Devil Tarot Card Meaning – 35 Interpretations!

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning

The Devil Card is usually presented as the fifteenth card of the Major Arcana of most Tarot Decks.

In the Rider Waite deck introduced in 1910, the card’s illustration was heavily influenced by a French occult author, Eliphas Levi’s drawings of Baphomet. Baphomet was a supernatural being worshiped by the Knights Templar, a Catholic military order.

This being was a mix of human and animal, very similar to the satyr god Pan of ancient Greece, a spirit of nature, sexuality, and panic.

The Devil on the Rider Waite version is similarly portrayed as half-human, with the other half being a mix of animals. He has harpy feet, with talons helping his perch on the half altar he occupies.

He has the wings of a bat, the horns of a ram, and a reversed pentagram on his forehead. The pentagram has long been associated with the paranormal and occult energies’ negative sides, such as the Devil and demons.   

We also see the Devil raising his right hand on the card, with his left hand holding a burning torch upside down. A couple of demons, a male and a female, are chained to the half-altar. They have horns, hooves instead of feet, and tails to symbolize their animal nature.

However, they also show signs of being human through their facial features.

A fascinating observation made by most experienced tarot readers is the many mirroring elements in the Devil card and the Hierophant card. For example, the raised hands are mirror reflections because there is none of the Hierophant’s benevolence in the Devil.

Even the couple in the Devil card is thought to depict Adam and Eve, after the Hierophant has withdrawn his support or after their Fall from Grace.

However, the symbolism in the Devil card is interpreted, it is a card that might be a little intimidating to receive in a reading.

The archetype of the horned demon somehow triggers a fight-or-flight emotional response for most people, even fear and terror. It represents the Shadow, the dark side of a man chained to the material realm and the animal instinct.

The Devil may belong to the mystical dimension, a spiritual entity from head to toe, but it has very real implications nonetheless. Let’s recall a simple proverb for this one; no smoke without a fire.

A personification of evil that has been called many names throughout history, the Devil, also called Satan or Prince of Darkness, is the ruler of hell, the deceiver, the tempter, and the enemy of God.

Once an angel who was cast out of heaven, he now dwells in the depths of the abyss with the sinners and his minions. He is the eternal nihilist, devouring the sun and stars.

Another one of his names is Lucifer, meaning the bringer of light and the morning star. If you can see beyond the savage idol portrayed on the card, you may realize that this is merely one of the many forms of the Devil.

He could easily transform into a talking snake or appear under the guise of a beautiful and intelligent creature. A persuasive shapeshifter; that is his power and his cunning.

He is, nonetheless, bearing the only light in the darkness, the vital flame of enlightenment and free will. Could there be a spark of benevolence and humanity in this morbid scene? Or is it merely the superficial consequences of a terrible mistake? What about the fearful prejudice against the strange and unknown?

In this guide, we take a more in-depth look at all the Devil card’s connotations showing up in your tarot reading.

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What does the Devil Tarot card mean?

The Devil brings with it a host of meanings, all pertaining to the material world and being seduced by the comforts of material pleasures.

The Devil card represents you being trapped by the material pleasures of the world.

It also means that you overindulge and are in a gilded cage of luxury. It represents the dark side of your life and personality that holds you back and keeps you addicted to habits that do not allow you to be the best version of yourself.

The Devil card might also be read as a symbol of you being tricked into a situation where you have no control over the outcome, and you might never break free from the hold that these conditions have over you.

It can refer to toxic mentalities, such as believing the worst will happen or deliberately acting with cruelty, and to the notorious deal with the devil, an act of greed and deception that is apparently irreversible.

 This card can also be an indication of an addiction. You might know that what you crave or are trapped by is terribly wrong for your physical or mental health, and yet you will crave and thirst for it because you have no control over yourself.

Even if it means going against everything that you stand for as an individual, you must have this thing you crave so much. As with the demon couple chained to the half altar, you are chained to your desires and cannot or do not want to break free.

In the occult world, the Devil is traditionally the advocate of black magic, malice, and evil spirits. However, we can surely find a glimmer of light even in this darkness; the fallen angel is a reminder that every human being has free will and the choice to disregard the morality and standards imposed by society.

The Devil Tarot Card Upright

In the upright position, the Devil card symbolizes your dark side. Either you have been trapped into being addicted to material desires or have gotten into the habit of overindulging in things that are not good for you. It might also indicate bleak, obsessive thoughts and phobias.

You are on the path of losing your individuality or personality, and if you do not accept and take responsibility for your actions, you will be lost down this path for a long time.

