Star Tarot Card Meaning – 35 Interpretations!

The Star Tarot Card, A Complete Guide

After the upheaval of The Tower, The Star comes as a breath of relief, sitting at number seventeen in the succession of the Major Arcana. The storm has subsided and now gives way to a tranquil oasis.

The Rider-Waite deck presents us with the image of a naked woman, who nourishes the earth with two vases of water, one in her left hand, representing the subconscious mind, and one in her right, representing conscious perception.

The left vase pours into a small pool, where she rests one foot in the unpredictable waters. The right pours into the lush and fertile greenery and splits into five streams— the five senses. She roots her other foot on the stable and practical earth.

Up above, one large star reminds her of her spirit, surrounded by seven smaller stars, a representation of her chakras.

The radiant star is a source of cosmic inspiration, our inner light, boundless infinite energy without form. Eight stars, with eight rays each, connect this scene with the card of Strength. The lion does not need to be tamed anymore, it has transformed into a pure and free spirit!

This is a card of balance that promises a moment of peace. After a long journey, the road can wait for a while. The maiden of the Star offers her spiritual healing gifts, freely pouring out the Waters of Life.

She is humanity, generosity, beauty incarnate. The archetype of optimism and eternal youth, she kneels before the Universe with joy and gratitude. This is her rightful place to be. She is truth unobscured, shedding the veils of the High Priestess, and transcending the passions of the Empress.

We can see that her foot rests upon the water but does not actually enter the lake. One cannot simply enter the unconscious — only stir it up and look at one’s own reflection. At this point of the Fool’s Journey, we arrive at a direct experience of the activated unconscious.

It reveals itself in familiar forms we can conceptualize and understand, not unlike the constellations in the night sky.

Birds often appear in dreams as messengers. The bird on the tree, on the right side of the Star card, is an Ibis, the sacred animal of Thoth, Egyptian god of wisdom, magic, and the arts, among other things.

Others claim that this is the dove that Noah sent out from his ark, to see if the waters had receded after the Great Flood.

Altogether the Star is a card of hope, calmness, and wishes; a dream-like and heavenly image of absolute beauty and wonder. If you have ever lain down beneath the night sky to look at the stars and marvel at the magnificence of the Universe, you know all too well the nature of this card’s message.

Let us recall Crowley’s liberating words once again: Every man and woman is a star!

In this comprehensive guide to The Star, we seek to define the many forms that this peace can take.

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The Star (Marseille Tarot Deck)

Table of Contents

What does The Star Tarot card mean?

After the turmoil of the Tower, The Star is a symbol of reprieve. Opportunity is plentiful and as vast as the night sky. Faith and hope shall be renewed, and the creative mind will be nurtured. It is time to rest and regain balance in order to look towards a bright future.

Many Tarot readers find this card comforting when it appears in a reading.

After a period of destruction, you have broken free from what seeks to restrict you and cast off anything that obstructs your connection to the divine. Thank your mind, body, and soul for their power to carry you through adversity and embrace a new appreciation and respect for yourself as a physical and spiritual entity.

The Universe has gifted you a sense of renewed hope and a period of calm in your life. You may find your comprehension of the self and others to be heightened or perhaps your personal growth will be significantly advanced. The Star asks you to open your heart wide to these blessings.

Inspiration is plentiful when this card is present and magic can be found in everything you touch should you choose to open your eyes to it. It is time to uplift your dreamer’s mind and give it the space it desires to manifest what may seem like a fantasy.

This card may also present itself as a time of metamorphosis and rediscovery. The path to your purpose is becoming less and less hazy as you strip away old, limiting patterns of thought and welcome in the new, best possible version of yourself.

Give in to your generous spirit. Share this spiritual wealth with those around you and nourish the world that you are a part of.

The stars look down on you with love, and this card is an invitation to dance among them.

The Star Card Keywords:

  • Hope
  • Faith
  • Purpose
  • Renewal
  • Healing
  • Optimism
  • Calm
  • Recovery
  • Abundance
  • Bright Prospects
  • Return to life
  • Promise
  • Development
  • Continual flow

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What does The Star Tarot Card Mean when Reversed?

When reversed, The Star asks us to look inward and confront a lack of faith and hope.

When this card appears in this position, life’s obstacles may be overwhelming, and you might find yourself asking “why me?” It is time to recharge your energies and practice self-care. It is time to nourish the mind, body, and spirit.

Reversed cards in The Tarot ask us to look within ourselves, and The Star is no exception.

The shadow side of The Star can be seen as a challenge of spiritual endurance.

