Magician Tarot Card Meaning – 35 Interpretations!

The Magician Tarot Card, A Complete Guide!

The first card of the Major Arcana is the Magician. The number 1 is the starting point and the source of all other numbers, a symbol of unity, and the center of consciousness. In this sense, the Magician has gathered all the elements before him to unite them and start the Great Work.

In the Rider Waite deck introduced in 1910, the illustration on the card shows a youthful figure holding a wand with the symbol of infinity hovering above his head.

He is wearing a white tunic, symbolic of his purity, a red robe that denotes activity and passion, a white headband to keep his mind intact, and a serpent-like belt. The serpent eating its own tail is called Ouroboros, an alchemical symbol for wisdom and eternity.

The Magician is pointing to the sky above with one hand and to the earth below with the other. On the table in front of him are the four suits of the Tarot – a pentacle, a cup, a sword, and a wand.

Beautiful flowers surround the sorcerer. They are symbolic of the fruition and realization of his plans. The roses denote love, beauty, and perfection, while the lilies symbolize miracles, as well as devotion and purity of heart.

We can notice an interesting detail in the upper left of the image. The wand is similar to a candle that is burning on both ends, meaning that the Magician is working extremely hard to produce results. A simple “abracadabra” won’t suffice!

Moreover, we can liken the wand’s purpose to that of a lightning rod; it is channeling divine energy.

The Magician is all about beginnings, potential, and choices. Out of the infinite possibilities, he chooses one to manifest his will in a symbolic quest to make dreams reality. He is the initiate, the disciple, the trickster, the first link between the spiritual and the material realm.

To better understand the role of this card, we need to define the controversial subject of magic first.

To quote Aleister Crowley, one of the most infamous magicians of the 20th century: “Magick is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with Will.” Hence, the card also speaks of willpower, observation, technique, artistic expression, and experimentation.

In this comprehensive guide to the Magician, we’ll try to interpret what this card could mean in different readings and explore its symbolism.

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Table of Contents

What Does The Magician Tarot Card Mean?

The Magician represents willpower, talents, opportunities, and the ability to succeed. This card suggests that we have all the necessary tools and resources at our disposal; all we have to do is choose a way and act. It could also indicate a beginning or an initiation to the mysteries of life.

Thinking outside the box, living in the present moment, making the right choices. These are the first steps into the Major Arcana, the plain truth hiding beneath the Magician’s table. He could be performing a ritual to banish the negative energies, or aligning his will with the will of the universe.

The necessary tools have been gathered on the table, the first secret on the road to initiation; all the resources are available, what matters now is how you will combine and transform them, like the alchemists of the past who are not so different from the Magician of the Tarot.

Before misunderstanding this for a mystical smokescreen, let’s see what the four symbols mean, and how the Magician employs them to succeed.

The pentacle is the body, and the body requires health and sustenance. The sword resembles the intellect, which requires the void. The cup symbolizes the heart; it is content when filled with love. And, finally, the wands represent the instinct and the creative spirit, yearning to be free.

Considering this is the first card, we realize that the journey has only just begun or that it awaits our decision to begin. A rather interesting interpretation reveals that all is one for the Magician. Each unique element is combined to form a greater picture.

Fear of the future and failures of the past dissolve into the present moment, where spiritual awakening is possible, and a connection to material reality has been established.

The Magician Tarot Card Upright

The Magician in an upright position is a great card to receive. He brings with him the energy and determination to start a new project from scratch, concentrate on what you have always wanted to do, and trust in yourself and your abilities.

The message of the Magician is clear: Choose the life you want to live. What are you waiting for? The resources are available. All roads start from this point, right here and right now, but only one of them can be your personal path.

For earthly matters, this androgynous figure could symbolize a young apprentice, an artist, or a skillful entrepreneur whose talents, dexterity, and sharpness of mind are only surpassed by their enthusiasm. The Magician might evoke questions regarding employment.

Although guidance and experience may be missing, this card suggests that, quite often, the simplest solution is the right one.

A definite starting point from which to take action and dare to manifest desire, the Magician calls for a choice and the maturity to recognize that the individual has to surpass the ‘everything is possible’ mindset of youth and decide which specific possibility to pursue.

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Commitment may sound like a harsh word. However, it’s a necessary stepping stone if you wish to see your efforts blossom and make the best out your talents.

The Magician is a reminder that a determined person can handle any task at any given time and that true miracles originate from within, yet they can shape our world.

This card is a sign that you don’t need anything more than what you already have. Not that fancy expensive laptop, a college degree, a new car, nor anyone’s permission. You can start working on your dreams and achieve so much if only you believe in what is possible!

