How Often Should You Get A Tarot Reading?

How often should you get a tarot reading

The frequency of receiving a Tarot reading is an interesting topic and I believe that it’s a personal choice, however, there should be some guidelines. There are some weeks and months that I touch my tarot cards every day. There are times, when I leave them alone for weeks.

So, how often should you get a tarot reading?

A good rule of thumb for getting a reading by a professional is one per season. You could certainly get a reading every month or as little as annually, but a good frequency is every 3 months. However, doing your own reading could be done daily or even multiple times per day.

Getting your Tarot reading is all about connection, reflection, awareness, and action. A psychic (tarot reader) can connect with you and provide information about what’s going on in your life.

A reading can be very personal, but only so many things change in your life and it’s not worth the cost to pay for a reading too frequently.

If you want to connect with your intuition and spirituality, then you may want to purchase your own Tarot cards and work with them to develop your own psychic abilities.

There are some articles listed at the bottom of this page, in the Related Articles section that can help you to find your own tarot deck and start getting answers to your own question.

How often is too often to get a tarot card reading? Let’s explore that question and see what’s best for you.

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Determine How Often is Best For You

There are a few different things that you should be considering when planning out visits. Overdoing anything is never going to be good for you once you reach a certain point. But you also want to go frequent enough to make sure you keep that feeling of connection and awareness within yourself.

Think about when you watch your weight. If you jump on the scale after every meal and obsess over every .01 pound that was lost or gained, you are not doing yourself any favors. You’ll probably also be falsely accusing yourself of failure because you gained a few pounds directly after eating a large meal.

But if you look at that scale at the same time each morning, or once per week on the same day, you will see things more clearly. You can reflect on the week you had and what seemed like it went right or wrong. You actually get the full picture this way, rather than rapid results that may not show you the whole story.

Your Tarot reading needs time to settle. It needs you to take the time to reflect upon the reading and internalize. If you are doing your readings too often, you won’t have time for that, and you will miss so much that the reading had to offer.

You may also begin to obsess and cause additional stress that is unnecessary.

I also wrote a few articles for beginning Tarot enthusiasts. You could purchase your own Tarot Cards then work with your own cards on a daily basis, if you wished.

Some great decks to consider could include, Rider Waite-Smth deck, The Light Seer’s Deck, The Thoth Tarot deck and there are more.

Here are a couple of articles you could read related to beginning:

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Scroll to the bottom of this article for more great articles related. Let’s get back to how often you should get a Tarot reading…

A Few Schedules To Consider

Tarot readings are a beautiful way to help you navigate what is happening in your life and what may be to come. But make sure you choose the path that is best for you.

Monthly Tarot Readings

The monthly reading may even be too much for some people, but will still at least allow time in between. This is really as frequent as you should get when looking for a reading schedule.

A few reasons why some people may need or highly prefer the monthly readings:

  • Stress from work that they are looking to have resolved
  • Heavy personal upheaval that will require major decisions
  • A life-altering change that they need help navigating
  • Someone who just took on much more decision making responsibilities in a job or relationship

When situations arise that seem out of our control, our nature is to find ways to either control them or to get help in navigating them. Readings accomplish both of these things for many.

You may not be able to stop something bad that is coming or avoid a major change that is upon you. But you can reflect on the things you’re currently doing and how you may be able to change some of the things that brought you here. The insight from a monthly reading will help you accomplish this.

When being more persistent in your readings with a monthly schedule, you are also putting it out into the universe that you are seeking that additional help. Think about that energy. If it is a negative and frantic energy because you are waiting to hear what your next monthly reading is going to reveal, that is not healthy, and it will put the wrong energy into your next reading.

However, if you are doing the monthly readings because you enjoy them and are excited and eager to learn more about yourself, then that is a much better energy to go into the reading with.

Anytime you have a reading, you want to go in with an open mind and heart. You want to be excited for the truths that you will get to hear. So if you don’t think you will have that sense of openness and positive eagerness on a monthly basis, then this may not prove prudent for you.

Quarterly Tarot Readings

The quarterly reading is a very popular middle-ground option. When monthly just sounds like too much, or you tried them and didn’t like it, this is a nice step back.

Many businesses rely heavily on their quarterly earnings and reports. Why? Because it gives them a snapshot of their state of affairs so they can decide on changes that need to be implemented. Rather than just changing things every time they think something might be wrong.

This is also true in your Tarot readings. Quarterly is a popular option because it allows you to seek that much-needed guidance still, but it doesn’t take over your life. Tarot is not meant to be a rule-book that you have to follow. It is there to help guide you and enrich your high-self.

Some tips for how to use your time in between these readings:

Dive Deep to Understand the Reading

If you just take it at face value and don’t really spend time diving into the truest meaning of the reading, then you’re doing yourself a disservice. Take the time to really understand what the card means and signifies.

At the bottom of this post, I’ve listed a few posts that help you to learn the meanings of the cards quite quickly.

Reflect on What it Means to You

Once you understand the card itself and what it can mean, now you have time to really immerse yourself in what it means to you. Don’t rush into another reading before you get to really understand this one in relation to you.

Take Action

Understanding your motivations, struggles, and opportunities are all amazing steps. But your Tarot reading won’t create change for you. You have to act on what you reveal in your readings to yourself.

When you opt for quarterly readings, you allow yourself time to do all of these things in between readings. Layout a schedule for yourself with goals so you can try to make sure you have enough time to really get the full experience each time.

I recommend keeping a tarot journal that will help you do this. At the end of the year, you can look back at each of the four different journeys and really take it all in.

There’s a really nice Tarot Tracker Journal, that you can use to record your Tarot readings over a year. It’s not expensive, and has some details about the Major and Minor Arcana in the appendix, check the pricing here.

Another nice journal is the Celestial Journal. All the pages are blank, but the imagery on the outside feels nice. Check the current pricing here.

Annual Tarot Readings

Some may say this is just for the casual goer, but sometimes it can also be for enthusiasts. There is a commonly used spread that is perfect for the annual Tarot reading. It is a 7-card spread, otherwise known as the Year Ahead Tarot Spread.

If you’re someone who likes doing any type of annual cleanse or vision boards to kick off your year or want to manifest your goals for the year ahead, this could be right up your alley.

It allows you to really go through a powerful reading that looks forward and allows you to plan, reflect, execute, and live your truth for the next year.

Making Sure to Have the Best Experience Possible

You will be able to decide on the best frequency based on your personal preference, what you have going on in your life, and what you hope to get out of the experience.

Since Tarot cards don’t see the actual future, there is no expiration date or rules that say you need to do it one way or the other.

If you’re looking for an annual reading, you can get more powerful spreads like the one listed in this article. Or you can get shorter-vision spreads that will keep you actively seeking more every month or few months.

The cards are in your hands!

Get a Psychic Reading, 5 Minutes Free

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I’d love to hear about your experience.  Please connect with me, after you’ve had a reading…

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