern. What are the building blocks of this wall around you? Who cast the first stone and why?

Repressed childhood trauma will always create emotional challenges decades later, causing the adult to feel unloved, unworthy, and forgotten even when all is well — until they bring their trauma to light and allow the inner child to heal and feel at home again.

The Sun Tarot Card as a Situation

The Sun card, along with the World, describes the best possible state a person can be in. A new day has dawned. Cherish this moment of clarity and release, a small but decisive victory. Life is beautiful and resources are abundant. All you’ve been hoping for is already blooming.

In the past position, the Sun winks at you, saying you’ve made all the right choices that led you to a happy place at last. Breathe a sigh of relief. Today is a good day and there’s not a cloud in the sky.

After facing the Moon’s darkness, the waters of the subconscious lake are tranquil and clear; fear dissipates, doubt vanishes, and the shadow is transformed. There is only light here and our problems are suddenly not so dire after all.

Life now seems simpler and we can show the world what we’ve built with our sweat and tears, share our vision, and put our energy to good use.

The Sun Reversed as a Situation

Here’s a perfect example of what the Sun reversed means in the past position: playing video games instead of studying for tomorrow’s exams!

The reversed Sun card resembles a situation where the person in question is unwilling to face up to the facts — they don’t want to grow up. They cling to a sense of naïve innocence and try to dodge personal responsibility as if somebody else is going to take care of everything.

Apart from the somber sadness, we have already talked about, the Sun card in its negative aspect might also warn of inappropriate and irresponsible attachment to idleness, the childish behavior where all energy is spent on fun and games.

Safe from harm in our little garden, we forget about the troubles of the world, we feel above and beyond it. Docile escapism; what we do not see, does not exist…

That is an obvious mistake and a refusal to heed a wake-up call that is way past due. Sure enough, we should take good care of the inner child and never lose our cheerfulness, but not to the point that we evade the obligations of reality.

For what is going to happen when that rainy day arrives?

The Sun Tarot Card as Intentions / What Someone Wants

In terms of intentions, the upright Sun card denotes things done out of love, for prosperity, and in the name of goodness. This is a desire for progress, bliss, and alignment, but also a deep altruistic need to help and care for others.

The Sun in this situation does not point to the outcome, but it reminds us that a person is acting out of good nature and should be shown some level of gratitude. It’s the thought that counts!

They see the gifts that they have and wish to share them. They mean to help, heal, and bring about growth or positive change. The card is all about good intentions and selflessness.

In terms of personal goals, it highlights a passionate drive to succeed, to get one’s life in order, live up to their full potential, and thrive. That is not a selfish ambition — if the plan comes to fruition, everyone will benefit, or at least that is the incentive of the person in question.

The Sun Reversed as Intentions / What Someone Wants

In reverse, the Sun card again indicates a desire to give, to share, and to love; but in this case, there is no recipient. The seeker might feel like they have so much to give but wherever they go they’re met with a “no, thank you!” The card might also imply the want to take a break.

After a fashion, it is far better to have nothing, to need for nothing, to ask and be denied, than to have numerous gifts and no one to receive them. What good is a lush green garden with trees full of fruit when there is not a single soul to enjoy it?

When reversed, this card could otherwise point to a desire for space. The person could be feeling depressed or anxious and needs some time to get their thoughts in order away from the chaos of the world.

The Sun Tarot card Yes or No?

Because of our Sun’s dealings with light, goodness, growth, and its integral role in our wellbeing, the Sun is a clear “Yes,” even when reversed.

This card is telling you that you are in alignment and have the Universe looking out for you and protecting you. So whatever it is that you have asked is a good decision and will help you in the long run.

There is nothing to block your way. Your attitude towards the subject should be straightforward. Make the choice your heart tells you and stick with it.

In reverse, the Sun card is still a “Yes.” Any alleged difficulties or second thoughts are inconsequential and shouldn’t sway your determination. Keep in mind, however, that the end result might not be as grand as what you’re hoping for.

If you want to learn more about how to use tarot for “yes” or “no” questions, read this article… “How to use Tarot for Yes or No Answers

The Sun Tarot Card as a Place

The Sun is a place that gives you joy, that brings you peace and happiness, and fills you with a fiery passion. It could be a garden, a field, or a park, a safe haven in the midst of a grey city, or the countryside.  Or it might just be the center of your world — your very own home!

Modern cities are cut off from the green. It is imperative that once every few days we take a break from it all and just relax for a while under the shade of a tree. The colors of nature, the song of birds, warm sunlight, and the sound of flowing water; they all have the amazing power to heal the body and mind.