Your faith and hope in the Universe are lacking and it is hard to look past all of the chaos taking place to trust that your moment of reprieve is coming. You may feel like your cries for relief are going out into the void. However, the divine is always on your side, you just have to adjust your sight to see it.

The Star reversed reminds us that everything happens for a reason. Be sure to analyze every hardship to see what it might be trying to teach you.

This card asks you to look within and build trust with yourself. Perhaps you have lost touch with your core being lately. Any external conflicts you face can be changed from within. Know that you are a part of the Universe and a part of nature and carry the confidence of knowing that divine energy flows within you.

Boredom runs rampant when this card is present. Routines are getting stale, nothing seems to inspire you, and your purpose is undefined. How can you reconnect with your whimsical mind and realign yourself with cleared vision? It is time to focus on what is truly important to you.

Your time and energy must be focused on yourself. Self-care and nourishment are necessary on a deeper level at this time, or your energy will be quickly depleted. This is not a time to push yourself.

Engage with nature and your spirit as you seek purification.

The Star Card Reversed Keywords:

  • Despair
  • Self-trust
  • Disconnect
  • Uninspired
  • Pessimistic
  • Monotony
  • Discomfort
  • Imbalance
  • Unrest
  • Hopelessness
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of confidence

The Star Tarot Card as How Someone (He/She) Sees You

If only we could read others’ minds to know how they think, feel about, or see us. You might turn to your tarot cards and ask a question like: how do I look in the eyes of others?

When attempting to judge others’ perceptions of you using Tarot, The Star tells you that you are an inspiration to others. Your presence and actions will often lead them to reflect on their path and place in life. You are an influence to others but must make it clear that you are not the solution to their problems.

The Star is a mysterious card that brings to light the odd ways the universe tends to work. When using it to judge how you are seen, it cites the intrigue that you inspire.

You are a magnetic person.

Others look up to you for your endurance through difficult times and admire your ability to keep your head held high. Your creativity, confidence, and idealism are attractive to both friends and lovers.

Much like The Star’s position after The Tower in the Major Arcana, you provide a comforting presence. You make others feel safe, and many of them have been searching for a person like you for quite some time.

Some may tend to latch on to the good you do for yourself and others and will misuse the peace that you bring to them to drain you of your energy. You must be wary of how others choose to interpret your spiritual wealth.

Do they see you as an inspiration to better themselves? Or do they see you as the answer to all of their problems? You only have so much energy to give.

The Star (Thoth Tarot Deck)

The Star Reversed as How Someone (He/She) Sees You

When reversed, this card says that an attitude check is necessary.

As a card that describes how others see you, the reversed Star means that, for the time being, you project the worst in you. Your inability to think positively or tendency to stagnate over small issues may be bringing those around you down and creating an air of tension. Pessimism and sadness are contagious.

When reversed, the Star’s energy is either wasted or repressed. You cannot hide hopelessness. You seem disconnected and bleak. A blank stare, a silent frown, rigid body posture – others will catch on to your mood and wonder how on earth they could cheer you up.

Or they might see you as a hopeless case and walk away. Therein lies the danger of a sad soul, because other people have their own problems and can’t always afford to stick around until you feel better. A wise Zen master once said: sad man, don’t speak to sad people.

Start small. Look after your appearance, put on some fancy clothes for a change. Perhaps a bit of self-care is in order. When you change the way you look at yourself, the people around you will instantly notice a difference. Even a new haircut or a single smile can go a long way.

Of course it’s alright to ask for support, but you must be open to the solutions others may offer. It’s time to take on a new perspective!

What does The Star Tarot Card mean in Love?

Take a moment to smile if The Star appears in your love reading.

Behind the water-bearing woman depicted in the Rider-Waite deck sits an Ibis in a tree, a symbol of good favor.

The Star promises hope in love.  There exists a true connection. It champions the ability of partners to listen to one another and confirms that they are on the right path. Not only does it ask you to value moments of stillness, it asks you to pause and listen to yourself. Solutions in love are not far off.

Because of The Star’s tendency to fill us with new ideas and views of the Universe, it often appears in a love reading when there are questions that lie under the surface of a relationship, assuring us that the answers lie within ourselves and our perspectives. This can also be applied to one in pursuit of romance!

Fear must be rejected in favor of optimism. You have powerful energies on your side!

The Star is, more often than not, a good omen in love, bringing with it a reminder to remain open and vulnerable.

In existing relationships, it points towards a time of peace after a bump in the road and promises solutions. Both parties hold magic within them that must be honored. With an open heart and ready ears, the time has come to listen and immerse one another in your diverse ways of perceiving events surrounding you as well as seek out new lenses together.