One cannot simply trick the Devil. There is always a price to pay for what he promised you, and while that might not be eternal damnation, it isn’t a matter to be taken lightly!

Are you addicted to something or someone? Perhaps it is a material thing or pleasure. Maybe it is a co-dependent relationship. Whatever the case might be, the Devil card tells you to take accountability and wake up before it is too late for you to mend your soul.

Apart from deception and gluttony, the Devil can also represent obsessions and intrusive thoughts, fear of the unknown, abusive behaviors, and emotional immaturity. It is that naughty voice in your head that tempts you to do the wrong thing and confuses you.

Do not give in to the baser animal instincts that might be present, deep down. Instead, use this card as a splash of water on your face.

The Universe or your Higher Self is showing you a mirror. Use this as an opportunity to examine your mind and your life and take the necessary steps to get out of this seemingly endless overindulgence.

The Devil Tarot Card Keywords Upright

  • Overindulgence
  • Addiction
  • Unhealthy habits
  • Co-dependency
  • Material desires
  • Darkness
  • Mental pain
  • Trickery
  • Holding you back
  • Trapped
  • Short-term worldly pleasures
  • Curse
  • Traitor
  • Satyr
  • Obsession
  • Sin
  • Taboo
  • Deal
  • Evil
  • Hopelessness
  • Phobia
  • Possession
  • Black Magic

What does the Devil Tarot card mean by reversed?

The Devil reversed is a sign that the worst is in the past and that you are beginning to wake up from a toilsome nightmare.

In reverse, the Devil card points to a situation or a moment when you have finally woken up and are taking steps toward self-awareness. Perhaps the Devil’s last vestiges’ influence over you is not entirely over yet, but you are now awake and want to reclaim your power.

It is the light at the end of the tunnel, a first victory over the force of darkness! This card in reverse might signal a spark that will reinvigorate your will to live free and open the way to healthy ambition, passion, and creativity, along with the acceptance of your dark side and sexuality.

However, it would be necessary to point out that you must not expect this journey of recovery to be easy. You did sell your soul to the Devil at one point, and it would be foolish to expect him to hand it back to you on a silver platter with his head bent.

No, the Devil will fight to keep you in captivity and make every effort to continue to do his bidding.

So how does one approach this battle of reclaiming your soul? The answer is self-assessment and self-observation. It is vital to understand that addiction or a bad habit is not the only version of you.

Observe yourself and perhaps make a list of triggers and the patterns that got you started on this co-dependency, irrespective of whether this is a material possession or a person.

The impulse to relapse and stay in the dark may be strong, almost irresistible. But at precisely that moment when we lose all hope, we realize that we can start anew one step at a time because we have nothing more to lose.

Remember that the hard work will pay off, and the sun will rise on a new version of you, a better version that is equipped to fend off any advances from the Devil and temptation.

The Devil Tarot Card Keywords in Reverse

  • Overcoming addiction
  • Breaking off chains
  • Ending bad habits
  • Self-discovery
  • Self-assessment
  • Freedom from overindulgence
  • New beginnings
  • Independence
  • No more co-dependency
  • Being in control
  • Sexuality
  • Free Will
  • Creativity
  • Scapegoat
  • Integrating the shadow

The Devil Tarot Card as How Someone (He/She) Sees You

When asking how a specific person sees you, the Devil isn’t a very favorable card to receive. While they might find you attractive, that is only superficial, and you seem to be totally self-centered.

The Devil card in an upright position means that you are seen as a materialistic person who is only concerned with their well-being. You are seen as selfish and giving into material pleasures that only serve you. 

The illustration of the Devil card shows a being with half-human and half-animal features. Therefore, symbolically, you are seen as someone who gives in to their base animal instincts, despite knowing that these actions may not serve you well in the next moment or the future.

Since the Devil is in the details, we should also address the fact that this person may be experiencing a high sexual attraction to you. Do not be mistaken, this is not love, but pure animalistic lust.

Be careful in how you react or reply to this person if this is a case of attraction. You do not want to overindulge, basing your opinions on their physical features or based on what they can do for you.

At this point, we should mention a quality of the Devil card that might appear regardless of its upright or reversed position, that of the scapegoat.

With this card, there is the possibility that you are like the black sheep and the person of interest blames you for no good reason, and might even project their own faults on you.

The Devil Card in Reverse as How Someone (He/She) Sees You

Perhaps of the few tarot cards where a reverse position is favorable, the Devil card in reverse is a good thing!

In reverse, the Devil card is indicative of the fact that the person you have in mind sees you as someone who is breaking free of restrictive habits. They see you as someone who is self-observant and you are very aware of your shortcomings and your strengths.