The Sun card stands for an important place that helps you to live a good life and sustain yourself. Think about how the Sun is the center of our solar system, it is fixed and provides light, stability, and life. That is why the Sun card might refer to your place of residence, the center of your daily life.

The Sun Reversed as a Place

The reversed Sun card speaks to the inner child. It refers to a place that brings back the memories of adolescence and childhood. It goes together with feelings of nostalgia and sweet reminiscence.

The neighborhood’s park or alley where you played as a kid, grandma’s cottage in the village, family picnics in a riverside grove, the place where you met your first crush — the reversed Sun takes us back to the past, to all those places that in one way or another shaped who we are today.

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The Sun Tarot Card as an Obstacle / Challenge

With the Sun as an obstacle, something is standing in the way of your happiness and weighing you down, leaving you unable to move towards your blessings. You need to recognize and shed light on your problems or you’ll always think that the grass is greener on the other side.

Carl Jung wisely noted that the most important problems can never be solved but only outgrown. The Sun card bears this exact message. To move on and find happiness, answers, or success, we need to grow up.

A plant can only grow so tall; the flowerpot’s size is what determines how much the flower itself can grow. Similarly, your progress might be obstructed by various limitations.

Whether these are made up or imposed by a restrictive environment and society’s standards, they must be identified so they can be outgrown.

Remember that happiness is not everything. The vast majority of great works of art and philosophy takes root in the fundamental sorrow of the human condition. Obscene philosopher Slavoj Zizek said ‘why be happy when you can be interesting?’

While such words shouldn’t be taken at face value, they point out that life is not like a bland TV show where everything is jolly good all of the time.

The pursuit of happiness shouldn’t be a goal in and of itself. Oftentimes it is overrated, a carrot-and-stick chase distracting us from real issues and challenges.

Why seek release when there is nothing to bind us? If we could avert our attention from craving positive feelings and affirmations, we could then perhaps think of new and better ways to deal with our problems.

The Sun Reversed as an Obstacle / Challenge

The reversed Sun card as an obstacle suggests that you may be too nice, optimistic, or happy. At first, that doesn’t sound like a bad thing. But it might be a coping mechanism to avoid dealing with reality or to force a positive mental attitude that will ultimately cause more harm than good.

Toxic Positivity is the tendency to reject all negative emotional triggers and maintain the belief that excessive kindness and a positive mood are paramount, even when forced. It may be keeping you in toxic situations or relationships or allow sly and devious people to take advantage of you.

You might respond to serious matters with an almost annoying naiveté.

Here are two examples to demonstrate: a friend is in a really bad place and doesn’t know what to do. With a broad smile on your lips, you tell them to cheer up; everything’s going to be alright. Does this help? In the long term, no.

It creates the illusion that you helped while you only washed your hands of the matter.

On the flip side, imagine that the neighbor next door makes loud noises and disturbs your peace every single day. It’s alright, you think to yourself, I have patience. But the noise won’t stop and wakes you up in the middle of the night. Would you keep calm and just forget about it?

The healthy response would be to leave your comfort zone and demand they respect your boundaries.

Again, the Sun does not represent a heavyweight problem. It calls our attention, however, too small everyday things that, if not addressed, can pile up and interfere with our lives and goals.

The Sun Tarot Card as Action

As an action card, the Sun is a reminder that we must keep growing every moment, every day. Tomorrow will be determined by the seeds we plant today. We must ceaselessly care for what we want to achieve and constantly reinvent ourselves in light of who we want to be.

If one thing is certain in this life, it’s that tomorrow the sun will rise again and will keep on rising each day for what seems like an eternity to us, humans.

The card’s message is to rejoice and take a moment to appreciate life, but also to keep on growing and invest all our energy in the things we hope for and the people we love.

It is also advisable to do things that have been on your mind for a while and might improve your mood and lifestyle. Try to learn something new and improve every day. Knowledge, like the sun’s energy, is inexhaustible.

The Sun urges you to carry on and don’t stop. Like a garden needs constant care, you should treat yourself with respect so that if your past self could see you, they would be proud of you, and your future self would thank you for all the hard work. One day you will wish you had started sooner, so start today!

It is equally important though to take a break once in a while and smell the flowers!

The Sun Reversed as Action

When reversed, the Sun as an action card tells you to take it easy. You’ve been flying too close to the sun — hold your horses! All the enthusiasm in the world won’t make a bud flower before its time.

You must learn how to handle a horse before you can ride one. The child of the reversed Sun card is a bit too careless and naïve. Too much ambition and confidence in one’s abilities are sometimes tell-tale signs of arrogance and ignorance.

