Tarot Cards can Predict Marriage! Here’s How

Tarot cards can predict marriage, here's how!

People have relied on tarot card readings to find out what the future will hold or to get guidance for making an important decision. 

Marriage is an event that can have a profound effect on people’s lives, so it is understandable that people would consult tarot cards in matters related to it. Can Tarot cards predict Marriage?

Tarot cards can predict a possible future of marriage. However, it’s not a simple as reading the cards. You need to be skilled in reading Tarot cards. Tarot cards can predict the future, but only the one you are currently working towards. If you change your path, then that reading is nullified.

Tarot cards will predict your future, but only in a general, vague sense. It cannot tell you that you are going to eat a lobster a week from now because you won the lottery.

It can tell you that you may come into a large sum of wealth, but wealth could be something other than money too.

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Are Wedding Bells in your Future?

If marriage is in your future, then you should expect to see cards from both the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. To be able to predict something like marriage, you will need at least one of the Major Arcana cards and one that correlates with it from one of the suited cards.

Interpreting the Arcana isn’t something that is quickly learned, but a talented reader should be able to offer guidance. You can read these articles that help you interpret both the Major and Minor Arcana:

Reading the Cards that Predict Love

There are a few cards that could give you an idea of Marriage. Keep in mind that when you are reading these cards, there are many interpretations of the future.

One reading could tell you something, but if you change your path in any way, that future could change. Also, every card has two meanings, depending on which way it’s facing.

The Labyrinthos provides a nice concise summary and detailed list of all the Tarot cards and their meaning. The stories and myths behind them are accurate to the past as well as the present day.

The Lovers Meaning

The Lovers Meaning is a card from the Major Arcana that depicts that of two lovers, Adam and Eve, being protected by the Angel Raphael. In the background, you can see the Serpent and the tree of the forbidden fruit.

This represents their story and the temptation of flesh and sensuality. While this is necessary for a relationship, it alone would leave a couple with a lack of love.

Raphael is the Angel of Air. In this picture, he represents Air, which is associated with mental activity and communication. Without these two things, relationships are hard to keep happy and intact.

When the card is shown upright, it means you’ll have harmony, attractiveness, and perfection in a romantic relationship. Another representation could mean that you’ll have these things in a relationship based on mutual love.

This relationship could be with a friend, family member, or pet, as well. Harmony, attractiveness, and perfection could also mean feelings other than love.

When the card is shown in reverse, it could be interpreted that something in your life or a relationship is in disharmony. This could also be towards your beliefs or things you value.

Another interpretation could be a relationship discontinuing or a break in relationship. If you are on a break, it could come back to fulfillment if things are mended.

The Fools Meaning

The Fools Meaning is of the Major Arcana and can be interpreted as many things. In these interpretations, the word Fool does not mean the same as dumb or unknowledgeable, but ignorance or being naive. The Major Arcana is defined by the Fool’s Journey, read more about that here.

The picture depicts a young man with not many belongings and is unaware of what is going on around him, meaning he could miss out on opportunities.

There is a dog behind him barking and warning him that if he does not start to pay attention to what is around him, he could permanently lose the opportunity to improve himself or the opportunity to help himself in different ways.

When this card is placed upright, it means new beginnings, free spirit, and innocence. These things could be useful for marriage because they represent an outlook on life that is new and full of inspiration and blind positivity.

When this card is shown in reverse, it could be interpreted as inconsiderate, being taken advantage of, or recklessness. If you are looking for an interpretation of Marriage, this could mean you’ll be in one, but the relationship will be unsupported, unfaithful, or even abusive from you or your future partner.

It could also mean that the foolishness is acted up negatively.

The Hierophant Meaning

The Hierophant Meaning is a card of the Major Arcana that depicts a religious figure that represents blessing upon knowledge and education. This card can relate to marriage if you are looking for a love that is conventional or traditional.

You trust that finding love “the old-fashioned way” will give you a greater reward than going out of your way to find new love.

