Can You Share Your Tarot Reading?

Can you share your tarot reading

You want to share your tarot reading with a friend. You’ve just finished reading and you finally have some answers to a question that has been bothering you for some time now.

As the sense of uncertainty leaves your heart and is replaced with the welcome feeling of relief you begin to feel like you want to share your good news with someone. As you’re grabbing your phone to call your friend, you stop and wonder: “Is it okay to share the results of my reading with others?”

Yes, it is fine to share the results of your tarot reading. Whether you are reading for yourself or you had another person read for you, the results of your reading are your own, and what you do with the information is up to you.

Some traditional readers maintain the belief that the results of readings are highly personal and should be kept confidential. There is nothing wrong with this belief, but many tarot readers disagree and have no problem with sharing results.

If you have had another person read for you, it would be respectful to ask them first before sharing the results of your reading. It is always good to have a respectful relationship with someone who reads for you especially if they read for you regularly.

If you are reading for yourself, it is entirely up to you to decide whether you want to share your results.

There are many reasons you may decide to share your reading. Perhaps you’re excited by what the cards have told you. Maybe you’re nervous. Maybe you don’t know what the cards are trying to tell you and you need an extra pair of eyes to help you interpret the message.

Of course, there are times when you may want to keep tight-lipped about the results of your reading. As with information from any source, use your head when deciding what to share and you shouldn’t run into any issues.

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Sharing the excitement.

Humans are social creatures. As a result of that, it comes naturally to want to share the good news with each other. Good news delivered via a tarot reading is no exception to this. Depending on your beliefs and practices, sharing the results of your tarot reading can have many positive results.

If your practice involves using tarot cards to communicate with those who have passed on, it can be very comforting to receive a message from someone who has passed on.

This message may be equally comforting to someone else in your life who was close to the spirit. Perhaps the message was even intended for all of you. In this case, sharing the results of your reading with the appropriate people can bring joy, excitement, or relief to everyone involved.

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Maybe you view your cards as a means of looking inside of yourself and using the results of reading as a means of looking at a situation with new eyes.

In these cases, completing a spread may help you make a decision or resolve an internal conflict that you have been having. Sharing these types of results can help you solidify your decision.

Many people find that telling someone about a plan or decision can help with accountability since it’s harder to change your mind down the road when someone knows about what you’re doing.

Overcoming nervousness.

Similarly, you may be nervous about what’s to come when the results of your reading are less than ideal. Sharing these results with someone you trust can be quite beneficial. Burdens aren’t as heavy when you have someone to carry them with you.

A trusted loved one can help you prepare for what the cards warned you may be coming. Maybe they will even have ideas on how you can avoid the predicted situation entirely.

A friend who also reads tarot may be able to help you come to a less stressful conclusion than you would have on your own as well.

Even the most experienced readers can sometimes come to pessimistic conclusions, so it never hurts to get that second set of eyes on your results.

Interpretation help.

As the old saying goes, “Two heads are better than one!” Whether you’re new to tarot reading or you’ve been at it for years, sometimes it’s good to have a second set of eyes on your cards to help with interpretation when you are reading for yourself.

While you can always consult books or websites to help you interpret the cards, there is nothing like another pair of human eyes.

Not only can a second set of eyes on your cards help you come to a more optimistic conclusion, but it could also help you learn new interpretations of cards that you had not considered in the past.  

Sometimes when you have your cards read for you by another person, the conclusions they draw may not make a great amount of sense to you. Perhaps they’ve told you something that doesn’t seem relevant to you, or you’re just having trouble connecting the results to your own life.

A friend may be able to look at the situation from the outside and help you make connections that you may have missed during the reading. This is why sharing your results (with the reader’s permission) can be more helpful than keeping quiet.

With today’s technology, there are more options than just telling your friend after the fact about the cards you pulled. There are now websites dedicated to tarot interpretation that can help you too. One great website for this type of thing is the Tarot community on Reddit.

This community offers a weekly thread dedicated to reading and interpretation help. It is not at all uncommon to see users post pictures of their completed spreads in this subreddit.

Sharing the results of reading in this forum doesn’t just help the reader interpret their spread. While these image posts often include the original poster’s own interpretation of the cards, then have comments from other users suggesting other possible meanings of the cards.

Of course, this does help open the reader’s eye to the possible meaning of their spread, but it also creates a list of possible interpretations that is accessible to anyone who wishes to read and learn from it.

When to keep things to yourself.

Never share the results of a reading (or any other secret for that matter) that you would not be comfortable having many people know about.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t trust your loved ones, but sometimes conversations can be overheard, or text messages can be read without the owner’s knowledge.

The subject of tarot readings can sometimes be very sensitive in nature and many readers choose to ask their card very big questions such as “Will I get the job?” “Am I pregnant?” (read our article about “how to ask tarot cards about pregnancy“) or even “is my significant other cheating on me?”

While it is often inadvisable to ask such questions, sometimes we can’t help ourselves and then get very worked up about the conclusions we draw from the reading.

In situations like this, you should do your best to keep these results to yourself until you have real-world proof of what the cards are telling you. Words can spread like wildfire so sharing the results of your reading could lead to rumors spreading and feelings getting hurt needlessly. 

If you get a concerning result in a reading of a sensitive nature, it is probably best to take the steps to follow up on what your cards tell you before you discuss it with a friend.

For example, if your cards tell you that you’re going to get the job, wait until you get the job offer to share the big news. If the cards say you are pregnant, take a test.

If the cards suggest that a significant other is cheating, keep an eye out for the signs, and have an open and honest conversation about your concerns before telling anyone else about it.

At the end of the day, the results of your reading are your own and it is up to you to decide what to do with them. Use your better judgment, and you won’t go wrong.

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