In the search for love, The Star can point towards a long term relationship growing from something familiar or looking at someone in a new light rather than a new person entering your life and sweeping you off your feet. It also highlights the importance of understanding your relationship with the concept of love itself.

Where have you been hurt in the past? How can you heal in order to open yourself to new beginnings? Before searching out there, make sure you allow yourself to heal. Look within, look at the stars above and when the time is right, true love will be revealed.

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What does the Star Reversed mean in Love?

Progress in love cannot take place if we are weighted in the past.

When reversed, The Star senses discord in a relationship. Communication is tense and choppy and both parties do not seem to comprehend one another.

Time together is tense and you may find yourself dreading time around your significant other rather than looking forward to it. It’s time to ask some tough questions.

Do you or your partner have anxiety issues that seep into your relationship? Is someone withholding affection and cares more about themselves instead of giving love freely? Are insecurities and problems from the past rising to the surface, thus creating a toxic, stressful environment?

Such problems often occur because the individual feels unloved. Thinking they’ve done a terrible mistake in trusting the other, they either close themselves off and obstruct communication or become demanding and needy, craving attention as proof of love.

The natural flow of the relationship is hindered; a misunderstanding here, a hurtful comment there, and then, the dreaded phrase: it isn’t what you think!

The Star reversed in love is a signal to open yourself up to your desired or existing partner. When walls exist between us, it is hard to truly connect.

No one should hide their feelings from their partner, nor deny them intimacy. And, truth be told, given enough time, no one can. The more time you spend with someone, the more you’re both able to see beyond the veils of the ego. Just open up and talk clearly without inhibitions.

For those seeking a partner, The Star signifies an imbalance in what you’re searching for. Remember, nobody is perfect! It is important to give prospective partners a chance, even if they aren’t your “type.” You might find that they have a shining soul.

It is very important to not get lost in a fantasy, an ideal version of your dream-lover. Look—the card’s message is quite simple.

Love yourself for who you are, give as much as you can, and others will in turn love you. In the same way, love them for who they are, and you will see two bright stars in their eyes when they look at you!

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What does The Star Tarot Card mean in Friendship?

When it comes to friendship, The Star speaks to vitality. No matter how long you have been friends, there is still room to grow. There are new adventures on the horizon and new levels of trust to reach with one another. It is time to lay worries to rest and try new things.

This card encourages you to value the time spent with those you love, whether you’re on a wild adventure or simply relaxing with one another. Their presence is a gift as yours is to them. Development should always be a goal.

The diversity among friends should be valued when this card makes an appearance. Examine: What have you learned from your friends? What have you taught your friends? How have their different perspectives helped you to grow?

The Star says to have no fear as you and your friends seek new and creative ways to honor and share with one another.

Your visits will be refreshing and your acceptance of one another will be heightened during this time. Though it may not last forever, it will give you the necessary tools and understanding to lessen future conflict.

What does the Star Reversed mean in Friendship?

When reversed, The Star asks you to evaluate imbalances that you might be perpetuating within a group of friends.

The card suggests toxic behaviors that may be subtle but sabotage your friendships. Don’t look for a culprit—instead, try to reconcile yourself with those awkward moments that generate anxiety and tension.

Do you feel unheard? Do you feel frequently disrespected? Do you do anything to manipulate others or make them feel less than? Are you barking up the wrong tree?

It is wise to remember that we show different personalities to different people. Your lifelong buddy sees a different “you” than the friend you met a few months ago.

And quite often the problem lies in expectations, inasmuch as we always try to show to others who we truly are while they usually expect of us to be who they want us to be.

This card could also point to the stagnation of a relationship. Perhaps activities with an old friend have gotten repetitive. Perhaps anxiety prevents you from branching out with a new friend.

It is time to realign energies and bring balance to your friendships. There is hope for a stronger bond than ever.

What does The Star Tarot Card mean in Career?

When it comes to matters of business, The Star urges you to move forward with your future endeavors with confidence. This is an especially good symbol to creatives, calling them to have faith in their abilities and consider a career in their art. At the same time, it warns of the dangers of excessive bragging.

Considering a risky business decision? Toying with the idea of giving a new profession a try? Coveting a certain job position? The Star says to keep moving forward! The future looks bright for those who keep an open mind and think creatively.

If you’ve been feeling disconnected from the work that you do, the appearance of this card suggests that it’s time to reevaluate what it is you want from your career. When you have a purpose, the way will be cleared. It is during this time that you must trust yourself wholeheartedly.