Focus on what is truly important for you, and you will see progress one day at a time.

The Magician Keywords Upright

  • Action
  • Beginning
  • Initiation
  • Confidence
  • Manifestation
  • Resources / Tools
  • Focus
  • Dexterity
  • Youth
  • Potential
  • Disciple
  • Talent / Skill
  • Player
  • Solution
  • Originality
  • Work
  • Idea
  • Art
  • Daily Necessities
  • A Point
  • Objective
  • Choice
  • Boy
  • Inspiration
  • Conduit
  • Miracle
  • Willpower
  • Opportunity
  • Unity

What Does The Magician Tarot Card Mean Reversed?

The reversed Magician might denote manipulation or a setback for your plans. You have to consider your steps one by one and make the necessary changes to improve daily life.

Reversed, the Magician symbolizes deception, trickery, or the need for help and guidance. You may have to rethink your course of action and wait until you resolve any existing confusion. This card reversed may resemble an insecure person who’s feeling powerless or pretending to be someone they’re not.

When this card appears reversed, it could mean a world of trouble. Nonetheless, it’s a sign that a first step to recognizing and solving the problem has been made.

In this context, the illusion of the powerful Magician vanishes to reveal insecurity, lack of morals, deceit, or simply to have no idea how on earth to go on living. A feeling of loneliness and being separated from reality might be the source of this ongoing frustration.

There could be a possibility that a choice you made has brought you to a dead end. You have to consider another direction or giving up on a project or relationship that was not at all what you had in mind. Knowing when to stop keeps one from danger.

It might be time to focus on what’s important and consider your options. If this card appears reversed, ask yourself (or consider these questions for the person the card is referring to):

  • Am I satisfied with my choices right now?
  • What changes do I have to make to improve my daily life?
  • Do I want to succeed, or am I just pretending?
  • Are my intentions true and pure?

Maybe you’ve been aspiring to some kind of perfection that cannot be achieved, realistically speaking. Or you tricked yourself somewhere along the way, and now you have to start at the beginning…

The negative connotations of this card point to a lack of confidence, created by a feeling of doubt and uncertainty. Sometimes, to start anew, we must take a step backward, see the bigger picture, and find the root of our problems.

Only then can we manifest our goals and dreams without being overwhelmed by obstacles, doubt, and self-loathing.

Whether the surrounding cards refer to a relationship, a career, or the personality of the seeker, the reversed Magician reveals an imbalance between earth and spirit, between what one believes in and wants to achieve, and how they’re acting in their everyday life.

The elements have been separated. What must be done to bring them back together?

The Magician Reversed Keywords

  • Trickster
  • Deception
  • Manipulation
  • Need Help
  • Insecurities
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Unsure
  • Excuse
  • Impostor
  • Greed
  • Untapped Talents / Potential
  • Poor Planning
  • Idle
  • Disconnection
  • Lack of Enthusiasm
  • Procrastination

The Magician Tarot Card as How Someone (He/She) Sees You

The Magician is a wonderful card to get when asking how someone else sees you. It means that you have a charming aura of power, mystery and certainty.

This person might see you as a fascinating and interesting individual who knows what they’re doing. They view your personality in a friendly light and admire your confidence and resourcefulness.

They might have spotted a good, trustworthy friend in you, someone they can count on in times of trouble, or a pioneer who has discovered a great secret. You create a sense of wonder in them, charming their mind and heart.

Generally the Magician is seen as someone who is on the road to success, a visionary who knows what they want and how to create it.

The opinion of a person can often be influenced by the image and the aura that the Magician emits. An atmosphere of confidence will likely be more attractive than a cheap façade of illusion and trickery.

The Magician Reversed as How Someone (He/She) Sees You

While the negative traits of the Magician might appear in an upright position and vice versa, it is important to examine each card from every possible angle.

The Magician reversed is seen as either someone who doesn’t have a clue what they are doing or a sly manipulator. He might be judged for believing in a far-fetched dream. Or, he might appear to be casting illusions, deceiving other people, and taking advantage of their goodwill.

Not all wizards fight for a good cause! Consider if this is the case, or if maybe the other person is somewhat jealous of your talents. So, when considering what someone thinks of you and this card appears reversed, it might be a sign that they are criticizing you, your way of thinking, and your actions.

Nonetheless, another way to view this card is pretty much similar to the Fool. A charlatan, a liar, an immature youth lost in fantasy, someone who’s in over their head.

But a malevolent Magician takes it one step further; he can become a manipulating puller of strings who uses his wit and charm to get what he wants from others and turn every situation in his favor.

