What Is The Role Of Mars In Astrology?

What is the Role of Mars in Astrology?

This is the second smallest planet in the Solar system, right after Mercury. It’s dry and red, with apparently no soil or water on its surface, but with some interesting formations and our dreams of how we might have lived there once upon a time and how we are going to live there soon. 

What is the role of Mars in Astrology?

Mars is the blacksmith of the gods, and he doesn’t need a bun on the top of his head and a big beard, assembled with the gym-sculptured body, to show his true masculine nature. The testosterone leaches from every pore he has because this Mars can break or make everyone or everything.

Let’s see how he shapes your life.

In Zodiac, Mars represents masculine nature, it is hot and dry, fast and furious, and his domicile houses are Aries and Scorpio.

In a male horoscope, this planet represents a drive for life, sex drive, the ability to fight, constructive or destructive tendencies, male friendships, relationships with male siblings, and all younger male figures in their life.

For a female horoscope, all of this will be true also, but Mars will also represent the male partners she will encounter and the type of masculine energy she will have to deal with coming from others.

This will be something she will find hard to resist because the energy she will be sensitive to will be the very same energy she carries in her core.

In positive aspects with other planets, Mars will bless the person with increased power, passion, and a never-give-up attitude, and the negative aspects will present the same individual with many obstacles, aggressive episodes coming from themselves or others, inflammation, surgeries, and the danger of attacks and weapons.

Don’t forget that this planet has two moons called Phobos and Deimos, meaning fear and panic, so you can always associate aggression, fear, and panic with something positive and constructive, and also something negative or destructive.

However, the choices and the results, a person makes will depend on other planets in the chart too.

Let’s see the effects of this planet through the Zodiac signs and houses.

If you don’t know where Mars is placed in your natal chart, you can use this tool to see where all your planets are. 

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Table of Contents

Mars in Signs and Houses

Mars Placed in Aries or in the 1st House

This Mars is really strong because Aries is his home, and this shows someone with lighter hair, skin tone, or eyes, no matter which race this person belongs to. Their general color hue is not blond or ashy tones, but rather more reddish or orange.

The individual also has big eyes and a muscly body, although not necessarily big or corpulent.

Ambition is strongly present here, but the same person could lack discipline or more often, clear and future-oriented goals. Therefore, there are two main types of Aries’ Mars people, the ones who are quiet, steady, and hard-working, and the ones who are loud, proud, and hardly get some work done.

Careers associated with this placement belong to the military, police, firefighters, or similar and uniformed professions. As far as the health issues go, this individual could suffer from high blood or eye pressure, inflammations related to the upper jaw, or some facial scars.

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Mars Placed in Taurus or in the 2nd House

This individual is often portrayed as someone lazy, but this is so far from the truth. Mars placed in the sign of the Bull always has a bigger body and appears relaxed and slow.

However, the moment the person needs to start building his or her wealth, property, or anything related to material assets, this Martian Bull will suddenly wake up and won’t stop until he accomplishes the masterpiece.

Their looks are prone to weight gain and they usually have a darker complexion. Stubbornness is their most prominent trait and professions related to this placement are related to farming, construction-building, banking, restoration of homes or furniture, jewelry, food, or beverage production.

Health-related issues are revolving around their neck and lower jaw, indicating occasional teeth inflammation, and the most common problem, and mostly regarding women, is happening with the unstable thyroid gland.

And they should be barefoot as frequently as they can to get rid of too much electricity.

Mars is Placed in Gemini or in the 3rd House

The person with this placement on Mars will surely bring the person a very dynamic and sometimes aggressive relationship with a sibling. Besides this fact, this individual will be very energetic, talk perhaps too fast, and always with a strong and convincing tone of voice.

Action will be present all around and the best way to channel this energy in a proper direction is to involve some form of martial arts, especially those which use palms.