Remember the fable of the tortoise and the hare. Life is not a race, and even when it feels like it, ingenuity and caution can prove more useful than fast legs. The best course of action here would be to slow down or, more accurately, to hasten slowly!

The Sun Tarot Card as Advice

Similar to how the sun is the center of our solar system the Sun card as advice tells you to put yourself at the center of your decisions and life choices. Because if you don’t live your life no one else will. Trust in your light and all that you wish and hope for will start gravitating towards you.

Unquestionably, the Sun holds dominion over all life upon the earth. One should not think of themselves as the center of the Universe but it is pretty healthy to regard yourself as the center of your life, to be in control of how you expend your energy.

What you ignore will wither whereas everything you pay attention to will grow.

The Sun card always points out the bright side of life to you. That does not mean to rest in your laurels and relish complacent daydreams. A positive and realistic mental attitude is all it takes to get things in order, attract the right people, cultivate a balanced ego, and unleash the inner light for all to see.

Life is thriving, wounds are mended, connections are established on strong foundations. The Sun offers a boost of energy and enthusiasm, a certain pride and satisfaction for one’s achievements and potential. Feels good to be alive. So what could be next?

There is one more step before the World card and the completion of the cycle. After a healing and transformative journey, the Fool arrives at this garden of earthly delights, not to stop and rest, but to lay the groundwork for something even greater.

For at close of day the Fool must part with his innocence and prepare for Judgement’s call, for rebirth and revelation.

The Sun Reversed as Advice

In reverse, the Sun card’s advice is to acknowledge all the ways we limit or overexert ourselves. It draws our attention to the reasons why we might feel lesser and not good enough, as well as why we sometimes strive for success, recognition, and attention while in truth no one’s keeping score.

The reversed Sun directs our attention inwards. There is a light that is lacking within you and it is time to put in the work to discover how to restore it.

You’ve put up a wall around you! The sun is still shinning but you avert your eyes and claim it isn’t bright enough.

You see the glass half-empty and if you would just glance over and beyond the wall in front of you, then you’d see there’s much more to life. Find enjoyment in what you do, however trivial that might sound.

An elementary word of advice: the wall is lower than you think. Simply climb over and you’ll see that all you’ve been missing out on is right there in front of you.

The shadow cast by the Sun is often that of an absent or domineering father figure. Roughly speaking, the repressed child grows up to be an uptight adult who might regularly feel alone and unworthy to the point of dissociation and taking refuge in an imaginary world.

Mainstream media have got their fair share of responsibility in fostering escapism and isolation, and in setting such unrealistic standards that anyone might wonder what it is they are doing wrong.

Overcompensating and trying to prove their worth, individuals with austere or uncaring role models will still see restrictions and darkness even in their best days. They will blame the sun for being too bright and the sky for being too blue! If you, too, feel like that, it’s time to roll back to the Hermit’s guiding light.

There is no need to keep on carrying a burden, to search for escape and validation. The brilliant light of consciousness inherent to all living things is already within.

The Sun Tarot Card as an Outcome

This is one of the best cards to see pop up as the conclusion of a three-card spread.

The Sun means that the outcome will be favorable. It will bring about happy times, and fill you with light and joy. You’re on the right track and everything is going smoothly.

If you were looking for an affirmation that a decision you’re about to make is the right one, the Sun is a clear sign to go for it.

Whether the reading concerns the improvement of a current situation or the end of a rough patch, positive results are guaranteed. In opposition to the Moon card that amplifies and perpetuates an existing negative loop, the Sun card promises success. A clear sky fears no lightning!

The Sun Reversed as an Outcome

When the Sun appears reversed in a three-card spread or when adjacent cards obstruct its light, the outcome will still be favorable although in a lesser sense. This won’t be a total victory — but it won’t be too bad.

Difficulties you cannot discern at the moment may arise. Or the aftermath is going to be somewhat lukewarm and not exactly what you hoped for, leaving a bittersweet taste because ‘it could be so much more than that!’

Well, we can’t have everything we want all at once and the reversed Sun card demonstrates precisely that notion. Things are looking good nonetheless and you shouldn’t be discouraged. There is nothing to worry about.

The Sun Tarot Card in the Future

Rejoice, because the Sun card foretells happy and carefree times marked by success. Something exceptional might happen. Not a radical change — more like the natural development of current events. A lot of work has already been carried out and the benefits will soon start to show.

The Sun represents the season when everything is growing, just before harvest. In a reading concerning your future, it can only mean that good things are coming your way and fortune will smile at you.

It could be a new enterprise, acquaintance, or life-direction, the anticipated fruit of your labor, the completion of construction, a sound plan in its final stages… Refer to the adjacent cards for a more specific outlook.

