Is The Moon Tarot Card Bad?

Is the moon tarot card bad?

The Moon card is one that is surrounded by mystery. The eighteenth card of the Major Arcana, representing the lunar cycle, reminds us of our subconscious mind, revealing our inner fears and deepest hidden truths.

It uncovers what is submerged deep underneath the surface. Given this information, there is no wonder that it is regarded as such a secretive card!

But in what light should we view this card? Its most common association is with darkness and mystery. So does this mean that the Moon card is truly bad?

The moon card is a card of ambivalence. It can signal intuition and insight as much as it can indicate confusion and uncertainty. It may refer to the repressed or unknown side of a situation or person being brought to the surface.

Depending on the context as well, it is by no means a purely negative or positive card.

Let’s take a look at some traditional meanings of the Moon tarot card, and how it can be interpreted effectively in different situations.

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Traditional Meaning of the Moon Tarot Card

The polar opposite of the Moon card is the Sun card. Needless to say, the Sun card’s meaning is much less secretive. Upright, the Sun represents life, vitality, and joy, and it is natural to take the meaning of the Moon to be the direct opposite.

It can be instinctively viewed as a card relating to the hidden, evil, or obtrusive, and symbolizes a force that is not necessarily as understood as the Sun.

Whilst the sun is responsible for supplying the life source of many living species on earth, emitting its own golden light, the moon only rises in darkness. And just like darkness, the moon is traditionally referred to as the bringer of evil and bad luck.

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It should be noted that in many old folklore and fairytales, the forces of evil, such as witches, ghosts, or thieves, were closely associated with darker color schemes. They conducted their business during the night, to preserve secrecy.

And thus, the Moon card can traditionally deal with deception and illusions.

However, it is important to consider that no tarot card can be viewed as specifically bad or good. If we are afraid of the shadows that appear around us at night, then we must be reassured that the moon is the one that is providing us with light.

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Just like the many phases of the moon, there are several other meanings that are worthwhile for you to consider. Those who work with crystals will know that the moon’s light offers great cleansing energy, cleansing them of negative vibrations, and recharging them with energy.

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The card may seem mysterious, but only because it represents mystery. It represents all that we do not know of.

Instead of fearing the truth, it encourages us to use our intuition to gain insight into unveiling what is hidden in our subconscious.

The Moon Card Upright

The upright Moon card teaches us to not be afraid of the subconscious realms of our minds. It is human to shy away from what we do not understand, and what we lack clarity in. But in order to gain release, facing the emotions that have been repressed is the only way to bring past traumas to the surface and let them go.

There are several points that the Moon card can refer to:

  • The use of intuition and the divine feminine
  • The power of creativity, imagination, and longing
  • A hidden truth that is approaching enlightenment
  • Change and growth occurring at the deepest level

Intuition, Creativity, and the Divine Feminine

More often than not, the majority of our population is work-focused.

From a young age, we are taught that we need to pursue achievements in order to fulfill our self-worth. The excess of masculine energy and rational and logical thinking is praised, as it arises from our intense focus upon work or business goals.

The Moon card may indicate that you are connecting with your feminine energy. The lunar cycle is deeply connected with intuition, creativity, and the divine feminine. As opposed to the traditional masculine and feminine genders, masculine and feminine energies can belong to any person, regardless of gender.

An appropriate balance of masculine and feminine energy is needed in any individual. Connecting with the deeper levels of our subconscious and revealing the divine feminine we may have repressed can be a liberating experience.

Pay attention to your thoughts at night, or even take a walk out in the moonlight. Meditate whilst harnessing the energy of the moon. I’ve also written an article that covers cleansing your tarot cards through meditation or with a moon bath.

The card may be bringing to light the need to pay attention to your subconscious thoughts. Meditation is an excellent way to create space in your mind for your intuitive thoughts to enter.

The Uncovering of Hidden Truths and Processes

Along with its linkage to the subconscious mind, the Moon card is a significant card that urges us to ‘go with the flow’. The moon itself is constantly entering new phases. The cycle which you are about to experience will allow you to grow, perhaps not on a physical level, but most definitely on a spiritual one.

This new cycle may represent both external and internal situations. Look for surrounding or clarification cards to determine if this is an unveiling of secrets in an external situation or a personal enlightenment.

It is clear that through these interpretations, the Moon card is not a purely negative tarot card. As always, it depends on the context of the individual and the surrounding cards. If the querent regards the unknown as something that is purely negative, then perhaps a change of perspective is needed.

The Moon Card Reversed

As opposed to the upright position, the mysterious quality of the Moon card is intensified with the reversal. Where the Moon card expresses to us what is unknown, the reversal furthers this notion.

Reversals can occur when the querent themselves is not necessarily aware of what the particular card refers to in their lives. The querent may even be trying to resist the energy of the card in the upright version.

In the context of the Moon, there may be several implications:

  • Blockages against your intuition
  • Repressed thoughts and emotions
  • Getting lost in an illusion or being misled by delusion or deception

In this sense, the Moon is portrayed in a negative light. Although the card itself is mysterious, there is a clarity in its duality. There cannot be a purely positive card without negative interpretations.

Blockages in Repressed Intuition and Emotion

The Moon reversed may appear to let you know that you need to work on letting your intuition rule over your ego.

A prominent way to acknowledge the ego and to subsequently release it is to heal your inner child.

Do not be afraid of facing situations that have been repressed. In the worst case scenario, the continual avoidance in tackling the root cause of trauma and anxiety can result in a worsening state of mental health.

Combined with the Nine of Swords, it signifies the onset of depression and anxiety, due to this repression. Ironically, this repression also causes us to be overpowered by our fears. Gaining control over our emotions through pushing them aside will result in the eventual loss of control.

In a tarot deck, the Moon reversed is a frightening card to draw, because it is a card of confrontation. In many situations, we do not even know exactly what we are supposed to confront.

Thus, it is useful, once again, to connect with our intuition. Instead of operating with fear of the negative connotations of the card, our intuition can allow us to fully understand the depth of our situation.

In this way, the Moon card reversed is an alert for us to take a break from our current situation and work on our inner selves.  Read this article for insight into unlocking your inner power and manifesting your desires.

Delusion or Self-Deception

It is also common for the Moon reversed to signify the loss of clarity. As opposed to the balancing of the rational and intuitive mind, this loss of clarity refers to a lack of direction.

The positive aspect of the negative interpretation of the Moon is that we are alerted to things we may not have known about. It offers us insight, warning us of an outside source of trickery, or even self-deception.

Often, these illusions that we possess may be in regard to anything- a job, a goal, or a relationship. There is an important distinction between reaching for the subconscious and higher realms of our minds and the ungrounded nature of falling into illusions.

Something may not be what it appears to be. There is an ongoing battle between its appearances versus the actual reality that you did not necessarily know about.

In fact, the Moon card reversed can even represent mistrust, doubt, and self-denial. Again, the querent will be able to gain clarity through grounding themselves and awakening their intuition.


Therefore, the duality of the Moon card has been highlighted throughout this article. The positive interpretation of this card signifies a connection to our higher consciousness, the lunar cycle, intuition, and creativity.

There is also a negative interpretation, and the Moon card appears in a tarot spread in order to bring these deceptions to our awareness.

Tarot is the bridge between the subconscious and the conscious minds. In the process of reaching into our subconscious, we may discover clarity in the murkiness of the unknown.

Through meditation, grounding techniques and working on our repression, we are thus able to grow and change, mirroring the ever-changing phases of the moon.

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