What does the Magician Tarot Card Mean in Love?

The Magician brings hope and excitement to your love life. He might represent a charming individual who can make you feel like you are the One!

The Magician signifies an exciting new romance or the rekindling of a spark that will lead to a better understanding of both you and your partner. This card suggests an active relationship and intellectual traction.

The cool, seductive charm of the Magician is ideal for a potential lover. A person of wit and action, someone who knows exactly what they’re doing and who will never annoy or bore you. Whether the card signifies you or your partner, the potential for this relationship is truly great.

You will both learn a lot by spending time together and getting to know each other for who you truly are.

At this point, we should take note that the perfect match for the Magician and his counterpart in the Major Arcana is the card of Strength. They both share this peculiar infinity halo above their heads.

In the Tarot of Marseille, the Magician’s hand appears to have a sixth finger, while Strength’s foot has a sixth toe, revealing their uniqueness, their dexterity, and the special connection between these two cards.

If you are not in a relationship right now, the Magician could indicate an opportunity to meet someone new.

When two people fall in love, that’s when they experience the magic feeling that everything is possible, the main characteristic of this particular card, so you might want to get ready for exciting conversations and a passionate romance.

Therefore, if you are looking for a partner, you should try being more confident and – why not? – try playing the field for a while!

In case you’ve been wondering what the current state of affairs for your existing relationship is, the Magician serves as a reminder to enjoy the present moment. Don’t be afraid to show who you are because that’s what determines romantic partnerships in the long term.

Understanding, devotion, excitement, communication, and encouragement are the qualities the Magician brings to love.

And if you feel that your daily routine impedes emotional fulfillment, try introducing playful, imaginative, and creative ways to solve any problems and enjoy every day together.

What does the Magician Reversed mean in Love?

The Magician, in reverse, is not a very positive card for your love life. It denotes a sense of disconnection, a lack of confidence, and that you and your partner are not on the same track.

When the Magician appears reversed in a love reading, it means that it’s time to reconsider your choices and find out what’s best for you. The magic feeling is fading and this relationship might not be helping you anymore. In some cases, the card implies deceit, cheating, and a lack of interest.

Reversed, this card might indicate that trickery is afoot. That charming rascal might just turn out to be a liar and a cheat, so approach this affair with great caution. Think about what’s best for you and act accordingly. Don’t stay passive and indecisive because it might be time for some changes.

If that’s not the case, you might want to consider that you haven’t been feeling like yourself lately or that the relationship you’ve been struggling to hold on to just isn’t worth it anymore.

Allow yourself to embrace your identity with all its pros and cons, and don’t be afraid to stay alone for a while if that’s what it takes to feel confident, independent, and passionate about life again.

If single, the reversed Magician could mean that you are not that interested in romance right now or that you lack the confidence and enthusiasm to get back in the game.

What does the Magician Tarot Card mean in Friendship?

If you’re wondering how things are going between you and your friends, the Magician is a sign of a magical friendship!

The Magician is a very special friend. He is someone who can introduce you to an exciting, magical world and will always be there for you because he considers it his obligation to stand by your side.

The Magician denotes pleasant vibes, motivation, fun times, and mutual sympathy. The card may describe a particular person or the current situation in your group of friends. These are people who will help you focus on what is important and inspire you.

What does the Magician Reversed mean in Friendship?

The Magician, in reverse, is not a very good sign for your friendship.

If the Magician appears reversed in your friendship reading, you might want to think twice about whom you trust with your secrets. Someone might be twisting the truth to deceive you or taking advantage of your kindness.

As a signature card for manipulative people, the reversed Magician will likely represent a person who might lead you on and consider you their friend only because they extract some benefit from you. They won’t betray you, but don’t be surprised if they magically disappear when the chips are down!

The Magician Tarot Card in a Career Reading

The Magician could represent a multitude of professionals or amateurs, from scientists, actors, or undercover policemen to employees in a restaurant or any other service.

In a career reading, the Magician is a very positive card to receive. It shows that all the required skills are available to you and that your zeal and determination will allow you to make the best out of any opportunity.

If you’ve been wondering when to launch that new business plan, the Magician urges you to seize the chance and materialize your plans. Focus on improving yourself and consider finding a teacher or mentor to help you avoid mistakes in this new start.

This card speaks of short-term positions, like that of an apprentice or trainee, however, it shows great potential for a future career.

Remember, like the Magician, you have to play your cards right and never give away your secrets! A great opportunity might appear in your way, and you have to be brave and cautious of competition.

In a general career reading, the Magician’s card could indicate that anything is possible, as long as you play your cards right.

