Justice Tarot Card Meaning, 35 Interpretations!

The Justice Tarot Card, A Complete Guide

The Justice card is the eleventh of the Major Arcana in the Rider-Waite deck. She appears as a crowned woman on a throne between two pillars, wielding a sword in her right hand, and holding the notorious scales of justice with her left hand.

After the rapid changes brought on by the karmic Wheel of Fortune and preceding the altruistic sacrifice of the Hanged Man, Lady Justice arrives at number 11 to balance things out. Her ethical duty is to reveal the truth, aid those who have been wronged, and punish the guilty.

Justice constitutes one of the four cardinal virtues of the Tarot, the others being Temperance, Fortitude, and Prudence. She stands for perfection, fairness, truth, the law, and decisions made with a sharp and balanced mind.

The purple veil between the pillars symbolizes wisdom based on structure; her red dress, passion. A golden crown with a square in the center affirms her authority over the material realm. The sword points upwards to higher ideas, while the scales represent balance and critical thinking.

Her great intelligence acknowledges that perfect symmetry is not only impossible, but perhaps inhumane, and her eyes are wide open, unlike the traditional portrayals that want Justice blindfolded.

There are obvious similarities between the High Priestess, the throne, the pillars, and the veil, which in turn point to their fundamental difference.

While the Priestess unites the opposite and dualistic and offers an invitation to study the Divine Law through the unconscious realm of the spirit, Justice divides to carefully examine every detail.

She upholds both the Divine Law and the rules that govern the world of men, fully conscious of her choices and aware of what has to be done.

As an icon, Lady Justice has been around as a personification of equity and fairness since antiquity. Greeks and Romans worshipped her as a goddess. Alas, in modern times, her role in the hands of the powerful is questionable, if not corrupt.

Should you look closely, you will see two snakes emerging from her green mantle, implying that even Justice can be fooled by lies, discord, and deceit.

This detailed article will explore the symbolism and possible interpretations of the Justice card in various readings.

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What does the Justice Tarot card mean?

Justice is about the search for truth. It is the precise measurement of what is right and wrong before arriving at a conscious decision.

The Justice Tarot card indicates fair decisions, balance in thought and action, perfection, truth, and legal affairs. In a reading, it’s a sign that if you judge a situation objectively and weigh your choices carefully, you’ll be able to give yourself what you deserve.

After the new cycle of the Wheel of Fortune and just before the eerie halt and letting go of the Hanged Man, Justice arrives at a place where there is nothing left to add or subtract.

She doesn’t tip the scales with superficial and subjective thoughts. They show the truth and only the truth. She does influence them, but only as an impartial judge who acts with the greater good in mind.

Generally, this card appears when you have to make an important decision or when the consequences of your actions are beginning to show. It implies that karma gives and takes from everyone exactly what they deserve, no more and no less.

Justice restores karmic balance by cutting away what’s redundant and never belonged to you in the first place. She’s the true goddess of the Tarot, the point where human and divine meet, maintaining a balance between active and receptive symbols.

Her only imperfection is being too human, compassionate, and down-to-earth, otherwise, she wouldn’t be real. Beyond her wisdom, the world of higher ideas awaits.

To face her without a doubt is to confront reality and accept responsibility for your actions, to think rationally and resolutely without the sway of feelings.

We could see a mother figure in the face of Justice, a noble, selfless, and caring mother. Truth is her husband, and her children are Mercy, Honor, and the Law. She reveals that perfection is not possible; one has to learn to love the flaws of themselves and others and view them as unique characteristics.

The Justice card often represents legal affairs and the law, be it the cosmic law, or the human system of order and structure. If you’re involved in a legal case or an important argument, this card will serve as a good omen. Eventually, a favorable verdict will be reached.

The same goes if you’ve been wondering “When will I finally get what I deserve?” It is a definite sign that your efforts and your good deeds will be rewarded in due time. It won’t be just a gift from providence, because you’ve already earned it.

The Justice Tarot Card Upright

Justice Upright is a great card to receive. It means that you have the clarity to decide for yourself and take matters into your own hands.

Justice calls on you to make important decisions about your life and dedicate yourself to higher ideals. Become fully conscious of your choices and their consequences. If you stand by the truth, equity, and fairness, you can never be wrong.

The card is fundamentally about doing the right thing and being fair, first of all, to yourself. Let’s not get carried away with the meaning of justice in the broader philosophical sense and focus instead on what it means on a personal level. With the sword,

Justice cuts the ties that bind and all that is frivolous and unnecessary. With the scales, she weighs her options and choices to arrive at an impartial decision.

