The Empress Tarot Card – A Complete Guide!

The Empress Tarot Card, A Complete Guide!
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The third card of the Major Arcana in Tarot is the Empress. In the Everyday Tarot deck, she is represented by a pregnant female with long flowing hair, holding the fruits of her labors.

In this comprehensive guide to the Empress, let us explore the imagery, different meanings, and positions that the card might take.

What does the Empress Tarot card mean?

The Empress card in Tarot is defined by receptivity and motherly intuition. It embodies the divine feminine in us all, regardless of our gender. When we become connected with our divine feminine, it leads to a creation of something new, whether that be abundance, artistic expression, and more. She is the nurturer.

Everyone has both masculine and feminine energies in them, and the feminine energy is most suitably represented by the Empress. Note that masculine and feminine energies do not stereotype male and female genders, but simply represent the qualities of our spiritual and mental mindset.

The divine feminine connects us to our intuition and creative expression, placing us in a more flowing and softer energy. This is often wrongly misinterpreted as a meek and timid personality.

Rather, a calm energy is one where we are assured in what we do, how we express ourselves, and what we know.

As portrayed by her pregnant belly, fruit, and flowing hair, there is something distinctly abundant about the Empress.

We should not always instinctively associate the feminine stereotype with one of vulnerability, because this Empress figure distinctly knows her worth & value and is unafraid to communicate it.

This card is quite a blessing to receive because it always indicates material and spiritual abundance. When it is pulled, there is harmony in your relationships and any business or creative pursuits.

The Empress’ meaning can be quite literal, indicating actual pregnancy, or it might just indicate a figurative birth of a certain idea or mindset. Always look to surrounding cards and current context to distinguish which it might be.

As a side note, here are a couple of articles related to pregnancy:

The larger overview of this card is that once we place ourselves in a position of gratitude and support, we will be able to receive back what we have given of ourselves in the form of abundance.

Empress Upright Keywords

  • Nurturing
  • Abundance
  • Feminine
  • Pregnancy
  • Creativity
  • Self-confidence
  • Sensuality

What does the Empress Tarot card mean reversed?

Reversed, the Empress card may refer to a sense of insecurity and unfulfillment. In times of distrust, extreme co-dependency, or a lack of self-care, the Empress reminds us to reconnect and take care of ourselves. It is a signal of imbalance in our femininity and masculinity, as well as a block in creative energy.

Have you been practicing self-care, both physically and mentally? Often, we become so caught up in other people’s business, either giving too much of ourselves or being overly protective and lacking boundaries, that we forget to look at ourselves.

In other situations, we become caught up in our work and masculine oriented goals. Whilst being in an energy of ambition and achievement is good, we have to come back to ourselves and take a break. The Empress reversed indicates that the querent is not doing so adequately.

Reconnecting with our divine feminine can take place in many forms, such as practising some physical self-care, like remembering to take a bath and clean ourselves. It can also look like meditating and going out into nature to settle our thoughts.

Furthermore, the Empress card reversed can represent a creative block, which can happen in music, art, singing, writing, dancing, and other forms of expression. Whether you do one or more of these things as a profession or a side hobby, it is always important to remember that you are always doing these things for yourself first, as outlets for your creative energy.

It can suggest a lack of grounded energy or low self-confidence. Don’t be afraid of what other people think of your appearance or your creations– go ahead and prioritize yourself.

Empress Reversed Keywords

  • Insecurity
  • Self-care
  • Neglect
  • Abandonment  
  • Discomfort
  • Detachment

Empress as How Someone Sees, Thinks or Feels towards You as a Person

The insights that are revealed to us when considering someone else’s perspective towards us are always interesting. Have they affirmed, changed, or negated our opinions of ourselves?

When someone sees you as the Empress, it means that they consider you to embody an energy of nurturing and compassion. They see you to be a mother-figure who is caring and empathetic, but most importantly, to be someone who is fully in their personal power. You are seen as strong, capable, and down-to-earth.

