Lovers Tarot Card Meaning – 35 Interpretations!

The Lovers Tarot Card, A Complete Guide

The Lovers Card is usually presented as the sixth card of the Major Arcana of most Tarot Decks.

In the Rider Waite deck introduced in 1910, the illustration on the card was different from the usual depictions of a couple being blessed by a noble person.

Instead, the card shows a couple, generally agreed upon to be Adam and Eve, standing in the Garden of Eden, with a mountain in the background. An angel is blessing them; most people consider this angel to be the Archangel Raphael, the patron of unions and matchmaking.

The name “Raphael” literally means “God has healed” in Hebrew. The Archangel appears out of the clouds, with the Sun above him at its zenith, the radiant source of life.

He has beautiful crimson wings and his purple tunic is symbolic of his wisdom. A messenger, a mediator, and a protector of human beings, his presence adds a mystifying atmosphere to the card. Perhaps he conveys the message that love is the cure for the ailments of the soul.

Beside Eve, we can see the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, bearing the forbidden fruit. A snake is coiled around the tree, which represents temptation but can also be regarded as Kundalini, the life force, a dormant spiritual and sexual energy.

On Adam’s side stands the Tree of Life, which has 12 small flames on its branches instead of fruit.

Clouds connect the man and woman, suggesting a spiritual bond and not just a physical one. There is also a mountain between the couple, meaning that even in a blessed union with full transparency and honesty, there still are obstacles in communication.

Nevertheless, the Lovers card portrays a scene of immense beauty and grace.

The symbolism on the card is often understood to denote choices and irrevocable decisions. Eve eating the apple offered by the serpent propels humanity into a binding downward spiral, forever losing the innocence shared with Adam in utopian Eden.

By disobeying the order of God, the first humans to be created attained knowledge of both good and evil, becoming aware of shame, guilt, and lust. After this, they were banished from the Garden to prevent them from eating the fruit of the Tree of Life that would grant them immortality.

Even so, the angel of the Lovers card watches over them, for one need not be punished for decisions made from a place of love. As Milton delicately wrote in his Paradise Lost,so hand in hand they passed, the loveliest pair that ever since in love’s embraces met.

Thus, the Sun still shines upon them, even after their fall from grace. That is one of the main concepts of the Lovers card – boundless unconditional love. It is loving and caring for others, accepting them as they are with all their flaws and vulnerabilities.

We are born from the same Earth, under the same Sun. When we realize this, there is no self and no other. With just a little faith in the world as it is, one can move mountains.

After the Hierophant, who points to the heavens above, we witness a true marvel; Heaven and Earth unite, offering their blessings so we can start doing what we love and loving what we do.

However, it is incorrect to assume that the Lovers card refers to only love and the union of two people. Apart from attraction and crucial choices, the card also refers to beauty, harmony, sensitivity, and social life in general.

In this guide, we take a more in-depth look at all the connotations of the Lovers card showing up in your tarot reading.

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What does the Lovers Tarot card mean? 

No matter what the Lovers card’s position in the reading may be, the overall meaning of the Lovers card upright is a favorable one.

The Lovers card represents union, harmony, relationships, and also points to irreversible choices and making crucial decisions. The Lovers symbolizes that there might be approaching judgments to be made in a relationship; the relationship may or may not be romantic. 

The Lovers card generally mean that a relationship may soon pose a challenge or a question that will involve some decision making.

The card shows a couple not wearing any clothes. This symbolism expresses transparency and that there is nothing to conceal between them.

If applied to a reading, this could translate as having a clear mind and the facts in front of you, so that the decision you take is correct. This decision mustn’t be taken lightly, because it will be binding and a life-altering choice in one way or another. 

The serpent coiled around the Tree of Knowledge denotes that there could be certain influences in the situation that might encourage you down the wrong path. It is up to you to trust in your gut and make a decision that will prove to be the best solution.  

The Lovers Tarot Card Upright

In the upright position, the Lovers Card means everything in harmony and peace within your relationship. It denotes love and trust between partners, with each partner giving strength to the other. Furthermore, the card might refer to friendships, making choices, as well as socializing and the joy of being alive.

It shows the possibility of a mutually beneficial relationship in your life.

The position of the Higher figure over the couple on the Lover card shows a higher entity operating behind the scenes. The decision to be taken might be made from your subconscious or higher self instead of your conscious mind.