Thus, Justice is the force that allows you to stop the wheel of karma, meaning that if you learn her subtle lesson, your mind will be free from the toils of suffering and the illusion of good luck. Crimes will sometimes go unpunished, and not all good deeds will be rewarded.

Can you accept that and also fight for the truth?

Just think about this example: somebody gives a generous amount of money to charity for homeless people and, in a few days, gets robbed. How can this be explained with karma? It cannot, and it truly seems unfair.

You can blame whoever or whatever you want and nothing will change, you will only find a scapegoat. But an experience like this is enough to make you realize that all your debts to the Universe have been paid.

You did your very best, and yet something unfortunate happened. Think of it as the score being settled once and for all.

And that is what Justice strives for; to balance everything out so nothing is owed, either by or to you. To be clear about what you want, but most importantly about what you do NOT want! Stand by your opinion, give yourself what you deserve, and avoid situations that are ultimately unfair to you.

The Justice card will appear when the seeker has learned an important life lesson.

People struggle with their choices every day, in career or romance or lifestyle, picking and choosing, and they miss the point entirely, lacking the foresight or resolve to face the consequences of their actions. It almost always boils down to the simple proverb: you can’t have your cake and eat it, too!

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The Justice Tarot Card Keywords Upright

  • Balance
  • To Judge Fairly
  • Authorize
  • Permit
  • The Law
  • Rules
  • Legal Affairs
  • Order
  • Truth
  • Morals
  • Equity
  • Equilibrium
  • Fairness
  • Clarity
  • Perfection
  • Divine Mercy
  • Witness
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Cause and Effect
  • Judge

What does the Justice Tarot card mean Reversed?

The negative attributes of Justice lead to the obstruction of truth. It may refer to biased decisions, futile perfectionism, absurd demands, and prohibition.

The Justice Tarot card reversed indicates guilt, injustice, an unbalanced mind, and the negative consequences of past actions catching up with you. It will often mean that you’re judging yourself and others incorrectly and too harshly. What you’re expecting maybe unreal, or you have not earned it yet.

Forgiveness is the opportunity to pay back a debt. Justice will offer redemption to the guilty, but a second chance is not always guaranteed.

This card reversed means that you made a mistake, a conscious choice that was morally wrong, and now you face an important choice: will you hide the truth in the hope that no one finds out, or will you try to make things right and face the music?

Justice can represent a strict mother figure who expects her children to blindly obey her will at the expense of their freedom of choice.

Corruption is another possible interpretation. In that case, the card denotes that ulterior motives led to a biased decision, and the person responsible for this has silenced the truth. Justice then becomes a façade, a lawful mask to conceal devious schemes.

It can indicate a wrong evaluation of people and circumstances, like underestimating or exaggerating one’s talents and being too strict. By ignoring the truth that we’re all equal, one claims the false privilege to make absurd and superfluous demands.

It can just as well reveal a tendency to deny yourself what makes you happy, due to the belief that you’re not worth it or that it’s wrong and prohibited. This likely happens to people who have received unfair treatment in their lives and have suffered from other people’s short-sighted choices.

A reversed Justice card often means that the querent or a person in the querent’s life desires something impossible, setting the bar so high that all efforts will result in failure and mediocrity.

Perfectionism is a pointless quest to achieve the unattainable, to mend the irreversible, and to change what’s beyond our powers.

In this sense, Justice signifies a certain attitude of dishonesty towards oneself, dismissal, and denial of the facts.

Truth becomes obscure to either conceal one’s low self-worth or to boost an inflated ego. The whole world turns into a battle of arguments, a court where everyone and everything is judged unfairly, according to one’s whims and personal issues.

If there’s an actual legal case in play, it’s possible that things won’t turn out to your advantage. Maybe you overlooked an important detail and acted in haste without considering the downside.

Ultimately, Justice with her double-edged sword reveals that there’s no way to deface the truth and avoid the consequences of your deeds. Sooner or later she will appear to settle the score.

The Justice Tarot Card Reversed Keywords

  • Injustice
  • Unfair
  • Instability
  • Crime
  • Corruption
  • To Forbid
  • Dishonesty
  • Bias
  • Punishment
  • Guilt
  • Inflexible
  • Strict
  • Perfectionism
  • Doubt
  • Revenge
  • Lies
  • Discord
  • Victim

The Justice Tarot Card is How Someone (He / She) Sees You

Justice shows up when someone sees you as a special and mindful character who cares a lot for others.

