5 Reasons Why Tarot Cards Can Be Wrong

Can Tarot cards be wrong?

Have you wondered if your tarot reading is right or wrong? If you read tarot cards often, or you have others perform tarot readings for you, you’re probably wondering how accurate these readings are.

Many people that have done readings for years still wonder if tarot cards can be wrong.  Are tarot cards ever wrong? 

Yes, tarot cards can be wrong. A reading is based on a spread of cards with multiple interpretations. The meaning of each tarot card is influenced by supporting cards in the spread. To obtain the best reading, start with an open mind. Your cards may be showing something you hadn’t considered.

Let’s review these 5 reasons why tarot cards could be wrong:

  1. Your trajectory can change.
  2. You aren’t prepared for the meaning.
  3. You misinterpreted the message.
  4. You aren’t supposed to know.
  5. You might need more time for interpretation.

Since there isn’t a lot of information available today about why tarot cards might be wrong, we’ll cover that information below to help save you time.

Below we’ll discuss how you can avoid making mistakes with a tarot card reading and what some of the most common mistakes are when completing tarot readings.

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Can Tarot Cards Be Wrong?

If you’re wondering whether or not tarot cards are ever wrong, know that you aren’t alone.

Many people that perform readings have wondered the same thing. While tarot readings can be incorrect, it’s usually not because the cards have done anything wrong. The reading is “incorrect” because something was misinterpreted by the reader.

Tarot is an ancient divination that helps individuals predict specific outcomes about future events. It leads people to discover potential opportunities so that people can make the right decision and hopefully create the outcome they desire.

With that in mind, just about anybody can learn how to use a tarot deck to help with their lives and turn tarot into a daily ritual.  A popular deck that many people use is the Rider Tarot Deck, check Amazon for current pricing.

When it comes to tarot, readings can vary depending on the reader performing the act. Remember, each person has their method when it comes to reading the cards. While some may use a particular strategy, that same strategy might not work for other people.

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Different decks are interpreted differently by different readers, and various cards mean different things. Tarot cards and spreads can be given a variety of different interpretations. 

People that believe in tarot hold a belief that tarot cards don’t lie. That still holds even when tarot readings don’t seem accurate, mostly because there is probably a reason why either you or the reader misinterpreted the cards.

However, tarot does a great job of answering questions you might have about your life with accuracy, giving you a few potential outcomes you’ll need to consider. You also need to remember that the actions you take following your tarot reading can significantly influence the results of the cards, too. 

There are so many different ways you can use tarot cards and there are many different spreads that people use. Here are a couple of articles about all these different tarot spreads:

How Can Tarot Cards Be Wrong?

When we think of a tarot reading as going wrong, it’s usually the reader and not the cards, that has made a mistake. Typically, mistakes happen when the reader is too emotionally attached to the question, or when the reader isn’t focused enough to make an accurate prediction.

When it comes to card readings, it can take a good deal of energy and emotion. If the reader’s energy or emotions are out of sorts, it can result in an inaccurate reading. 

To help you understand how a reader can inaccurately influence a tarot card reading, we’ll cover a brief example below to show how emotions can interfere with one’s ability to read tarot cards correctly.

I wrote an article about cleansing your tarot cards between readings, and this is so important to clear any energy that is still hanging around after a reading.

Next, we’ll cover a few ways a reader can avoid making these types of mistakes. 

5 Reasons Why Tarot Cards Could Be Wrong

Besides the reader being the cause for some inaccuracy, there are a few other reasons why tarot cards can seem wrong. We’ll cover those five reasons below so that you are more aware of your situation.

#1: Altered Trajectory

Since tarot readings involve predictions and we believe in free will, then we all have to admit that the trajectory can change with tarot readings. Sometimes, you’ll experience a reading and learn that something should happen.

However, whenever we are told that something should occur, we need to remember that it can only happen if the energy it has continues on its current course.

It’s important to remember that making predictions with tarot relies on current energy and potential possibilities. Your readings are telling you that based on where things are at, and where things seem to be going, it seems likely that certain things will happen.

If that something doesn’t happen, then we can assume the energy or the trajectory changed.

#2: You Weren’t Ready

Sometimes, even when we feel we are very ready for the answer, we aren’t. On occasion, the cards will tell us something we can’t comprehend at that current moment. Everybody has secrets and things they aren’t proud of, and sometimes we want these issues to stay buried.