Artistic, charismatic, warm. These are all aspects of your personality that the other person has perhaps noticed or is being drawn to. There is even an aspect of leadership that the other person sees in you, that maybe you haven’t even noticed yourself!

The element that the Empress is associated with is the earth. This indicates a strong sense of reliability. You are secure and grounded. You may be an advocate for environmental sustainability. Make sure to put up boundaries when necessary, because this healing energy often attracts people who are insecure in their own power.

As feelings, perhaps the other person thinks of you as a family-oriented person. They may be very close to asking you an important question to level up your relationship.

Empress Reversed as How Someone Sees, Thinks or Feels towards You as a Person

When reversed, this can mean a multitude of things, so much so that it is hard to pinpoint without context and clarifying cards.

Is the person unaware of their own feelings towards you? Are you unaware of their feelings? Is the person reluctant to acknowledge their feelings, but aware of them? Or are you the one perhaps rejecting their feelings, or refusing to acknowledge them? Do they even feel negatively towards you?

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Usually, the Empress reversed shows that the other person perceives you as more emotionally detached or cold. Other options may be that you seem to be insecure and uncertain because you have not reached the level of self-confidence that allows you to see your own beauty. A more masculine energy surrounds you.

Whereas the Empress upright projects a more motherly, feminine, and confident vibe, the Empress reversed projects a masculine, and even detached, energy. So whilst a person could perceive you to be grounded and calm in the upright position, for the reversed they could see you as more goal-driven and action-based.

Furthermore, a crucial aspect of the Empress is her inner beauty, and moreover her knowledge of that beauty. The state of being insecure is a low-vibrational state and changes one’s perception of their physical selves. If the outer self reflects what the inner self thinks of itself, then others will be able to notice insecurities and lack of confidence in body language, speech, and so on.

The Empress reversed may also indicate that the person perceives you to have a lack of warmth towards them. You can seem cold, closed off, or lonely. It can seem like you don’t care much at all, according to an outwards façade.

You may notice that some tarot readers do not offer readings to delve into the thoughts of other people. It may be a cause of their own ethics or beliefs, but often it is simply difficult to discern who is thinking what.

Empress Card as a Place

We often use our tarot decks as a method checking up on ourselves, particularly when we feel stressed or need guidance. A good question to implement into our routine is to ask: ‘Where will I feel the most at home this week?’ 

The resulting card may be at your literal home, your own mind, your workplace, or someplace else. Whatever the result, be assured that you can look forward to a feeling of belonging in at least one aspect of your life that week.

Alternatively, you may be asking where you might meet a particular person, or where you should travel to.

Because the Empress in Tarot represents the archetype of Mother Earth, any natural environment, such as a park, the beach, mountains, or bodies of water can be indicated. It may even be a place where you honor yourself as a person, or somewhere that brings peace and a grounding energy. The Empress can also refer to your home.

In the Rider-Waite tarot deck, the Empress sits upon a throne surrounded by nearby trees and grass in the foreground. She is connected with nature.

If the Empress card pops up, it can most definitely indicate somewhere out in nature that will allow the querent to embrace themselves and their beauty.

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But even when describing a man-made structure, examples of places can include beauty parlors, boutiques, and even elegant or luxurious restaurants and hotels.

Furthermore, the Empress has been established as an archetypal figure of femininity and care, a figure who embraces a motherly energy. This card could easily refer to a place you consider as home, or where you feel at home.

Empress Card Reversed as a Place

Reversed, the Empress card can refer to places that are more urbanized or disconnected with nature. It can be a place that is further away from home and can be foreign, unfamiliar, and uninviting. It is possible that the physical setting is devoid of plants or animals, or empty of any life altogether.

With the peaceful, abundant, and feminine nature of the upright Empress gone, the reversed often points to a place where there is a lack of flourishing. This can mean that you as a person remain trapped in this place, unable to grow, or it can mean the literal absence of flowers and plants.

This place can be quite cold or dull; think of a professional, clean office space, as opposed to a warm and inviting dinner at home.

What does the Empress mean in Love?

