What Are The Pregnancy Cards in Tarot?

What ar the pregnancy cards in tarot

Tarot cards can be used to search for answers to many questions in life and “am I pregnant?” is no exception. You may be asking this question yourself and wondering which cards to look out for in a pregnancy related spread.

Some cards commonly associated with pregnancy include The Empress, The Sun, and The Page of Cups. Cards that traditionally indicate change can also provide valuable insight on the topic of pregnancy in a tarot reading.

As with any type of tarot reading, the cards that will help you find insight on this topic will depend on their position spread you use, as well as the way you phrase your question.  

It is also very important to note that while your tarot cards may be able to offer you some insight on a potential pregnancy, you should never substitute a tarot card reading for professional medical advice.

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Cards Potentially Indicating Pregnancy

The following cards may indicate pregnancy when they make an appearance in your spread. They may also help you make a decision when you are considering whether you want to begin to try to become pregnant and begin your journey into parenthood.

The cards listed here are just a few strong examples. Depending on your own beliefs, practices, and experiences, you may also find other “maternal” cards or cards associated with fertility may also indicate pregnancy.

As with any other aspect of tarot reading, make sure you are interpreting your cards in a way that feels right to you even if is not exactly the same way that you see other readers working.

The Golden Tarot by Liz Dean. Featuring The Empress, The Page of Cups, and The Fool
The Golden Tarot by Liz Dean: Featuring The Empress, The Page of Cups and The Fool

The Empress

The Empress is a card is one that is traditionally associated fertility and motherhood. In many decks, she even appears to be pregnant herself.

According to Liz Dean (The Golden Tarot), she is a good omen for relationships and stability. When she appears in a reading regarding pregnancy, she could be indicating that you have a baby on the way yourself.

Aside from motherhood, The Empress is also commonly a symbol of creativity. If you find her in a reading when you already know that you’re pregnant, it may be a sign that you should allow your creativity to flourish during your pregnancy.

Perhaps soon you will find yourself becoming a motherly figure just as she is.

The Sun

The Sun is another card that may indicate pregnancy in a tarot reading. Fertility is a common theme associated with The Sun. The art on the card often depicts happy children and big healthy sunflowers in large open fields.

The children and the flowers are healthy because they are being supported by the land that is made fertile by the bright warm light of the sun in the sky.  

This theme of fertility is why many readers associate The Sun with pregnancy. The overall cheerfulness of this card not only suggests that a pregnancy may be in store, it also suggests that the pregnancy in question will be a comfortable and healthy one for both mother and baby.

The Page of Cups

The Page of Cups is often interpreted as a bringer of good news. If you have been trying for a baby for some time and find him making an appearance in your spread, the time might finally have come.

While all four of the pages in a tarot deck are usually represented as children, the Page of Cups can be especially insightful for a tarot reading because of the card’s association with the early stages of a new emotional phase.

When appearing in the “future” section of a reading, the Page of Cups can also indicate emotional struggle. While nobody wants to know that they’re going to be struggling emotionally, there is no doubt that pregnancy can be a trying time for the emotions unlike any other.

The Page of Cups may be arriving to remind you that despite the struggles you may face in the coming months, it will be worth it in the end.

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Cards Indicating Change

Maybe you are wondering if you are pregnant. Maybe you’re wondering whether it’s time to start trying. Maybe you’re wondering if it will finally happen soon.

In these types of cases, it may be useful to look for cards indicating change within your readings. When a “change” card turns up in a pregnancy-themed reading, it may mean that the time is coming.

If you are considering a pregnancy in the future, it may also be worth looking out for these types of cards when doing readings on other topics. Keep an open mind. You never know what the cards may be trying to tell you.

There are a number of cards that may indicate a change is coming in your life.


While the Death card may be a frightening card at first glance, it doesn’t usually mean what it appears to. Even in the context of a pregnancy reading, Death is probably not indicating the demise of mother or baby.

In fact, this card seldom indicates literal death. Instead, this card may be indicating that a period of one’s life is coming to an end.

In a pregnancy reading, this could mean that the childless period of your life is coming to an end and the transition to motherhood could soon be beginning. It could also indicate that barriers you may be facing in achieving pregnancy will soon be lifted.

Many readers find that Death often indicates the death of a circumstance rather than the death of a person.

The Fool

The art shown on many decks shows The Fool as a young person setting off on a journey. He is often shown accompanied by a dog –a faithful companion.

Though he is usually seen quite close to the edge of a cliff, he normally shows no fear of falling.  Many readers consider this card to be an indicator of new beginnings and often look beyond the card’s title and consider his confidence when interpreting his appearance in a spread.

Perhaps you are unsure about whether you want to make the transition into motherhood for the first time, or maybe you are considering another addition to your family.

In these cases, The Fool may appear to let you know that the time is right to set off on this new adventure, and that you will be supported as you go.

Here’s an article that talks about the Fool Tarot Card in much more details: The Fool Tarot Card, A Complete Guide!

The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune turns continuously. When this card appears in an upright position, many readers consider it a sign that the wheel is or will be turning to a favorable position.

The road ahead may not be free of bumps, but if you keep an open mind and remain strong the destination should be a happy one. Keep in mind that your present actions will impact events down the road, so take care to do positive things that will benefit the future you.  

When this card is pulled in the context of a pregnancy it could bring some comfort. Carrying a baby and raising a child is not always sunshine and roses, but it can be an incredibly rewarding and happy experience.

The Wheel of Fortune may also have appeared as a reminder for you to take good care of your body since you may soon be sharing it with a baby.  (I’ve written a comprehensive guide to the Wheel of Fortune, you can read that here.

Pregnancy is quite the life (and body) changing event, which is why it can be so difficult to make the decision to become pregnant.

Once the decision has been made, waiting for it to happen can seem endless. That is why tarot readers often look to their cards for insight on the matter.

While there is certainly no replacement for the medical advice of a doctor, turning to your cards can be a way to seek spiritual guidance, connect with your deity, or just look inside of yourself to find the support that you may need when contemplating the life changing question of pregnancy.

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