You have calmed your wild or disruptive energy and are ready to face the battles to reclaim your freedom and individuality.

With an aura of excitement and the new-found strength to ward off anything and anyone that might be holding you back, you appear as a likable rascal who has faced their inner demons and is now more humble and self-aware.

They see you as someone regaining control and are willing to take a long, hard look at the mirror to identify areas of opportunity to improve.

What Does the Devil Tarot Mean in Love?

Unfortunately, when the Devil card shows up in a love reading, it does not signify the best news. From the loss of independence and abuse to disturbing fetishes and outright cheating, the Devil is far from love and compassion.

The Devil card, upright, in a love reading, shows that one of the partners in the relationship is selfish and perhaps also abusive. The relationship itself may be based on the wrong foundation that will prove unsteady.

A relationship based on high levels of sexual desire or attraction will not last long.

The Devil card may also signify a co-dependency on each other, something that does not spell good news for the relationship’s longevity. One of the partners may have some addiction of sorts, that they are struggling to look beyond.

This may not break up the relationship, but it is imperative that the partner seek help from a professional or open up and communicate with his support system if the relationship is to move beyond this hurdle.

The Devil card could also be read as an indicator that someone is feeling trapped or suffocated in the relationship. That person may be you or your partner.

In either case, it becomes essential to talk through the problem instead of letting it simmer under the surface and lead to more significant frustrations in the future.

If single, the Devil card means that sexual tension and frustration have been building up and affecting your mentality.

You either repress and deny those instincts, and therefore your own nature, or you focus so much on the object of desire that it isn’t possible for you to acknowledge love from a sober, innocent point of view.

What Does the Devil Card Reverse Mean in Love?

The Devil card in reverse is more favorable than you might think. It means that even if your relationship is going through a rough patch, there’s a chance for both of you to change your perspective and make it work.

When the Devil card shows up in reverse in a love reading, it usually means that the shackles are coming off. It could also mean that either your partner or you will move past deceptions and illusions and decide if you want to make the relationship last. 

However, be careful not to get carried away just because the Devil is slipping from his little altar. There might be a reverse in materialistic addictions, but that does not mean that everything is perfect, and all is right with the world again.

The journey might be an uphill one, to get your relationship back to what you would like it to be.

Having said that, it is important to stay positive that the first step has been taken and things will improve if you put in the work.

As a card with profound connotations of sexuality, it implies the freedom to be who you want to be without shame and inhibitions. If you are single at the moment, the reversed Devil reminds you that seduction is not always a bad thing; it’s all part of the game!

What does the DEVIL Tarot Mean in Friendship?

The Devil is a very dangerous friend!

The Devil card, in a friendship reading, represents a person who doesn’t really care about her well-being. They might take advantage of you and keep you close only for personal gain. Don’t be surprised if they spread malicious rumors and ultimately betray you.

An arch-traitor who turned his back on heaven, the Devil doesn’t need friends; he wants followers and servants. You are good to him as long as you serve some purpose in his master plan. The card might otherwise mean that one of your friends is an addict and in deep trouble.

That being said, the card shows signs of co-dependency, lack of trust, and dubious motives. It might be a friend who considers you the third wheel, blames you for their own shortcomings, and might even try to extort money or sexual favors from you. They can and probably will, at some point, double-cross you.

What does the DEVIL Card Reverse mean in Friendship?

In reverse, the Devil card in a friendship reading has a more pleasant meaning than its upright position.

If the Devil appears reversed in your friendship reading, you and your friends are ready to set differences aside and help each other out. Someone might have not been in the right state of mind in the past, but they have realized their mistake now.

Perhaps you had a fight, some kind of trust issue, or you thought that your friends were holding you back.

The reversed Devil is a sign to let go of the bad vibes; it’s all water under the bridge. You and your friend can help each other slowly break free from concepts and habits that misguided you and caused pain in the past.

The DEVIL Tarot Card in a Career Reading

For issues concerning work and money, the Devil is an alarming omen.

The Devil card indicates being trapped in a job you don’t like and that bad habits affect your productivity. If you need to make a significant decision about your career or finances, be careful of what you sign and what are the terms and conditions if you have suddenly been offered a “too good to be true” offer.

Do not sell your soul to the Devil for short-term gains that will soon disappear as soon as you have realized your mistake.

No matter how desperate you are for money, remember that what the Devil promised you isn’t worth the price you have to pay. Greed, the desire for wealth, is one of the cardinal sins for a good reason.