It’s an especially good omen for artists because what the wizard is actually doing is a process of channeling inspiration from the spiritual realm to create something completely new and original in the material world.

The key here is, again, to learn how to focus on a single perspective out of the multitude of different options.

The Magician Reversed in a Career Reading

When reversed, this card suggests that the skills, talents, and opportunities you have are not exploited fully. It might otherwise refer to unemployment or gaining wealth by devious means.

A reversed Magician in your career reading might be a sign that it is time to take matters into your hands if you are currently unemployed. You have underestimated your untapped talents, or you lack resources and a solid plan. The card might also refer to a con-man and illegal activities.

To unlock your full potential, try to think in what ways you could improve and benefit from what you already know and how you can stop sabotaging yourself. You might want to look for a teacher or a mentor to guide you.

Don’t let opportunities go to waste! It’s very common to be frustrated, but your dream job may be waiting around the corner.

Besides poor planning, missed opportunities, and inactivity, the Magician in reverse might represent a con artist, a crook, a person who, out of greed or necessity, is cheating others blind, acquiring money by questionable and illicit means.

What does The Magician Tarot Card Mean in Conflict?

Using whatever tricks are up your sleeve, such as witty communication, intellect and research, or your own confidence, the Magician card reassures you that you can successfully resolve this conflict. You are employed with all the skills and determination needed to fight your way through.

This situation might be one where you are being carefully scrutinized over your performance or attitude. Don’t be afraid of what others might think of you—or have wrongly thought of you. To perform at your best and excel at what you are naturally good at requires nurturing your own skills and talents.

Don’t feel as if you need to do it all alone, though, as asking for help is always okay. Keep your confidence levels high and utilize whatever resources and aids you have around you. The phrase ‘you have everything you need’ does not mean that you need to operate completely alone.

It constitutes of every resource around you and the networks that are there in place to support you.

Most of all, use your charismatic energy to settle arguments or any negative feelings in the atmosphere. Even if you might not feel confident doing so, you have the ability to turn things in your favor, purely through your determination and energy alone.

What does The Magician Tarot Card Reversed mean in Conflict?

The hard-hitting Magician reversed informs us that we can no longer avoid what must be faced, trapped in illusions and idleness. This conflict can be settled if you were willing to swallow your fears and self-sabotage. Another interpretation is that someone in this conflict is deceiving you, or making a foul play.

Look out for the Magician card reversed, especially if involved in a legal conflict. This card suspects immorality and deceit, and in some cases unlawfulness. Someone might be trying to sneak past whatever rules or authorities are in place.

This conflict may have even arisen from past suspicious activity or rebellious behavior.

The Magician reversed can sometimes also suggest that someone has been given or is giving out the wrong information. This misinformation or ‘fake news’ can cause irrationality or unnecessary conflict.

Otherwise, note how when dealing with a conflict, you may tend to deflect the situation or veer onto another topic. Succumbing to fear, having low self-confidence in your abilities, or idly remaining in misconceptions or delusions are often factors that restrain one from resolving conflicting issues.

You may believe that you do not possess enough power to influence the conflict, whereas in reality, you hold more power than what others have made you believe. The Magician upright holds the power of words, thoughts, skills, and manifestations. Believe in yourself and your personal talents.

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The Magician Tarot Card as How Someone Thinks of You

When the Magician shows up to describe how someone thinks of you, they think you are determined, capable, and intelligent.

The Magician is considered to be someone with the determination and the will to succeed. You are thought of as an ambitious, smart person who can turn the tables anytime, anywhere. Unique, skillful, and surprisingly lucky, the Magician is one of a kind.

If someone considers you to be similar to the Magician, they admire your creativity and your talents. The way you dare to be different, how you choose your own way in life, and the ability to pay attention even to the minutest detail create a memorable impression.

You have proven yourself resourceful and full of surprises! Where others stop, believing they are out of their depth, you find the strength to start again.

The Magician Reversed as How Someone Thinks of You

The reversed Magician is not the best card to get when asking how someone thinks of you. It either means that your behavior is somewhat shady, or that you’re being criticized.

In reverse, the Magician appears to be a fraud. Uncertain, insecure, and deceiving, he is thought of as a charlatan at best. You may be searching for excuses instead of motivation. However, there is always the chance that you are being judged and misunderstood because of your unconventional ways.

The Magician, in reverse, denotes a lack of credibility and focus that are characteristic of the card in its upright position. He can be thought of as a selfish person who is willing to trick others into doing his work for him, someone who talks big but never delivers, or merely insecure and timid.