The Star generates curiosity and admiration from others. To avoid theft of your ideas, it is important to be humble about them. Find a balance between confidence and oversharing. When all of your business tips and tricks are available for the world to see, the mysterious intrigue that surrounds them is ruined!

Much like how The Star encourages growth from the trauma that the Tower brings, in career readings it signals that the only way is forward. Continually seek growth if you want to find success.

When The Star is followed and hope is maintained, peace and comfort in a career are inevitable.

What does the Star Reversed mean in Career?

However, when The Star appears reversed, it is time to take a step back. You might be barking up the wrong tree.

In a career reading, the reversed Star card means that you are wasting your energies. You have strayed from the path and it’s going to take more than wishful thinking to achieve your life goals. Look for a different approach and a new source of inspiration, without necessarily going for the big changes.

The Star is the clairvoyant of the Tarot. It can sense when one is headed in the right direction, and when it appears reversed in a career reading, it is a strong sign that you are not. It might not be the time to take that risk or make that change.

Don’t despair though! As with most things involving The Star, it’s merely time for a shift in perspective. This might not be the idea that will propel you to success, but you’ve got plenty more in you!

The Star Tarot Card as How Someone Thinks of You

It’s fairly simple — when the Star card describes how someone thinks of you, well, they think you’re a shining star!

The Star is not only beautiful and magnetic. She is also an extraordinary, generous human being, and that is what the person in question thinks of you. They believe you are gifted and always eager to share your exceptional qualities. Give away, but beware of flattery: don’t let it get to your head.

This is likely one of the best cards for such questions. To a potential partner, the Star is the ideal lover. To a friend or coworker, a living inspiration. To a stranger you just met, a bright new hope.

All in all, they admire the joy you bring into their lives and the fact that you’ve got nothing to hide.

You make them feel calm and relaxed. Perhaps they sense a healer in you, someone who can help them get in touch with their inner self and find their way.

Be careful, though, because sometimes this kind of energy awakens greed or envy in men; they see an opportunity to take advantage of you. Don’t let them steal your light!

The Star Reversed as How Someone Thinks of You

In reverse, the Star is thought of as a desperate or shameless person, someone who craves and demands attention. Maybe you have a sorrow in your heart that muddies your thoughts and feelings, and it shows. Or, perhaps, it is time to stop worrying over the opinions of others.

Some people think so highly of themselves that even stars are beneath them. Let’s hope that is not you in this case, and assume it is simply a matter of perspective.

Don’t get lost in others’ perceptions of you. Their validation or lack thereof seldom means anything. Only you can know what your inner light looks like.

The reversed Star speaks of sorrow and alienation at best, conceit and arrogance at its worst. Nonetheless, if that is who you are, don’t let others bring you down by entertaining derogatory ideas and remarks.

Audacity shows character, grit, and confidence. Even pessimism has its peculiar beauty, elevating the fragile side of the human spirit.

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What does The Star Mean in Conflict?

The Star denotes trust as the guiding light out of the darkness. There is no way to predict the outcome, but what is known is that no one will leave unchanged. All involved parties must be sure that this battle is worth fighting.

The woman pictured on The Star card continuously pours her vases into the stream and onto the earth under the vast night sky. Though her actions are minute and she is dwarfed by the universe, she continues, knowing that her small actions are nourishing the world.

Battles must be picked carefully. Our position in the galaxy must be perceived from two different angles:

Though we are small, our actions have consequences. The other person in the situation in question will be deeply affected by whatever is said or done in the course of this conflict.

On the other hand, we are so small in a vast universe. The other involved party may be looking at the big picture and wondering if their energy will be of better use elsewhere.

Your opponents are weighing the risks, just as you should be.

What does the Star Reversed mean in Conflict?

In relation to conflict, The Reversed Star is a sign that you are not trusted by those who oppose you. You may explain your side of things over and over, but it falls upon deaf ears. It is time to either regain or establish trust or walk away from this row with your head held high.

If The Reversed Star’s warning is not heeded, this conflict will end up much messier than it ever needed to be.

Where there is no trust, there can be no resolution. No point in trying to compromise and convince the other party of your integrity. They have formed an opinion about you that cannot be altered with words.

If you find yourself trying to prove there is no elephant in the room and nobody listens, you are wasting your time. Either wait until the ground is fertile to rebuild trust, or let it be and bailout.

The Star Tarot Card as Feelings

In times of turmoil, it can get difficult to pinpoint exactly how we’re feeling. Tarot can often give us an outlet to examine ourselves and our thoughts. It draws our attention to the aspects of our psyche that we might be forgetting— willfully or not.

