How to Use Tarot Cards for Manifestation

How to Use Tarot Cards For Manifestation

For many, Tarot readings are used as portals to our higher selves and tools of divination – but did you know you can also use the cards to manifest your desires?

Instead of asking the cards to tell you your future – you can create your own future with easy and adaptable three-card spreads

Whether you want to manifest your soul mate, money, or dream job – you can use the Tarot to create crystal clear intentions that will soon materialize in your everyday life.

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The Manifestation Process: Simple but Not Easy

Unfortunately, the word manifest has become a new age buzz word that sounds way more ‘woo woo’ than it needs to. You don’t need a new moon, the lock of your true love’s hair or any other ritual to create what you want in life using the Tarot.

You only need you, your intentions, and a Tarot deck. To make it less intimidating, you can even replace the word ‘manifest’ with create and end up with the same result.

Think about the manifestation process like going into your kitchen and making a sandwich when you’re hungry. You think of the sandwich and what ingredients you have in your fridge – and then you make it happen. You were driven by hunger – and then made your thoughts into reality by making that sandwich.

You never doubted for a second that you could have that sandwich; you just did it. This is the perfect metaphor for manifesting because it really is that simple.

The hardest part is overcoming the self-doubt that stands in the way of getting what you want. Using Tarot cards to manifest helps to create a visual representation of your desires. The images on the cards and their meanings are symbols of what you want.

If you treat the cards you choose as your actual dreams – or the bread and butter of your sandwich – you will change your entire life.

To manifest with the Tarot cards you must first know you can have what it is you desire. Don’t doubt it for a second.

Then you must practice gratitude for what you already have as well as for what it is that you want.

Next, you must take action – no matter how small or big – to solidify your intent.

Then, you must let go of that thing. Just trust that you’ll get it. Don’t allow desperation or doubt to cloud your intent.

The One Card Manifestation 

If you’re just starting out with Tarot manifestation – keep it simple. Choosing one card to represent your desire works as well as using ten.

For example, if you want to manifest a promotion at work or a large sum of money, you could use the 10 of Pentacles to represent that goal.

First, grab a notebook, a pen, and your deck and head to a quiet, comfortable space. Then close your eyes and imagine what you want. Then imagine what it will feel like when you have it. Know that it’s yours. Take a moment to write that down.

Then shuffle the deck while visualizing your goal – in this case, a promotion at work that will allow you to lead the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Look through the Tarot deck and find the Ten of Pentacles. Allow yourself to connect with the card and its meaning – in this case, success and wealth.

Once you’ve done that, there are any number of methods you can use to turn your thoughts into things using that card. There’s no right or wrong way but here are two popular methods that yield impressive results.

If you don’t want to risk losing a card in your Tarot deck, you can print out Tarot images online – or even buy an inexpensive deck on eBay or Amazon.

Create a Manifestation “Altar”

This doesn’t have to be anything elaborate – or it can be – it’s totally up to you. Remember – it’s not so much the ritual but the intention that matters and leads to manifestation!

I use a small shelf and place my Tarot card (the 10 of Pentacles) in the center. I surround it with a few citrine crystals, a green candle (green is the color of money), and a couple of dollars in a bowl to get the money energy flowing. But you can do whatever works for you!

I hold the card in my hand, and state my intention aloud and say a prayer or thought of gratitude.

For example, “Thank you universe for all of my blessings. I’m grateful for the twenty-thousand dollars that I’ve manifested.”

I place the Tarot card on the shelf where it’s visible – and wait for the magic to happen!

Carry it Around with You

This Tarot manifestation technique couldn’t be easier. Just carry the 10 of Pentacles with you wherever you go, making sure to acknowledge it every day. Treat it as though it’s an actual manifestation such as a check for the amount of money you want.

If you don’t need the card for readings – feel free to write an affirmation on it. You can even hang it on your fridge, bathroom mirror – or any other place where you’ll frequently see it.

Three Card Tarot Manifestation Spreads

You can do this alone, or combine it with the methods above. Whatever it takes to solidify that intention and make it a reality.

Manifest your Soul Mate

Instead of asking the Tarot what’s in store for you, tell it what you desire. Whether you have someone special in mind – or you want the universe to help you find a soul mate – this three-card spread can help.

Shuffle the deck while focusing on whoever you want to manifest a relationship with. Then lay it out face up in front of you. Choose a card to represent the ideal version of yourself, your soulmate, and your desired relationship outcome. Then meditate on the cards to make your love real!