In terms of self-development and self-reliance, the Lovers in an upright position could mean that as an individual, you need to figure out what you stand for in the situation. With both the serpent and the higher entity, you need to take a stand for what you believe in.

Whether it is a decision about who you want as a friend by your side, a potential lover, or simply to take a walk in the sun, the underlying meaning of the Lovers card is that almost every time we choose, we express our preference for something over something else.

Perhaps the consequences won’t be as dramatic as the events that took place in the Garden of Eden. However, this card in your reading suggests that you have to make a choice for your own good. Setting morality aside, any spontaneous or calculated choice is better than indecision and brooding.

It is less about right or wrong, and more about what is right and true for you, based on your values and virtues as a human being.

The Lovers Tarot Card Keywords Upright

  • Harmony
  • Relationships or Union
  • Choices or Decisions to be made
  • Love
  • Strength
  • Trust
  • Self-development
  • Trust
  • New Avenues
  • Stability
  • Attractiveness
  • Perfection
  • Intimacy
  • Desires
  • Aligned minds
  • Social Life
  • Marriage
  • Sympathy
  • Friendship
  • Connection
  • Ideal Partner

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What Does the Lovers Tarot card mean Reversed?

In reverse, the Lovers denote problems in communication that affect your social and emotional life.

The Lovers card in reverse points to some sort of conflict or tension in your life. This conflict might be with your inner self or with another individual (s). It shows disharmony, stress, and in some cases, double standards and the refusal to own up to them.

When the Lovers card shows up in reverse, it generally means that there is stress or anxiety within a relationship.

This tension might have an adverse effect on your mental and physical health.You (or the person you are doing the reading for) might be feeling detached and unable to open up, questioning your choices and trying to hide your vulnerabilities.

The Lovers in reverse also reveals a breakdown in talks or communication within a partnership that may or may not be romantic. Communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship, and the Lovers in reverse may indicate that the very foundation of the relationship in question, is shaky and unstable.

In terms of introspection and self-analysis, the Lovers in reverse indicates double standards that you may display in a specific situation. You may have taken a decision based on your needs but are looking to avoid accountability when the results did not go according to your plan.

Try not to blame others for your own choices, but don’t be too hard on yourself either. What’s done is done. Shame and guilt rarely helped anyone.

You may also be in a current or approaching situation that causes disbalance in your life or within yourself.

The Lovers Tarot Card Keywords in Reverse

  • Disharmony
  • Stress
  • Double Standards
  • Instability
  • No Communication
  • Cold Behavior
  • Indifference
  • Anxiety
  • Divided Paths
  • Unspoken Facts
  • Bitterness
  • Displeasure
  • Trust Issues
  • Dilemma
  • Fear of Intimacy
  • Shame

The Lovers Tarot Card is How Someone (He/She) Sees You

Many a time in many a reading, the reader proclaims a Lovers card’s appearance as an indicator of a romantic relationship. While this is one way to look at the card, it is not the only meaning of the Lovers.

If you have someone specific in mind and the Lovers card shows up in your reading, in the upright position, it generally means favorable things. This person, romantic or not, views you as someone trustworthy and deserving of respect, and perhaps beautiful.

There is a spark and a mutually felt connection with this person. The person views you as someone commendable, someone with whom they can form a long-lasting bond. Whether this is a romantic relationship or even a work colleague, they trust you enough to make it work.

While it may not mean a union, it says that this person wants you around. When they look at you, they certainly see a trustworthy, friendly fellow. The Lovers card indicates that they feel comfortable to communicate and open up to you. In plain words, they like what they see!

The Lovers Card in Reverse as How Someone (He/She) Sees You

In reverse, the Lovers card as to how someone sees you means that they don’t exactly like you. Something that you said or did has created an ill-disposed impression in their mind.

When the Lovers card appears in a reversed position, it shows that the person or situation you did the reading for, does not seem to be committed to working on a solution. The situation will not have any stability and may not be worth your time and energy.

The Lovers card has a lot more to do with choices than with unconditional romantic love. Hence, the Lovers in reverse would mean a decision that will not be benefiting anyone in the situation.

There may be a lot of distrust between the participants of the situation in question and the atmosphere might be the opposite of friendly.

As far as how they see you, there might be information that has been kept from you or them; this breeds hostility in the connection between you and them. 