Be especially careful of contracts and agreements. The Devil is in the details. Do not skim through legalities. Be cautious of what you are getting yourself into. The card will often indicate fraud or a shadowy deal that you are called to agree upon.

Don’t sign anything until you have completely understood the consequences!

Furthermore, the Devil card is a sign that external factors are keeping you from being productive, making money, and enjoying your work. Drinking and gambling lead to an empty wallet.

If, on the other hand, your job feels a lot like slavery, address this matter and consider your options sooner rather than later, when the safety of a stable income and lack of choice will have trapped you in a career that you loathe.

The DEVIL Card Reversed in a Career Reading

The Devil card, in reverse, is a surprisingly good omen for your finances.

When reversed, in reading about career and money, the Devil card denotes a debt that’s been paid off or a deal that will play out in your favor. If you have to make an important decision, go for it, but don’t let your guard down.

If you have been owing money, the Devil card reversed means that you will finally be able to pay off the debt. It can otherwise indicate a risky deal coming your way, a deal on which you’re going to have the upper hand – this time even the Devil himself cannot fool you!

You have learned from your mistakes and the risks might not be as perilous as they seem. Still, pay close attention to the details and don’t make decisions on impulse.

The Devil Tarot Card in Conflict

A quarrel characterized by the Devil card keeps one bound in a downward spiral of negative thoughts. Anger and hate fuel this conflict, and it might seem like there’s no way to find a solution. Could it simply be an externalization of self-loathing?

A conflict with the Devil has its roots in disrespect, deception, mockery, and ill will. The other party doesn’t care about you. Their behavior is selfish and impulsive. They’ll do anything to convince you it’s your fault, to trap you in your own words and prove their innocence, but they’re only fighting out of spite.

Narcissists often blame and manipulate others when push comes to shove. Even when they know they’re wrong they will say “It’s both our faults” before admitting their guilt and their mistakes. It has to be somebody’s fault after all.

They know they’re going down, so they’ll try to take you down with them. You might hear sly, dishonest apologies which are more of an attempt to absolve themselves. Their behavior will stay the same; they won’t change a thing and might even betray you.

There’s not much you can do, apart from calling them out and stopping all communication to save yourself the headache. Don’t hesitate to block them on social media. This person’s got a dire sense of self-importance and feeds off your attention.

It’s not necessary that the person whom you argue with has a narcissistic disorder, but with the Devil card in your reading and if you’ve spotted some of the above patterns, you can be sure that they plan to rise above the situation by making you look bad, attacking your character, and misleading you with lies and emotional abuse.

Fundamentally, they’re lying to themselves. They’re hating on you because they hate their own guts. That is their problem to solve, not yours, and it’s their superficial choice to pour oil on the flames. Their strategy is to make you question your own reality.

The Devil Reversed in Conflict

When reversed, however, the Devil card tells a different story.

In conflict, the reversed Devil card means that one of the persons involved, or perhaps both parties, are trying to break free from their bad habits and embrace their weaknesses. Their lashing out could be a reaction due to the weight and pressure of personal responsibility, or a trivial misunderstanding.

There is no intrinsic malice in this case. It still is a very delicate matter though and could lead to confusion and drama. The reversed Devil points out that a first step towards understanding each other has been made regardless of how intense the disagreement is.

However, do not think that the problem will go away on its own. It’s up to you to decide if you are going to wait until things settle down or address the issue directly, clarify where the aggression is coming from, and work it out like civilized people.

The person you’re fighting with is likely going through a rough patch. They might be in the process of “facing their demons” and owning up to their mistakes… If they lost their temper and said something unacceptable to you, it’s nothing personal. Think about what might have triggered them in the first place.

It could be something as inconsequential as forgetting their birthday, or a silly remark that didn’t really mean anything. At that precise moment, however, it made them feel like an outcast that nobody cares about. How lonely must this poor devil be!

Some people will put up a fight because they do not know how to communicate. The best advice here would be to have a little sympathy for the Devil.

 The Devil Tarot as How Someone Thinks of You

The Devil card is often read as a card to symbolize someone who has excessive ties to the material world or life’s material pleasures. They may know that craving these pleasures is not in their best interests, but they do not know how to stop themselves.

This is how the person you have in mind thinks of you. They see you as someone caught in a spiral of negative behavior, someone who, despite having adequate knowledge of “good and bad,” still gets pulled into temptation. They cannot trust you and may even think you are evil.

They also may be sexually attracted to you, but this is not love, and neither is this lust a suitable foundation for a relationship if that’s what you are hoping for.

Furthermore, this person could believe that you are as bad as it gets. On their side of the story, you are like the villain. They might be afraid of you or make fun of your flaws. Whether that is based on truth or their projections, it’s for you to decide.