For example, if you’re an earth mama type artist– you could choose the Empress card to represent you. 

She’s ruled by Venus – the Goddess of Love – who governs all things of beauty (physically or otherwise). She’s a sensuous caretaker and incredible lover.

If you want your soulmate to be financially secure and a take-charge type who loves the finest things in life – you could choose the King of Pentacles to represent him.

The King of Pentacles is all about the earth – and often represents a Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo. On the flip side, if you’re into poets and musicians and love a guy who isn’t afraid to show his feelings, you might choose the Knight of Cups.

For your ideal relationship – ask yourself what you want. Are you looking for long-term love and stability and hope to start a family one day? Then the 10 of Cups is for you.

If you want to find a twin flame to travel the world with you – then you might choose the Sun or World card from the Major Arcana.  (Read more about the Major Arcana cards here.)

Reading from left to right:

  1. You
  2. Your Soulmate 
  3. The Ideal Relationship Outcome

Once you create this three card spread to attract your soulmate, then it’s time for you to take action. Sure, Mr Wonderful may knock on your door one day, buy why not make it easier for the Universe to have you and Mr Wonderful meet!

If you are serious about manifesting this soulmate, then join an online dating site. eHarmony is the one I would recommend. It’s classy. Their process if one of the most comprehensive I’ve seen. And, they are known to have put together more couples than any other dating site! Click here to check out eHarmony!

Don’t stop there. You aren’t going to meet someone if you only go to work and go home and do nothing else. Get out there. Do some things you like. Go more often to the grocery store. Go out with friends to events and do activities that you like to do.

When you are actively “living life” having fun, getting out in the world (and not constantly thinking about being single), then the Universe will have a much easier time putting you together with that soulmate who is also looking for you!

Things happen for a reason. You are reading this very sentence because you have been drawn to my little blog. Your time is now. Go for it, take action.

Five Step Method To Manifest Your Soulmate

OK… Here is a summary of your five step method to manifest your soulmate!

Step 1. Pull 3 cards from your Tarot Deck

Step 2. Place these cards in your Manifestation Alter (that special place that you see every day)

Step 3. Join eHarmony. Set up your profile and check out some of the people who are there.

Step 4. Get active. If you grocer shop 1x per week, go 2x or 3x per week instead. Go for a walk (alone or with friends). Go to events and get togethers.

Step 5. Always have fun.

Sample 3 Card Spread To Manifest A Soulmate

Reading from left to right

Left Card: You

If you’re a woman who loves the sensual side of life (or want to be) – from good food to high thread count sheets – choose the Empress to represent the ideal version of yourself. She’s ruled by Venus and is a sensuous caretaker and out-of-this-world lover.

Middle Card: Your Soulmate 

For your Soulmate, the Emperor is the perfect match.

He is a strong and passionate provider, incredible lover, and financially stable.

Right Card: The Ideal Relationship Outcome

For the ideal relationship outcome – go with the Lover’s card.

While this card often has more to do about major life choices than love, manifestation spreads are more about symbolism than textbook Tarot card meanings. If you want to manifest a soulmate – the Lover’s card works like a charm.

Note – Genders and gender-roles don’t matter. Matching the mood of the card to your desires and intentions is what counts.

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Manifest Money

Manifesting money isn’t nearly as hard as you think. The truth is that money is energy like everything else and you just need to open up and allow it to flow in. The poverty mindset, believing we don’t deserve money is what holds us back.

This easy Tarot spread will help you reach your financial goals. Follow the steps laid out above – but instead of choosing cards to represent a partner, let them symbolize your journey to wealth.

The first is where you want to be. As you draw it, treat it as though it’s your current state of being. 

For example, the Nine of Pentacles represents someone surrounded by beauty and wealth. It’s a card of success, achievement, and independence. You don’t want money for money’s sake – you want it for freedom and enjoyment and this card reflects that.

The second card, ‘how to get there’, should reflect how you want to receive your money. The Ace of Pentacles fits as it’s a helping hand coming out of the sky. It can represent an opportunity, an inheritance or gift, or even a lottery win.

** Note, Be careful with asking for lotto wins – ‘winning’ a dollar on a scratch-off technically counts and probably isn’t the windfall you were hoping for!

For the third card – ‘your wealthy self’ – choose something that sums up everything you want out of being wealthy. The Queen of Pentacles is a natural caretaker and will share her wealth and time with her loved ones.

The King of Pentacles is generous with his family and friends as well – but he’s more about building a company or investing in stocks to create more money and build a legacy.