Love readings make up an important part of all tarot readings, possibly because it is a large factor in many people’s lives. Luckily for the querent, the Empress card is an extremely suitable card to appear in a love reading.

This can refer to familial, platonic, or romantic love. Please see the section on ‘Love or Relationship Readings’ to delve further into specifics about romantic or sexual connections.

The most classic interpretation of the Empress in Tarot is one of fertility and pregnancy. Because this is not the case for everyone, the Empress can also signify a more balanced relationship, filled with vitality and harmony. It signifies a bond between the divine masculine and feminine, again, regardless of gender.

Appearing upright, the querent can look forward to a time where once they are fully embracing themselves, their connections and relationships will flourish.

There will be equal give and take from both parties, symbolizing a new period of returned affection and familial support. There is emphasis upon love that is healing and unconditional.

What does the Empress Reversed mean in Love?

However, whereas the Empress upright indicated a flourishing of a relationship, its reversed indicates that one party is not quite ready to enter into a loving bond.

The Empress reversed signals that it is time to focus on self-love. Being able to love another person properly means that one fully loves themselves first and is able to provide care for themselves foremost. Everything in love will come flowing to you once your self-confidence is stable.

We often underestimate the value of loving ourselves, but being fully replenished and recharged means that we have more energy to give to others. Self-love is extremely important to contributing to your self-image and the way you interact with others.

A part of being in love means being able to take care of the other person, and in the long-term, a healthy relationship will only arise if you’ve taken time to work on yourself. Now is not the time for loving someone else when you are the first priority.

Empress Card as Intentions or Wants

As an intention, the Empress card may be drawn to highlight the want to take care of a person, or even give birth to a new business or creative idea. Because the Empress is about receptivity and connection, it can signify the need to provide others with support and hence also receiving back the benefits of such giving.

A person’s intentions through the Empress can reveal that they may be feeling a sense of protectiveness. They may be drawn to helping another because they are motivated by a very innocent and pure energy of support, love, and friendship.

They might also want to reach out to you to collaborate upon a new business or creative plan, initiating a new brand or a project that is very much your own.

Because the Empress is also very much about individualism and standing firm in your own power, the card reversed can signify the intention to detach or let go of a controlling or smothering relationship.

This can literally refer to a mother figure or even a friend, or even to you from the other person’s perspective. Make sure to embody the positive aspects of a motherly figure and be receptive to the other person’s perspective.

Empress Card Reversed as Intentions or Wants

The Empress is all about abundance, fertility, and being able to stand as an individual. You flourish when you build yourself up as well as others around you. But what happens when it appears reversed?

With the reversed Empress, the intention can be one of smothering or limiting another person’s potential. This can be done in a number of ways, including being overly lenient or neglectful in parenting, or on the other hand, overprotective and obsessive with caring for a person’s every action.

Allowing a person to bloom means being attentive to what they need to grow, yet also giving them space to expand in their experiences. A subversion of the nurturing aspect of the Empress is the two extremes of being too controlling or not caring at all. Their intentions may be to ‘care’ for you so much to the extent of suppressing your individuality.

This obsessive need for complete control in their care can lead to negative consequences for you or the person they are impacting. In the case of the Empress reversed, it can result in a lack of confidence or inexperience.

Is The Empress Tarot Card a Yes or No?

We often ask yes or no questions, as inaccurate as they may be, because we just want to clear answer. Even receiving guidance can be exhausting sometimes, as the message may not be clear to us until weeks later.

As a tip, always phrase your yes or no question in a positive way for an easier interpretation of the cards. For example, asking ‘Am I going to be accepted into that job?’ is better than asking ‘Am I going to be rejected from that job?’ because a positive card draw will be clear as to what answer it is referring to.

The Empress card radiates an energy of abundance, the answer to a “yes” or “no” question is likely an affirmative. Connect with your higher self and to express some gratitude for the small things in your life right now. Absolute gratitude and belief in yourself will ultimately lead to a better outcome.

Things are looking positive for you. Continue in your path of confidence. When reversed, the answer may still be an affirmative, just that there will be more obstacles along the way to overcome.

