Sun Tarot Card Meaning – 35 Interpretations!

The Sun Tarot Card, A Complete Guide!
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In the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck the Sun card falls at number nineteen, just after The Moon and proceeding Judgement.  It’s imagery shows the sun in a cloudless sky. Four sunflowers peek out from behind a wall.  In the foreground, there is a male baby with a crown of sunflowers riding a white horse and holding a red flag.

The Sun was an important part of many ancient civilizations with many Gods and Goddesses associated with it like Amaterasu, Amun, Apollo, Helios, Ra, Sol, Surya, and many more.  Traditionally the element associated with the Sun card is fire, and it deals with the solar plexus chakra.

In this guide, we’ll walk through the meanings, imagery, and symbolism of the Sun card in various situations and positions in spreads.

What does the Sun Tarot card mean?

The Sun card means things are cosmically coming together with little interference. It is most often considered to be something good and beneficial, a monumental, joyous occasion.

Think of clouds clearing to reveal the sun. The removal of obstacles leads to success, positive energy, and new birth. The baby is a symbol for purity and newness, crowned with sunflowers, a symbol of alignment with the cosmic energies that govern the universe. The red flag that the baby carries serves as a symbol of passion and victory.

When pulled in a spread, we realize that we have the ability to do anything we put our minds to. We are properly aligned with the universe and cosmic energies and have the green light to start something new. we are protected and guided by the universe in our endeavors, armed with our wisdom.

This card often indicates it’s okay to take long trips or start a new business. Promotions are possibly on the horizon, or successful business deals. It also denotes the possibility of a new relationship or marriage, a new start as indicated by the white horse the baby rides.

This card is often associated with birth much like The Empress of the Major Arcana or the Aces of Cups Wands and Swords in the Minor Arcana.  An easy pregnancy, fertility, and even a healthy birth can be indicated by the presence of this card.

Sun Keywords Upright

  • Life
  • Passion
  • New Birth
  • Success
  • Removed Obstacles
  • Happiness
  • Health
  • Light
  • Beauty
  • Vitality
  • Goodness
  • Positivity
  • Peace
  • Growth
  • Abundance
  • Fertility
  • Marriage
  • Victory
  • Creativity
  • Clarity

What does the Sun Tarot card mean reversed?

The Sun Reversed is an omen that needs to be heeded. It could be a loss or a warning that whatever is being asked is not happening at a favorable time or doesn’t need to be done at all. It could even mean death or infertility.

In contrast to the upright where this card depicts beauty, positivity, newness, and clarity, its reverse points to a path blocked by obstacles, riddled with failure or clouded energies. Think of blockages.

When this card is reversed, pay attention to those things that once brought you joy and evaluate if they still serve you. Pay attention to where you feel yourself losing your light or creativity. What dulls you?

This is a Major Arcana card that deals with a really specific chakra:  The solar plexus. Whatever it is that has your energy off needs to be addressed and paid attention to help balance you and help you grow.

Sun Keywords Reversed

  • Sadness
  • Darkness
  • Illness
  • Decay
  • Death
  • Infertility
  • Loss
  • Conflict
  • Naivete
  • Stagnation
  • Divorce
  • Ugliness
  • Blindness
  • Blockage
  • Clouded Vision
  • Obstacles
  • Blocked Solar Plexus

The Sun Tarot Card as How Someone Sees You

If someone sees you as the Sun then hurray! When we see the sun we acknowledge how vital it is for life and sustaining the world.  It is integral to the balance of the heavenly bodies, the progression of the seasons, and what we see most immediately. The Sun holds sway over the day like nothing else.

When the card is pulled concerning how someone sees you, they think you’re out of this world! They see you as beautiful and important. This is an amazing card to have someone see you as.  

The Reversed Sun card can be read a few ways. Someone may have once seen you as a light but now finds you dimming .they may also see you as someone sad and depressing— a black hole, meaning you suck the light out of life. You may be a block in their life or an obstacle. They may need to move past you to get forward and progress.