Reading from left to right:

  1. Where You Want to Be
  2. How To Get There
  3. Your Wealthy Self 

Like I said in the previous section, if you want to manifest money then you must also take some action. Not just any action, take inspired action!

If you only have one set of Tarot cards, then I would recommend that you purchase a second set of cards. These tarot cards can be your “manifestation tarot cards.”

The cards could be the exact same deck as you already own, or you could purchase a different deck. Do what feels right for you! (get inspired)

I love searching on Etsy for tarot cards. I see so many different, beautiful cards there. Click this link to see a list of tarot cards that I found on Etsy.

Next, create a manifestation “altar”. Use Crystals and a silk scarf, have some essential oils to create a complete sensory experience. Locate the altar in your bed room or living room. Get inspired. Place it where it feels right to you.

Once you’ve made your altar, placed your 3 cards and thought about what you want, then you are ready. No, not to just wait for the money to knock on your door. Nope!

You now must take action. Get out of your house. Go and get inspired. Your manifestation is in the Universe’s hands now. However, you want to reduce the resistance for you to receive the money.

Go and do stuff. Go help a friend. Go and volunteer.

Enjoy yourself as you do these activities. Make them fun. Give these activities 100% of your best efforts. This is very important!

If you are feeling bad or do something grudgingly, then stop. Only do activities that inspire you to be your best and to do your best.

The universe will find ways to move you into the right positions with the right timing for you to manifest all the money you desire.

Five Step Method to Manifest Money

Let me summarize the simple five step method for you to manifest all the money you desire!

Step 1. Pull Three Tarot Cards

Step 2. Create a manifestation alter and place your cards in this altar

Step 3. Take action, go out and volunteer to do something (that inspires you) or go help a friend or go out with friends.

Step 4. Give that activity 100%. Allow yourself to be inspired, to do the very best you can do

Step 5. Have fun!

Sample 3 Card Spread To Manifest A Money

Reading from Left to Right

Left Card: Where You Want to Be

The Nine of Pentacles represents someone surrounded by beauty and wealth. It’s a card of success, achievement, and independence. 

If you want to be wealthy – this card will help you get there.

Middle Card: How To Get There

In the Ace of Pentacles a helping hand comes out of the sky with a giant gold coin.

This can represent opportunities to make money, a windfall, financial assistance from loved ones. It’s really the perfect card for “how to manifest money”.

Right Card: Your Wealthy Self

The 10 of Pentacles is the ultimate financial stability and success. It’s wealth for generations to come.

It doesn’t matter who you are in the picture, you’re reaping the benefits of financial abundance, and that’s what matters when it comes to money manifestation!

Attain Success 

While ‘success’ and money often go hand and hand, it’s not always the case. While some people desire to be rich but never famous – maybe you want your name on the tip of everyone’s tongue!

First, you must define what success looks like to you, and then find the right Tarot cards to represent and manifest it.

This spread is similar to the last one – just replace ‘wealthy self’ with ‘successful self’.

For example, if you want to be a successful lawyer you might choose the Ace of Swords to represent where you want to be. The Ace of Swords – and all swords – are connected to the law, legal matters, and education.

For how to get there, you could pick Justice. Justice could represent the legal system where you work as a lawyer – it could also be the Justice for all of your hard work.

For the final card, choose something that embodies your life as a successful lawyer. Ask why do you want to be successful? Is it to open more doors? To allow you to work anywhere in the world? The World card is synonymous with success and completion and works well here.

Reading from left to right:

  1. Where You Want to Be 
  2. How To Get There
  3. Your Successful Self 

Whatever it is that you want to manifest with the Tarot – just believe you can, and so shall it be!

Sample 6 Card Tarot Spread to Manifest a New Career

Reading From Left to Right:

Left Card: Your Dream Job

The Ten of Pentacles represents money, money, money and also institutions. It’s also about building wealth for generations to come. Choosing this card to represent becoming a stock broker works on many levels – and reinforces a feeling of wealth and abundance.

Middle Card: How To Get There

You can become a trader by apprenticing, taking classes, or even learning all you can on investing forums. Depending where you are – you may need certain certifications – and the Three of Pentacles represents all those things. It’s the apprentice and learning card. It also symbolizes networking and working with others which will bring you great success.

Right Card: Your Successful Self

The World card is the pinnacle of success. It’s achievement and fulfillment and rewards from all that energy you’ve put in.  With this as your dream job outcome, you’ll have the world in the palm of your hands!

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