The Devil Reversed as How Someone Thinks of You

The Devil, in reverse, is so much more positive in meaning than in the upright position.

Thus, in terms of how someone thinks of you, they see you as someone who is breaking away from wanting only instant gratification and becoming someone who is more balanced as an individual.

When the Devil card appears in reverse, it also generally points to the fact that you have some self-examination to do so that you can break away from whatever is holding you back.

The person might have had some reservations about you, but their opinion is changing for the better.

The Devil Tarot Card as Feelings

As a feelings card, the Devil card does not come bearing good news in the upright position.

In the upright position as a card to denote feelings, the Devil card indicates feelings of lust and obsession. The Devil is so blinded by the obsession they feel for the outer “image” you project that they do not care to see the inner, real you. The card might also invoke hopelessness and fear.

If this person you are doing the reading for is not a romantic, love interest, and is a co-worker or an acquaintance, the Devil showing up indicates a sense of fear and intimidation. They could be infatuated with you and the personality you project but are also scared of you.

Think of it this way- the Devil is always looking to tempt you away from becoming the best version of you. You may fall for what he offers as gifts, but there will also be that underlying fear of him.

That fear can feel like something foreign taking over you, draining all power and hope, sinking the mind into bleak thoughts. However, the Devil isn’t real, he is a symbol! It is your own mind that makes it real.

Caught up in appearances, you focus on the object of your obsession so intensely that you forget it is only a mental image, a feeling that will pass with time.

The person you are thinking about feels the same way- that they have fallen for the temptation you symbolize to them but that they are also fearful of what you may do to them.

The Devil Card Reversed as Feelings

In reverse, the Devil card as denoting feelings is slightly better than getting the card upright.

The Devil card in reverse, as a feelings card, is someone getting over the exterior you project and getting to know the inner, real you. They are no longer blinded by lust and cravings for you. Things might now settle down, and you have a chance to build a strong, lasting foundation if you choose to do so.

The Devil card, in reverse, also has much to do with overcoming negative cycles. Perhaps you are approaching or are at a place where you must self-analyze your life and the people you associate with to break free of the Devil’s shackles.

You might suddenly realize that your feelings about a person or situation had blinded you and distorted your thoughts. You (or the person you are doing the reading for) are finally catching a break and seeing with clarity, unafraid to experience genuine feelings.

Depending on what kind of dream you are waking up from, you may choose to stay, light up the place with your smile, and give compassion a chance; or you might have to walk away and out of the cave of despair and depravity.

The Devil Tarot Card as A Situation

The Devil card upright, showing up as a situation is concerning news.

When the Devil card shows up as a situation, consider it a strong warning of an impending negative situation that may bring considerable changes to your life. It might warn of addiction, perhaps gambling that might lead to your downfall.

The Devil card symbolic of a situation could also mean possible substance abuse or a co-dependent relationship that is unhealthy for you. When the Devil shows up in a reading, it is a strong call for introspection and figuring out where you are going wrong.

Look at the surrounding cards to clarify which area of your life is subject to the Devil’s influence. If you have already freed yourself from destructive and uncontrollable behaviors, keep your eyes open – the card might be a warning that somebody will try to deceive you.

The Devil Card Reversed as a Situation

The Devil card in reverse brings better news for you than in its upright position.

When the Devil card shows up in reverse as a situation, the overall meaning is positive.

In reverse, the Devil card is all about reversing the unhealthy decisions you may have taken in the past. It shows the chains coming off, thus pointing to the fact that you are rediscovering your strength in taking on the Devil. 

Practically speaking, it could point to two things. The first is that you are finally getting rid of an unhealthy, over-indulgent habit. This could be an addiction to gambling or perhaps even drugs.

The second is that you have realized that a certain relationship is keeping you stuck and that you may need to get out of it to move on in life.

Whatever the case may be, the easiest way to approach the situation is to analyze how this habit or relationship is messing up your life and how life would improve once you overcome it. When you are able to see your inner demon, you can also accept it and guide it to illumination.

The Devil Tarot Card as Intentions / What Someone Wants

In a tarot card reading, the Devil showing up is mostly taken as a concerning sign, especially if it is in an upright position.

The Devil card, upright, as a card showing intentions, point to human greed and perhaps sexual attraction based on lust. What someone wants is not going to be right for you or them. They feel a strong, almost obsessive attraction to you.

The Devil card is often a symbol of a human pursuit that is bound to fail. For example, someone might want to involve you in a deal that might not go well for you, or they might want a physical relationship with you that might result in an unhealthy and vicious cycle of co-dependency.