What does the Sun Tarot Card mean in Love

the Sun in love is being seen as the one, as a soulmate or karmic love. The universe looks favorably on the love, it is near unconditional and lasting, it is normally a love that transcends lifetimes.

This is the enduring nature of the Sun. It has seen civilizations rise and fall for all of history and has been ever-present in the sky through it all— much like this love.

In the reverse, this is a fickle love. This love will teach you a lesson that will help you to understand how you need to be loved or what you look for in a partner. It is a love that isn’t meant to last and is often associated with puppy love or summertime flings. This is a love that is going to be over and done in the blink of an eye.

Additional readings of this reversed card in terms of love is that it is toxic. It’s a love where dependency is present or some form of manipulation. This can apply to love in all forms of relationships.

The Sun Tarot Card in a Relationship Reading

The Sun gives us light, love, and life. When we think of this card in regard to our family and friends, it fills us with a warm sense of reassurance.

You are loved and have so much love to give. Relationships are balanced and fulfilling. Spend time with those close to you and be sure to express your gratitude for all they do for you!

Relationships can be difficult, no matter the form they take. The Sun asks us to trust that we are valued by those close to us even in times of strife. The love that surrounds us is unconditional.

In its reversed position, The Sun asks us to reevaluate relationships and look beneath the surface. Are your interactions feeling rote or rehearsed? There may be a distance or dimming in the relationship that you haven’t noticed. The sun is a reminder not to let our relationships fall by the wayside. Maintenance is always important.

The Sun Tarot in Career

The sun in a career spread is often exceedingly good. It’s the card you’re looking for if you are hoping to progress in your line of work or find a new one. Things are looking bright and your input is extremely valued.

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Your bosses and higher-ups see you as important and integral to the team, value your input, and see you as someone dedicated to the company. This also is a good card for starting your own business, promoting and creating brands, art, and concepts of any kind. Your work is blessed with abundance and success when marked by the sun card. This can be as specific or general as The Universe sees fit!

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In the reversed position, this card warns to change careers, leave employers, and holding back launching products, businesses, or brands. It is a warning that is normally best paired with other cards to give more specific advice. But seeing as how the Sun is a Major Arcana card, the interpretation will most likely deal with the bigger and more long-term aspects of career choices.

The Sun Tarot Card as What Someone Thinks of you

When the sun peeks over the horizon in the early days of spring it coaxes the warmer nature of the earth from its cold winter slumber. It inspires life to reanimate and be as vibrant and radiant as possible.

This is what this card means when concerning how someone thinks of you.

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You’re inspiring. Your presence brings people joy and insight into what/how they want to be, it inspires people to be their best selves. You give them strength and hope that better is possible or is coming. You help to make life colorful again.

the sun relates to what you bring to the table. You could be an empath and, in that case, you’re bringing healing, listening, and love. You could be a “comic”, by which you’re providing laughter, another form of healing. You are an open source of goodness to them.

Reversed, the card means you dampen people’s perception of themselves or rain on their parades. When around you people feel depressed and or sad. This can also indicate jealousy or envy. You are someone people inspire to be and they despise you for being radiant and successful. 

Sun Tarot as How Someone Feels

The Sun as it relates to how someone feels has nothing to do with how they feel about you. This is how they feel personally and in its upright position, the sun screams AWESOME!

They are glowing. They are living in alignment and feeling it.

 They appropriately put themselves first, and they know how to take breaks and stabilize their lives. They are in an amazing headspace and may even be pumping out amazing work, especially creatively.

In its reversed position, the card may be telling you someone needs help. They need to be reached out to because they are in a dark place. They may be depressed, dealing with loss, or unable to see the way out of a situation. Remember to make sure you’re in a good enough headspace to be reaching out and helping someone. If you aren’t good mentally, you’ll be in no place to help or assist them.

The Sun Tarot Card as Feelings

The sun card deals with positive feelings and emotions such as love, empathy, creativity, internal and external peace, happiness, and joy, success.