In an “Yes” or “No” question, the Empress Tarot Card Reversed, a sign of blocked abundance, the Empress card leans towards a maybe or a no.

But even if your goal may not have been attained, or plan may not have flourished as hoped, there is still time to reach that abundance.

Achieve a clearer vision, perhaps utilize your creativity more, and work on building up confidence in preparation for the next opportunity.  never prevent positive results!

Here’s an article that talks more about yes or no questions: How to us Tarot for Yes or No Answers

The Empress Tarot Card in a Love or Relationship Reading

A long-term relationship may just be starting, or a returning lover can be back for another round. Connect with your intuition to discern whether you want to enter into this relationship. Hopefully, with the Empress card, this time there will be real growth and appreciation.

The Empress card may indicate the start of a new relationship, where the other person will truly value your divine feminine, or even possess a feminine energy themselves. If the querent is already in a relationship, then expect a period both people can flourish, fully appreciate each other, and regain understanding.

The Empress card may just refer to a feminine figure whom you will be meeting. This can refer to both a woman or a man, depending on your preferences, but they will most likely possess an aspect of nurturing and emotional care, as well as loyalty.

As well as this, the Empress may be one of the more romantic cards in the deck. It can signify a time where you and your partner go on more romantic dates, or even work on a more spiritual connection with each other.

If there were more arguments and disagreements in the past, a time of healing and harmony is approaching.

Looking for tarot spreads for love, read… Best tarot spreads for love

The Empress Tarot Card Reversed in a Love or Relationship Reading

Reversed, it acts as a warning against the type of person you will be meeting. They can be insecure in their femininity and not be fully prepared to enter into a relationship. The good thing about tarot is that it is completely up to you if you would like to walk away or enter into it anyway to help them along their journey.

The Empress reversed signifies that the relationship has become imbalanced. There is a lack of appreciation or care for one another. It can be stifling your individuality. Otherwise, this card might indicate that a new relationship is not ideal. You may be concentrating on working on yourself and healing for now.

The reversal of the Empress leads to the rejection of the flow of feminine energy. Once this mutual flow has been interrupted, the relationship starts to become rigid or unhealthy.

Emotional rifts start to appear and there may even be physical distance apart. Try to reconnect with each other at an emotional and spiritual level. This can apply to any relationship.

Another interpretation for asking about a new relationship is that you are not in the right space to actively connect with the other person. Perhaps in the past, you sought approval from others in relationships. With the Empress in reverse, now you’re confident enough in your self-worth to ask that of yourself.

The Empress Tarot Card in a Career Reading

The Empress card for a career reading can indicate a career that allows the querent to express their creativity and empathy. Any career path in the medical profession, beauty industry, or creative arts can be considered. When asking about a current business, rest assured that it will experience positive growth.

The Empress upright, when asking about a business, is clearly an excellent and comforting card to receive. It talks about long-term growth and success. Like the fruit that the Empress carries in the Everyday Tarot deck, it is desirable that something will come into fruition.

If inquiring about a possible career path, then choose something creative! Even if you do enter into a career field that seems conventional, consider what you can combine with that work to innovate and transform it. Side hustles are also valid possibilities, such as creating your own designs or art and selling them on Etsy.

Try also thinking of how you can incorporate nature into your career. This isn’t a must, but if it does sound appealing, then go for it. The Empress card can be about creating something out of your passions and nurturing it into a viable career possibility.

Keep an open mind and allow yourself to be in the flow of new ideas and fresh energy. Something may pop up as an initial idea, and this is where the Empress card appears to let you know of that project which is worth pursuing.

The Empress Tarot Card Reversed in a Career Reading

When reversed, you may feel as if the business is going nowhere. There is no growth to be seen and a feeling of dissatisfaction. Look to the Advice card to help in this situation. Are you being too controlling of where the business can progress?

Your career may not be flourishing as you had hoped, with the Empress reversed, or may be running into some stagnancy soon. Otherwise, it might be that you are not developing or growing in your current career choice. You might feel stifled. If so, consider exploring some more creative outlets.

