Can You Do a Tarot Reading For Someone Not Present?

Can you do a Tarot reading for someone not present?

Last week, I visited a friend who had a tarot reading done while she was not present. She had always thought that it was much better to get a tarot reading done in person. Can you do a tarot reading for someone who is not present?

An accurate tarot reading does not require reader and client to be in the same room. In fact, for mood-sensitive psychics who do not want their energy to be disturbed, an arrangement where the reader and the querent are in different locations can be preferable.

My friend did not initially feel confident in a distance reading. However, she was in communication with the reader via text and felt that she received a very good reading when it was completed. 

Let’s look at this subject in more details. (Look for more related articles at the bottom of this post)

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How to prepare for a tarot reading with someone who is not present

Completing a reading with someone who isn’t present is the same as performing a reading with someone who is present (except they aren’t right in front of you).  You will want to center yourself, focus on the present. 

Whether you are the querent or the reader, it’s important to focus on what you want at the moment.  Try to eliminate any undue distractions.  Find a quiet place and center yourself.  You can do that by closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing. 

Breath in, feel how the air flows in through your nostrils.  Feel how your chest expands and feel your body become erect.  Feel the inward breath slow and stop.

Then breath out.  Now feel the air move out through your mouth and nostrils.  Feel your body and chest as the air moves out of your lungs.

The querent will provide their question and the reader can choose a spread to make that reading.

Communicating during the reading while not present

Ideally, you can communicate with each other during the reading.  As the reader receives information from the tarot spread, she can ask clarifying questions and provide more details.

There are a number of ways you can communicate:

  • By phone
  • By text
  • By skype
  • Through Zoom
  • By private message
  • Or one of many other options…

If you were having a reading in person, then the tarot reader would lay down a spread and ask clarifying questions.  The tarot cards have many different interpretations and if she can’t communicate with the querent, then she is more likely to offer a more general reading.

By opening lines of communication, the querent can receive a much more specific reading.

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I had a reading recently, where I was the querent and the reader was in another country.  This was an impromptu reading.  We connected using a private message app.  I asked a fairly general question and the tarot reader asked me a very specific clarifying question. 

She asked about something very specific that was going on in my life.  I was surprised at her question, but it did fall within my “broad question”.  The reading was excellent and very informative.  She really clarified some next steps for me and I really appreciated it.

If we hadn’t been in communication, I’m not sure I would have benefited as much from the reading.

Unable to communicate during the reading while not present

If, for whatever reason, the tarot reader and the querent are not present and unable to communicate with each other, can the reading still proceed?

Yes, certainly, the reading can still proceed.  However, it’s important that the querent provides the tarot reader with enough background information and details and a specific question.

In this case, I believe that it’s the querent’s “duty” to be more prepared and provide more specifics so that the tarot reader can connect properly with the question and provide the best answer.

Typically, when I am the querent, I like to ask general questions.  In my opinion, I want to read to pick up on what the universe feels is important for me at that time.  I want to leave space and room for the right answers to come to me at the right time.

I feel that if I narrow things down too much and ask too many specific questions, I could be getting good answers, but I might be missing the forest for the trees. If you know what I mean.

I think this is probably my personal preference.

Pre-reading communication by querent

If you are completing a reading and the tarot reader and querent are unable to communicate then what would be some details that should be provided:

  • Ask a specific question
  • Provide details about the situation
  • Provide some background to the question
  • If you are weighing options or choices, let the reader know what those are
  • If you are unsure about options, then also let the reader know about that
  • As the querent, you must follow your instincts and provide details that you think will benefit the tarot reader and ultimately your reading

It’s important to ask good questions to get the answers you want. Read this article I wrote about “what are the best questions to ask in a tarot reading?

Tarot reader clarification for a querent who is not present

What if you are performing a reading for a querent who is not present and their card spread it vague?