The Justice card means that you are seen as a smart, practical, and balanced individual, capable of making your own decisions. You have a unique beauty and you treat people with fairness and compassion.

You dare to look everyone in the eye, speak your mind with honesty, and value reason above all else. That creates a sense of admiration and respect in others. They will always consider your opinion, knowing that your words are true and wise.

The beauty of Justice is not only skin-deep; she has a beautiful mind and a rich soul.

When others see the qualities of Justice in you, they appreciate your swift and balanced decisions, your independence, and the kindness you show to the less fortunate.

A very positive card to align with, Justice will create a favorable, eccentric, and ethereal impression to anyone who gets to know her.

The Justice Tarot Card Reversed as How Someone (He / She) Sees You

In reverse, Justice can be seen as a pretentious person who isn’t in their right mind.

The Justice card reversed as how you appear to someone means that they see you as cold, strict, and incapable of making the right decisions. Your behavior may be erratic, conservative, and self-centered. They may even think that you twist the truth in order to avoid it.

They don’t see you as a liar per se; more like someone who would change the facts and speak half-truths because they cannot be objective and truly independent. It could be a lack of experience and clarity on your part that creates this impression.

More often than not, a reversed Justice card means that you appear to them as cold, insensitive, and unfair. Your words may hurt their feelings, while inconsistent behavior can create trust issues, frustration, and doubt.

What Does the Justice Tarot Card Mean in Love?

Justice in love means that you’ll receive what you have given.

In a love reading, the Justice card indicates a delicate balance, honesty, and communication. It means that if you treat your partner with compassion and respect, they will treat you the same.

To love unconditionally often means prioritizing the needs of the other above your own. If you’ve shown kindness but you’ve been treated unfairly in the past, Justice will make things right.

A single person receiving this card will possibly find the new lover they’ve been waiting for. It will be a passionate romance where both partners are equal and respect each other.

In a relationship, Justice brings balance. Minor problems are of no importance; they will be dealt with swiftly on common ground. This will be a chance to earn the love you deserve, so be honest with your feelings and reasonable in your expectations.

What does the Justice Tarot Card Reverse Mean in Love?

Sometimes we fail to learn our lesson and find ourselves repeatedly making the same mistakes.

Justice reversed in a love reading indicates dishonesty, frustration, and heated arguments. If you behave poorly in your relationship, withhold information, and don’t respect your partner, don’t be surprised when you get the same treatment.

Maybe you feel like you’ll never find the perfect partner. This card urges you to lower unrealistic standards and thinks about the reasons why you’ve been single. The hurt of the past should not affect your desire for a new start, only help you realize what you have to avoid.

If, on the other hand, you are in a committed relationship, Justice reversal can indicate that you’ve been arguing a lot and not getting anywhere.

Maybe one of you is selfish and doesn’t care as much about the feelings of the other as you would like them to believe. There’s probably suspicion between you, which creates a lack of trust in each other.

When we say that we get what we deserve, it applies to negativity as well. Dishonesty, lies, and avoidance always undermine a love affair. Justice then serves as a warning. In case you mistreated someone in the past, the consequences of this behavior may follow you even in your future relationships.

On the other hand, it may point out that your partner is gaslighting and misleading you.

What does the Justice Tarot Card mean in Friendship?

Justice indicates balance, honesty, and mutual benefit in friendships.

The Justice card represents a dear friend who respects and admires you. However, she won’t engage in pointless flattery or say what you want to hear; the truth is what matters most to her. Friendship is a very serious matter for Justice, and she will quickly try to resolve any conflict for better or for worse.

They say that a debt paid is a friend kept, and that is precisely the issue with Justice as a friend. The card promotes being honest and clearly stating your opinion. If your friends have treated you well, show them gratitude. If you think someone’s way out of line, express your concern directly, sooner rather than later.

Of course, no kind of relationship can be regarded as a mere transaction. Justice only points out that we have to be fair, and honest, and give back to those who have treated us with kindness.

What does Justice Reversed mean in Friendship?

In reverse, Justice suggests that either you or your friends have been wronged. There is tension and imbalance between you, and one party is avoiding confrontation.

If Justice appears reversed in a friendship reading, it might refer to a close friend hiding or twisting the truth and judging you. They might have taken advantage of you, disrespected and failed you, or they simply do not care, and they are indifferent or afraid of your reaction.

It could, of course, be the other way around, with the seeker being the wrongful one, but these issues are kind of a grey area. No one is ever totally wrong or absolutely in the right, whether it is a conflict of interest, disrespect for boundaries, or simply letting your friends down.