The Star encourages you to embrace feelings of peace and comfort. Passing ideas, no matter how silly you think they may be, should be followed and honored. This card emphasizes the validity of all that is felt and cites that you have the power to heal any emotional wounds that may plague you.

The Star is all about balance and knows that we often have a tendency to let negative emotions like sadness and anger overwhelm us. It serves as a reminder that hope and confidence must be just as deeply felt.

When our lives get hectic, feelings of peace and comfort can be met with our own scrutiny and suspicion. It has to be too good to be true, right? The Star validates these feelings and urges us to revel in them while they are here. There is no invalid or untrustworthy feeling when The Star is around.

This card always brings with it the idea of development. Whims and ideas come and go, but during this time, they should be pursued with vigor. These ideas, just like your joys and pains, are valid and may leave you feeling more whole.

In times of pain, it promises healing and urges us to reject despair. The stars shine when it is darkest after all.

The Star Reversed as Feelings

The Star’s negative side concerns feelings of despair. Hope and comfort are nowhere to be found. Take a deep breath and think about the source of your dismay — let your emotions run their course. Perhaps you are overreacting due to stress and loneliness.

Remember that it’s alright to feel this way. You can’t force your feelings to change for the best. The Star, much like Temperance, comes after a major crisis. In this aftermath, you may feel your energy depleted.

Consider the reasons you are feeling this way. Maybe you skipped lunch or you’re just having a bad day. Focus on your tasks and think about what you should be grateful for, instead of everything that brings you down and makes you sad.

When reversed, The Star may be gently telling us that we’re overreacting. Energy is being wasted on one thing or another and situations must be looked at from all angles to determine the response they deserve.

Look around you: what is the cause of your anxiety? Is it even worth it? It’s okay to walk away from something that’s getting you riled up. Not all hills are hills to die on.

The Star Tarot Card as a Situation

When it appears in the past position, The Star signifies a turbulent situation coming to an end. A struggle is about to give way to a time of quiet. This card encourages you to keep pushing forward. This is not a time to give up hope.

This once again invokes The Star’s relationship to the concept of endurance. Perseverance in times of strife will be rewarded as long as hope is kept alive and despair is rejected.

This card once again calls us to look forward into the future. Tough times will not last forever and there is no storm that you are unable to weather. You must make it through to the other side using whatever means necessary. Now is a great time to rely on the supports around you.

The Star often notes that your ambitions and dreams have led you to your current position, usually commending you for your ability to keep an open mind.

The good or bad fortune that you are currently experiencing is the result of hashing your ambitions. Taking this into account, The Star can aid in your decision to keep chasing said ambitions or to reevaluate and reroute your path.

The Star Reversed as a Situation

Have you been feeling like you always end up in the wrong place, at the wrong time?

When reversed, the Star asks you to evaluate your current position. The situation you are entrenched in in the present may be avoidable and unnecessarily draining your energy. Is there an opportunity to walk away? If so, it might be time to set matters to rest and move onto bigger and better things.

The Star card in reverse poses an important question: have you been following your dreams and ambitions?

Or have trivial problems caught your attention? There are issues here that need to be addressed and resolved at once, even if it means turning your back on them and focusing on your well-being.

This card suggests a toxic situation that nears its end. You’ve been mindlessly wasting your time here and there, uncertain of what to do next or unwilling to move forward to a better place.

Fortunately, that happened only because of anxiety. The Star always brings hope. Choose more creative ways to unwind. Believe in your dreams and choose a new path. But first of all, you must recharge your batteries!

The Star Tarot Card as Intentions / What Someone Wants

Oftentimes, you may look at someone else and wonder “what in the world do you want from me?”

The Star represents the want for healing and positivity. Someone may want to make amends with you and usher in an era of peace between you. They may also be seeking for you to recognize their positive traits in the wake of a divide between you. The person in question is seeking comfort or a feeling of “home.”

The Star brings with it the want for hope.

The person in question is feeling displacement in some form, be it in your relationship or their own personal matters. Now is the time to offer them a breath of quiet. They are in need of a light in the darkness.

Yet again, The Star calls to mind The Tower that precedes it. In relation to someone’s desires, it calls to attention the hardships and struggles that have bred this desire.

They are looking for hope that things can either return to normal or that they have the power to heal from whatever it is that shakes their world.

The Star Reversed as Intentions / What Someone Wants

When reversed, The Star shows that someone may want their space. This person has been through a lot lately and cannot catch a break. They need to relax and heal on their own because right now anything can trigger them. Let them know you’re here to help, but don’t put any further pressure on them.