Well, it isn’t possible for everyone to like you; sometimes it’s no more complicated than that. If all attempts at communication seem to fail, then you might not be able to change the image they have of you, whether it is true or biased.

What Does the Lovers Tarot Mean in Love?

In an existing romantic relationship or a situation that might point to possible love, the Lovers card in an upright position is very positive. It may very well appear when you feel like you have found your ideal partner!

The Lovers card upright, in a love reading, shows the possibility of the relationship being a success with immense love and harmony shared between the two of you. There will be a secure connection within the relationship, with a “soulmate” bond.

Like I mentioned earlier, both Adam and Eve are nude in the illustration. This nudity shows that there will be no secrets between you and your partner. Communication will be strong and healthy, with both partners respecting each other’s opinions.

You will draw strength from one another and be each other’s rock.

With the Lovers upright, you have the blessings of your Higher Self and are making the right decision. There is a surety in the relationship which may well lead to a formal union or marriage.

The necessary foundation of your relationship is sturdy and will last long.

The card clearly states the ideal conditions for a relationship. Whether you are single or have a partner, the Lovers suggest that you are falling in love. The connection with the person you have in mind is or will be both physical and spiritual.

This card might otherwise mean that you are called to choose between different suitors or to decide if you’d rather stay single and wait for the “right one” than start a relationship in the near future.

Of course, we should not ignore one of the more obvious meanings of this card; that of sexual desire and making love. However, in this case, that is not an end in itself, more like the natural consequence of two compatible people meeting and hitting it off.

Passion, excitement, intimacy, communication, and loving the other as they are, for who they are; that is what the Lovers card reveals in a love reading.

The Lovers Reversed Meaning in Love

As with most reversed cards, The Lovers in a reversed position is the opposite of all things positive. Someone in the relationship is rethinking their choices. There might be disagreements and problems in your communication.

In a love reading, the Lovers in a reversed position indicates a relationship that has broken down or is unstable and will disintegrate shortly. There is a lack of trust and love- some kind of decision is to be made that will irrevocably change the situation between you.  

Communication or an attempt to talk things out will not yield positive results and might bring up previously withheld information.

Even if both of you have the best intentions at heart, there are many differences in what you are looking for right now. Without trust, understanding, and mutual attraction, the affair will fail. It may be difficult to see it, but perhaps you are simply out of sync, lost in translation.

What might help is the realization that in true love and in a successful relationship there is no point in talking about choices. The perfect couple didn’t choose each other; it feels like fate has brought them together and to even question their bond would be absurd!

It just happened and there is no other way. One completes the other, so if you don’t feel like that at all and seem to argue about trivialities, then something is definitely wrong.

In a relationship that hasn’t materialized yet, but you have a certain person in mind, the Lovers in Reverse is an indication that things might not work out well.

If the reason you like this person isn’t true love or if your flirting is met with indifference, then you are not a good match. You should seriously reconsider your actions.

What does the LOVERS Tarot mean in Friendship?

The Lovers card is a very positive sign of a friendship or acquaintance.

When the Lovers appear in a reading concerning your friends, it denotes a strong bond, one of trust and sympathy. The card talks about honesty, socializing, and opening up to others.

Aristotle said that “man is by nature a social animal” and this is exactly the point of this card. It shows that, in both joy and sadness, sharing is caring indeed!

Your friend in question is someone you can trust and talk about anything you have in mind, knowing that you will be met with understanding.

All in all, the Lovers card will often denote the simple joys of life and partnerships, stripped of all complexity and hidden meanings. It might be time to give your good friends a call and meet up for a walk or just to catch up!

The LOVERS Card Reversed Meaning in Friendship

The Lovers, when reversed, have a rather negative meaning for your social life.

In reverse, the Lovers card means that relations with your friend(s) in question are deteriorating. You are failing to communicate and focusing on what separates you rather than what connects you.

Perhaps you simply cannot understand or respect each other anymore. Relationships can be like trees and plants; if you don’t care about them, prune the sick branches, and frequently water them, eventually they will wither.

In a friendship reading, the Lovers card reversed points out that you and your friend don’t feel that close anymore. Arguments or indifference have taken their toll and hanging out with each other feels awkward and not that pleasant.

You could give it a try and talk things out in case there is some kind of misunderstanding, but if they show you that they simply don’t care, spend your time with a friend who actually cares about you. When someone is unwilling to meet with you halfway, that is their choice and you shouldn’t feel bad about it.