While the cards are there to predict the truth, sometimes we aren’t ready to hear the truth. When people aren’t ready to hear the truth from the cards, their reaction resembles what you should expect.

Those people that aren’t ready for the truth get defensive and may wind up denying the implication of the message. Sometimes we might feel that reading is “off the mark”. The fact is we aren’t ready for the truth of the message, so we shoot it down and ignore it.

#3 Misinterpreting the Message

In some instances, even the best readers with the best intentions might misinterpret the message. Using tarot cards and conversing with spirits isn’t an exact science, and there is plenty of room for error.

Since human languages can be limiting in themselves, some readers have issues communicating specific types of information. Remember, if you are tired or overly emotional, it might be best to take a break and return to the reading at a later time.

A big part of tarot reading involves your intuition and connecting with the energy of the question and the meaning in the cards. A reader, whether it’s you or someone you have hired, may not connect completely and therefore misinterpret the cards.

#4 You Shouldn’t Know

Sometimes, we might not be meant to know something, so the cards won’t let us know. There are times when we ask specific questions, but it might not be in our best interest to know the answers to these questions.

If you’ve done a tarot card reading before and a week later lost your job, but you were never warned, don’t blame the reader for not seeing the possibility.

Instead, consider the fact that you weren’t supposed to have that insight at that point in your life. We aren’t always meant to know everything we think we should know.

This also brings up great practice. If you give yourself a reading, record it somewhere. Record the cards and record your interpretation. As events unfold in your life, you can go back to your reading and see how the meanings might have been foretelling your something.

#5 More Time Is Needed

Occasionally, we’ll find insights about things that haven’t happened yet, so that means we need a little more time.

You might wind up with some information that doesn’t make sense in the present moment, but you should hang onto that information for a while. Then, later, go back and try to figure out why something didn’t resonate, and if it is relevant later on down the line.

Your connection to your cards and your ability to read them will evolve over time. You might miss something now but when you look back on the events and your original reading, the answer might be there in plain sight.

An Example

Let’s use the example of Mary, a tarot card reader who has fallen head over heels for one of her friends, Tom. Mary wants to help Tom, but she is also a very passionate person, and she wants to try to discover if Tom is in love with somebody else.

Mary is frightened by the idea that Tom could be in love with somebody else, and as she gets ready to do her tarot reading, all she can think of is Tom enjoying the company of another woman.

Once Mary starts putting the cards down, Mary interprets the spread as showing that Tom is in love with somebody else.

She feels this way because the cards might be saying this, or because Mary’s fears and worries have caused her to interpret the cards in this way, even if they aren’t showing that exact prediction.

Since Mary has generalized her fears in her reading, it’s complicated for us to know whether Tom is in love with another woman. Unfortunately, Mary’s feelings for Tom have interfered with the accuracy of her reading, and that makes it challenging to know the truth.

So, a reader’s emotional energy can incorrectly manipulate a tarot reading when the reader can only see her own emotions and fears in the cards. For those of you who know what the self-fulfilling prophecy is, Mary’s tarot reading is an excellent example of how that works.

Many tarot readers, especially those that are new to the game, make this mistake. This mistake is so common for newbies that many people decide not to read tarot cards themselves and seek out an intermediary reader.

A person’s intense emotional energy can make it easy to misinterpret tarot cards. Now that you are aware of this type of mistake, you should be honest with yourself if you ever feel you are making it when reading tarot cards.

If you think you’re making this mistake, put the cards away for a bit and take a break. Then, try to get a better handle on your emotions for another day.

How Can We Reduce the Risk of the Cards Being Wrong?

Now that you know how a reader can impact and influence a tarot reading, we’ll cover some ways you can reduce the risk of the tarot cards being wrong below.

Avoid Intense Emotional Attachments to Questions

We covered this idea in a bit more detail above when we discussed how Mary’s feelings for Tom influenced her tarot card reading. When you are in a situation that stirs up intense emotional attachments to a question, it’s better to take yourself out of the reading.

When you are too emotionally invested in a question, you’ll most likely allow your fears and emotions to take over, causing you to misinterpret the reading.

To avoid that issue, you can ask another reader to do the reading for you. That way, you have an unattached reader more accurately interpreting the cards for you.

Prepare Yourself

Before you perform any tarot reading, we recommend doing a ten to fifteen-minute meditation session before you get going. To balance yourself out well so that you feel calm before your reading, consider working with crystals to help you interpret the card information correctly.

