How to Ask Tarot Cards About Pregnancy

How to ask tarot cards about pregnancy

Maybe you are wondering if you’re pregnant, or perhaps you know you are, and you have questions about what’s to come. You know you want to use your tarot cards to answer some of your questions, but you may be wondering how best to get the information you’re looking for.

What is the best way to ask tarot cards about pregnancy?

The best way to ask your tarot cards questions about pregnancy is to ask open ended questions that are personal in nature.

Any medical questions about your pregnancy should be left to your doctors. Thought should also be put into the spreads you use for these questions so you can get the clearest possible answers.

There are plenty of questions you can ask your tarot cards that will answer some of the burning questions you have about your pregnancy.

There are also a number of spreads that you can use to get your answers to these questions.

Before we dive into the details, Read on to learn more about what to ask, how to ask, and how to find a spread that works for you.

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Asking your questions

Wording is always quite important to consider when asking any sort of question to a tarot deck, and questions regarding pregnancy are no exception.

Many readers will agree that it is a good idea to ask questions that are more open ended since it can be difficult to get a proper “yes” or “no” from a tarot reading. (I’ve written an article about asking “yes” or “no”, read that here.) This is because tarot reading is more of an art than a science.

Whether your practice involves connecting with a deity through the cards, picking up on the energy around you, or just using the cards as a way of looking inside yourself, asking open ended questions makes it much easier to draw conclusions from your reading.

If you do have a very distinct question, try to word it in a more open way so that there is more opportunity to receive insight.

For example, instead of “will my newborn be a fussy baby?” try something along the lines of “what will the first few months of parenthood be like?”.

Good questions to ask

Your questions should be open ended and focus on the non-medical aspects of your pregnancy or potential pregnancy. Some great questions include:

  • Am I ready to become pregnant?” –Although this is technically a yes or no question, the cards you pull will help you to look inside yourself and determine whether or not you truly feel the time is right.
  • Which zodiac sign will my baby be?” –Many tarot cards are associated with the star signs. The cards you pull when asking this question may hint at the time of year that your future little one will be born. (read this article about “how many Zodiac signs are there?“)
  • How can I take care of myself emotionally?” –Pregnancy can be as hard on the mind as it is the body. Any insight on how to care for your emotions during this time can be useful.
  • What will my baby be like?” –Of course, you will never know for sure until you meet him or her, but it cannot hurt to have your cards weigh in on what your baby’s personality may be like.
  • What should I name my baby?” –Naming a baby is no small task. Perhaps you are torn between a few different names, or maybe you have names in mind but don’t know which order to put them in. It never hurts to have your cards weigh in on the matter.

For more details about the best questions to ask in a tarot reading, read this article.

Questions to Avoid

You probably have a never-ending string of questions about your pregnancy and your baby. When it comes to questions about your health and that of your baby, there little room for error so consulting with your deck on these matters is not worth the risk.

Instead of asking your deck when you find yourself with medical questions, take a second and write the question down or make a note on your phone so you can have a list ready for your next doctor’s appointment.

Some examples of questions that should be saved for the doctor include:

  • Am I pregnant?” –Don’t rely on your deck for this one. If you think you may be pregnant, get yourself a pregnancy test or visit your doctor.
  • What is the sex of the baby?” –While your cards may be able to help you determine the answer to this one, the only way to be certain is with an ultrasound.
  • Am I at risk for complications?” –There are so many factors that can impact a pregnancy. If you are concerned about possible complications, your doctor will be able address these concerns and make a plan for handling anything that arises.
  • Should I opt for a natural birth or a C-section?” –Your cards may be able to help a bit with this one if you can’t decide, but make sure you have discussed the matter with a doctor first since natural delivery is not practical for some women.
  • Is this normal?” –Whether it is an odd sleep pattern, a pain in your side, an unusual craving, or intrusive thoughts, if you find yourself feeling like something is wrong, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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Pregnancy Spreads

ask tarot about pregnancy
Ask Tarot About Pregnancy

Now that you’ve decided what you wish to ask your cards, and settled on the best wording to use, you should determine which spread is the best fit.

This depends heavily on a few different things: how much time you have, the time frame of your question, your comfort level with tarot reading in general, and the amount of detail you are looking for in an answer.

If you are a newer reader you may be more comfortable doing a smaller spread. If you’re more experienced and looking for more detail you may be better off to choose a more elaborate spread with more cards.

As you work through your spread, keep an eye out for the pregnancy cards (here is an article we wrote about tarot cards that represent pregnancy) that may help offer you some insight, especially in a reading where you are trying to determine whether the time is right to become pregnant.

Some possibilities include:

A simple three-card spread.

Focusing on the question at hand, card one represents your situation. Card two represents the obstacles you’ll face. The third card represents the outcome.

A fourth card could also be added to this spread making the third card a short-term outcome and the fourth card would represent a long-term outcome.

This spread would be a good way to address most questions including “am I ready?” or “how can I take care of myself emotionally?”

A four-card spread

A four-card spread could be done to represent each trimester and the pregnancy as a whole. Arrange the cards in either a square or diamond formation, whichever you prefer.

This spread could be helpful for determining the theme of your pregnancy or addressing questions such as “what emotional challenges might I face?”

A ten-card spread

A ten-card spread is similar to the four-card trimester spread mentioned above, except there is one card for each month of pregnancy and one card for the pregnancy as a whole.

This spread is another good way to answer questions in a more in-depth way.

A nine-card spread

This nine-card spread by Brigit Esselmont goes into detail about many different aspects of your pregnancy.

Instead of working to answer a specific question, this spread offers insight on various specific aspects of the pregnancy including how you can involve your partner in the journey, and how you can improve your well-being during your pregnancy.

Keep in mind that you can always alter a spread based on your preferences and practices. One of the best things about tarot is how individualized your practice can be.

For example, if you are trying out Brigit Esselmont’s spread but you are not going through your pregnancy with a partner, you can always make that card relate to something that is relevant to you such as “who do I want in the delivery room with me?” instead.

When it comes to the life-changing experience of pregnancy, there can be so many unknowns. Our cards can’t replace a doctor’s advice, but they can certainly provide a degree of guidance that we may not find otherwise.

If you ask the right kinds of questions and use a spread that works for you, you should be able to get plenty of helpful insight from your cards.

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