When this card appears reversed, the person in question will be easily overwhelmed and so it’s best to give them the space and time they need to grow. Sit this one out.

They are feeling uncomfortable and anxious but your help isn’t always what everyone needs. Some problems can only be solved through time alone. Don’t take this personally— you, too, will go through periods of self-work.

Is The Star a Yes or a No?

The Star is a wonderful symbol of hope and healing. This makes it a yes! However, The Star is a card of new perspectives and places a heavy focus on balance. That being said, there is no guarantee that you will get what you want in the way that you expect. The Star ensures that we get what we need in the end.

The Star often looks towards the future and invites you to do the same with an open heart and mind. When it comes to yes and no readings with The Star, it speaks more to your future rather than your present.

For instance, if a woman asks her deck “am I pregnant?” and The Star reveals itself, it does not ensure that she is pregnant in this very moment, but rather that there is hope that she may become pregnant in the future.

In the presence of The Star, we must think creatively and think about how different aspects of our life balance and interact with one another. Perhaps a question asked in one realm of your life will be answered in another. Perhaps The Star will help you to realize you already have something you are hoping for.

The Star approaches yes and no readings with a bit of playfulness, blurring the lines of yes and no, but assuring the reader that their future is bright.

When The Star appears reversed, this is a resounding no.

You are headed in the wrong direction. It is time to recalculate your path as well as your destination. Change is essential in growth and a reversed Star in a yes or no reading may be drawing attention to a change that you are resisting.

Slow down and take stock. It is time to get back on the right track.

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The Star Tarot Card as a Place

The Star is at home in a place that inspires tranquility. The pool present in the card’s imagery speaks to the purifying effects of water as well as the vulnerability that the night sky instills in us. An open lake brings these two elements together to balance our inner healing with our external role in the universe.

Water is integral to The Star, and so when we seek to relate this Major Arcana card to a place, bodies of water play a very large role. Think of the serene sound of a babbling brook. Where do you go to clear your mind?

Comfort is another prominent tenant of The Star. Where do you find rest? Perhaps that is in a warm bath in your home, or in the kitchen running cold water over your hands.

In order to connect with The Star, find the place that soothes you. Find a place where you feel held by the Universe.

The Star Reversed as a Place

In reverse, the Star suggests the opposite of the soothing environment we see on the card. It could represent a location in nature that is threatened by pollution or industrial expansion. It could otherwise be a place that personally makes you feel miserable and sad.

A forest burnt down by wildfire, a lake polluted by industrial waste, a natural habitat destroyed by machinery and heaps of trash.

We cannot ignore the environmental aspect of this card. The Star is a nurturer, a life-giver. When reversed, however, it can represent the poisons of excess, neglect, and contamination.

It is the negative aftermath that follows the disaster of the Tower, after all.

The Star Tarot Card as an Obstacle / Challenge

Everything must exist in moderation. When it appears in a crossing position, The Star notes that too much faith has been put into an ambition that will not ultimately serve you. There is something that is just out of reach that you are blocked from. It is time to take on a new approach to your journey.

The path to fulfillment is not always clear. Blockages in our energy become common when there is an imbalance of some kind in our lives. These barriers cannot be ignored, or they will begin to infect other parts of our being.

This card as an obstacle warns against the wild goose chase that our ideas sometimes become. Stubbornness must be avoided at all costs in order for growth and development to take place. We must be open to change when signs of misdirection are present.

Here, we face the danger of idle wishful thinking or investing in a goal that just can’t be achieved. Be careful how you spend your resources, and be realistic about what you ask of the Universe.

The Star Reversed as an Obstacle / Challenge

The Star Reversed as an obstacle denotes that the only thing standing in your way is yourself.

Ideas are currently undefined and unable to be followed. Put simply: you don’t know what you want and where you wish to go, so there can be no way of actually getting there. Because of that, you may be missing opportunities.

This card signifies that you may not be ready to approach the starting line. You can’t run a race if there is no track to follow.

Maybe you haven’t decided what you really want out of life, or you are overly picky. The Reversed Star warns of a capricious attitude and a chaotic mind without purpose that fails to find inspiration. It’s time to sort this mess out.

Your task now becomes building up motivation and organizing your thoughts. Your purpose needs to be defined by taking time to experience multiple different viewpoints. Tunnel vision will get you nowhere!

The Star Tarot Card as Action

So when we pull The Star, what do we do?

Despite The Star being a card exploding with new ideas, its call to action is passive. It asks you to be good to yourself. Perhaps this means being creative or doing something as simple as drinking a glass of water. When this card appears, it is time to nourish your hopes and dreams, and most importantly? Be generous.