The person of interest may think that you are full of lies, empty promises, and deception or that you believe in an obscene fantasy with no application to the real world.

Consider if they are in the right or if maybe your radical way of thinking clashes with their perception of reality, hence they project their insecurities and second thoughts on you.

The Magician Tarot Card as Feelings

The Magician transforms feelings into creativity. The card is all about confidence, union, and communication.

The Magician, when upright, mostly denotes positive feelings of confidence. Other than that, he does not refer to a specific emotion but rather to the process of understanding, releasing, expressing, and channeling emotions for a greater purpose.

You might be wondering what a specific person feels about you and the mysterious Magician appears. You can be sure that when they see you, they think: “Here is someone who can inspire me and make me feel good!

As with all artists, the Magician strives to turn raw emotion into a form of expression. That is, after all, the most efficient way to address emotional issues, by allowing them to manifest in a healthy, controlled environment. Banish that fear and anger with laughter.

Are you feeling sad? Let the tears flow. They are not a sign of weakness.

The Magician Reversed as Feelings

The reversed Magician might reveal that someone is trying to exploit the seeker’s feelings or that they feel weak and insecure.

In reverse, the Magician refers to either feeling powerless and inadequate or manipulating other’s emotions for personal gain.

If you have asked how a person feels about you and this card appears reversed, it is a warning sign. Especially if you see cards like the Devil or the 7 of Swords along with the reversed Magician, that means the person in question has no regard for your well-being and might just want to take advantage of you.

Furthermore, the card denotes a lack of everything it includes when upright. The seeker might be feeling weak, dissociated, distracted, and unable to do what they want.

They could be having a hard time getting started and expressing their emotional state, but the card itself does not clarify the reason. It merely suggests that a step forward is needed to re-establish order in the soul.

The Magician as a Situation

If you get the Magician as the current or imminent situation, it signals new beginnings and solutions to everyday-life problems.

The Magician card represents a situation of continuous trial and error, an apprenticeship, a new enterprise, or a fresh start. You may be searching for a shortcut to make your dreams come true or the establishment of a pleasant and creative daily routine.

We could say that the Magician is juggling from the unconscious mind to the super-conscious spiritual realm to find practical solutions for life’s problems.

Simply put, this card could appear when you’re looking for ways to improve your life on any level, when you’re about to make a bold new beginning, or when you’re wondering how to achieve your goals.

It’s important to know that the foundation for success and healthy life can be found in adopting beneficial habits.

Working out in the morning, having a positive mental attitude at work, and remembering to brush your teeth may sound superficial, but one-by-one those routines build up a strong and confident character.

A situation that evokes the Magician’s card could be any number of things, from meeting an interesting fellow or becoming someone’s apprentice and learning a craft to reclaiming your mental stability one day at a time.

Again, what is important is the ability and confidence to have faith in yourself. This situation might call for an important decision on your part, a decision that only you can make and no one else.

The Magician Reversed as a Situation

In reverse, the Magician fails to unite the elements into a single point of focus and impedes himself from finding the right course of action.

The Magician reversed, as a situation, denotes that you have lost faith in your abilities, perpetually delaying that one thing that will help you to move forward, and struggling to get by each day. You may be waiting for a sign from the external world that will inspire you again.

Here is where the Magician’s belt, the serpent eating its own tail, becomes a double bind!

You are waiting for something that will change you, yet you hesitate to make the change on your own. Do you wish to “get there” or do you expect the world to lay everything on your feet and the planets to align and shine on your destiny?

Waiting on external factors to live the life you want to live will quickly deplete your energy. It will forever be the same unless you realize that the Magician’s power is enhanced by the cosmic force, although it originates in the mind alone.

Even if the realization arrives from outside, it is just for a moment, then it is gone, and it’s the same old you trying to find motivation and the right spell to end the boredom!

The Magician Tarot Card as Intentions / What Someone Wants

What about the non-romantic intentions of another person towards you? Do they want what’s best of you or are they trying to manipulate your opinion?

Upright, the Magician possibly indicates that the person wants to collaborate and unite your efforts and ideas in a shared vision, so you can both benefit from a strong friendship. You can be sure that this person has an eye on mutual success and creativity.

Magicians always make good friends. However, their intentions are not always clear, and the air of mystery that surrounds them, along with their peculiar worldview, often leads to misunderstandings and suspicion.

This specific person might want to initiate a discussion that can change the way you perceive the world, share an important secret with you, like a business opportunity, or help you get your life together.

The Magician Reversed as Intentions / What Someone Wants

The same cannot be said if this card is reversed or if the surrounding cards are charged with negative energy.