This could also be interpreted as being in a relationship you are accustomed to may be better than finding a new love that you are unsure about. Tradition would be a better route for you than finding a new thing or relationship that is uncertain or unexplored.

When this card is placed upright, it represents conformity, ethics, morality, and tradition. For some people, this could mean stability in their lives knowing that things aren’t going to change from a custom or routine that they are used to.

When this card is shown in reverse, it represents new relationships, rebellion, or subservience. If you are reading this in hopes of marriage, seeing this card could warn you of a new yet harmful relationship. This could also mean that a current relationship would bring malice, lack of comfort, or unwilful changes.

Two of Cups Meaning

The Two of Cups Meaning is a card of the Minor Arcana, which depicts a man and a woman that are exchanging cups in a ceremony.

It represents positivity between trade, relationship, and duality. It is interpreted as a new relationship forming with balance, respect, and honor. Above them is a chimera that represents the passion in a relationship.

If you are looking forward to a marriage or finding love, then this card is one that is definitely good to see. Most of the time those who are going to get married in the near future will see this if they are already in a relationship.

When this card is shown upright, it can be interpreted as a connection, partnership, or unity. This can mean that you will form a new connection or bond with someone new, or that a friendship or relationship that you already have will grow stronger or more intimate.

When this card is shown in reverse, it can be interpreted as a broken connection, imbalance, or tension in a relationship.

If you find that this card is in your future, it could mean that a relationship that you are in has a problem between you and the other person or that something is trying to break your connection with that other person.

Nine of Cups Meaning

The Nine of Cups Meaning is a card of the Minor Arcana, which depicts a well-dressed man with a look of content on his face. Behind him are nine cups displayed in an orderly fashion. He is supposed to have the look of success. The cups represent success and fulfillment in spirit and possessions.

If you are looking to find love or are already in a relationship, this could mean that you will have luck in finding love, or your relationship will be strengthened emotionally.

When this card is shown upright, it suggests that you will have emotional stability, luxury, and satisfaction. One interpretation is that the cups represent your ups and downs in life, and when they are all finally face up, you will find yourself satisfied with where you have gotten in life.

You will be happy and at peace with what you have and what you have achieved.

When this card is shown in reverse, it suggests that you will be unsatisfied and unhappy. If you have this in a relationship, it could indicate that you will be unhappy with your partner or yourself and feel that you two are not right for each other.

You could also be settling for someone out of necessity rather than emotion, and the lack of joy could grow more significant if you stay with them.

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Ten of Cups Meaning

The Ten of Cups Meaning is a card of the Minor Arcana that depicts a loving couple with two kids. There are a farm and a house in the background. This represents that this couple is happy and that all of their dreams have come true.

The green land shows the fulfillment of their dreams for their future. The river in the picture represents that the relationship between the couple is strong and stable, but also peaceful and understanding. The ten cups in an arch above them represent good blessings from heaven.

The rainbow behind the cups represents the end of their struggles and hard times.

When this card is shown upright, it represents that your dreams will come true, you will be fulfilled in the near future, and you will be happy with your situation.

When in a relationship, this could mean that if it is your dream to get married to your partner that it will happen if you are looking for love, this could mean that you will find the perfect partner.

When this card is shown in reverse, it suggests that you could be in disharmony in a relationship, have your dreams broken, or have a broken family.

If you are hoping to get married and you find this, then it may be a sign of bad things to come. It could also mean that a relationship in your life may be coming to an end.

Queen of Cups Meaning

The Queen of Cups Meaning is a card of the Minor Arcana

It depicts a queen who sits on a throne that is right on the shore of a beach. She holds a single closed cup that is in the shape of an angel. She represents our unconscious feelings that are there and looks out at the water of her emotions from the outside.

This card represents the clarity of our feelings and the ability to feel emotion for others at a deep level. This can be good for those who want to get married because it could mean that they really do love each other in a way far more than love entails.

When this card is shown upright, it suggests that you have calmness, comfort, and compassion.