If you are going to perform several readings in a day for other people, make sure you take a break like this between each interpretation so that you can ground yourself and focus accurately. 

While you are preparing yourself, it’s also a good idea to have some food and snacks nearby to keep yourself going.

Tarot readings use a lot of your energy, so you’ll want to make sure you are eating well and staying hydrated to give you the focus you’ll need. 

If You are Tired, Don’t Read

We don’t recommend ever completing a tarot reading when you are tired. Not only is it unhealthy for you to force yourself to do a reading when you are tired, the reading probably won’t be accurate.

When readers are exhausted, drained of energy, and emotionally detached, it can be challenging to interpret the cards correctly.

If you are exhausted and trying to do a tarot reading, you may find out that the cards and the reading make no sense to either you or your client. To perform an accurate translation, you need to be able to communicate well and interpret accurately.

It’s complicated to do both of these things well when you are tired.

Listen to Your Reader

If you’re not doing the reading yourself and you are having somebody else perform your tarot reading, then watch your reader. You want to listen carefully to see if your reader is tired or lethargic.

Many readers won’t want to disappoint customers by admitting they are too tired to read, so you do need to pay attention. If you notice that your reader is fatigued, then ask some honest questions.

Let the reader know you are happy to come back another time for a more accurate reading. The last thing you want to do is waste your time and the tired reader’s energy by doing an inaccurate reading.

Now that you know a few reasons why tarot readings can be incorrect, we’ll cover a few steps you can take to limit the chance that you’ll experience a lousy reading below. 

Steps you could take to limit the chance of a bad reading

Now that you know a few reasons why tarot card readings can be inaccurate and how you can avoid that, we’ll cover a few steps you can take to limit the chance of bad readings.

  • You can say a prayer before you start your reading. Remember, meditation is excellent, but prayer also helps. Make sure when you pray, you request that the reading will help with the greater good, and imagine that the translation goes successfully. If you’re able to picture success, you’ll be more likely to achieve it.
  • If you start feeling like maybe you shouldn’t do the reading at this time, then don’t proceed. Listen to your instincts when it comes to readings. Now might not be the time, and you don’t want to wind up with an inaccurate reading. It’s better to wait.
  • If you are seeking out tarot readers because you don’t want to do the readings yourself, then get a recommendation from somebody that has seen that particular reader. Ask questions about how the reading went, and make sure your recommendation feels they got an accurate reading.
  • Before you think about your questions, consider what you are asking. Make sure you are ready for all possible answers to an item before you ask that question.

Final Thoughts

While tarot card readings might not always be accurate, there are several reasons for this phenomenon that doesn’t make tarot cards themselves any less accurate. Often, the problems we have with specific reading stem from the reader.

If a reader is too tired, too emotionally connected to a question, or too inexperienced, it can be easy to make a mistake. So, for some readings, you may want to have somebody else read the cards for you for accuracy.

Also, since tarot predicts possible outcomes based on the energy we have in the present, we usually have more than one potential issue to deal with currently. When you feel the cards might be missing something, it’s quite likely that you aren’t supposed to know that tidbit of information. 

So, the best way to handle tarot card readings is to stay open and keep your emotions out of things. If you feel you cannot detach yourself enough from the current question, you might want to seek some assistance when performing your readings.

Keep in mind that you should also only be asking questions that you are prepared to know all the answers to in life. Some people think they want to see the answer to a problem but aren’t ready for all of the possible solutions.

If you aren’t prepared to hear something, then try not to ask the question yet, and wait for a later time.

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  1. Thia Avatar

    I did a 3 card reading. The center card was one (where I am), the card to the left was two
    (2 wands, what needs to be let go), and the card to the right was three (5 cups, what to embrace). Card one was understood. The other two seemed like they should been switched. Is this possible or am I not understanding the meanings?

    1. Steve Avatar

      Hey Thia, in this situation, it might be better for you to set up a quick reading with a tarot reader. Click here to get a 5-minute reading free. The tarot reader can help you to interpret your cards and potentially give you a deeper explanation than I can here. Good luck.

  2. Kten Avatar

    I was tired late at night and decided to pull 2 cards. Big mistake, and I’m a beginner. One card felt good and the other felt completely wrong. I interpreted the “wrong” card telling me I was on the wrong path in life while in reality I’d never felt so aligned in my life as I’d felt in the past year.

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