When reversed as an intentions card, the Magician could mean that the person of interest is either trying to trick you or doesn’t know what’s good for you, even if they care a lot.

We may be talking about a corrupt or insensitive individual who won’t think twice before lying and manipulating others to achieve their goals. They could be posing as someone else, either to deceive people as part of their agenda or to cover up for their insecure, frail personality.

Think about how their decisions and actions influence your daily life, and if you want to be involved with such a person. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to harm you; only that they’re unstable and that they’re not helping you live a better life.

Is The Magician Tarot card a Yes or No?

Whether positive or negative, the answer to your question may be quite simple if you get the Magician in your reading. Always take the clarifying cards into consideration, but the message of this card is precise. Upright, it signifies that the time to act and trust yourself is now.

The Magician card is a definite ‘Yes’. Its connotations, which resemble action, willpower, creation, and unity, all point to a positive answer.

The Magician Tarot Card Reversed as a Yes or No?

When reversed, however, the Magician’s answer is ‘No.’ You might want to rethink your options. Remember that we cannot always have what we want, but we can learn from our mistakes and adapt to new data.

When reversed or when other cards diminish the importance of the Magician, then you might want to stop right there and then and start thinking. It might be your turn to say no, abstain from a dubious affair, or cancel these plans that have been stressing you out.

The Magician Tarot Card as a Place

The Magician is depicted in an open space. In the classic Rider Waite deck, flowers can be seen growing around the table, hinting at a garden or a field. Furthermore, the table looks similar to a workbench, a shrine, or an altar.

We could interpret this figure’s place to be somewhere between two worlds. Between the sky above and the earth below, the first card of the Tarot could represent an access point, an entry to different worlds.

The Magician as a place could refer to a workspace, like an artist’s studio, a magic shop, a corporate cubicle, a doctor’s office, a café, or a scientist’s laboratory. It could also represent a waiting room, a place where an entertaining show might happen, like a theater, or an open space, a street, or a garden.

Think of all the places a street entertainer could perform. A town square, a public garden, or the side of a street. But the most important feature, in this case, is the workbench. It could represent any professional’s tools, from a doctor to a chef. We can even go as far as to say that the flowers point to a florist shop!

The Magician Reversed as a Place

There aren’t enough clues to be quite sure as to what kind of place the reversed Magician might represent. However, we can presume the following.

In reverse, the Magician might refer to a place where trickery, deception, and gambling occur. It might be a casino, a gambling hall, a nightclub, a swindler’s lookout, etc. Furthermore, it might be a location where dark magic is practiced, like an altar in a creepy forest or a dark dungeon.

The shady nature of this card, in reverse, points to con-men and gambling. There is magic, and then there is sleight of hand or mere card tricks. Taking into consideration the literal title of this card and what its reversal suggests, this could just as well be a place where evil sorcerers perform dark rituals!

The Magician Tarot Card As An Obstacle or Challenge

The challenge of the Magician is to unite the body, mind, and soul into a complete being who is the master of their reality and a conduit of creative energy.

As a challenge card in the upright position, the Magician refers to concentrating on the task at hand and living the life you want to live. Whatever obstacles may arise, they must be dealt with at once! It could also mean that the seeker’s challenge is to stand on their feet and attain their independence.

The quest here is to align one’s dreams and life purpose with their basic needs and daily routine. What is complicated must be simplified. What is plain and simple must gain depth and meaning. Such is the art of the Magician, who aspires to transmute rocks into gold and energy into matter.

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But first things first: the tremendous obstacle of this card is to implement magical thinking into reality without falling for the trap of mere escapism and fantasy. The meaning of this statement is open to personal interpretation. That is why you will never find two magicians who practice the same rituals!

The challenge might involve finding a healthy daily routine and choosing one certain path to follow, instead of carelessly juggling between responsibilities. To advance beyond this first step, one must clarify their intentions, ambitions, and capabilities, as well as what kind of tools and resources will help them.

The Magician Reversed as an Obstacle / Challenge

The Magician reversed as an obstacle may indicate the following.

In reverse, the Magician as an obstacle or challenge card might indicate that negative thinking can never lead to the desired outcome. The same goes for ill intentions, lust for results, complicating simple matters for no apparent reason, and staying idle while the world keeps moving.

For example, the Magician in the obstacle position might point out unemployment. Instead of waiting around for a miracle to happen, the querent should make up their mind about what they want to do, and explore every opportunity until they’re no longer stuck in a rut.

Furthermore, a lack of confidence could be implied.

The Magician sometimes can be seen as a people-pleaser, someone who will forget their needs and desperately try to live by other people’s standards to earn their approval. That happens because their mind is full of opinions of others, and sometimes the person doesn’t exactly know what they want.