Whatever they want, it is not going to turn out well. Take the Devil showing up as a warning and strengthen yourself against the temptation that you might soon find yourself faced with.

The Devil Tarot Card Reversed as Intentions/What Someone Wants

In the reversed position, the Devil card as a symbol of intentions is talking of change for the better.

The Devil card in reverse, as proof of someone’s intentions, is that there is a change taking place that will reverse the obsession and darkness that existed previously. As an intention card, the Devil symbolizes the strength to overcome all adverse situations and turn your life around.

This person either wants a balanced relationship with you that considers all aspects of your personality and that they can see beyond the exterior you project. It also could mean that they are very drawn to you, but not in the obsessive way of the Devil upright.

It is worth looking at, in terms of pursuing a long-lasting relationship, romantic or otherwise.

Is the Devil Tarot card a Yes or a No?

The Devil card as an answer to a “yes” or “no” question is mostly a ‘No.’

Irrespective of whether the Devil card appears upright or reverse, it generally symbolizes human greed and temptation. The situation will be unlikely to work out in your favor, and if you are about to make a decision that may alter your life, hold up and take some more time.

Either the situation will evolve, or you might get new information that will help you realize that what you were hoping for as a result will not happen.

The future does not look very promising, but because of the Devil card’s very nature, you might be tempted to throw caution to the winds and do whatever it takes to get what you think you want.

Take a good look at your surroundings, the people surrounding you, and what you truly desire before taking any concrete steps that you might not be able to undo later. 

The DEVIL Tarot Card as a Place

One thing is certain about the Devil’s lair – it is found in absolute darkness!

The Devil card might refer to a dark and secret place, a dungeon, or a vault perhaps. With its hellish atmosphere, it could indicate an unholy shrine of devil worships! To be more realistic, however, we can infer that the card most likely points to ill-famed clubs and the nightlife scene.

Don’t storm out searching for secret pathways to satanic temples just yet! Jokes aside, the Devil card is strongly associated with nightclubs and parties, so that is your best bet.

Apart from that, it might be a vault where something dangerous is safely locked away or a place where you have personally experienced torment and makes you uneasy to even think about it. Let’s remember the inscription on the gates of hell from Dante’s Divine Comedy: Abandon all hope, ye who enter here…

The DEVIL Card in Reverse as a Place

As a place, the reversed Devil card doesn’t give away many clues. The scene’s backdrop is the void, with only a half-altar, which could be seen as a doorway, to hint at physical space. We can, however, presume the following.

In reverse, the Devil card might refer to a dark place’s exit point. Alternatively, it can represent rock and heavy metal concert venues, galleries where obscene and revolutionary art is presented, or altars to pagan spirits.

The Devil has been a particularly influential figure in heavy music and one could compare rock concerts to the ancient pagan rituals of ecstatic dancing. Thus, a concert hall is definitely not out of the question.

In the art world, the horned demon can represent sexuality and the nonconformist, revolutionary spirit. So, the card might refer to an “underground” gallery that hosts more daring, erotic, or dark modern artwork.

Finally, let’s not forget that this silly image of the Devil is but a remnant of the free and sometimes quite benevolent woodland spirits of antiquity. An altar dedicated to the mischievous god of the forest? It’s unlikely, but you never know…

The Devil Tarot Card as an Obstacle or Challenge

The Devil card as an obstacle or a challenge in the current situation could mean a few things.

As an obstacle, it does not get worse than the Devil. Understand that no matter how certain you are, the situation at hand might not work out in your favor.

As an obstacle, the Devil card is a potent symbol of motives that are not in your best interests. For example, someone might appear to want you, but this motive will be fueled by selfish reasons that have nothing to do with your happiness.

An ex might come around, but they are only here because they either want a favor or, perhaps, a relationship based on physical needs.

If the reading is to do with work or a career situation, you are perhaps feeling chained to work, and your career is not looking as encouraging as you hoped it would.

If you are looking for insight into your life and the people you interact with, then be warned and stay alert; with the Devil, nothing is what it seems. He will say anything to make you believe that all is well and that you’ll get what you desire.

Try to look beyond the surface. An exciting daydream might prove to be a gradual downfall, another chain that prevents you from living in the present.

The Devil is all about luring you away from negativity by promising you a new, shiny object of sorts. However, all that glitters is not gold, and you would serve yourself well by remembering this.

The Devil Card Reversed as an Obstacle or Challenge

The Devil card in reverse as a challenge, may often seem confusing. On the one hand, it is the Devil, but on the other hand, it is in reverse. So, what does it mean?

