How to Unlock Your Hidden Powers and Manifest Your Desires!

how to unlock your hidden powers

As I explore and embrace many different metaphysical practices, I realize that we all have hidden spiritual powers that we can tap into.  With these powers, we can tap into the law of attraction to manifest anything we want.

As I think back to the times in my life when I attracted and manifested an abundance of love, money happiness, I was connected to my inner power.

I also look back to the times when I wasn’t successful in relationships or with money.   During those times, I now realize that I wasn’t connected to my inner being (my hidden inner power). 

In the “good” times, I was connected to my spiritual powers, in the “bad” times, I wasn’t connected.  I wasn’t vibrating at the right frequency and therefore I was offering resistance and nothing I desired appeared.

How can you unlock your inner, hidden, magical powers?

The key to awakening your inner power is to change your vibration, your brain wave frequency, to the same frequency as your inner self.  When you achieve alignment with your inner awareness, then you have access to and awaken your hidden powers.  Let’s see how we can do that.

It’s certainly easier said than done.  In fact, there are several practices that I have done, and that you can do that to tap into and create the life you desire.

  1. Meditation
  2. Fun activities
  3. Play with pets
  4. Unconditional love
  5. Appreciation

Before we delve into these 5 practices. I want to draw your attention to the Related Articles section at the bottom of this post. I’ve assembled a collection of articles that you should find interesting and related to this topic. Make sure you check them out.

Let’s take a look at each of these in more detail.

Table of Contents

Meditation to Awaken Your Spiritual Power

Meditation is one of the most powerful techniques that is taught all around the world.  There are all kinds of different meditations.  It’s not my focus here to teach you how to meditate.  There are many different resources that can help you with that. is an option (it’s a paid program), at the time of writing this, they offered 2 weeks free. I like them because they not only offer guided meditations, but they also offer a wide variety of courses and info to help you get centered.

(Another option is, which is free and has a huge variety of guided meditations)

The most basic meditation practice will begin by focusing your mind on something, like your breathing.  When you first begin to learn to meditate, you will be inundated with thoughts.  And, you will get lost in thought regularly. 

Eventually, as you practice meditation, you will become more centered on awareness.  You will allow the thoughts and feelings; the sounds and sensations to come and go without your awareness following them and getting lost.

When you achieve this state, that’s when you begin to awaken your spiritual power.  This process can take months or even years. 

An example of a breathing technique is the AHA method. (I found this when I was delving into H’Oponopono. With this breathing practice, you first breathe in while counting to 7, then hold your breath for a count of 7, then breathe out while counting to 7, then hold your breath for a count of 7. Then repeat!

You can repeat this breathing practice as many times in a row as you wish. I find that I tend to count quicker initially, then as I settle into the practice, my counting slows and I don’t feel labored while holding my breath.

Give it a try.

Participate in a Fun Activity to Awaken Your Spiritual Power

Some of the times that I cherish the most are times when I was playing with my kids.  I have four kids.  When they were little, three of the four were under 7 years old. I would come home and they would all run to the front door to welcome me home.

“Daddy, daddy, daddy,” they would yell and wrap their arms around my legs.  I would hug them and kiss them and tickle them.  They would laugh and I would laugh. 

We would all play for 10 or 20 minutes.  They would be giggling, and I would be giggling too.

I noticed as I look back on those times, my vibration was in sync with my inner power then.  I experienced success very easily and opportunities were abundant.

As my kids aged, we slowly stopped doing these things.  We did other activities that were also fun and I really enjoyed being with them.  The fun and the giggling wasn’t as frequent.

Today, I embrace fun and giggling whenever there is an opportunity.  I love how I feel when I’m laughing and playing.  I’m also aware that this fun and giggling is bringing me into alignment with my inner power.

What about you?  Are you actively looking to have fun and enjoy all the abundance that is around you?

Laugh more.  Have more fun and feel the opening of your spiritual power.

Play with your pet to unlock your magic powers

We haven’t always had a dog, but when we first had a little puppy at home, he was a bundle of joy.