Appearance is rather slim and the person will have a chance to gain some weight in a later part of their life. Their lungs, shoulders, and neurology are the weak points and there are many cases that show those individuals had to go through some severe illnesses, like episodes of harsh pneumonia, in their childhood.

They can succeed in “modern” industries, like IT, marketing, coaching, and sales, anywhere where a strong approach is needed to be mixed with childish charm and ambition.

Mars Placed in Cancer or in the 4th House

This is the worst position of Mars in the whole Zodiac, simply because the home is not the proper environment for a soldier. And the person with this placement will find his only constructive purpose in defending his home or homeland when the war starts.

On all other occasions, this person can become a substance abuser, mostly alcoholic, or someone who uses the openly aggressive or passive-aggressive approach in their home and with their family.

In some lucky cases, this will be the skilled carpenter or construction builder, so their inner need to destroy and create again will be utilized through something valuable.

This position also strongly indicates diabetes or many types of food allergies, milk allergy the most. The affected area is the stomach, and for women, breasts. In general terms, this goes for all “watery” or liquid-holding organs.

They will always have some issues with the family, especially motherly figures, fires at home, especially the kitchen area, and similar situations.

Mars Placed in Leo or in the 5th House

This can be the wonderful and doomed position of this planet, and in some cases, it can take place simultaneously. First of all, Mars in Leo will show someone who takes over the stage, being this the performing stage, or the political arena.

If this Mars is associated with the natal Sun, the person’s firstborn child will surely become famous. This position also is excellent for someone who loves to act, in the entertainment industry or real life, this doesn’t matter.

On the darker side of this position, this individual will suffer from some heartaches, and in many cases, this can indicate a sudden heart attack followed by death. And also, it can show some severe spine injuries.

The person can be too proud, too brisk, with a reddish complexion of skin, and constant weight-loss or weight-gain battles.

Mars Placed in Virgo or in the 6th House

Grain or nut allergies, gut inflammation, and all sorts of issues with intestines are seen with this position on the planet Mars. Those hard aches will mostly happen when the person is at a younger age.

Later on, however, one principal will become their leading force – if this person shows discipline, perseverance, work-related ambition, and even an aggressive approach toward daily obligation, this aspect will work in their favor and the health issues will diminish in their power.

Also, this placement will show someone skilled “behind the scene”, someone who will work hard and with great precision. Great accountants, laboratory technicians, medical staff, or simply skilled plumbers, car mechanics, and bus drivers are seen here.

This person can be a bit nitpicky, perhaps sometimes too aggressive in criticism, but always with a good cause in mind. Their face and bodily features will be smaller with the possibility of scars in their stomach area.

Mars Placed in Libra or in the 7th House

Mars in the area of marriage or partnerships is never a good idea, although it can be helpful if the person builds up the company, and the marriage can be considered as a form of a very serious and life-lasting “company”.

This placement shows some sort of aggression in relationships and if it is placed literary in the sign of Libra, it will show that a person will feel restricted in many ways to express their true nature and ambition. This might be someone too soft or too nice, that the others will step all over him or her.

In all other cases, Mars positioned here will bring many issues and misunderstandings between partners and this can be “healed” through engaging in martial arts or combative training together.

If the couple needs to fight, the best thing they can do is to actually fight, but in gyms or dojos. For business partnerships, the same aspect will bring many quarrels, but will they turn out to be constructive or destructive, the astrologer will judge from the rest of the chart.

Kidneys are in danger here, through fluctuation of blood pressure or some sort of inflammation. However, in most cases, this position will express through some skin issues like eczema or rashes.

Mars Placed in Scorpio or in the 8th House

This can be a truly dangerous position of this planet in someone’s natal chart. Yes, Mars is here in its own sign, but now it possesses a mix of fire and water elements, showing an explosion of lava under the sea level.

You can’t see it, but you surely going to feel it in all of its glory and horror at one point just a little bit later. This is why the person with this placement can remember all the people who did him or something wrong, plan, and wait for the proper moment for revenge.