The Justice card reversed in a friendship reading likely means that there is dishonesty and distrust between you and one of your friends. If you feel you have been wronged, perhaps it’s time to speak your mind and demand an explanation.

On the other hand, if there is no chance at all to make amends, focus on your healthy relationships, and don’t hold a grudge!

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The Justice Tarot Card in a Career Reading

If you’ve been working hard and wondering when you will finally receive the fruit of your labor, the Justice card is a favorable omen.

For career matters, Justice urges you to find a balance between your work and your personal life. You’ve earned your keep, but remember to be generous, reasonable, and honest. Justice is associated with legal professions, court officials, lawyers, accountants, and stockbrokers.

The lesson of Justice is that hard work and honesty pay off. If they don’t, it probably means you have to make an important decision. This can mean pressing your boss to give you what you deserve, focusing on a more lucrative business plan, or even searching for a better job.

In any case, you have to be mindful of how your work affects your personal life. Try to maintain a balance by always finding time to relax, and don’t neglect your loved ones. Give yourself a present every now and then as a reward for your efforts.

When you’ve got more than enough, practice generosity every chance you get. It is important to remember and care for the less fortunate when fate smiles upon you.

And if you’re an overly ambitious person, Justice will serve as a reminder that we cannot always get what we want. She will provide the necessary, but she can strike down those who claim more than their fair share.

Generally a positive sign, and especially if you’re expecting you’re due for a while, the Justice card advises you to keep at it and consider possible risks before any decision, but do so with a bold attitude, as luck will be on your side!

The Justice Tarot Card Reversed in a Career Reading

The valuable truth of a reversed Justice card is that immoral men will always break the law if they can get away with it.

When reversed in a career reading, Justice indicates unfair treatment in the workspace, exploitation, debt, theft, and illicit activity. Arguing about it will possibly yield no results. Maybe it is time to consider a different approach or look for another job. It might also be a sign of potential loss or an unfair deal.

The exploitation of employees is one of the most terrible, yet widely practiced strategies of modern capitalist reality.

A reversed Justice card may hint that someone is trying to sabotage you, that you are being overworked and underpaid, denied benefits, and so on. That is a particularly delicate subject, so think logically before deciding what to do about it.

You shouldn’t be getting paid less than what you deserve, but you wouldn’t want to lose your job all of a sudden. If you are planning to expose the unethical behavior of your employer, do so with extreme caution and lawyer up!

Some other ways to interpret Justice in reverse would be striking an unfair deal, being in debt, and gaining money through devious methods. It is a wake-up call, a chance to own up to your mistakes. If you fail to do so, there may be complications in your relationships and your life in general.

What does the Justice Tarot Card mean in Conflict?

The Justice archetype is all about fair resolutions. This card in reading about a conflict means that you are in the right and that you’ve posed a correct argument. Don’t give in to pressure; you can win this by sticking to the truth and maintaining an objective, firm, and decisive stance.

The card might show up when you’re thinking about what is the right thing to say or do. Perhaps both sides have their valid points, but, after all, the scales will favor one side, not both. There is, however, a chance to compromise for a win-win situation, but that is the exception and not the rule.

Balance your thoughts and feelings regarding this conflict. While absolute objectivity might be impossible, if you adhere to the truth and keep your arguments to the point, it can all be resolved with but a few sharp, yet fair words.

Remember that your side of the story matters. If you have erred or wronged someone, admit your mistake. If you have been treated unfairly, then the Justice card is a sign that sooner or later the truth will be revealed and the issue will balance itself out. No detail can escape the inquisitive gaze of Lady Justice.

You might also find out that the matter is entirely in your hands. You can solve any existing conflict if you chose to do so. Carefully consider the opinion of your “opponent”. Examine their reactions, and their patterns of thinking, and watch for what triggers them and why they believe they are right.

You will learn more about them, and possibly discover ways to outsmart them. Under the light of reason, weak arguments, absurd claims, and biased views fail to hold up to the truth.

What does the Justice Card Reverse Mean in Conflict?

Whereas the card in its upright position is mostly about preventing wrongdoing and resolving conflicts in a fair and beneficial way when reversed it’s a sign that a lot of damage has already been done, whether this concerns a relationship, social status, or legal affairs.

In reverse, the Justice Tarot card suggests that the root of the conflict is injustice. Either you or the other person(s) have been treated unfairly and it may seem like nothing can be done now to make things right. If there’s a dispute with authorities, the card signifies arbitrary measures on their behalf.