If you believe this card refers to someone or something external that’s obstructing your way, it might be a person who wants to control, manipulate, and take advantage of you. Or it could mean that, while you’ve been waiting for someone to help you, well, you suddenly realize that no one else can find the solution for you.

The Magician Tarot Card as Action

The Magician card is all about decisive action.

As an action card, the upright Magician suggests that the time to act is now. You will meet no resistance, no opposition. Set distractions aside, make the decisions for yourself, and practice what you say.

The Magician calls on you to decide and act all at once! No more waiting. The present moment is where you begin to manifest what you have always desired.

However, there is a subtle message here, one that should not be taken lightly: always act with awareness and concentration, and only use your powers for good.

As a fabled wizard blessed with extraordinary powers, the Magician has to step up to his responsibilities and do what needs to be done. Don’t worry. That doesn’t mean you have to perform miracles! Although you might want to start working on that project you always postpone, offer help to the less fortunate, make decisions that will improve your life, and first of all, eliminate self-doubt.

The Magician Reversed as Action

A reversed Magician denotes either wickedness or lack of motivation.

The Magician reversed as an action card might indicate that you have been idle for too long or that the intentions behind your actions are not so pure. In either case, cleanse the bad vibes in your life and seek genuine inspiration.

Perhaps you feel rusty and bored, or you think that the game is not worth the candle. You don’t have to go to the extreme opposite and “get things done” right away. This card suggests proactively waiting for inspiration and the light of consciousness.

It might not be today or tomorrow that you will perfect your skills and become a better person. But the very beginning, that change in your frame of mind can happen right now.

The Magician, in reverse, tells you to dispel pessimism, inaction, and malice.

The Magician Tarot Card as Advice

The Magician would advise you to summon all your strength and courage to achieve what you have always dreamed of.

When upright, the Magician’s advice is to believe in your own power. Follow your dreams, but stay grounded. The past is gone, and the future is in your hands. You are doing nothing wrong as long as you are doing the Will of the Universe.

To wish, to dare, to be able, to obey. Those are the Magician’s values, the lessons that everyone already knows within. What do they really mean?

A wish is the first step. It’s a clear statement of what your soul desires. Then you have to find the courage to express that desire and work hard to succeed.

To be able to persevere and keep at it even when you see no results, no matter what obstacles you have to face, until one day, you master the necessary skills and see the fruition of your efforts. Finally, to obey the simple rule of cause and effect but most of all the needs of your fellow beings.

This card is about choosing your destiny and keeping an open mind. Keep an eye out, and have faith in luck but don’t leave everything up to chance. Instead, find a creative way to express your innermost thoughts and desires, and you’ll be able to attract or manifest your fortune.

Don’t think twice, do what you believe is best for you, but also have the courage to stand responsible for the consequences of your actions. And of course, like a true Magician, never give away all your secrets!

The Magician Reversed as Advice

In reverse, the Magician as an advice card implies a lack of proper tools and concentrated effort or feeling like you are in the wrong place, the wrong time.

The Magician reversed describes a person who wants to succeed but doesn’t know where to start. They might require help, but first, they have to stand on their feet all by themselves. To live a fulfilling life, one must begin by building a stable and healthy routine.

We all know somebody who blames bad timing for their misfortunes. It’s not merely a matter of luck; it is how you look at it and what you do to change it. You don’t have to be a wizard and manipulate time and space to heal and succeed.

Life can be easy if we look at the details and align our ways to match the currents of energy that surround us, instead of going against them or standing still.

You can interpret this card in reverse as a message from your Higher Self telling you to program your day so it is pleasant and creative, to be alert, focus on your goals, and by all means, don’t miss your opportunities!

You may have so much more to give to both your fellows and yourself, although you might be missing the tools required to do so right now.

Here’s the best advice I ever got: if you had a magic wand, what would you change about yourself?

The Magician Tarot Card As An Outcome

As an outcome, the Magician opens the way to a fresh start and a stable routine.

The Magician as an outcome may indicate a return to the beginning, a new job, learning a new skill, or being initiated into a different way of thought. It could also mean that small, every-day problems have been solved and there’s an opportunity to follow your ambitions and reach your goals.

Sometimes this card may be an indicator that starting again from the beginning could be what you’ve been looking for. Some efforts may have been in vain, but the knowledge and experience gained will maybe allow for a new path to be discovered.

The outcome for the current situation will be a creative mood and a beneficial routine. With the daily essentials being provided, you can now proceed to more complicated matters.