If you find yourself struggling during the reading because the message you are receiving is not clear, pull additional cards! There is nothing wrong with “breaking” a spread if that is what it takes. Do not feel constrained by rules that will get in the way of your deeper understanding.

Alternatively, you can change your tack by phrasing your inquiries in a different way.

Focus on open-ended questions. For instance, client might have doubts about the faithfulness of their partner. I

nstead of going with a yes/no question, try “are there any obstacles getting in the way of my client’s relationship?” or “how can my client communicate better with their partner?”

These open-ended queries offer a wide array of angles to find a satisfactory answer to the issue at hand, even if the querent is not present during the reading.

Post reading follow up

If the reading was completed and no communication was made during the reading, then there may be a benefit from a short follow up communication at a time when the querent and tarot reader can speak or at least text back and forth. 

In some cases, this could be beneficial. However, this post reading communication should occur fairly soon after the reading.  Energy changes, lives change and events happen, sometimes the tarot reader may not get the same flow of information if too much time has passed.

Can I ask for a reading on behalf of a third party?

Sometimes we are having a tarot reading and want to ask about our spouse or daughter or son, or someone else who is close to us.  Asking about someone other than yourself is considered a “third-party” reading.

Most tarot readers subscribe to a code of ethics that prevents them from providing readings for third-party individuals who aren’t present.  Reading should be completed between 2 people who have given permission.

Reading can be a very personal experience and it’s not right for us to ask about others.  And, it’s not right for a tarot reader to provide details to us about others.  No matter how great the news might be, we shouldn’t ask.

Another aspect of this is the accuracy of the reading.  If you are asking about a family member or close friend, your energy will be mixed into the request.  The tarot reader may not be able to provide an accurate reading anyway. 

Relationship Question Example:

You are in a relationship and something seems off.  You ask for a tarot reading and ask the following question, “Is my spouse cheating on me?” 

This is a “third party” question?  It feels like that question should be ok.  You want to know about your relationship, but the question should be phrased differently.

Instead, you could ask something like this:

  • Is this relationship benefiting me?
  • How can I build trust with my spouse?
  • What should I know about my relationship?
  • What should I do in this relationship?

By asking questions about yourself, rather than another person, you will get a much better reading and come away with the information that you want to move forward.

I also wrote an article about what are the best questions to ask in a tarot reading?

New to Tarot reading and want practice – A reading with someone who is not present is a great option

New tarot readers, perhaps coming from a place of insecurity, may be terrified at the prospect of telling a stranger what to do, especially when a stranger is sitting right in front of them.

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This anxiety may put a severe damper on their intuition and ability to read accurately. This may be further exacerbated by the fact tarot cards can fetch a significant price. Their delicate construction and artwork can overcome the reader with the fear of “ruining” them, especially when shuffling.

The situation is even more complicated for readers whose family or relatives disapprove of the occult. Such readers might not be allowed to have friends or clients over for a reading – or to even own tarot cards at all.

There are forums like reddit where you can join a community and offer readings to fellow reddit members.  You can complete these readings for free or for a fee.  Neither you or the querent will be present and you can communicate via the messaging system on reddit.

To put yourself further at ease, luxuriate in the fact that you do not have to meet a client in person in order to do an accurate reading. Nobody will judge you for fumbling with the cards, struggling to remember their meanings, or peeking at a guidebook for assistance.

It is just you and the Universe. Relax, take a deep breath, and let the strength of your inner wisdom guide you forth!

Final words

Reading tarot for someone not present is doable. More than a mere set of playing cards, the tarot is a tool to connect with our subconscious and the energies that make us human.

The Universe has blessed us all with a well of inner wisdom, and when we tap into it, we connect on a deeper level where time and space do not matter. This is where we all become one and where truth and guidance previously inaccessible come within our reach.

Completing a tarot reading should be done for someone who has requested the reading.  You should not be doing a reading for someone who has not asked you for a reading.  You should also avoid doing a reading (or asking for a reading) about someone other than yourself. 

To your success and a wonderful reading while both parties are not present.

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