When Justice is drawn reversed for a conflict, you can be sure that the truth has been twisted and obscured.

The card might appear when there is trouble with the law when the matter involves political differences, or simply when one side in the disagreement tries to gain the advantage through devious means and by hiding the facts.

This might be a case of biased opinions and erroneous arguments. All in all, no matter how determined a person is, if they refuse to acknowledge the truth and put themselves in the other’s shoes, then they are dishonest and cannot be reasoned with.

Letting anyone get away with dishonesty and cruelty is like admitting that the world is an unfair place and resigning from our basic rights as human beings.

Remember that both guilt and self-righteousness are bad incentives and, as they are quite self-centered feelings, they cannot mend an already damaged relationship. Only by returning to the heart of the matter, the objective truth, can one hope for clarity and resolution.

The Justice Tarot Card as How Someone Thinks of You

Concerning the thoughts of someone else towards you, Justice is a quite favorable card.

Justice means that the person of interest thinks you are resolute, fair, and wise. They respect your opinion, your point of view, and your ability to solve problems while having the best interests of everyone at heart.

They admire the way you size up a situation and think you’re on the same page. Your calm temper and rational thinking may inspire them to solve their problems. They may ask for your advice on important matters and confide in you their secrets or their plans.

It can also mean that they’re charmed by your intellect, and there’s a rare cerebral connection between you. They would agree to almost anything you have to say and even defend you in a conflict.

The Justice Tarot Card Reversed as How Someone Thinks of You

Justice reversal evokes thoughts of wrongdoing and crookedness.

In reverse, the Justice card may indicate that the person of interest thinks you’re stern, inflexible, dishonest, and demanding. They may also believe that you’re unfair, inconsiderate of their feelings, and too serious for no reason.

Basically, they cannot trust you. Maybe a sense of self-righteousness makes them think you’re no fun to be around.

Or you demand so much of them that they cannot keep up because you make them feel worthless and insecure about their abilities. That may not necessarily be your fault; sometimes one’s success, clarity, and resolve make everyone around them look bad, reminding them of their failures.

The Justice Tarot Card as Feelings

On the subject of emotions, the Justice card is complicated to interpret because it represents the rational mind.

Justice weighs feelings before allowing them to develop. She can indicate a reserved and protective attitude to avoid getting hurt. Besides caution, there may be feelings of respect, admiration, sympathy, and reverence.

A person who aligns with the Justice archetype will often pass their feelings through a logical filter, weighing the pros and cons, and avoiding anything that may hurt them.

This may have its root in past experiences. They’re really careful because they don’t want to be swayed by ephemeral and transient situations.

However, Justice acknowledges and respects emotions, and sympathizes with the unfortunate. She will show compassion and understanding if that’s what it takes to get to the truth.

And when she loves, she does so with all her heart because this love transforms and imbues her world with meaning and purpose. She then opens the way to higher, transcendent emotions that cannot be ignored and will often feel like destiny.

The Justice Tarot Card Reversed as Feelings

Justice reversed is a bitter card when it describes an emotional state.

The Justice card reversed means that you are feeling out of balance by letting go of joy and descending to the negative realm. Maybe you’re judging your emotions instead of letting them just be, thus feeling lost, insecure, and unable to cope.

Distrust creates a feeling of insecurity. It can lead to bitterness, resentment, being emotionally unavailable, and out of touch with reality. When emotions overwhelm a sensitive person, they can turn to cold, passive-aggressive behavior to hide their weakness.

There’s nothing terribly wrong with feeling lost and losing your inner balance, as long as you find the courage to forgive both yourself and those who hurt you.

The Justice Tarot Card as a Situation

Justice means waiting for things to even out and calculating the consequences of your actions.

When describing a situation, the Justice card in the upright position evokes critical thinking, balancing out different aspects of your life, and making an important decision. It can refer to waiting for the completion of a cycle or a project.

Justice may indicate that you achieved a major victory you’ve been planning, although it may be a while until your plans are fully realized. Sometimes success can lead to inertia. It is a state where you don’t know exactly how to proceed, afraid that this victory cannot be repeated.

The key here is to set your priorities straight and objectively think for yourself. You may be anxious to see the culmination of your efforts, the completion of a plan, a reward for your work, etc.

The Justice Tarot Card Reversed as a Situation

This is a state of affairs where something just feels wrong. It’s about trying to shift the scales to your advantage without considering how it will affect your life.

When reversed, Justice describes a state of imbalance. There is trouble in your mind, clouding your judgment and preventing you from making the right decisions. Stress, failure, impatience, and seeking the unattainable are sabotaging your efforts for serenity.