The Magician Reversed as an Outcome

As an outcome card in reverse, the Magician denotes that a setback will make you reconsider what you want to do with your life.

In reverse, the Magician must face his failures and adapt to survive. A situation or a way of thinking that used to help you will not work anymore. Poor planning might lead to mistakes. It might be the right time to concentrate on self-improvement.

The Magician reversed indicates that you might feel disconnected from the world and that all your efforts towards a goal or a relationship have been in vain. Remember that we manifest not only what we desire but what we fear as well. Turn your mistakes into the soil where you will plant the seed for a better tomorrow.

The Magician Tarot Card in the Future

Should the Magician appear in the future position, feel free to interpret it as a good omen. The limitless potential of this card will boost your confidence and maximize your efforts.

The Magician in the Future position is quite a positive card to receive. It may suggest a new job, an interesting acquaintance, or a magical experience. You may discover your true potential, as well as a personal truth about the universe, and finally, become the person you always wanted to be.

In a reading concerning your future, the Magician foretells that the world will seem to align with your innermost wishes! You will feel bold and confident.

Everything will start to fall into place, and life will make sense. For a while, you may see the universe as it is; infinite. All the separate parts will come together and unite before you.

Hence, you may experience an inner unity, a sense of power that allows you freedom of choice. Or you will simply start working on doing what you love and living as you wish!

The Magician Reversed in the Future

In reverse, the Magician as a future card might lead to inaction and apathy.

The future indicated by the Magician in reverse is not unpleasant, but it may be boring! Perhaps because of doubt, caution, or lack of enthusiasm, you may find yourself being idle and disinterested.

Inaction is not necessarily a bad thing. You might need a better plan for your future or some time to figure things out and examine what is helpful to you. However, try not to give up on yourself. Untapped talents will remain dormant until you decide to work on them and cultivate your spiritual side.

The Magician Tarot Card as a Person

The Magician represents a passionate, charismatic young man or woman who is searching for inspiration. They have a fascinating personalities and might dabble in art or science, showing exceptional willpower to learn, achieve their goals, and help others reach enlightenment.

The Magician’s role, like that of an artist, is to manifest their spirit and their desires tangibly and combine all the different elements to form a work that is greater than the sum of its parts. A great task indeed!

The Magician works with light and shadow, attaining truth by crossing through the illusion of symbols and offering a passage from the mundane to the magical.

He’s capable of distinguishing ambition from daydreaming and reality from fantasy so he can act not only according to his will but in harmony with his environment as well.

Not a mentor, but a fellow traveler along the road, the Magician will show great interest in you and might even help you heal from past trauma. As someone who’s got the simple matters of life sorted out for them, they’re always happy to provide their opinion and join forces with you to form a beneficial bond.

A potential friend or a considerate co-worker, this person will certainly be of help to you, provided you don’t stand in their way.

The Magician Reversed as a Person

In reverse, the Magician is either an immature young adult or a sly trickster.

The reversed Magician resembles a youthful person who still has a lot to learn. They might be very insecure about themselves or too bored to do anything, finding excuses to delay their plans and leaving everything up to wishful thinking. The card might also represent a shrewd manipulator.

The inverted Magician could be a trickster, a con man, someone who manipulates others to get what they want, a mere liar, or someone disguised as somebody else.

They might think they are the center of the Universe, that it’s all about them and no one else, misleading others and causing them to question their reality, even their sanity! From guilt trips to gaslighting, a reversed Magician lacks the social intelligence and maturity to form healthy attachments and be part of the whole.

The card might otherwise symbolize a young man or woman whose head is still filled with the ideas of their parents, preventing themselves from growing as an individual.

It might refer to egoistic childish behaviors, ambitious fantasies with no connection to reality, or what psychologists have named ‘impostor syndrome,’ namely to doubting one’s abilities and to live in fear that they’ll be exposed as a fraud.

What Zodiac Sign is the Magician?

In astrology, the Magician is associated with the air sign of Gemini. Those who are born under this sign are known for the sharpness of their minds, their resourcefulness, youthfulness, and curiosity. Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury.

Mercury, or Hermes in Greek, is the god of commerce, messages, luck, and magic. The influence of the planet Mercury on a person’s horoscope determines their communication skills and their intelligence.

In the Book of Thoth, the Magician appears as the god Hermes himself, with wings on his feet to help him guide the souls of men.

Geminis, like the Magician, are quite skillful, good at manifesting, witty, and express clearly and directly their thoughts and feelings. The double nature of a Gemini resembles that of the Magician, who resides between two worlds.

This article goes into more detail about what tarot cards are associated with Gemini.

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