The LOVERS Tarot Card in a Career Reading

The Lovers appearing in a career reading can be somewhat confusing. Let’s not forget that this card is all about choices and feeling alright with what you are doing.

In questions regarding career and money, the Lovers card signifies that you may have to make an important choice. Furthermore, it could generally mean that your heart is in the right place and that you love what you do for a living.

Some people don’t want to mix their hobbies and passions with their work and consider them separate things. The Lovers card might show up if you are wondering about whether or not your career is the right one for you.

Needless to say, there is no right or wrong in this matter. If you enjoy your work, if it makes you feel happy and fulfilled, this card is an affirmation and you should invest all your energy and passion. Don’t go about it half-heartedly.

The Lovers are also a calling to step out of the imaginary world of “what-if’s” where you might be waiting for ideal conditions that will probably not arise and make a conscious, realistic decision about your career. You should follow your heart and pursue your dreams, but don’t overlook your necessities…

The LOVERS Card Reversed in a Career reading

The Lovers, when reversed, suggest that something feels off regarding your work. It might not be very serious, but you shouldn’t ignore it if problems arise.

In reverse, the Lovers card indicates that your career is causing some kind of conflict within yourself. You might be having second thoughts, letting your social life sidetrack you, or you are just too stressed out because of work and you need to relax.

This could be a very simple matter; all work and no play might pay off, but work-related stress and tension can build up and affect your emotions. On the other hand, perhaps you are too absorbed in your social life or hobbies that you’re making no progress at all.

Again, it is a matter of how you choose to spend your time.

If you are pursuing your dream job and yet struggling to make ends meet, then you might not like what the cards have to say. You have to work out a realistic solution and revisit your passion at a later time, with a full belly!

There’s a chance that you are having doubts, rethinking your decisions, or hesitating. Is it just because of stress? If that’s the case, then relax, take a few days off and you’ll feel better soon.

Finally, the most crucial question that you have to ask yourself is this: do you find any joy in your work at all? If not, that is a very serious problem.

I cannot think of better words to explain this other than those of Lebanese-American poet Khalil Gibran: “For if you bake bread with indifference, you bake a bitter bread that feeds but half man’s hunger”.

The Lovers Tarot as How Someone Thinks of You

The Lovers often come up as an answer to the question, “What do they think of me?”.

When you do a reading with this on your mind and get the Lovers card in an upright position, understand that it means the other person sees you as a valuable partner, worthy of a position in their life.

Remember that Gemini is the ruling zodiac sign associated with the Lovers. Gemini is an Air sign that is a “thinking” sign. Thus, the Lovers in an upright position is a clear indication that they are thinking of you in a positive light.

You may be the possible other half of a long-lasting relationship based on mutual respect and love.

They think of you as someone they want and value, more than pure materialistic gains. There is a strong need for you, and they think of you as someone who may complete their life.

The Lovers Reversed as How Someone Thinks of You

In reverse, the Lovers card means that the person in question is having second thoughts about you. Look to the clarifying cards to determine whether they think you are incompatible or if they are just looking for excuses.

The Lovers in a reversed position usually indicates that there is a certain mistrust in the way they think of you. They do not think of you in a positive light, wanting to break away from the idea of a relationship with you.

This decision could come up in any situation and not necessarily in a romantic love situation.

There is minimal chance of any positive thought if the Lovers comes up in a reverse position. It will be a challenging and problematic relationship, perhaps including co-dependency and a stressful “pull and push” motion.

They might also think of you as someone who will not fit in well in their life as a whole or a specific situation. Thus, the basis of their thinking might also be a fear of committing to you because you may not belong together from their perspective.

The Lovers Tarot Card as Feelings

If you get the Lovers card upright when you are curious about someone’s feelings towards you, the answer couldn’t be more definite.

In the feelings position of a tarot spread The Lovers upright indicates positive feelings of love, attraction, harmony, and possibly wanting some sort of a relationship with you. The card is all about responding with passion and reciprocating love. You can be sure the feelings are mutual.

If your situation involves deciding on something, make a clear assessment based on these positive and pure emotions, and be assured that things will work out in your favor.

The Lovers card expresses a clear indication that the person has strong feelings of attraction towards you, especially if this comes up in a love reading.