The Empress reversed appears in a career reading when you are not feeling recognized or appreciated. Your own potential may be limited by this particular career path or by others around you.

However, these problems might be the result of your inner lack of self-worth. The constant mindset of unworthiness may be causing rifts in other areas of life, such as in your career.

Assess carefully whether your self-love or your actual career needs adjustment. Find something that’s right for you and appeals to your unique passions.

Empress Card as a Situation

Sounds like the ultimate card to receive, right? Absolutely right—this card indicates that perhaps you’ll stumble upon a situation that is an open space for self-expression.

It’ll allow you to flourish in yourself as a person, embracing all parts of yourself and others, not allowing anyone to be rejected. It calls for aspects of harmony and balance.

The Empress card refers to a comfortable situation in which the querent is secure and grounded. There is no sense of fear to embrace themselves and express their creative intelligence. This situation allows the querent to live in organized beauty, to love abundantly, and to be grateful for the joy that they’ll receive.

You will be appreciated as who you are and people will be drawn to you because of your nurturing nature.

As an example, perhaps you may be preparing to give a speech or presentation in front of an audience soon.

The Empress card upright in the Situation position gives you nothing to be fearful of. Make connections with the audience, be open in your personality, and you will be welcomed. Hold onto an inner Empress for that extra self-assured confidence boost.

Empress Card Reversed as a Situation

Reversed, there are likely negative emotions in regard to self-worth or ability that can act as blockages towards how well you give your presentation. When we observe a person on a stage, we tend to make our judgments first about how comfortable the presenter makes us feel, and in order to do that, the presenter must be confident in themselves.

Reversed, the Empress may indicate a situation where you are feeling squashed, unheard, or repressed, and thus unable to grow. Your self-worth is low and you may not be taking care of yourself as you should be. Your flow of creativity may be stagnant. It can literally point towards issues surrounding pregnancy.

This situation is not the most ideal. It is smothering your self-expression and your confidence. You may feel as if you are not being valued in this particular position or situation.

It can even just be an experience that you aren’t fully comfortable with. This card can refer to other people as well, being overly dramatic or pushy around you.

Take care also that you are not too caught up with work or responsibilities such that you are neglecting rest time or self-care. We often say ‘self-care’ as a general term, but anything that feels therapeutic to you, such as doing skincare, taking a bath, or reading a book will allow you to cleanse yourself of stress.

Even feeling as if you are not good enough to take on a particular role or task is a reflection of the Empress reversed. An accumulation of things, such as not feeling worthy, or experiencing financial troubles, can contribute to negative energy that suppresses your inner confidence.

Furthermore, if none of the above situations apply to you, then consider some issues surrounding the matter of pregnancy. It might be that you are having problems with fertility, pregnancy, or childbirth.

It might even be discrimination against you according to your gender.

Empress Card as an Obstacle or Challenge

There may be upcoming challenges that present an obstacle to your self-confidence. It can refer to a struggle to fully embrace the divine feminine, or difficulty in appreciating the abundance around you. This can result in a block against any growth and manifestations. There is a lack of usual radiance and warmth.

Reversed or upright in the Obstacle position, the Empress’ meaning resonates the same—there are general feelings of frustration, lack of growth, and things not going to plan.

Whether it is reversed or upright depends on the querent’s awareness of this problem. This interruption may be destructive to your self-confidence or produce a blockage upon long-term plans or wishes.

Let’s go with the classic example. Your pregnancy wishes may not be fulfilled just quite yet, but rest assured that the higher powers have something else in store for you. Readjust your wants and priorities for the time being. You may even be being encouraged to grow in yourself first.

When you don’t seem to be fully appreciated by those around you or something is preventing you from reaching your full potential, take a step back within yourself and reassess what situations you might need to leave or change.

The Empress herself can also refer to your mother or a mother figure as an obstacle you need to overcome. What are her true intentions? If her intentions come from a place of love or care, perhaps some effective communication is needed.

