Will Tarot Tell My Future?

Can Tarot predict the future?

You might have been tempted to get a tarot reading to have your fortune told, but can this occult practice accurately predict future events?

Before you decide to spend your money on questions such as whether you will be married within five years, or if you are in line for a new job opportunity in the fall, you might want to finish reading. Will Tarot tell my future?

Tarots are tools for introspection, to reflect on experiences in one’s life. They cannot predict the future, but they can predict plausible outcomes depending on the current energies. We all have free will, and each choice we make can change the potential scenarios that might play out.

Today we know these cards for their mystical use, but they were created as entertainment for the noble families in Italy in the 14th or 15th centuries. While their original purpose was a bridge-like card game, the reputation and use of tarot have changed since then.

Starting in the 18th century, they have been used in the mystical arts and have undergone many eras since then, but the most common misconception is that tarots are predominantly for fortune-telling.

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What exactly can a tarot reading tell me?

I recommend anyone interested in receiving a reading, to think through what it is they hope to get out of it. You might choose to ask for a general reading but be honest with yourself about what is on your mind the most at that moment in time because those are the energies that the reader will pick up on.

(Here’s an article that discusses whether online tarot cards work?)

The cards will then point to what lessons you can learn from your current situation and how to best handle the challenges that you are facing.

If you go into your session intending to find out how to increase your motivation at work, but your mind is busy thinking about your new fling, then you are more likely to receive clarity about the potential lover than about your work situation.

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The cards will be able to pick up on the circumstances of that present moment, and in the example of a fling, the cards might tell you if it seems like a powerful connection and if there is a potential of it becoming a long-term relationship or not.

However, if you or your fling make a decision the day after the reading, that decision might change the potential outcome of the future that the reader picked up on. (I wrote an article about Tarot predicting marriage, read it here, and another that asks, “What can tarot cards tell you about love?”)

The focus of reading will always be to bring clarity and answers to whatever it is that is occupying your mind. It will also hopefully bring you peace and closure, or motivation to keep pushing towards your goals.

In many ways, tarot will function similarly to a psychologist, by opening your eyes to new perspectives rather than telling you what to do.

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I’ve recently started working with an online psychic reading company and I’ve received some great feedback. Check it out, then let me know your experience.

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Are the cards magical on their own?

Just like all other divination tools, there is another important factor besides the tools themselves; the person using them.

In the case of tarot readers, there is an endless list to choose from, only a few clicks away at all times. You might choose one either by recommendation from a friend, from reviews or perhaps by listening to your intuition. (Kasamba offer’s first 3 to 5 minutes free and have many different readers available 24/7)

And what if you do not like the messages that you are left with from the reading? Perhaps you choose another reader this time and receive different cards and different messages instead.

You can continue doing this as many times as you would like and although the core of the readings might remain the same, the interpretations of the cards and the outcomes will differ greatly depending on the reader.

You can also do a reading yourself if you are so inclined.  I’ve written a couple of articles that could help you get started…

The energy that surrounds you will influence which cards are drawn, but it will also influence the mind of the reader. Tarot readers are, on a general basis, very in tune with their intuition and many of us even have psychic abilities.

This, as a side note, is something I believe anyone can develop through consistent practice and intention.

By receiving messages, visions, or just intuitive assumptions while looking at the spread, the interpretation of the cards will vary, as opposed to simply reading the cards based on their original meaning.

You might, therefore, find a reader who can accurately predict your future, but it is important to understand that it will be a combination of both tools and developed abilities that make the reading successful.

All in all, that means that the future events described by one reader might be quite different from that of another.

You can also read an article that I wrote entitled, “Should I believe my Tarot reading?”, for more detail on tarot predicting your future.

Use tarot to create your future

People who are going through difficult times can sometimes fall into the trap of becoming addicted to receiving readings – especially if they believe them to show an accurate picture of the future. With this belief, they might walk out feeling sad and frustrated if they did not receive the desired messages.

They will allow the tarot to control their fate.

I wrote an article that talks a little bit about this, “how often should you get a tarot reading?

Instead, by shifting the focus and the mindset, one can use tarot as a way to peek into possible future scenarios to actively choose between them. By allowing tarot to be an instrument for our higher self, we will be better equipped to make choices that are aligned with our hopes and dreams. 

Accepting that we are all intuitive beings will allow you to shape your life the way that you want it. Do not let anyone tell you the verdict of your story, not even the most beautiful of tarot decks.

You are not the victim of a destiny set in stone; you are a powerful creator and you will always have options. Whatever you and your highest self have chosen for your path, there will be many roads to roam.

How can I use tarot for introspection?

Now that we have established why it is difficult to determine exactly what your future holds, we can delve deeper into how you can harvest the biggest benefits of tarot.

When you present the reader with your questions and challenges, he or she will analyze the situation and interpret the cards to give advice. The answer will usually be empathic and understanding, although harsh truths will be shared if they are present in the spread.

Depending on whether the reader is the type to sugar-coat the negatives or not, the client might find themselves offended or taken aback.

Most of us are not used to facing our shadow side and many clients never expect difficult aspects of their personalities to be discussed in the reading at all. Some of our qualities might be what is holding us back from achieving our dreams, and it is important to identify them if so.

Allowing ourselves to take a step back to observe our emotions will allow us to work with them, rather than against them. Many of our negative behavioral patterns are triggered by wounds from our past that are waiting to be healed.

We are fully capable of healing them ourselves, but it demands reflection and intention.

If you find yourself feeling offended by the tarot in either a professional reading or whilst drawing cards for yourself, try to take that moment and hold the safe space to further investigate the emotion.

If you are doing multiple readings in a row, it’s also important to cleanse your deck between readings.  Here’s an article that gives more detail about cleansing your tarot cards between readings.

Dare to challenge yourself. Ask the questions that you would prefer to avoid answering, such as;

  • Does it touch on a sore spot?
  • Does it remind me of something I feel insecure about?
  • Does it remind me of a specific event in my life?
  • Does it remind me of a specific person from my past?

I’ve also discussed how to ask yes or no questions with tarot cards, read about yes or no questions here.

Accept, adapt, and allow

Our body, mind, and soul store a lot more memories than we can fathom, but by using tarot as a tool to process the past, we will be better prepared to tackle the future. No matter which of our futures we choose to pursue.

The more balanced our energies are, the easier it will become to predict the probability of our futures. Spend some time searching within yourself for the dark corners that have not yet been healed.

Let go of any resentment and accept each moment of your past, as it has brought you to this very moment. Observe your strengths and your weaknesses and use them to improve yourself.

Believe that you are enough and allow good things to come to you and allow the different paths to unfold before you.

Whether you have tarot cards of your own or if you use a professional reader, remember that the divine power is within yourself just as much as it is within the cards. You already have all the answers, so be sure to spend some time in silence to tune in to the frequencies of the Universe.

There is infinite love and compassion for you regardless of which future you choose for yourself and you will find important lessons in each one.

Challenge your perception

As a little exercise, I would like you to consider the possibility of multidimensional timelines rather than a linear ones. How could this affect fortune-telling tarot readings?

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