You are letting emotions distract you. Maybe you’re acting selfishly, getting caught up in complex circumstances that you have no control over. By either claiming something you have not earned or by lowering your self-esteem and deeming yourself unworthy, you create confusion and imbalance.

Your point of view is biased, and therefore you may not have the best interests of everyone at heart. In a clumsy search for completion, you lean to an extreme instead of finding your equilibrium in the center.

Sometimes efforts to overanalyze everything are of little to no avail. Find the clarity to acknowledge your mistakes and learn your lesson.

Stand still, if only for a moment, and try to see things as they really are. Don’t be hasty in your decisions; like the High Priestess, Justice resolves struggles through understanding and patience.

The Justice Tarot Card as Intentions / What Someone Wants

What Justice wants is fairly simple, although not always easy.

The Justice card is about getting what you deserve and making things right. It is the wish to be treated fairly, as an equal, and to get reassurance that you’re on the right track.

This is a pure desire to think with clarity, see beyond illusions, and earn what you’ve always wanted. But most of all, it is about wanting to do the right thing and to work for everyone’s well-being.

If you’re wondering about a person’s intentions towards you, Justice will often mean they want an honest relationship where you’re both equals. Be mindful of your words and actions, because they won’t think twice if they see a red flag.

They would rather talk thoroughly and openly about their wishes than act on impulse and would try their best to build mutual respect and understanding.

The Justice Tarot Card Reversed as Intentions / What Someone Wants

In reverse, Justice becomes ill intentions and vain ambition.

When describing someone’s intentions, reversed Justice indicates selfish goals and a need for affirmation. It can also imply the want to lower the status of everyone so they descend to their level of cynicism.

Maybe from a sense of superiority or a grudge against the world, the person of interest wants to claim what they desire without any concern whatsoever about the consequences. Quite often they may not know what they want or stick to a pointless endeavor only to impose their ego.

They can appear ruthless in their quest to achieve their ends and will even intentionally hurt others’ feelings to prove a point, and to make them feel like they do.

Sometimes a reversed Justice card is an indicator of insecurities, and the desperate want to feel loved and accepted.

Is the Justice Tarot Card a Yes or No?

In a Yes or No question, the answer to Justice is straightforward.

It means that by exercising your intelligence, you would arrive at this conclusion by yourself, as it is quite obvious.

In the upright position, the Justice card is a definite Yes. If you think this through, you’ll find out that there is no other possible answer.

All about decisions and calculating results, this card is a positive answer. Whether it’s a simple or complicated matter, Justice will confirm that you’re on the right track.

When reversed, Justice means No in a Yes or No question. However, a new development in the situation may tip the scales.

Justice is maybe the one figure of the Major Arcana that can teach how to say yes and no, and when it is appropriate to do so. If it appears upside-down, the answer is possibly negative.

For more complicated issues, there’s sometimes the chance that new information may change the outcome, so think and wait a while before deciding.

The Justice Tarot card as a Place

Justice can signify a place related to the law and government, namely courthouses, police stations, town halls, or a lawyer’s office. It may also represent business centers and bureaucratic agencies.

The scales of Justice are a hallmark of courts and legal institutions. Consequently, this card will often lead to a building related to legal affairs and the upholding of the law.

Besides the immediate representatives and instruments of the government, it may also resemble agencies and social services that are concerned with the well-being of citizens and the bureaucratic system.

Furthermore, the scales are associated with commerce, businesses, banks, and the stock exchange.

The Justice Tarot Card Reversed as a Place

When reversed, the Justice card refers to places where illegal and risky activities take place, and to the dark side of the law. Such examples may include prisons and juvenile halls, casinos, gang headquarters, and the black market.

Since Justice represents law and order, when it appears reversed it can indicate any place where unlawfulness and shady enterprises flourish. We have to consider illegal trade and gambling, as well as buildings that house organized crime and any kind of criminal activity.       

It can also pinpoint prisons and detention centers, where those who broke the law receive punishment for their crimes.

The Justice Tarot Card as an Obstacle or Challenge

Justice can pose a formidable challenge.

As an obstacle, the Justice card is a quest to discover the truth, own up to mistakes, and acknowledge the consequences of your actions. It suggests that your behavior in the past has affected the situation that you’re currently in.

This is somewhat related to karma, though not in the permanent and long-term way of the Wheel of Fortune. It means that your thoughts and actions are precisely what led you here. Good deeds are often rewarded, while malice will eventually take its toll.