Empress Card Reversed as an Obstacle or Challenge

However, more often than not, the Empress as an obstacle comes from within the querent. It may be a very much internalized problem, arising from a refusal to see and appreciate the small blessings around them.

If we always reside from a place of want and lack, then we will attract those things of lack and misfortune accordingly.

Reversed, the challenges that the Empress card reflects are similar to those of the upright. But whilst the upright can refer to outside influences that are hindering your self-expression or growth, the reversed can instead refer to your internal mindset. Some mindsets are internalized, whereas others are learned.

If we instead adopt a mindset of gratefulness, letting go of outcomes, then sometimes the universe will surprise us with unexpected blessings. Know your worth.

Of course, it is difficult to always think positively. In fact, being in a permanent mindset of positivity might even result in denial. So, the Empress as a challenge may just refer to a situation that may result in difficulty in keeping up optimistic thoughts.

Additionally, many of us may be uncomfortable with our femininity, and it can happen in females and males alike. Being unable to fully embrace our feminine side sometimes goes hand in hand with an insecure masculinity.

When this happens, all sorts of obstacles arise, such as sensitivity in appreciating our appearance, an inability to show vulnerability, a lack of compassionate energy, and low self-confidence.

Empress Card as Action or Advice

As an advice card, the meaning of the Empress is clear. Be sure to nurture yourself physically and mentally and step away from draining and toxic relationships with people or objects. The Empress can also indicate a connection with nature, so the message can be to stay grounded and reconnect with your feminine side.

Whenever the Empress appears in the Advice position in a spread, make sure to honor yourselves and any other people involved. Connect with your intuition; maybe the answer is inside you. You are being encouraged to use your creative intelligence, in some cases, to solve a problem.

The Empress advises us to stay optimistic and to know your worth. If a person or situation is not respecting you, then prioritize yourself first and protect your own energy. It might also even mean for you to not settle for less than what you know you are worth, in a relationship, friendship, or business deal.

Overall, the message for the advice position is to nurture yourself and your self-confidence, so when the time comes, you will be able to step into a positive outcome. Recreate the Empress’ love for the earth, and apply it to your own life.

Empress Card Reversed as Action or Advice

In the reversed position, the Empress may be encouraging you to let go of the situation. Perhaps you are taking too much care of this situation to the point where you are being overly controlling and overpowering in regard to your actions, other people’s actions, and where the situation might lead.

As advice, the Empress reversed tells us to detach from a particular person or situation. There is too much emotional involvement to be able to take wise action or make logical choices. Sometimes, there is also no other way to progress than to just pause our efforts and take a break.

Releasing that motherly stance will sometimes help the querent realize another perspective. It is not always feasible to be watching over everything in all of our lives.  

Whereas the Empress upright is the epitome of giving attention and care to those things we want to grow in our lives, the Empress reversed advises us to avoid becoming emotionally attached. Our emotions may be getting in the way of a decision.

When it comes to a person or project that we’ve put our time and heart into nurturing, who would want to let them go? But when the time comes, this card says that being logical can result in a better outcome all around.

Empress Card in the Outcome position

In some cases, if the querent is asking about a pregnancy, then this card is complete reassurance that the pregnancy will come to fruition. But what about other possible situations and problems?

The outcome associated with the Empress card is one of abundance. If this card is drawn, the querent can expect an outcome that restores their personal power, even if it may appear negative. It can also eventually indicate a beginning, or a renewal in energies. The situation will be resolved in an energy of assurance.

This outcome is extremely positive, regardless of how the initial situation turns out. It indicates a rebirth of character and surroundings. Perhaps getting rejected from a job opportunity may initially turn out to be worrisome, but instead it will allow time and space for the birth of a new self-employed business opportunity.

The Empress usually indicates a flow of energy that allows the querent to move forward in their self-growth.

Empress Card Reversed in the Outcome position

In reverse, the Empress card suggests an outcome where the querent’s emotions have been repressed or someone is not getting due credit for their work. There may be an unsuccessful launch or new beginning of a project. It can indicate a negative outcome to a pregnancy test.

