Queen of Swords Reversed

Queen of Swords Reversed

Let’s examine the Queen of Swords card in reverse, in-depth. Upright, the Queen of Swords presents an excellent thinker and communicator, cutting through to the truth of a situation. The message is clear: there is an energy of respect for the self and authenticity.

But when the Queen of Swords is reversed, there can be a variety of different ways in which it can be interpreted, and it all depends upon the context.

So what can the Queen of Swords reversed mean, in general?

There is a duality in the Queen of Swords reversed.

On one hand, it can urge us to throw up our boundaries, pushing us into that upright energy- towards clarity, directness, and self-respect. On the other hand, it can subvert the upright meaning, and encourage us to show our compassion towards those who deserve it.

Let’s go further into a deeper analysis of what the upright Queen of Swords represents, and how the reversed meaning can be derived from it and other clarifier cards.

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Queen of Swords Upright

The Queen of Swords combines the energies of both the suit of Swords and the energy of the Queen. The card symbolizes a certain level of maturity and composure over the suit of communication, thought patterns, and intellect.

In a strong, stable energy, the Queen of Swords is one who knows her boundaries, communicates what is needed, and views a situation from a calm and objective viewpoint.

There isn’t any bending to what other people think, or how she can accommodate others who may not be so deserving of her effort, especially if she feels that they are not expressing their truth.

Speaking an authentic truth can encapsulate the definition of this card.

However, an undeveloped Queen of Swords character will appear as emotionally distant and overly analytical. There are multiple interpretations possible; look to your intuition and context to infer what it really means.

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Queen of Swords Reversed

Assertiveness, Logic, And Clarity Are Needed

In a reverse position, the Queen of Swords may advocate for you to focus on reaching that upright position.

In the face of other possible interpretations, whether you are a male or female, the Queen of Swords invites you into queenly energy.

When reversed, perhaps you are not being respected, or people are walking all over you. Make sure to reconnect with the energy of self-respect. When an individual respects their own boundaries, others will as well.

There may be a sense that there is a lack of clarity. As opposed to some other cards, this card mainly refers to the internal realm of the intellect, and how this realm is brought out into the external world through our words and communication.

Therefore, it can indicate confusion, lack of authenticity, and not speaking your truth.

Unlike the upright version, Queen of Swords reversed may present an internal landscape of emotional turmoil. When asking about a decision or a situation, a reversed Queen of Swords tells you to step away from the emotional and assess the facts.

In certain situations, the only way to carry a message across is to express what needs to be heard. This can even refer to interactions with yourself; being blunter, to the point, and more confident to perhaps change a mindset that isn’t benefitting you correctly.

Emotional Isolation and a Lack of Compassion

However, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, there is a certain duality present in the Queen of Swords reversed. Again, analyzing the context in which this card was pulled will aid you in intuitively tuning into what it is communicating to you.

On the other end of the spectrum, you or someone else, or even a certain energy, can present themselves as overly analytical. As humans, we ourselves have a duality, where we are blessed with both the ability to use our rational as well as emotional minds.

Achieving a balance between these two is an essential element in a developed Queen of Swords character.

Sometimes, the rational mind does not always need to operate at the forefront of our consciousness. This card is the Queen- she is mature and in control, but she is also nurturing and compassionate.

There might also be a paradoxical element in the Queen figure and the Swords. The key interpretation here for this Queen is that she knows when to put the boundaries up, and when to let them down. Balancing the energy of the Queen and that of the Swords leads to a mastery of both.  

Knowing when to be compassionate is important in a situation when understanding is needed.

The card reversed can suggest a lack of emotional availability and emotional isolation from others. Although even upright, the card indicates an intellectual connection more than an emotional one, an emotional understanding is necessary to form a deeper foundation for our relationships.

Are you putting up shields in order to protect certain parts of yourself? Do you have difficulties acknowledging other people’s perspectives, particularly if you feel they are too emotional?

Then this card indicates that there is a need to embrace vulnerability. Because if an individual feels uncomfortable in observing other’s emotions, or even expressing emotions, then there are certain repressed aspects of themselves that they might not have confronted emotionally.

So what is the main message to take away from the Queen of Swords reversed?

Establishing healthy boundaries (keyword, healthy!),

achieving a balance between emotions and logic, being respectful in communication to both others and yourself, and speaking authenticity with a receptive and open heart are all aspects that can be involved when implementing the reversed position of the Queen of Swords.

Card Combinations with Queen of Swords Reversed

Here are some common or useful card combinations that may appear with the Queen of Swords reversed.

Queen of Swords (reversed) combined with:

King of Pentacles.

The King of Pentacles embodies an energy that is confident and self-assured.

Combined with the intellectual directness of the Queen of Swords, the reversed position is encouraging the querent to assess their self-worth, stand up for themselves, and not be afraid of letting their real desires, emotions, and self be known.

Stepping into that energy of abundance through finding clarity within oneself is an important aspect that this card combination brings to light.

Eight of Cups.

Eight of Cups is a card that signifies moving on. This is a particular energy where the querent knows that they need to just let go of an aspect of their lives in order to step into their authentic selves.

With the Queen of Swords reversed, this can indicate the need to cut off a toxic or draining situation, ultimately for the good of the querent.

The suit of Swords combined with the suit of Cups suggests a unification of the logical and the emotional, but because of the reversal, there is a need for alignment of the logical with the purpose of your higher self.

The truth of a situation can also lead to you leaving it behind. Make a logical decision and recognize the things that are holding you back.

The Moon.

The Moon card is all about revealing the truth behind a situation or person, and it is exceedingly appropriate that the Queen of Swords is focused on communicating this truth!

The Moon card may indicate a truth, even within yourself, that has been hidden away in the subconscious.

The reversed Queen of Swords emphasizes that the querent is not speaking their truth. Be more direct with yourself and tune in with your inner intuition and thoughts.

Read more about the Moon card with these articles

Four of Cups.

The Four of Cups can indicate self-isolation. It can suggest feeling dissatisfied with a situation or relationships with other people, as well as not feeling appreciated.

The Queen of Swords reverse reveals the reason behind this dissatisfaction, and it operates on the roots of being emotionally isolated.

The Four of Cups reversed can even indicate a lack of emotional depth, and so we can see how an overpowering the blunt, direct, and analytical energy of the Queen of Swords can impact our attitude towards others. 

Ace of Wands.

A new opportunity has come, but some aspects of this opportunity may deny the querent an opportunity to speak up for what they really want.

Do the values of this opportunity align with your own morals? Is it realistic, and have you analyzed the factual and logical side of the situation yet? However, the reversed energy of the Queen can also reveal the need to be confident and assertive about this new venture.

Be assured and acknowledge that you have what it takes- the universe would not send blessings your way if you were not prepared for them.


Overall, the Queen of Swords reversed encourages a healthy balance between the logical and the emotional mind. Use your intuition to analyze whether a more assertive, direct, and logical approach is needed, as opposed to one that is more accepting of the vulnerability that we all possess.

Ultimately, in order to balance these energies, there is a need to let go and ground ourselves. Doing so will allow an individual to become more in touch with themselves and recognize what their personal truths are.

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