These are the feelings that make life seem and feel amazing. Allow your heart and body to feel light and do all you can to share your joy with others so that they too may feel the sun on their skin.

Reversed it is darkness, depression, grief, or failure— The feelings are hard to deal with. The reversed sun is normally a sign to seek help or reach out. This also screams that you need to pay attention to how others make you feel too and analyze the role they play in your self-image.

The Sun Tarot card as How Someone Feels About You

You are warming, pleasant and exciting, even healing at times. This is an honor most often assigned to empaths.

Think about how the sun feels on your skin in perfect conditions. It’s warm, pleasant, and even healing. Few feelings top the sun gently kissing our skin. All of these wonderful and comforting feelings are what fills this person when they are with you.

Reversed this can describe cold and distant people. Similar to how the sun is a million miles away from earth you feel distant and unreachable to the person. This is a good indicator to start doing introspective work. Maybe you are a problem, maybe you’re depressed, maybe you struggle communicating your thoughts, ideas, and feelings properly. This is all ok only if you acknowledge your shortcomings and actively work to fix them. If you are feeling depressed please try to find the strength or energy to reach out to someone.

The Sun Tarot Card as a Situation

You are in the position to be able to enlighten and shed light in places where others may not have or in turn, have light shed into places you weren’t looking at similarly.

As a situation, the sun is always pointing to revealing and healing things that weren’t realized. In this case, you hold the power to make these revelations for yourself and others. The answers are all within. It most often plays a part in healing known or unknown generational traumas.

Karma plays a large role in The Reversed Sun’s meaning. It notes that your current situation is your own doing. Something in your past is coming back to get you. Now would be a good time to seek reconciliation with The Cosmos.

The Sun Tarot Card as Intentions

In terms of intentions, the upright sun card denotes things done out of love, for prosperity, and in the name of goodness.

These are actions that were meant to help, heal, and bring about growth or positive change. The Sun in this situation does not point to the outcome, but it reminds us that a person was acting out of good nature and should be shown some level of gratitude. It’s the thought that counts!

The reversed aspects of the sun point to something done out of spite or to bring pain. These are intentions specifically done to annoy, harm, or create some form of suffering, perhaps as revenge or out of envy. Be wary of the energies that surround you and watch your back.

The Sun Tarot Card as What Someone Wants

When asking after what others desire, The Sun denotes a person who wants to step into the light.

This can be read in a few different ways. Perhaps they are seeking recognition for their skills or are ready to step back into the world after a period of solitary self-work. Generally, this person is wanting to be made to feel like the center of attention. They see the gifts that they have and wish to share them.  Remember, though, in any relationship you are two people learning to live as one, so learn to share the spotlight and be sure that everyone is embracing their gifts— even you!

When reversed, this card points to a desire for space. The person could be feeling depressed or anxious and needs some time to get their thoughts in order away from the chaos of the world. Now is not the time to pull them into the light as it will not be beneficial to them.

The Sun Tarot card Yes or No?

Because of our sun’s dealings with light, goodness, growth, and its integral role in our wellbeing, The Sun is a clear yes.

This card is telling you that you are in alignment and have the universe looking out and protecting you. So whatever it is you have asked is a good decision that will help you in the long run.

 If reversed it should be taken as a no.  When so much of The Reversed Sun’s symbology has to do with negativity, it becomes hard to ignore a warning like The Sun in reverse.

If you want to learn more about how to use tarot for “yes” or “no” questions, read this article… “How to use Tarot for Yes or No Answers

The Sun Tarot Card as a Place

The Sun as a place, is someplace that gives you joy. It is a place that brings you peace and happiness and fills you with a fiery passion. It is an important place that helps you to live a good life/ sustain yourself. Think about how the Sun is the center of our solar system, it is fixed and provides light, stability, healing, and life.

Places associated with the Sun are Home for its comfort, Hospitals for their healing energy , and Places of Worship for their heightened spirituality.  There are numerous other places that can personally be the sun for you, it just depends on what you see as the center of your life.