The Devil card in reverse as an obstacle is indicative of a near miss. You could be battling an addiction to a substance or a person, whatever the case may be, you have narrowly escaped a situation that could have been worse.

The Devil card in reverse could also mean that you are breaking away from negative patterns, but you are not at the finish line as yet, and hence it is a warning not to celebrate too early.

The Devil is a tricky one to defeat because he knows every string that he can pull. He will do everything it takes to win because he is symbolic of the base nature of man. He is half-animal, after all, and is a stranger to love and compassion.

Because of this, you must remain aware of everything going around you, because even when it seems like you have finally broken away, there might be a twist in fate, and you might find yourself landing in the same cycle again.

The Devil Tarot Card as Action

The Devil tarot card as an action card in a reading is asking you to avoid behavior that is not true to yourself. There might be an external event that may appear to be beyond your control. The situation is most likely going to be in your best interests.

However, do not add fuel to the fire by exposing yourself to extravagance and addiction.

The Devil card, upright, as an action card, warns you to control your negative behavior patterns, lest you spiral out of control, and become enchained like the demons on the card’s illustration.

There is always good and evil in a person, symbolized by the half-human, half-animal Baphomet. The part of you that you feed is the part of you that will grow.

The Devil is a warning to stop feeding the animal in you because all that will result in is a vicious cycle of addiction and over-indulgence. 

The Devil Card Reversed as Action

The Devil card in reverse as an action card in a reading is an indication that you have the opportunity to break free if you take the necessary, correct steps.

The Devil card is an indication that you have managed to avoid a situation that could have been worse. You have been given a chance to turn away from the darkness and embrace the light within you and the Universe as a whole.

Remember that hedonism is trying to put out a fire with more fire. Asceticism, on the other hand, is often nothing more than masochism and denial; it brings no liberation.

Do not squander away this chance by falling prey to the Devil’s temptations again. You have emerged from the cycle of negativity. Continue to consciously analyze your behavior patterns so that you can move on from this situation entirely.

The Devil Tarot Card as Advice

The Devil as an advice card is telling you to be careful of what you agree to. It is also a wake-up call that your dark side is taking over and that you have to find your way out of a harmful situation.

When upright, the Devil card is a warning to tread lightly. Don’t agree to offers or proposals that might not be in your best interest in the long run. Someone will try to deceive you. The card suggests that you face any personal issues with addiction, abuse, material pleasure, and mental fetters.

Be careful of exposing yourself to situations that might turn out to be addictive. This may be drug abuse, gambling, or even seeing a particular person for a physical relationship. Giving in to cravings and temptations is very much like inviting the Devil in.

Here, you must realize that the satisfaction of desire does not cure suffering and that you must be willing to face your darkest feelings and abandon all kinds of mental attachments.

Though the Devil isn’t real, the consequential torment imposed on you might be unbearable. It is what we call a double bind. If you speak about it, you are exposed and make it sound more real than it actually is; if you don’t, there is no escape, no release.

Like a pit of quicksand, it seems impossible to get out without external help. So how does one outwit the Devil?

Half-jokingly, philosopher and entertainer Alan Watts suggests in one of his lectures that the only way to escape the Devil’s clutches is to refrain from giving him advance notice by saying to him “Not today, maybe tomorrow”.

Thus, you can slowly reclaim your freedom and simply leave without alarming the Devil, who is very clever and will do anything to keep you in chains!

That is a very clever mind trick indeed and you can see how it works if you compare it to, let’s say, procrastination. When we have a responsibility we wish to avoid, we postpone it for tomorrow, and then the next day, and so on.

In this case, you reverse the logic of that example and postpone the bad habit until it no longer holds any power over you.

The Devil Card Reversed as Advice

In reverse, the Devil card may point to the chains breaking off if you persist, but it might also mean that the chains are choking you while you remain blissfully unaware of the situation. You may be obsessed with the material indulgences around you that you are no longer aware of how far down you have sunk.

In this case, if the Devil card shows up in reverse as advice, the Universe is warning you to take a good look around you before it is too late.

The doors of self-consciousness are open, but only you can decide to take the first step toward entering those doors. The fate that you have accepted for yourself may be overthrown if you take accountability for your actions and consciously decide to fight the Devil’s spell.

The Devil Tarot Card as an Outcome

The Devil card as an outcome is not a positive sign.

When the Devil card shows up as an outcome in a reading, it always ends up as a sign of tough times to come. You may not be able to see through the illusions of the Devil and will become ensnared by him into doing things that go against your morals and principles.

The Universe is giving you a heads up if you will. Be careful of what you sign up for because things are not going your way.