If the situation being read for is not related to romantic love or intimacy, the Lovers card upright is an indication that the person feels you would be a great fit and might work well in the situation. They find you reliable and an integral part of the task at hand. 

The Lovers Card Reversed as Feelings

When reversed, the Lovers card describes a lack of connection, trust, and openness.

The Lovers in a reversed position indicates feelings of mistrust and doubt. The feelings between you and the person in question are not mutual. This creates obstacles in communication. They do not feel particularly positive towards you or the situation.

The Lovers reversed is a clear sign that some aspects in the situation are not going to work in your favor. They sense a lack of strength and are conflicted about how they feel about you.

They might also have problems communicating with you since there is a lack of transparency between you and them. They might feel uncomfortable talking with you, leading to the wrong message being sent or received. They do not feel any loyalty towards you.

If the situation isn’t a romantic one and you are considering your feelings instead of another individual’s, the Lovers in reversed reflects a sense of low self-esteem that may end up in you considering yourself unworthy of love or trust.

The Lovers Tarot Card

The Lovers Tarot Card as A Situation

One of the uses of doing a Tarot card reading is to offer direction and advice, especially during times that require you to make difficult decisions.

The Lovers card upright as an indication of a situation shows that you might be at a crossroads and might soon face a turning point that requires you to choose. Furthermore, the card usually describes an exciting social life.

The Lovers shows you two paths you will choose from. One road will lead you down a path of undesirable results that will vex you and make you unhappy. The other way will lead you down to a different and happier future, where you will be blessed with stability, strength, and happiness.

The Lovers upright tells you to consider all your options carefully because this is an important decision that will likely change the course of your life. Positivity and joy are within your reach but decide with all the facts and figures laid bare before you. 

If you are currently facing no dilemmas, the card might show up just to remind you that you have good friends by your side who like going out with you!

The Lovers Card Reversed as a Situation

The Lovers card will often appear when you are called to make a tough choice, especially one that affects your social life.

In a reversed position, as a situation, the Lovers indicates a negative mindset that might lead you to make the wrong choice. Be careful of concealed knowledge or information that might affect your ability to make the correct decision. It could also mean that you are somewhat detached from others.

The situation might also indicate a power struggle, whether it is a romantic relationship or not.

The situation is not balanced between the participants and thus lacks stability. It might be hurting your social life, causing you to withdraw from friends and family because you don’t want to get hurt or simply to avoid everyone.

The Lovers in reversed tells you to be wary of red flags because if you are suspicious or have any misgivings about the situation or person involved, the card is telling you that you might be right. 

Reversed, the Lovers may also be trying to draw your attention to a situation that is no longer serving you and your best interests. There might be a complete breakdown in the situation you are facing. This is particularly true when the Lovers card appears with the Tower card.

This is a sure indication that rapid change is on its way to you and that some unpleasant decisions are waiting to be made.

The Lovers Tarot Card as Intentions / What Someone Wants

A tarot card reading is beneficial in giving you some indication of what a person intends to do in a given situation.

When the Lovers card shows upright as an intention card, it indicates that the person has your best interests. The keywords for the Lovers card are alignment and union.

Hence, when the Lovers card is upright, it means that someone wants a successful relationship with you. They are willing to put their vulnerability aside and come together in a passionate union of soulmates. This union does not necessarily have to be romantic.

In a career-related reading, the Lovers could mean that a co-worker or boss holds you in high esteem and values your presence in their life. You complete a part of them, making it a union of knowledge and vitality.  

However, if you look closely at the Lovers card in the Rider-Waite deck, you will notice that even though Adam is looking at Eve, she looks at the angel figure who is symbolic of the Higher Self.

This denotes that someone faces a choice between two different options. Allow your higher self to guide you through this decision to be assured that you are taking the right path.

The Lovers Tarot Card Reversed as Intentions/What Someone Wants

In reverse, the Lovers card is a strong indication of something being amiss.

Among other things, it may point towards a strong disconnect with someone. If you have recently undertaken a job or have entered into a relationship half-heartedly, this card in reverse is your Higher Self telling you to re-examine the situation.

The Lovers in reverse may also mean that someone wants out because the relationship has reached a dead end. It represents a disillusioned person who has made the wrong decision. Things did not work out positively, and now it is time to move on. 