The woman who pours her vases into the land and water is always giving back from her personal supply. She would not be able to do this, though, if it weren’t for her strong stance.

The Star approaches action in two parts: Help yourself and then help others. We cannot pour from a vase that is empty.

Let your mind run free during this time and do all you can to find the positives in every situation. Don’t be afraid to help others see these positives as well. You are called to be light to yourself and others.

Embrace moments of stillness and guide those around you to do the same. Comfortable silence with another can be a purifying experience and a great way to further a bond. Teach the ways of peace and self-care. We can all heal together and exchange wisdom that may be able to help others.

This work begins with you, though. Be gentle with yourself. Be kind. You deserve your peace and comfort just as much as anyone else.

The Star Reversed as Action

Reversed, The Star calls us to look inwards and analyze our actions. Sometimes we need to set ourselves straight. Ask yourself whether your preoccupations are actually helping you and those around you in any way, or if you need to change your attitude.

Think over recent interactions you’ve had with peers, family, lovers, and nature. Think over the effect your words have. We must check ourselves from time to time and keep working to be the best that we can be.

As a call to action, the Star card in reverse tells you to identify the reasons and motives in your seemingly unconscious behavioral patterns. Perhaps you are demanding instead of giving, or you try to avoid yourself by constantly seeking the attention and company of others. These are only examples…

Be mindful of your actions. Give when you can, when you are asked; receive what is freely offered. If you feel out of place and anxious, what can you do to change that?

The Star Tarot Card as Advice.

When we look to The Tarot for advice, no symbol can be taken lightly.

The Star draws attention to your health: physical, mental, or spiritual, and places heavy emphasis on rest. There is an imbalance within the body that requires a pause, no matter how intense the chaos surrounding you may be. Now is the time for a retreat. Know that you will be your best another day.

So much of our lives is so fast-paced to the point that we often forget that our vessel needs rest. Certain aspects of our health fall by the wayside and our energies get knotted up within us as the imbalance grows with time and neglect.

Listen to your mind, body, and soul and know that when they are not at their best, neither are you.

Sometimes it feels as if we wear ourselves out at the worst possible times, leading to frustration and anxiety. The Star, however, champions optimism. Instead of bemoaning what you can’t do in the present moment, give gratitude for the relief of rest.

Maybe you’re not running at 100% today. That’s okay! Make peace with the fact that you cannot do it all at once. No one can. Everybody needs a recharge. When we don’t give our bodies the rest that they need, we simply prolong the buildup to a breakdown.

Hopeful and wishful thinking will lead to a quick recovery. Healing is always the way of The Star.

The Star Tarot Card Reversed as Advice

A reversed Star in an advice reading is a wake-up call!

As an advice card, the Star in reverse suggests boredom and a state of disconnect. You should find motivation again and put your energy to good use. Your guiding light is obscured and you may feel lost or weak, leaving everything up to fate. That is merely a state of mind you must transcend.

Low motivation and over-indulgence in rest can slow development of the mind, body and spirit. Remember: self-care must be reserved for when it is truly needed. Sometimes self-care and avoidance can become entangled and we must be conscious of how we utilize this powerful tool.

In this case, the Star is not only wasting her energies but also underestimating and downplaying her potential. Comfort becomes a priority and the belief that everything will magically sort itself out sets in. Hence, the card’s warning is one of unproductive days, sneaky complacency, and idle fantasies.

The awakened individual knows that dreams are for those who sleep!

The Star Tarot Card as an Outcome

As a conclusion to the current state of affairs, the Star suggests a positive outcome. You’re in for an experience of healing and a subtle, yet energizing transformation. The key here is to relax, take your time, and enjoy the view — it isn’t like the stars in the sky are going anywhere!

The Star always evokes a feeling of gratitude. Take a moment to appreciate the gifts of life. If there’s food on the table, if starlight still shines in the night sky, if there’s at least one person to share your joys and woes, then rest assured that your path is leading you to a good place.

A rainbow after heavy rain, this card will likely show up after a crisis. Should you gather yourself and your thoughts, you’ll see glimmers of hope even in the darkest of times.

Don’t expect a major breakthrough, or that your life will miraculously change in the blink of an eye! Rather know that, in time, everything will be alright.

The Star Reversed as an Outcome

When reversed, the Star card as the end result of a reading means that the current situation will not resolve in a pleasant way. You are concentrating on shallow goals and toxic people, your attention is divided, and you aren’t giving 100% of your energy to what matters most.

The maiden of the reversed Star will soon realize she has lost her way. Let this be a lesson to you: not all that glitters is gold, and not all that twinkles and shines brightly is a star.