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  In the winter, it can get pretty darn cold and we have snow.  When our little puppy, Jasper, saw the show for the first time he was so funny.

The first snow that year was a bit of a blizzard, we had 30 centimeters overnight (that’s almost 12 inches).  I opened the back door in the morning to let Jasper out and he bounded out into the back yard like he had done every other morning.

Except, this morning he slipped and tripped down the stairs and landed in a lump at the bottom of the steps.  He sat up, shook off the snow, and then leaped into another pile.

He was having so much fun.  He stuck his nose in and sniffed, he jumped and pounced and played.  I think he forgot that he had to go pee.

Watching him play in the snow for the first time brought me so much joy. I laughed at him (with him).  I had to go out and join him.  I put on my boots, a coat, scarf, and hat. 

I made snowballs, threw them across the yard, and would try to find them.  I think we were out in the yard for an hour before he even noticed that he was getting a little cold.

For me, playing with Jasper brought me closer to my spiritual power.  I was living in the moment, playing laughing, and having fun.  I wasn’t thinking about chores I had to do or worrying about stuff going on in my life.

That day, I had the best day that I’d had in years.  Talk about synchronicity.

Playing with your pet can help you to connect to and awaken your magic power.  Try it.

Positive thinking to unlock your hidden power

We all hear about positive thinking.  Sure, I will try to think positively but it’s not easy.

Once we start down the road of negative thinking, then before we know it we can’t turn around.

One of the most important things to do is to become aware.  Meditation will certainly help that.  (see the first section).

I titled this section, “positive thinking to unlock your hidden powers”, but the important thing to do here is to recognize when you are starting to feel negative.  Next, recognize that you are in the perfect place and that your world is always looking out for you.

Every experience that you have will move you to what you want.  If you accept that “whatever is happening right now” is moving you closer to your goal, then you can be happy about it.  If however, you are unhappy about it, then you start to add resistance and push away (or delay) what you desire.

Let’s look at an example.

It’s also important to recognize the situations and events around you as “situations” and “events”.

Your mind gives these situations and events meaning. No matter what is happening, when you “trust” that what you are experiencing is a “positive” step (even if it feels like a step backward) in the right direction to achieve your goal. Here’s an example…

You are fired from your job

Sure, not so good.  You might have bills to pay, you might want to worry about bills or your family or be embarrassed or whatever.  The list goes on.

You will feel all of these emotions but step back.  Realize that every experience you experience is moving you closer to what you want.  Perhaps this job loss will open an opportunity for you to get a better job.  Perhaps losing your job will save you from some tragedy that will befall the building that you worked in.

  Perhaps losing your job will create an opportunity for you to meet someone that you always wanted to meet.  The list goes on.

I’m not suggesting that it’s easy to experience some things.  However, if you can re-frame the experience and look for potential positives, you will feel better.  You will also get closer to your inner power.  When you get into alignment with your inner power, you are unstoppable!

With this technique, I find that going to play with my dog helps me to get into the right frame of mind to make these positive assessments.  After playing with my dog, then I can go and meditate, then I feel really good!

When you experience something like a job loss, it’s tough to see the positive.  Act in successive steps.  Play with your dog (or a neighbor’s dog if you don’t have one). 

That will help you to improve your vibration.  Then appreciate all the abundance you have around you.  If you can’t see abundance, think of the air you breathe.  There is an abundance of that.  Be grateful for the air you breathe.

After that, you could probably meditate.

These small steps help you to get back into alignment and awaken your power.

Using unconditional love to awaken your hidden magic powers

I believe that when I feel unconditional love, I am connected to my spiritual power.  Feeling this isn’t always easy especially when we try to experience unconditional love for a family member or a friend.

Our family and friends have a history with us.  If we haven’t forgiven them for something they have done in the past, then it’s tough to feel unconditional love for them.

One way to feel unconditional love is to think about our pets.  This article seems to focus back on our pets a lot, but I find that they are closer to their inner power and can inspire us to connect with the right vibrations.