Something that initially seemed perfect is now only hampering your mental peace. This could be a work situation, something to do with an investment in finances, or even a new relationship.

Ensure that you have all the facts before you and perhaps even do a little more digging for hidden information before you decide to do anything.

The Devil Tarot Card Reversed as an Outcome

The Devil card in reverse as an outcome is a slightly more positive sign.

In reverse, as an outcome, the Devil card is indicative of you fighting against temptation or doing something that may have caused irreparable damage to your life and mental health. This was a near miss, and the Universe wants you to know that.

The Devil may have lost this time, but this card is being shown to you as a wake-up call. You may not always win against the Devil, and he will keep trying to tip the scales in his favor.

Be careful of the temptations and illusions that the Devil crafts for you. Be conscious of the choices you take because these decisions are instrumental in leading you to or away from the Devil and his demons.

The Devil Tarot Card in the Future

The Devil card is a very upsetting omen about your future.

If the Devil card shows up in the future position, it means that it is already too late to mend your mistakes. Dire consequences will soon arise. Your priorities should be your health and peace of mind. When everything you do seems to create more trouble, learn to walk away, and never look back.

Perhaps the Devil’s most sneaky trick is making you believe that all is well while you’re heading right into his trap. After all, the prize he wants to claim is your future, tempting you with ephemeral pleasure and rewards that won’t last.

That is only the bait on the hook. If you see this and realize your mistakes, negative patterns, and confusion, you can change your fate.

The Devil Card Reversed in the Future

In reverse, the Devil card in reading about your future is not that bad.

The Devil card reversed means that you are beginning to wake up. The battle isn’t over yet, and there will be trouble and temptations in the future. Stay vigilant. You have a choice here; let the light guide you out of the dark, or play with fire once more and fall back into the vicious cycle.

Realizing that you are confused and deluded is important, but it is only the first step on a long road. Whether you have to kick an unhealthy habit, avoid a toxic person or situation, or deal with obsessive thoughts, the Devil card, in reverse, is a sign that you will have the upper hand soon.

It is not much different than looking for an exit while driving on a dark highway. You will find an exit, that’s for sure, but if you don’t keep an eye out for it, you might miss it.

The Devil Tarot Card as a Person

The Devil card upright as a person is pointing towards someone who is excessively dependent on material comforts. They love everything luxurious, and often over-indulge in everything from food, to clothes, to the decisions they make.

The Devil card is more to do with the personality they display rather than the person themselves. This is the archetype of greed and indulgence. They are the type to go overboard in everything they do.

The Devil is also smart and cunning and knows how to get his way. He has extreme emotions and frequently suffers from mood swings.  What he lacks, he tries to take from others. He might show cruelty to the people who care about him and even resort to self-punishment.

Of course, the Devil card might represent a person who is addicted to something, from drugs, smoking, and gambling to social media and compulsive shopping. It would be prudent to remember that, despite all the negative and harmful patterns, addicts have no control over their habits.

And that is precisely what their dependence offers them; an illusion of control, safety, and confidence that can only keep them coming back for more. The illustration on the card wisely depicts the couple in chains.

They are bound to their desire and cannot hope to get away. However, there could be another interpretation. What if they’re kept on a short leash to stop them from wreaking havoc and ultimately destroying themselves?

The Devil Tarot Card reversed as a Person

The Devil card in reverse symbolizes a person who is beginning to be more self-aware of themselves and their surroundings. They are moving beyond the materialistic world they previously enjoyed and are now willing to lead a more balanced life.

They have done the introspection and have realized the error of their ways. This person is someone who has fought addiction and has emerged victorious. The addiction may be drugs or gambling but may also be an addiction to a co-dependent relationship.

This person has been able to turn their back on the darkness and walk toward the light. This shows immense willpower because it is not often that someone wins against the Devil without displaying strength.

What Zodiac Sign is the Devil Card?

The Devil card symbolizes the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

Capricorns are famous for their ambition. Like the Devil, they will do whatever it takes to get to the top. They are strong-willed and possess an intense determination, once they set their mind to achieving something.

Often, they can come across as someone with intense emotions, especially anger. Despite their willpower to achieve any goal, they are also easily manipulated and get addicted to alcohol and drugs.

Capricorn’s sign is also ruled by the planet Saturn, which is known as the planet of limitations and structure. Thus, Capricorns often feel chained and limited by the opinions of the people around them.

Still, much like the chains in the devil card that tie the Devil’s demons, these chains are loose and can be broken if the Capricorn individual decides to.   Read more about the tarot cards that represent Capricorn.

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