Constructive aspects with the other planets in the chart will show someone with exceptional analytical skills, like a psychiatrist, criminal investigator, spy, or surgeon. Also, those individuals know how to use weapons, especially knives, and some rare and exotic, like oriental, fighting techniques.

As far as their health goes, they should be aware of their genital and excretion organs, and always use full protection during intimacy with non-committed partners because STDs are most common with them. 

Mars Placed in Sagittarius or in the 9th House

You know those guys mostly, but also some girls, who spend their whole life running around the world, watching local customs, eating all sorts of exotic foods, sleeping under the open sky, and rarely bathing? This is their Mars in Sagittarius or in the ninth house of their chart making them do.

On the other side, if you need a diving or free-climbing instructor, a good and experienced safari, jungle, or desert guide, or someone who will shower you with some wise and spiritual words while he or she is beating the hell out of you during some monk-oriented martial arts classes, you will look for exactly this type of person.

This is also a great position for all those whose profession is in sports, like tennis, archery, and horse riding, and those who love or need to hunt.

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Health themes associated with this position always revolve around broken hips and injured thighs, but way more dangerous situations can happen with an inflamed liver or spleen. Therefore, many “immune” diseases can be located here, too.

Mars Placed in Capricorn or in the 10th House

The greatest position someone’s natal Mars can be in is right here in the sign of Capricorn or in the tenth house. This is not a person who can show off with their strength and stage performance, but this is someone who is truly powerful inside and out.

An eighty-year-old lady carrying a whole tree on her shoulder through the snow on a mountain, a small and skinny guy, moving a rock in a coal mine to save his coworkers, or a hungry and exhausted soldier who runs through the cross-fire from the safety of his trench to throw the grenade into the enemy’s line and open the front, to win the war, these are all examples of this placement of the planet Mars.

This individual has a smaller or thinner body, a bit darker, like roasted from too much heat or too much cold, this is someone calm and non-aggressive in their daily life, but dangerously powerful when the need for action appears. Great position for engineers, construction-building, and creating in general.

Knees are the weak point here, accompanied by some bone fractures or even teeth issues.

Mars Placed in Aquarius or in the 11th House

Mars can be rather strong here, but not in the individual sense like this is the case with the Capricorn sign.

This is someone who enjoys the company of many like-minded people and usually, this type of energy can be seen in stadiums, during huge and important sporting events, or, when people have to gather and go to explore new worlds or rebel against injustice.

This placement describes someone who came from a humble family or a hard position in society at an early age and the same individual can choose to stay in the same environment and fight the wars which can’t be won, constantly complaining, but doing nothing constructively.

They can also choose to become a pioneer in their profession and become a name in the world of social sciences, engineering, aviation, the IT industry, or something new and progressive in any case.

Calves could be prone to injuries, as well as ankles, and those individuals must take care of their nutrition and exercise habits because some severe neurological diseases can be seen from this placement.

Mars Placed in Pisces or in the 12th House

The duality of this sign or a house in a chart can show the obvious duality of this planet too. This Mars can be the extraordinary physician, the world-class scientist, someone who operates and swims through the unclear waters of higher mathematics, physics, and especially, chemistry.

However, at the same time, this person can be someone who uses many legal or illegal substances to be able to face another day and its regular, real-world’s demands.

It’s not the fact that Mars is weak here because it isn’t, it’s simply the fact that this Mars can be lost in the seas of ideas, changes, and fluctuations or ideas and actions.

The person can become a great oceanography researcher, astronomer, sailor, or a plain local drunk, but it can also become both of those roles, all at the same time.

And this is someone who also has some very harsh experiences in hospitals, monasteries, or jails.

Mars in Pisces or a twelfth house can often produce some small or big feet injuries. However, the frequent issue here is related to the blood and therefore, auto-immune diseases are possible.

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