People with this will be seen as caring and nurturing to those around them. This could be as a mentor or as a friend. In a relationship, this means you are gentle and kind only to your special partner on a level that only they will understand.

When this card is shown in reverse, it suggests that you will have problems with dependency, insecurity, and martyrdom. In a relationship, this could be bad.

You could be overly clinging, insecure about your partner and their trust, and even create problems in which you make yourself always seen as making the sacrifices. This could also be the same for your partner too.

Here’s an article that goes into more detail about the Queen of Swords Reversed

King of Cups Meaning

The King of Cups Meaning is a card of the Minor Arcana that depicts a King with a Fish necklace sitting on a throne in calm waters. Behind him in the background, it shows a jumping fish to his right and a ship to his left.

This scene represents the calmness and control of emotions shifting between consciousness and unconsciousness.

This card represents the control we have of our emotions, the balance of our emotions, and the generosity given by someone despite what our feelings may be. This can be very good in relationships because emotions can sometimes be hard to keep track of or keep in check when things try to go sour.

When this card is shown upright, it suggests that you will have balance, compassion, and control of your emotions despite the situation going on around you. If you are looking forward to being married, then this card will help you.

No matter what the circumstance, you will have a clear mind and will keep your cool under pressure.

When this card is shown in reverse, it suggests you will get bad advice and will have a coldness or mood swings in a time when you will be under pressure.

This can be bad for relationships because you will have instability in your emotions, which will cause you to act without care for the feelings of your partner or what they may think about topics that concern you.

Ace of Cups Meaning

The Ace of Cups Meaning is a card of the Minor Arcana that depicts a bird drinking from a cup being held by a cloud in the shape of a hand. It is said that if you were to drink from the cup, then you will fill spiritual and emotional fulfillment.

There are also five streams falling from the cup that represents the importance of listening to your inner voice.

This card represents the importance of trusting yourself and not second-guessing your decisions. If you stay true to yourself and don’t doubt yourself, that will benefit you and your self-confidence.

This is good in relationships because you will be sure of yourself and not doubt your position in that relationship.

When this card is shown upright, it suggests you will have good intuition, new feelings, and a good sense of spirituality. For those who want to get married, this will be an excellent card to have on your side. With this, you will be confident when you do want to get married and won’t have cold feet when planning it.

When this card is shown in reverse, it suggests a block of creativity, emptiness, or emotional loss. For those who want to get married, this could be bad.

You could lose feelings for your partner, you could get depressed for not believing in yourself, or you could become unsure of your place in the relationship or life.

Three of Pentacles Meaning

The Three of Pentacles Meaning is a card of the Minor Arcana that depicts a young architect discussing plans of a church with two older men. The two men are standing by to guide him if he needs it, but they are listening to the young man because he is vital to the completion of the project.

This card represents the unity of collaboration and teamwork. If all persons of a team don’t listen to each other, they cannot hope to be successful together. This is important in a relationship because if this is not achieved, one person may feel left out or unimportant when decisions are made that affect both of them.

When this card is shown upright, it suggests good collaboration, building, and teamwork. This is good for those who want to get married because a strong foundation of mutual trust and emotion is needed when building a strong relationship of love and understanding.

When this card is shown in reverse, it suggests conflict, disorganization, and lack of teamwork. This would be bad for those who want to get married. It is terrible because it could mean that there are problems that would affect your marriage and cause it to fall apart if you were to get married to your partner.

Will the Tarot Cards Predict Marriage?

What the cards will predict is determined by how they are interpreted.  The more experience a reader has, the more likely the interpretation will accurately tell you if you will be lucky or unlucky in love.  

The interpretation of the cards will also depend on the other cards that you are reading. Each card has its own interpretation and can influence the interpretation of the overall reading.

The cards that we summarized here can offer you insight into your relationship and where it’s going and where it’s been. The cards could highlight things to look out for and be cautious of.

The cards can be your guide to help you make a decision about your current situation and highlight what might be coming.

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