If the reading is to do with your personality, a Lovers in reverse could mean that you are not open enough with yourself, and your subconscious is nudging you to be more self-accepting so that you can heal and reconnect with your core values.

Is the Lovers Tarot card a Yes or a No?

Sometimes, cards from the Major Arcana might seem confusing in their meanings in a Yes/No reading.

In a yes or no reading and in an upright position, The Lovers card is an affirmative ‘Yes.’ 

If you are doing a simple Yes/No reading to check if a person likes you, the answer is Yes.

If the question is to do with whether you are taking the right decision, and you get the Lovers upright, the answer is a definite yes! The Lovers upright is also a good indication that a certain relationship will be long-lasting and bear you fruits of happiness, peace, and love.

The future looks bright, and if there is a choice to be made, trust that you will be led down the right path.

In a yes or no reading, when The Lovers card is reversed the answer is generally considered to be a ‘No.’

Be very careful in your decisions if you draw a Lovers card in reverse. Trust your gut, and if something feels off, be sure to get more information before you make a choice.

The Lovers in reverse might also indicate that the road ahead might not be straightforward. If you ask if a particular relationship is right for you and draw the Lovers in reverse, the answer is not favorable. 

This card, in reverse, may indicate poor timing or reluctance to make a decision.

The Lovers Tarot Card as a Place

Have you been wondering where exactly you are going to meet that special someone and the Lovers appeared? Don’t worry, you won’t have to climb a mountain!

The Lovers card will possibly indicate a place where young people meet and mingle. It could be a famous bar, the town square, or that hip new meeting place everyone is talking about. Alternatively, it might be a serene location in the countryside, an orchard, or a garden.

Well, if you’re planning your vacation for spring break then it could be a mountain! However, the Lovers usually point to outdoor locations where people meet to chat, get to know each other, and have a drink or two.

Another interpretation would suggest gardens or parks where you can relax in the shade of trees. Sometimes though, it’s the peculiar details that matter most. The card might be directing you to a place where you can find the statue or painting of an angelic figure.

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The Lovers Card in Reverse as a Place

It can be challenging to interpret reversed cards in terms of locations in the real world, because it’s all subjective. Let’s see what the reversed Lovers could mean in this setting.

In reverse, the Lovers card refers to a crowded place that stresses you out. That is especially true for introverts and people with social anxiety. Additionally, it might point to a location that brings back memories of a friend or partner with whom you no longer talk.

Some people feel uneasy and insecure in a crowd. Any open place other than their own house might trigger their anxiety. While this is somewhat rare, we cannot overlook the possibility.

The card might otherwise indicate a place that your mind has connected to a specific person for whom you had or still have feelings. The café where you had a fight with your former best friend, the house of an ex-partner, the street corner where they told you “it’s not you, it’s me”…

The Lovers Tarot Card as an Obstacle or Challenge

The Lovers card is generally considered a very positive card that signifies well-being and stability within relationships. Adam and Eve appear as a couple being blessed by an angel, cementing their happy union.

If the Lovers card appears as an obstacle or a challenge, it signifies a downward turn in a relationship.

It may denote a restricted perspective, symbolized by Adam only looking at Eve and not noticing the Angel. It might also appear as a personal weakness if you are unable to decide in the situation related to the reading.

If you draw a Lovers card as an obstacle card, it may have multiple meanings. The first and most apparent is that a particular relationship in your life has turned sour through communication breakdown. It might also mean that there is no love or respect left in the relationship.

As an obstacle in a reading that is more to do with an individual’s personality, The Lovers card points towards a lack of self-awareness or confidence to achieve one’s goals. It denotes a decision that needs to be taken but is being impeded by your lack of conviction.     

The Lovers Card Reversed as an Obstacle or Challenge

In reverse, the Lovers hint at problems in your social life.

If the Lovers card shows up in a reverse position as an obstacle, it may denote a separation or divorce if this is a romantic relationship. It might otherwise indicate unfulfilled desires of a sexual nature and social anxiety.

The participants of the situation no longer feel much of a connection towards each other, which may increase distance and cool off towards each other. This might also show an unwillingness to communicate and mutually find a positive way out of the situation, bringing about a challenge to a harmonious relationship.

The card may also indicate that the seeker’s sexual energy finds no release, fueling stress and tension. Repressed sexuality is at the root of many psychological problems like chronic anxiety and neurosis.