Justice can inspire you to face the facts, accept the responsibilities of independence, and plan your moves according to the greater good. Maybe you’re judging yourself, or being judged for your behavior by others, thus losing the spontaneous joy of living in the present moment.

You should know that we all make mistakes and have to pay for transgressions. We’re all the same in the eyes of Justice. It’s up to you to be completely honest and to chart your own course through life.

The Justice Tarot Card Reversed as an Obstacle or Challenge

When reversed, the Justice card in the obstacle position denotes an exhausted and troubled mind.

Justice reversed in the obstacle position can be interpreted as overwhelming guilt, a weakness to face the truth, and feeling unworthy. You may be out of balance, unable to think straight or make important decisions on your own.

Unresolved issues and past mistakes can return to haunt us even at times of bliss. Guilt can be relieved only with atonement, or in the case that it’s not justified, by rediscovering your sense of self-worth.

A reversed Justice card reveals that the judgment imposed on a person’s character has affected their inner world to such a degree, that they can believe they don’t deserve anything, they belong nowhere, and that nothing will ever change.

These feelings, however deep their roots may lie, are nothing more than feelings. If one could weigh them against rational thinking and the drive to carry on, they’d find out that they’re focusing on the wrong side of life. A simple problem, yet not an easy one to solve.

The Justice Tarot Card as Action

After attaining clarity and balance, Justice applies the lessons learned to reality.

The Justice card encourages you to always speak the truth and make a direct approach. As an action, it means being honest, accepting responsibility, cutting through problems with clarity and resolution, and claiming what you deserve.

It’s about taking action after you’ve learned all that you can, but not before it’s too late. Method and resolution are required, along with an informed and unbiased perception.

Think for a moment and decide swiftly without doubting your abilities. Justice acts from an established foundation, according to her own rules. Trust your wisdom and your knowledge, and take a stand for what you believe in.

If you’ve been waiting for a sign, wait no more. The time to decide is now, but do not take sides yet do not judge in haste. Simply face the circumstances with a sense of duty. Truth alone triumphs and no act is nobler than fighting for truth.

The sword of Justice brings to mind Ockham’s razor, meaning that the simplest explanation, and therefore the simplest course of action, is most likely the right one.

The Justice Tarot Card Reversed as Action

An inverted Justice card implies concealed activity.

As an action, reversed Justice leads to a shady path. It may be in your best interest to lay low and avoid confrontations. Sometimes the best strategy is to stay out of it and keep to yourself.

In case you’ve been wondering how to set about a certain situation, consider if it’s in your best interest to deploy stealth and sneakiness. That road may be crooked, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Maybe transparency is not your best bet right now. The truth can prove to be a terrible thing in the wrong hands or when not properly understood, a double-edged sword that can easily turn against its master.

This is not about harm, crime, or hiding, but rather about choosing a course of action that will help you avoid unnecessary complications and dodge any inconvenience that might result in failure and delay.

The Justice Tarot Card as Advice

Justice would advise you to think for yourself, to feel worthy and balanced, and to plan your actions within the boundaries of reality.

You are the only one who can give yourself what you deserve. No one else knows what’s best for you. Avoid perfectionism; it’s a vain and ambitious trap. Find the mental clarity to make the important decisions in your life, and speak your mind with honesty and objectivity.

Consider the opinions of those around you, especially if they care a lot, but don’t be swayed by them. You are the only one who can walk in your shoes. No one will ever know what it’s like to be yourself.

Justice is all about weighing the pros and cons and finding the best realistic solution. Discard what doesn’t help you, and stick to your guns.

The Justice Tarot Card Reversed as Advice

Try to solve any issues related to self-esteem, guilt, and contempt by finding the reasons behind them. You may want to reserve your opinion until you have sufficient information to judge the situation correctly. Don’t rush to conclusions, and if you’ve wronged someone, try to make things right.

Maybe you’re beginning to see the consequences of your actions have not turned out for the best. It’s not the time for life-changing decisions, and others may judge you for speaking your mind due to inconsistencies in your thoughts and actions.

Justice reversed in the Advice position refers to unresolved issues of self-worth and overwhelming emotions. You have to focus and think rationally. What’s keeping you from realizing your dreams? Is your approach wrong, or are you being treated unfairly?

You may have missed important clues that would help you to solve your problems. Reflect on whether you’ve done wrong to someone and you have to make amends, or if someone’s selfish behavior has hurt your feelings and your ability to cope and progress.

