Do Tarot Cards Bring Bad Luck?

Do tarot cards bring bad luck

Let’s talk a little bit about Tarot and bad luck.  Tarot cards are an age-old proven tool for self-reflection and decision making, yet with them comes a barrage of questions and superstition.

Despite the clarity that tarot brings to our daily lives, many ponder over the possibility that tarot could bring bad luck to our homes. In fact, the more accurate negative tarot predictions become, the more these fears tend to arise. 

Not only this, but the very idea of tarot communicating with evil or dangerous forces is a prominent one. So do tarot cards really bring misfortune upon the peace and safety of our lives; do tarot cards bring bad luck?

Contrary to its mysterious nature, tarot does not bring bad luck. The superstitions associated with tarot are numerous, but are only myths. Reading tarot will not attract evil spirits, or even negative energies, into your presence. Negative tarot spreads are merely an indication of what is to come, but never the cause.

It is important to remember that a tarot deck is merely a set of rectangular cards, imprinted with different meanings and images, and thus they do not hold any sort of mysterious power. It is you, the querent, who can use this tool to take action for the future.

Let’s take a look below at analyzing some of the various concerns many new tarot readers grapple with.

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Communication and Connection to Evil Forces

It is a common fear, particularly among religious communities, that tarot cards can be used as a tool to open gates to the spirit world.

It has even been suggested that negative entities have attached themselves to the querent through the tarot deck and that the cards allow evil forces to provide answers to our future whilst pretending to be divine ones. We have no way of knowing who we are communicating with, right?

In order to assuage these fears, it is crucial to understand how the connection between the spirit world and our world works, and how tarot in itself works.

Some psychics are able to call upon certain spirits or guides to aid them in the process of answering the querent’s question. They are even able to connect with ancestors or the deceased.

However, without the intent of calling upon a certain spirit, spiritual attachments cannot happen. Tarot cards, unlike some other esoteric tools, are not designed with the intent of tuning into the spiritual realm. Rather, it is you who must express the intent to connect with Spirit.

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Therefore, the cards in themselves cannot channel evil entities. If you find yourself with an uninvited entity, it is because you have left yourself unprotected from one that was already present.

That being said, if you remain paranoid about the intrusion of evil spirits, it is completely understandable. Feel free to read further in the ‘Importance of Protection and Setting Intention’ section in order to bring yourself peace of mind.

Are Drawing Certain Cards Bad Omens?

The infamous Death Card is known to send a shot of fear down our backs upon first sight. And what about the Tower card? We can spend weeks flooded with worry, anticipating this tragic event that will send us tumbling down to the ground.

The short explanation is this: tarot cards give you a heads-up about a situation, but they will never be the instigator of unfortunate events.

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Confirmation Bias

Confirmation bias is when an individual possesses a certain theory, and to prove it, they draw out pieces of evidence that support their theory. However, these pieces of evidence do not necessarily make logical sense.

An example of this is present in the accuracy of the tarot.

When a more negative spread is drawn, and the event comes to reality a few weeks later, this accuracy causes those who already view tarot as ‘evil’ to think that these negative cards may have been the bringer of bad luck or the cause of these events.

On the contrary, as a useful indicator of your current energy, the cards give you a snapshot of the future if you should choose to continue in this current energy. For this reason, it is also possible to alter the outcome of the results that the cards had previously given.

How Your Perspective Can Impact Your Future

Many of you will have heard of the Law of Attraction and Manifestation. If positive thoughts and affirmations can come to fruition in an individual’s future, then it is no question that repeated negative thoughts can as well.

By noting that every individual has free will, and possesses the agency to change the outcomes of the future through their actions, it is critical to not view tarot as a practice that has hold over us.

Acknowledge that you are a co-creator of the universe. It is entirely up to you if you decide to change your path. All of this stresses the fact that tarot is in no way a bad omen, nor can it control what is ahead of us.

So in this aspect, it is completely up to the individual. If you obsess over the outcome, thinking that it is set in concrete, then it will be. Learning to let go and analyze in tarot is a skill that is ideal to acquire.

Part of this involves interpreting each card in different ways:

  • The Death Card- in most cases, this card does not mean literal death. It talks instead of transformation and endings. This can refer to almost anything, including a:
    • Mindset
    • Certain belief system
    • Relationship, or
    • Lifestyle.
  • Often, at the end of the transformation, we emerge having learned the lessons that we were meant to learn.
  • The Tower Card- it cannot be denied that those who have suffered through Tower moments do not tend to take the Tower card lightly. The Tower card talks of destruction. But what comes with destruction?
    • New beginnings
    • Sudden realizations, and
    • A blessing in disguise.
  • Look around for clarifying cards to determine if this is an external or internal event.
  • 10 of Swords- based on the painful image on the card, a man presumed dead, with swords stabbed into his back, there is an emphasis on the pain in this card.
    • We are inclined to think that if there is an ending, then it must be painful. Again, not necessarily the case!
    • A ten in numerology signifies the end of a cycle. There is a strong hint of renewal in this card. As it is often said, the only way from here is upwards.

After having analyzed these negatively perceived cards, based on the cards surrounding them, a conclusion can be drawn.

If they are warning you against a particular path, take action. Sometimes, they will encourage you to research deeper into your options. At other times, you will be told to look within yourself for the answers.

Most of the time, the querent has the ability to step out of the current energy, and effectively change the course of their future.

However, just as it is easy to immediately jump to conclusions about the severity and grief that accompanies these cards, it is also natural to ignore what we need to be told.

Remember that if there is a large presence of Major Arcana, this sometimes means that it is a fated event, designed to bring you life lessons, and to usher change into your life.

These fated events cannot be altered by your mindset or belief system, much less a deck of tarot cards. They will rise forth whether or not you have made the decision to purchase a tarot deck, and therefore, you might as well obtain some extra assistance in these hard times!

Will a Deck Hold Any Kind of Negative Energy?

As we round off the end of this article, it is once again clarified that a tarot deck cannot produce negative energy in itself.

It is the accuracy of its insight into the situations in our lives that makes us inclined to think that it works on some sort of magical basis. But tarot merely communicates with our subconscious, telling us what we don’t necessarily consciously know.

A person’s negative thoughts can produce negative energy. This low vibrational energy from ourselves does unfortunately have the ability to transfer to a deck, just like energy can be transferred to any object we use and have a relationship with.

Note that this is completely different from tarot bringing forth bad luck into our lives! This energy can easily be cleared, and a reset to fresh energy can often refresh our minds and perspective.

Here are a couple of articles that I wrote related to cleansing your tarot cards and bonding with your cards:

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The Importance of Protection and Setting Intention

Many readers like to say a short prayer asking for protection and guidance, to whoever they choose to believe in. Others prefer to meditate for a few short minutes and imagine a circle of bright white light emanating around them.

Set the intention for you to gain insight into any decision you want to gain clarity on.

To clear any negative energies that you may harbor, as well as clearing the deck of your energy, make sure to go outside into nature, and ground yourself by imagining the negative energies within yourself being released into the ground.

Reorganize your deck to clear it, by airing it out and laying out each card one by one.

Any technique such as saging before a reading will allow yourself to obtain a positive, protected, and calm mindset for when you begin to read.


As a conclusion, if you are inclined to think that practicing tarot will bring you bad luck, then this negative energy will cloud you, and you might just find yourself walking into negative situations.

Please be encouraged to view the tarot in a positive light, as a practice for decision-making and introspection. It will mirror back this positivity.

All the best in your tarot journey.

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