Can Astrology Predict Pregnancy?

Can Astrology Predict Pregnancy

Using astrology to predict pregnancy is not as simple as going to a fortune teller to get a ‘yes’, ‘no’, or a date for when you might conceive.

Some astrologers believe that a chart can indicate fertility problems or illnesses that might prevent fertility, while others consider the lunar cycle to indicate the best times of year to conceive.

While astrology can’t predict whether and when a woman will get pregnant, looking at the energy in a chart can show periods of major change in a woman’s life, which can indicate pregnancy as well as how that pregnancy might influence her life and her approach to motherhood.

Before looking at what astrology can tell us about pregnancy and motherhood, it is important to understand its limitations and what it is unable to predict.

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The Power of Self

No matter what energies a chart may suggest will affect our lives at any one time, a chart cannot tell us about the one factor that has the most influence on our lives, which is how we respond to events and circumstances as individuals.

Certain hard aspects may represent energies in our lives that we struggle with, while easy aspects may represent certain parts of our lives where we have natural talents or feel at ease. But what may override both types of aspects is the way we deal with each of them.

For example, a woman with aspects that point towards difficulties with parenthood may become a parent and overcome her adverse circumstances. The energy creating the challenges will be present in her life, but it does not determine her future.

Any hard aspect can be overcome, and once this is done, the energy will be healed, and the struggle will be over.

So when looking at a chart, we should avoid sentencing ourselves to a certain kind of life or assuming that something will or won’t happen based on the aspects present.

However, we can use our chart to interpret the energy in our lives so that we are better able to navigate the situations we may encounter and to resolve both easy and challenging energies in our past and present.

In addition, some astrologers prefer not to make sweeping statements about whether certain events will or won’t occur or whether certain things are or aren’t possible because people’s lives are so vastly influenced by their own beliefs.

Making a prediction could influence a person’s beliefs, which may influence their future behavior, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy for better or for worse.

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Aspects of Your Astrological Chart Point to Energy, Not Events

Leading on from the idea that we can overcome any aspect in our charts is the idea that aspects point to energy rather than specific events. Aspects may converge to create certain situations in our lives, but it is not as simple as saying that certain aspects point toward certain events.

This is because astrology is interpretative, that is, there are several meanings to each energy represented by the signs, houses, planets, and the aspects between them.

For example, the fourth house represents family, childhood, close relationships, deep emotions, and emotional intimacy. While this signifies a single energy or theme in our lives, it is one that is multifaceted.

The interpretation we make builds an understanding of exactly how this energy is expressed by the influence of the house ruler, the planets the house contains, and how they are aspected.

We may look to the fourth house to understand and overcome any negative energies that influenced us in our childhood, but we can’t say that certain placements in this house refer to specific events.

This is because energy is expressed in each of our lives in different ways, which are influenced by our individuality and personal circumstances.

In this way, we can see astrology charts as maps that tell us about the energetic landscapes of our lives. A good astrologer will provide you with a reading that helps you to identify and navigate energies in your own life to take full advantage of opportunities available and to prepare for challenges ahead.

We may be able to say that energies may be favorable or unfavorable towards pregnancy, but astrology can’t be used to predict the future in a conventional sense. So what can astrology tell us about pregnancy?

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Transit Aspects Related to Pregnancy

There is a growing body of astrological research on the relationship between certain transits and their expression in people’s lives. Astrologer Kathy Rose has identified transits that may be related to pregnancy by analysing the birth charts of over 50 mothers.

While there was no comparison group in this study, which affects how significantly we can say these aspects relate to pregnancy, the approach has shown that a combination of certain major aspects can relate to large shifts of energy in a woman’s life, and large shifts of energy are almost always associated with life-changing events, of which pregnancy is one.

Specifically, Kathy suggested that pregnancy may occur when there are several transits or solar arcs to the Ascendant/Descendant, the Sun, the Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, the Nodes, Neptune, and Pluto.

It is necessary to look at the aspects in detail as well as how they combine in a specific chart rather than to suggest that any of these are general indicators of pregnancy.

It is not whether or not an aspect is present but how it presents in a chart that’s important. Kathy’s research has suggested that the most important thing to look for in a chart is the convergence of several major aspects that can be linked to pregnancy through the placements involved.

How Pregnancy and Motherhood Might Change Your Life

As we can identify major transits occurring during pregnancy, we can predict how pregnancy may change your life. So while we can’t point towards a certainty of it happening, once you know you are pregnant, a reading can give you some much-needed information about what to expect during the experience ahead.

Different transits point towards different energies or themes we may feel especially strongly during certain periods of our lives.

Motherhood is often linked with changes in identity, orientation to self and others, and the level of structure and discipline in our everyday lives. Each of these has a corresponding planetary energy that may be apparent in transit aspects.

An expectant mother’s chart may also show other themes, such as the nature of the relationship with the father of the child, potential health or life challenges, or the availability of family and social support during pregnancy and the neonatal period.

If challenges are indicated, then a chart can also show helpful energies that can be accessed to smooth the way and overcome any adversity.

Your Attitude and Approach Towards Motherhood

A natal astrology chart can tell us our personal attitudes towards motherhood in general and our likely approach should we become parents.

It can also show the influence of maternal energies on our own lives. This can be helpful because psychology tells us that understanding and integrating our past experiences can help us to become better parents for our children.

Having a greater sense of our strengths and weaknesses as a parent will also help us navigate the challenging early years. A good place to start is to look at our moon sign, its aspects, and the house in which it is placed.

There are too many variations to outline them all here, but the reason the moon is significant in that it is associated with mother energy, and it is the ruler of the Cancer sign.

We can also look at any planets that are in the sign of Cancer and the lunar nodes in our natal chart and their respective aspects and placements.

In terms of fertility and our natural ability to deal with children, fifth house placements are supposedly the most significant, but the type of parents we are does not have a traditional house associated with it.

Perhaps this is because the type of parent we are is integrated within our identity as a composite of the energies in our lives, rather than being directly influenced by them.

Pregnancy in the Transit Chart

While we may be unable to predict whether or when a woman may become pregnant, we can understand a transit chart through the significant energy shifts it shows on a woman’s life, which may point towards major life changes, such as pregnancy.

When we consider charts in terms of energy, we may see challenges related to fertility or parenthood, but this does not mean that they are insurmountable.

Astrology is not an exact science but is an interpretative art that can give us ways to conceptualize what is going on or what has happened in our lives to help us navigate them more effectively.

The best way to use astrology to predict pregnancy may be to understand it as a way to see the challenging and helpful energies that may be available to us once we already know that we are pregnant and will become parents.

We can also look at our transit chart to see upcoming planetary aspects and prepare for them, as they will represent upcoming shifts in energy, whether these manifest during pregnancy or not.

And if you are still wondering whether you will ever be lucky enough to have a child of your own, remember that all the answers we need are within, and some things remain a mystery in our lives for a season or two.

It may not be the answer you wanted, but it is the one that will keep you growing and learning in life, which is what astrology is all about.

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