The Justice Tarot Card as an Outcome

As we’ve already established, Justice gives everyone what they deserve.

In the outcome position, the Justice card foresees a favorable resolution. The truth will surface as a fair reward. You shall receive what you’ve been waiting for, and reach the culmination of your plans. This will boost your confidence and inspire you to become better.

Regarding the immediate future, you may want to pat yourself on the back because Justice will finally reward you for all your work and troubles. She will bring balance by revealing the truth, and if you’ve been virtuous and true to yourself, the scales will tip to your benefit.

Justice recognizes hard work and redeems those who have suffered. It’s a good omen, like arriving at the peak of a long hike.

Of course, the journey back home awaits, so maybe this won’t be as final as the completion of a cycle in the World card, but it will certainly herald a change for the best.

The Justice Tarot Card Reversed as an Outcome

With Justice reversed in the outcome position, there may be some disappointment, delay, and complications.

You may expect something that won’t happen yet. It may be unfair to others, maybe it isn’t what you really wanted, you’ve been sabotaged, or you overestimated your efforts. A disturbance may throw you off balance, so remember to remain calm. Perhaps karma will reveal the results of past wrongdoing.

Unfortunately, this won’t be the breath of relief that you’ve been waiting for. A reversed Justice card as an outcome may serve as a reminder that you’re focusing on the wrong aspects of your life.

Your method of resolving problems may be clumsy or inconsiderate towards others, and you will have to face the consequences just like everyone else.

If that’s not the case, then somebody may have been working against you from the shadows, out of spite or ignorance, and you will finally see them for who they are.

What you desire will remain out of reach for at least a little while, but don’t lose heart just yet.

The Justice Tarot Card as the Future

From a place of clarity and understanding, you will be able to feel complete and balanced.

The Justice card foresees a long-term balance and peace of mind that will help you progress and solve your problems. As you achieve your goals one step at a time and start to see a realistic path leading to your dreams, you shall discover what’s truly important in life.

Justice brings an end to cruelty. She allows the human being to rise from the gutter and claim a place in the world.

It will be a time of peace and equilibrium. The truth will shine and guide you!

The Justice Tarot Card Reversed as the Future

When reversed, Justice foresees an imbalance that may persist for a long time. Your actions may have been reprehensible, naïve, or immoral, and you will have to face the consequences. Do so with honesty, try to make amends, and save what you can.

The dark side of Justice heralds trouble in the future. If you did someone wrong, they may seek retribution. Get ready for anything!

Quite possibly you’re going to be overwhelmed by your feelings and confused by your thoughts because an unexpected event will throw you off balance. Facing the truth may come as a shock.

Try to make the best of this dire state of affairs, and remember that sooner or later, the scales will eventually even out.

The Justice Tarot Card as a Person

Justice describes a virtuous and compassionate woman. She’s independent, serious, and lives by her own rules. She will signify an important person in the seeker’s life, someone who has a major influence over them.

The Justice card will often resemble a woman who is relatively close to the querent.

You wouldn’t want to cross her, she demands and deserves the utmost respect. An independent person who can stand on her feet and find her way in life, she will understand and help you in any way she can, but she won’t forget an offense, and won’t offer forgiveness if you haven’t earned it.

You can recognize her by her rational thinking, calm temper, and truthful words.

The Justice Tarot Card Reversed as a Person

When reversed, Justice will signify an unbalanced person, someone who is cold, demanding, and arrogant. They may twist the truth to their advantage, and ask for the obedience of others with disregard for their opinion.

The qualities of a reversed Justice card describe a strict individual who thinks they have the right to meddle in other’s affairs and demand their respect and obedience.

This card will represent a cold mother, a presumptuous friend, or an immature and stressful lover. This person will often have a harmful effect on the seeker’s life, making them feel unworthy and insecure.

With their exaggerated sense of morality or lack thereof, they may have been prohibiting the querent from pursuing their life goals and obstructing their independence.

It is important, nonetheless, to remember that the perpetrators are oftentimes as traumatized as the victims.

What Zodiac Sign is the Justice Tarot Card?

The Justice Tarot card identifies with the Air zodiac sign of Libra. They both share the scales as their symbol. Libras are truthful, smart, energetic, generous, and balanced.

In every person born under the Libra sign, you will find a beautiful mind, a caring soul, a deep desire for balance and peace, and a love for the elegance and the aesthetic.

Their sharp wit can range from cunning and creatively absent-minded to genius. They may often waver from the clouds of imagination to the sobriety of reality and back until they find the balance and clarity to realize even their wildest dreams!

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