For example, the Magician could mean you’re getting a promotion or a better job. The High Priestess with the Sun is a guarantee that you’ll pass the exams with flying colors, the Empress might even predict an easy birth and a healthy child, and so on. Whatever that may be, the forecast says blue skies and golden sunshine!

On a more personal and internal level, the dispersal of clouds and negativity clears the way for you to resolve any existing problems and focus entirely on yourself, your family, and what you love doing.

To simplify and narrow it down, the Sun card foretells two things with absolute certainty: clarity and fulfillment.

The Sun Reversed in the Future

In a reading about the long-term future, the reversed Sun is still a promise of prosperity, growth, and resolutions. However, you will likely run into an obstacle or two and progress will occur at a much slower pace than expected. Trees don’t grow in a day!

Considering that Earth requires a whole year for a full rotation around the sun, the card is always a reminder that good things take time. What’s more, your way won’t be without any difficulties.

You have luck on your side, momentum, and a lot of energy. But do not presume that’s all it takes to succeed and attain happiness. You have to make an honest effort and have patience and a clear mind as well.

The future is not set in stone. Sometimes we forfeit today for a distant tomorrow, forgetting that few people get what they want and those who do often realize their achievements do not actually make them any happier.

And on the other side, we have idle juvenile optimism, where we disregard the hard work required for a better future. The truth is found somewhere in the middle ground — the perfect balance of hope, realism, effort, and caution.

The Sun Tarot Card as a Person

The Sun as a person is an exuberant persona that is characterized by empathy, creativity, and a love for life!

The Sun card represents a brilliant person who radiates confidence, vitality, and joy. Always optimistic, they like to take care of others but never fail to get serious and exercise their intellect when they must. The card might also refer to a child!

The Sun card takes all the best qualities of the Emperor and the Hermit, combines them, and elevates them to an almost ideal archetype. It is the heart of a prosperous family, your best friend who is always there for you; a warm benevolent soul who values simplicity, minimalism, order, and companionship.

This person hopes to make the world around them a better place for everyone. Through their progress and success, they light the way for the less fortunate or those who are still searching for answers and solutions. Whoever meets them learns something new and their smile is always the brightest.

Each day is exciting and valuable to them. You’ll scarcely hear them complain or cause trouble — they are self-conscious and intelligent to the point that others may perceive them as extraordinary.

Which, to the person signified by the Sun card, would sound pretty silly because we’re all human beings with flaws and strengths!

Quite often they are the center of attention or the connecting link of a group of friends, and with good reason. They are polite and always ready to help those in need, lift their spirits, and help them grow. They have integrated their shadow and know very well where they are going.

Without leaving their house, they see and know everything upon the earth; and from the highest mountain to the lowest sea, the entire world is their rightful home.

The Sun Reversed as a Person

When reversed, the Sun card illustrates the man-child or daddy’s girl, too stubborn or spoiled to grow up, too old not to be taken seriously. Over-confident, childish, and quite helpless actually, they might think they are the center of the world only to feel abandoned when they realize they are not.

Don’t get this the wrong way — there’s nothing terribly wrong with the person you asked the question about, it’s just that they’re a brat and still have a long way to go!

They were likely given everything they wanted when they were a kid, so they have grown to be quite self-centered and learned to demand from others what they lack.

A repressed childhood can have a similar effect, in the sense that the person never had the vital lessons, experiences, and warm memories of a healthy child, and thus never really grows up. Their cup is half-empty; something is always missing.

They feel excluded and might believe that, because they were deprived of affection, the world owes them, and that justifies any kind of abnormal behavior.

Tongue-in-cheek, both these interpretations could result in what we might call “main character syndrome.” This person wants to be the center of attention at all times.

They could fabricate narratives about themselves or exaggerate trivialities, just like a child does, to validate their self-importance and social status or simply to cry for help. At the end of the day, all they need is love.

What Zodiac Sign is the Sun?

Some people think that the Sun doesn’t have a zodiac sign, but it does in fact. The Sun is the Ruling Planet to Leo

Leos are fiery and demand attention. They are charming, ambitious, and vibrant creators who open our eyes to new ways of thinking that we may have never considered before.

Leos are innovators. They shed light on our situations and help us to grow as we learn to broaden our view. They help us to see the beauty in the world. It is in their nature to want to share their gifts with others and they are well aware of the gifts they possess.

Leos can be seen as vain or showy from time to time. We can’t look at the sun for too long or it’ll hurt our eyes! This does not negate their valuable contributions, fierce need for companionship, and amazing warmth that they are always willing to give.

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