The Empress in reverse can suggest a variety of outcomes, the two most likely ones being a financial loss or a negative pregnancy test.

A project you placed effort into may have collapsed or not flourished in the way you expected. It may not be giving you the payoff that you had anticipated. The important thing is to adjust your perspective and regain your confidence.

Lastly, the Empress reversed can suggest that someone’s emotions will get hurt in the process. Even if an issue has been resolved, there is a lack of emotional balance and closure.

Empress Card in the Future position

In this spread, look to the Past position and compare to the Present and Future positions to gain insight on how the energies have progressed. The Outcome position refers more to how a situation will end, but the Future position refers to a long-term energy that the querent will step into.

In the future position, be sure to expect a revitalization of something in your life. Whether this refers to a job situation, a relationship, or the way you view yourself, there will be a definite confidence and enjoyment. It does not necessarily mean an ending such as the Death card represents, but more of a rebirth.

Similar to the outcome position, the Empress in the future position is an extremely optimistic card. However, in a general future position, this card can indicate stability in the long-term. Think of a literal pregnancy—a child is definitely not a commitment that is in the short-term.

It requires long term commitment and dedication. But the added assurance of the Empress card allows this long-term commitment to be fruitful and cooperative. This would apply to any figurative birth.

If you are asking about the future of a relationship or a project, then it will rest in a place of contentment and abundance. There will be clear growth that can be achieved over the coming months.

Empress Card Reversed in the Future position

Reversed, this may indicate that there will be a slight blockage to this growth and abundance, but once the querent overcomes and perseveres through this blockage, then there will be a definite achievement of the Empress card upright.

The future represented by the Empress reversed means that you will be stepping into a period of stagnancy or low self-esteem. The focus will primarily be upon reaching work goals instead of delving into more creative fields. This is less of a time for love and relationships, and more for being with your own energy.

Although the reverse card can indicate issues with self-worth and beauty, it does not have to necessarily apply to your situation. It could simply mean that you are diving into more of a masculine energy.

The future ahead of you can be a very busy period, with less time to focus upon indulgences or self-care. Remember to still rest as needed.

The Empress reversed could also suggest that due to this masculine energy, you will devote less energy or time to your relationships and family. Family reunions or going on dates might be harder to fit into your schedule. 

In relation to the development of a business or project of some sort, this card could suggest that it can be hard either getting it off the ground or maintaining business growth. This is quite a common experience so don’t be too worried or dejected; hopefully, things will take a turn for the better.

What Zodiac sign is the Empress?

In astrology, the Empress card is associated with the air sign Libra. These may refer to actual people in your life, but it may also bring a focus upon Libran energies of balance and appreciation of beauty. The card is also associated with the planet of Venus, which rules over the zodiac signs Libra and Taurus.

Venus is the planet most commonly associated with love and beauty. It is the appreciation of pleasure and sensuality, and of embodying aesthetics and art.

The zodiac sign of Libra is represented by a set of scales, demonstrating equality, symmetry, and balance. Libras are the peacekeepers, collaborators, and contemplators of the zodiac.

With these two energies combined, the Empress thus portrays balancing our productivity with our self-care, our self-love with our nurturing for others, and our masculinity with our femininity.

Also read this article, that talks about how tarot and astrology are related: “How is astrology and tarot related?

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I love my Asakuki DiffuserOpens in a new tab., I have this going in my living room or my office with either peppermint or lavender. The diffuser holds more water than other diffusers and lasts longer. It also has a timer so that I doesn’t run dry. The DiffuserOpens in a new tab. adds a nice gentle scent to my home.

I also love having my White Sound MachineOpens in a new tab. and my Asakuki DiffuserOpens in a new tab. running in my living room. Sometimes I will choose the sound of rain or the ocean or even thunder. It depends on my mood.

I’ll fill the diffuser with lavender or peppermintOpens in a new tab.. With the thunder in the background and the smell of peppermint, it’s like being whisked away to a far away place!

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