Reversed, this card is a place that you dread or steals your light. When popping up in a career spread this is a job that will drain you of your uniqueness and creativity while leaving you feeling spent and used. It is a warning to choose a different place to work or a different career.

The Sun Tarot Card as an Obstacle or Challenge

It sounds counterintuitive, but the Sun card as an obstacle can be as simple as you may be too nice, optimistic, or happy. It may be keeping you in toxic situations or relationships.

There is something standing in the way of your happiness and weighing you down, leaving you unable to move towards your blessings.

As we’ve seen above, The Sun can describe a person that is toxic. One of the weirdest things that can be a challenge is Toxic Positivity. This is when you’re trying to be positive and optimistic all the time. This often requires you to deny, minimize, and/or invalidate a genuine emotional response which we all need even if it is a negative response. For if you don’t experience the negative how will you know what positive even is?

This card reversed is a warning of being too overly cynical, sarcastic, and or pessimistic. Your motivation is low as a result and all aspects of your life are suffering. You aren’t in tune with the cosmic energy or may even be the toxic person blocking your growth and progression through life. Both are forms of blindness.

The Sun Tarot Card as Action or Advice

Center yourself in the things you do and say. Make sure you are paying attention to your feelings and giving validity, peace, and attention to what matters to you.

Similar to how the sun is the center of our solar system the sun as advice tells you to put yourself at the center of your decisions and life choices. Because if you don’t live your life no one else will. It is also advisable to do things that have been on your mind for a while and to remember your inner strength, and power.

The Reversed Sun directs our attention inwards. There is a light that is lacking within you and it is time to put in the work to discover how to restore it. This is a time that calls for self-work in solitude. No one can take this journey but you.

The Sun Tarot Card as an Outcome

This is the best card to see pop up in a three-card spread in the future position.

The Sun means that the outcome will be favorable. It will bring about happy times, fill you with light and joy, and be beneficial.

This is an amazing card to see when asking about promotions, births, marriages, events, passed relatives, divorces, or trips out of the country. It signifies peace and confirms any expectations you might have. There is nothing to worry about and you can finally relax.

This is a favorable card to find in a spread about action as it denotes that something positive could come from taking action or that the universe looks favorably upon you for taking an action. It will be done peacefully with little to no pushback and may help you to grow in the process.

In its reversed position The Sun calls us to be on guard. There are forces that wish to cause us pain and we must be critical of our surroundings. This is a time to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Rash decisions will stunt your growth and stall you from moving forward and healing. Choices that are not cosmically aligned and can hurt or harm others in more dramatic ways than we might think.

Remember, all of your actions have ripple-like effects that we cant always know the end result of. When the sun is reversed in an action spread, it is telling you it’s not something not only bad for you, but it could also be awful for other people too.

The Sun as a Person

The Sun as a person is someone who is bubbly and joyous. They try to see the best in all situations and are always trying to shine a light even in the dreariest of places.

This person is someone warm and inviting, helping you to grow, feel better, and pushes you to be optimistic and the best possible version of yourself. They are selfless and hope to make the world around them a better place for everyone.

In the reverse, the Sun as a person is toxic. At one point in time, this person may have had the qualities of The Upright Sun, bubbly, and warm, but somehow, they have now become the opposite. They are complainers, pessimists, and the type of people that find ways to deprive others of light and joy. This could range from a strict boss to an angry ex.

What Zodiac Sign is the Sun?

Some people think that the Sun doesn’t have a zodiac sign, but it does in fact. The Sun is the Ruling Planet to Leo

Leos are fiery and demand attention. They are vibrant creators who open our eyes to new ways of thinking that we may have never considered before.

Leos are innovators. They shed light on our situations and help us to grow as we learn to broaden our view. They help us to see the beauty in the world. It is in their nature to want to share their gifts with others and they are well aware of the gifts they possess.

Leos can be seen as vain or showy from time to time. We can’t look at the sun for too long or it’ll hurt our eyes! This does not negate their valuable contributions, fierce need for companionship and amazing warmth that they are always willing to give.

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