Finally, this could be an issue of awkwardness in social interactions, such as believing that you don’t belong in a group, not knowing how to behave or what to say to others, and feeling ashamed or exposed.

The Lovers Tarot Card as Action

The Lovers card is often thought of as more about choices to be made than romantic or intimate love.

When the Lovers card appears as an action card, it denotes that a situation will arise that requires a robust and life-altering decision to be made. It calls for communication, willpower, and strength of character.

This decision to be made might turn out to be a significant life event, whether the situation is to do with love and romance or work and your career.

Decide carefully with an open and clear mind. If you have any doubts or misgivings, like Eve in the card’s illustration, turn to your Guardian Angels and Higher Self for guidance.

The Lovers signifies a transformation occurring in your life. If you are single and looking for love and family, this card indicates that this period of loneliness might soon end. It is time for action through self-introspection into what you are looking for in life.  

The Lovers Card Reversed as Action

In reverse, the Lovers as an action card is about tough decisions and looking beyond the surface.

When the Lovers card shows up reversed, it is an indicator to be astute in the decisions you might face. It calls for an honest assessment of the relationship in question and whether it serves your best interests.

The Lovers in reverse might also show a relationship that has broken down. It calls for attention to be given to communicating better with the person or partner involved.

If the reading is for an individual and not a relationship situation, the Lovers in reverse may denote a call for you to raise the standards you hold for yourself. There may be aspects of your personality that might need meditation and reflective action.

The Lovers Tarot Card as Advice

The Lovers card is a card denoting choices as well as love and relationships.

The Lovers in the advice position in a reading asks you to focus on the decision. The Lovers card in an upright position, as a card of advice, talks about the inevitable choices you have to make to honestly figure out what you love or desire in your life.   

Most people interpret the Lovers card as a card symbolical of romantic love, perhaps due to the man and woman (or Adam and Eve) on the card’s illustration. However, as with other cards in the Tarot, there is much symbolism to decipher, to truly understand the meaning of the Lovers card.

If you look at the Lover card carefully, you see the symbolic depiction of the conscious, subconscious, and Divine in us all. Adam or the male figure is the conscious mind that works with the human senses to understand our wants and desires.

The female or Eve is the sub-conscious mind, which manifests our beliefs under the direction of the conscious mind. The Angel represents the Divine, without which nothing is possible in life.

Thus, Lovers upright talks about listening to all three aspects of the individual self while deciding between two completely different paths.

With a hand in the heart and a calm mind, take a good look at yourself to discover what you really love about your life. Then, the right path will reveal itself. Whether it leads to a valley or a mountaintop, it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you stay true to both yourself and others from a place of love and understanding.

The Lovers Card Reversed as Advice

If you draw the Lovers card reversed as an Advice card, it is the complete opposite of the upright position.

In reverse as advice, the Lovers card depicts an imbalance between the three elements of the individual. There is an unequal distribution of power between the conscious, subconscious, and the Divine, due to which there is constant stress and anxiety in the person’s life.

The card asks you to restore this balance so that harmony and peace can be re-established. A complete acknowledgment of self cannot be possible if the three elements are at war or in a power struggle with each other.

The subconscious mind will not be able to manifest your desires if it is pressurized or forced by the conscious mind. It responds better to gentleness rather than forced brutality.

The Lovers Reversed shows the importance of honest introspection to recognize your true desires in life. It urges you to dig deeper so that you may rectify any misaligned goals in your situation.

The Lovers Tarot Card as an Outcome

In the Major Arcana, the Emperor and Hierophant that symbolize the realms of rules and doctrines. The card that appears immediately after the Lovers is the Chariot, denoting rapid movement. The Lovers appear in between control and movement, indicating the necessary choice that needs to be made.

As an outcome, the appearance of an upright Lovers card, especially in a love reading, denotes an impending decision to be made, perhaps between two partners.

If the situation relates to an existing relationship, the Lovers card may symbolize the choice between staying or moving on. As an outcome, it also points to more open and honest communication. 

However, this card generally denotes a positive outcome to the situation. The Lovers card has long been used to predict a forthcoming union or marriage between two people. The Divine Spirit blesses this union.

The Lovers Tarot Card Reversed as an Outcome

In reverse, the Lovers Card as an outcome is indicative of temptation, infidelity, and bad choices made.