In the shadow influence of this card, the mind and soul are severed and led astray, either swayed by false promises or poisoned by an immature and selfish ego. Maybe you cannot discern the direction you’re heading to, maybe you don’t care.

In either case, muddy water seems deep, yet there’s naught under the surface.

The Star Tarot Card in the Future.

When seen in the future position, it is time to breathe a sigh of relief. No matter how dark your current situation may be, the path you have chosen will lead you to the best version of you. Your rebirth is coming and the transformations you undergo will inspire those around you. Peace is within your grasp.

Luck is on your side as you fight your way up from hardships. The light is on the horizon!

You may be bruised up from the chaos of life, but your time to rest and heal is coming and you are called to fight for just a little bit longer in order to receive a great reward that will leave your heart feeling full.

Now is not the time to give up on positivity. In fact, this is the time that your optimism must be at its strongest. Champion your faith and hope and use it to strengthen you. You are in the final sprint!

The Star reminds us that it is always darkest just before dawn.

A Reversed Star in the future position says that it’s going to take a bit more before you can reach your release.

There is always room to give more of ourselves in our struggle to be the best we can be. When we approach situations half-heartedly, we only prolong our adversity. A Reversed Star notes that you may have fallen into this trap.

Meet each day with vigor and face each challenge with your whole soul. Only then will you have access to the message the universe is trying to convey to you.

The Star Reversed in the Future

A Reversed Star in the future position says that it’s going to take a bit more before you can reach your release. The path ahead is dark; don’t be fooled if it seemed easy up until now. Difficulties you thought extinct might resurface, but you are well-equipped to handle them.

Grace under pressure, persistence when hope is scarce. These are the virtues you should embrace to meet the challenges in your future. Every athlete knows that when they begin to feel exhausted, that’s when they need to push through the fatigue and apply even more effort. Whatever happens, don’t give up!

There is always room to give more of ourselves in our struggle to be the best we can be. When we approach situations half-heartedly, we only prolong our adversity. A Reversed Star notes that you may have fallen into this trap.

Meet each day with vigor and face each challenge with your whole soul. Only then will you have access to the message the universe is trying to convey to you.

The Star Tarot Card as a Person

The Star denotes a gifted individual who has formed a healthy, intriguing, and inspiring persona. The card will likely refer to a youthful beautiful woman. It also hints at a warm heart and an optimistic, open mind. It might literally represent a person who is a star, someone famous or exceptional!

A sharp intellect, a generous heart. Calm, graceful, uninhibited — someone who is like the Star is always full of energy and stands out in a crowd with the voluptuous air of optimism and destiny. They are never bored and always feel at home.

They might be in their own world among the stars, much like the sign of Aquarius which the card represents, but don’t let that fool you. They know exactly what is up, they are fairly grounded, and will not mess around.

With them by your side, the whole world is an oasis, a mystery, a work of art.

The Star Reversed as a Person

In the shadow of the Star, we see a boastful, shameless individual who doesn’t know left from right! Sometimes that will be a person who demands of others what they do not possess, or who displays toxic and arrogant behavior to compensate for their lack of confidence.

The reversed Star describes a person who cannot adjust to their environment and has lost the link to their inner light, which they may be desperately trying to find in others. There’s a multitude of reasons for that: unresolved issues of childhood, feeling unloved and hated, hopelessness or social anxiety, you name it.

They need all the attention they can get and that can easily get on your nerves! Don’t be quick to condemn them, however — you never know what could have led them to this neurotic state.

Wasting their time here and there, mistaking the reflection for reality, they totally miss the point and ultimately cannot help themselves.

What they truly need is not reprimand or the satisfaction of their ephemeral whims. It is healing, love, subtle guidance, and compassion. They need someone to help them find their light and balance, perhaps someone like the High Priestess.

What Zodiac Sign is The Star?

Despite its close relationship to water, The Star aligns with the air sign Aquarius.

Aquarius and The Star have one major thing in common: The water bearer. This figure is seen giving back to the earth in an attempt to better it. The spiritual focus of The Star balances with the intellect of Aquarius and their contributions to humanity, as well as their ability to inspire those around them.

Aquarians are known for their creativity. They always march to the beat of their own drum! The Star asks us to seek new perspectives and solutions to old problems— a specialty of those born under the sign Aquarius.

They are known to sew the seeds of inspiration wherever they go, a feeling that The Star leads us to embrace and act upon. Not only will we personally flourish, but the world will benefit from our contributions.

In conjunction, this sign and this card promise us a better tomorrow.

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