When we play with our pets, when we feel appreciation for our pets, then we can feel unconditional love.  That feeling moves us to the right vibration to connect with and unlock our inner spiritual power.

Once we have those feelings, then we can think about our family and friends.  Start slowly.  One at a time.  Start with the easy ones. 

Think about your best friend.  Appreciate your friend.  Wish your friend good health.   Wish your friend success.  Wish your friend happiness.  Feel the love and appreciation flowing from you to your friend.

Next, think about your spouse.  You could think about one of your kids.  When you are doing this exercise, don’t go too fast.  If one person is difficult for some reason, then wait to do this activity at another time. 

Always work with the easiest ones first.  Your pet.  Your friends.  Even some acquaintances could be easier than doing this with people that you have had “issues” with in the past.

If you have “issues” with someone, then try to forgive them before you do this exercise.  If you are holding some sort of grudge against someone, the only person you are hurting is you.  It’s you that is holding the grudge.  If you forgive, then you will feel better.

This is probably the most difficult exercise but it’s also the most rewarding.

Explore appreciation as a way to awaken your inner power

The power of appreciation has gone unnoticed by the mainstream until recently. I’ve found that I can connect with my inner self much more easily when I am feeling appreciation.

There is so much to appreciate in this world. Even if you are experiencing a great deal of pain, there can be something that you can find, focus on and appreciate.

A daily practice that I would recommend you try is to take 5 minutes every day to list things you appreciate. I find it works best when I write these items down. In fact, I have a small purple notebook that I call my “book of appreciation”. Here is a link to a similar notebook in Amazon.

Here are some of the things you could write about:

Appreciate your body, your eyes, heart, your feelings, your hands, fingers, sensations, feet, legs, toes.

You can appreciate your surroundings, your home, your room, your bed, your kitchen, your stove, your fridge, your coffee pot, your kettle.

Appreciate the people your know, your spouse, your kids, your parents, your family, your friends, your grandparents, the man or woman who smiles at your when you walk down the street.

You could appreciate the city you live in, your neighborhood, your province or state, the country you live in.

You could also appreciate the work your do, the people you help, the money you receive for the work you do, your colleagues.

You could appreciate your connection to your higher self, to god, to your inner awareness, to your intuition.

You could appreciate gravity or appreciate the law of attraction.

You could appreciate the abundance of air and water and light all around you.

The list of things to appreciate can go on and on. When I write down this list, I begin to feel better. I start general and then go more specific. Then I go general again.

I find that when I explore my appreciation for things around me, I’m tapping into the law of attraction and bringing more of those things toward me.

There was a time when I was struggling to get new clients. My revenue was declining and I realized that I was focusing on this rather than what I wanted.

That day, I decided to write down everything I appreciated about my business. I wrote about all the clients that I appreciated. Every day, I did this when I woke up in the morning.

After a few weeks, I started to see some tangible results. More clients were calling me and asking for my services. More clients were being referred to me.

By tapping into my appreciation, I believe that I activated (awakened, unlocked) my inner power. Things in my life started working better again. Things were just “clicking”.

Try these tools yourself

I encourage you to try these tools yourself. Let me know how they work.

Every day, I get better and better at utilizing these tools that I mentioned here in this article and every day I see more glimpses of my inner power.

I am in no way perfect and I believe that this practice is something that I will continue to practice until I’m pushing up the daisies.

What happens when I unlock my spiritual power?

When you unlock your magic spiritual power you will have synchronicity in your life as you’ve never experienced before.

Doors will open for you.  You will run into the perfect person to help you.

Sometimes the most random things will happen that will set up a series of events.  The result of these events is that you manifest whatever it is that you wanted.

I love experiencing the clarity and fun and joy when I’m connected to my spiritual power.  I am not always connected, but I’ve noticed that I’m connected more and more every day that I practice.

I think that this is a practice that I will never perfect, but I love the experiences that I get as I explore different ways to connect to my inner power.

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