The Lovers reversed is not a positive outcome to the situation and may denote a lack of commitment to the other partner. Examine the situation with a clear head and assess the pros and cons before going ahead and making a decision.

This card, in reverse, may point to decisions being made without having all the facts clear. The serpent is behind Eve, and she does not notice it. You may be in the same position where certain information has been withheld from you.

The Lovers Reversed also shows possible temptation and infidelity because of the loss of loyalty between partners. This might not only be a romantic relationship and could well point to someone considering betraying you at work.

The Lovers Tarot Card as the Future

The appearance of the Lovers card as the future, especially in a reading associated with love and intimacy, is excellent news.

It indicates a stable and long-lasting relationship if you have a partner. If you are single, it suggests a strong possibility of finding a partner you have a powerful soul connection with.

The Lovers also indicates a happy, harmonious future with a balance between the conscious, sub-conscious, and the Divine.

It might also indicate a decision that you might need to take in the coming days. The Lovers as a future is slightly similar to the Seven of Cups. However, while the Seven of Cups denotes minor decisions, possibly between many selections, The Lovers is a more crucial metamorphic choice between two options. 

The Lovers Card Reversed as the Future

Whenever a Major Arcana card shows up in reverse, you know that it indicates something important that might go wrong unless drastic action is taken to rectify the situation.

The Lovers in reverse is no different.

When the Lovers appears in reverse as the future, it indicates separation or a breakup between two partners. It might also denote a lack of commitment. There is no desire to be with a person, perhaps due to a lack of communication and harmony between the two.

Irrespective of its upright or reversed position, the Lovers are about loving who you are and what you are doing, but also about deciding for yourself.

In this case, it foretells of bitter news about your relationships. You’ve grown distant from a specific person or group of friends. That may affect your mood in the following days and weeks, and there might be no way to mend this gap.

Perhaps the choice you are presented with in this case is to move on from this joyless indifference to the certainty of the Chariot. When feelings between two people wither and the flame dies out, there may be nothing else to do other than look after yourself and those who are still by your side.

The Lovers Tarot Card as a Person

To draw the Lovers as a person card is a good sign since it symbolizes someone in control and capable of making the right decisions.

If you draw the Lovers card upright as a person, this is someone who makes balanced choices. They weigh the good and evil before arriving at a decision; they are connected to every aspect of their being- their conscious, subconscious, and the Divine. 

This person takes decisions with equal emphasis on the heart and the mind.

They are passionate about life in general, and you might consider them physically attractive. This person is well kept and isn’t single very often. They need their Adam or Eve to complete their essence of being. They are very local as symbolized by the unmoving mountain in the card. 

Very calm and collected, a person symbolized by the Lovers card may be a Gemini, since this is the zodiac sign ruled by the Lovers. They place a lot of emphasis on “thinking” through the situation, sometimes even more than actually “feeling out” the situation. 

The Lovers Card Reversed as a Person

In reverse, the Lovers Card symbolizes someone who is shaky and cannot seem to make up their mind. They are often unable to make significant decisions and may suffer from anxiety and overthinking. 

Because of the difficulty they face in choosing, they are unable to lay down a strong foundation in any relationship, romantic and otherwise. As a result, they are unable to cultivate any stability in life.

This person may also suffer from low self-esteem and may not consider themselves worthy of receiving any happiness or joy. They have commitment issues and might be obsessed with irrelevant details of the situation.

Despite craving the love and affection of those they love, this person often displays inconsistent behavioral patterns, which end up pushing people further away from them.  

What Zodiac Sign is the Lovers Tarot Card?

Many of the tarot cards that form the Major Arcana symbolize a zodiac sign.

 The Lovers Card symbolizes the zodiac sign of Gemini. The Angel on the card is often considered to be the Angel Raphael, further associated with the planet of Mercury. The planet of Mercury rules Gemini.

Gemini is an Air sign, which means that it can be gentle and caressing, while also being inconsistent and destructive. Air can take the form of a gentle summer breeze and a harsh typhoon.

A person ruled by Gemini can often be thought to have two or twin personalities. They can be witty, charming, and humorous, as well as thoughtful, reflective, and on edge. There is a reason the symbol of Twins represents this zodiac sign.

Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet, is all about communication, discovery, and new experiences through constant movement. A person born under Gemini often spends their life looking for the missing piece of their existence, be it a person or a thing.

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