Tarot Past Life Spread

past life tarot spread

If you believe that reincarnation is a part of our soul’s journey, then you have probably been curious about your past lives. Can tarot help you to access information from your past selves in order to help you to continue your spiritual growth?

Past life tarot spreads can help you to understand yourself better by accessing information from your previous incarnations. Tarot can be a powerful tool to explore your soul on a much deeper level, allowing you to heal wounds from the past that are still affecting you in this lifetime.

While a tarot spreads in this category is certainly not the easiest to interpret, they can be incredibly rewarding and offer invaluable insight into your soul. You will need to make sure that your mind is open and allow your intuition to take charge, and you might be surprised by what you learn!

Before we delve into Tarot Spreads for Past Lives, I wanted to point out the Related Articles section at the bottom of this page. I’ve assembled a number of articled that you will find interesting and related to this topic. Make sure you check them out!

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Tarot and Reincarnation

Some will refer to reincarnation knowledge as being one of the hidden teachings that the tarot can bring and you have others who believe that information of this kind can only be obtained through regression hypnosis or with the help of psychics.

My experience is that past life spreads certainly can connect you with a previous incarnation of yourself, but it does take some practice as well as having a clear intention.

You will also not be able to choose which exact incarnation of yourself you will be channeling for the spread, but the soul knows what information you need at the time.

I urge you to trust the cards and your higher self. I’m not going to give a specific spread in this article, because I feel that for this line of inquiry, you should use a spread that you are drawn to at the time. 

Here is an article that discusses different spreads, use one of these that feels right for you in the moment.  (Best Tarot Spread Layouts) The positions can be modified to fit your specific questions.

There is much more knowledge within you than you can imagine, so allow the cards to take you on a journey.

Especially if you take the time to meditate and tune in with yourself prior to laying out the spread, you will find it easier to pick up on snippets of memories and information that your past self accumulated in another life.

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What to be Cautious of

Depending on how experienced you are with looking into the shadow sides of your soul, you might not have considered the fact that you might not always have been the protagonist of the story.

Once you decide to explore the past, you are likely to discover that you have been the villain in several lifetimes. This is a realization that can be difficult for many to swallow. We prefer to think of ourselves as good people who are incapable of doing bad things to others.

However, this discovery is followed by another realization. It allows us to challenge any judgment that we hold onto, and for us to learn how to be more compassionate and forgiving towards others as well as ourselves.

There will be things to avoid if you encounter a past self who did not live by your current values. The first is to not allow your ego to reject the incarnation due to the uncomfortable scenarios you are faced with.

The second will be to avoid trying to control the story in a more beneficial direction but allow any and all information to flow freely – no matter how it makes you feel.

Tarot spreads to explore your past lives

There are many specific tarot spreads that have already been created for you to use, but you can also customize one based on your own needs. Depending on how deep you would like to explore, I will give you a number of suggestions for questions to ask;

  • What gender was I?
  • What was my livelihood?
  • What was my purpose in that lifetime?
  • What were my biggest challenges?
  • What were my unresolved issues?
  • How are those unresolved issues affecting me today?
  • What lessons did I learn?
  • What lessons are left for me to learn from that lifetime?
  • How did I die?
  • What impact does this lifetime have on my current lifetime?
  • What do I wish I would have done differently?

Some people choose to only use the court cards when asking who you were in your past life. This is to ensure that they will be represented by a card that will show whether the lifetime in question was lived by a man or a woman, as shown by the Queen or the King.

Others will pull cards from the entire deck and interpreting the chosen card as they see fit. While some cards will give a straight answer, others may need a stronger intuition. I suggest that you play around with the different options to find what you feel comfortable with.

You could also consider the Celtic Cross Spread  to explore some of these questions listed above, read about the Celtic Cross spread here.

Introspection through the cards

You might put down curiosity as your main incentive to learning more about your previous lifetimes, but I believe the biggest reward comes when you use the information as a tool for introspection.

Introspection is the examination of one’s own conscious, and subconscious, mind and memories with the purpose of self-development. We can take learnings from all experiences that we go through, but we have to revisit memories and thought patterns before we have learned the lesson fully.

Many of us become accustomed to shoving painful emotions to the side or bury them somewhere deep down. We will rather give into instant gratifications and distractions that will push the wounds aside.

These are all temporary solutions, of course, and to fully overcome emotional pain or trauma, one must do the work needed to heal.

As shown in the questions suggested above, a past life tarot spread can highlight the different challenges and lessons your soul went through. Some of these might even be similar to the challenges and lessons that you are presented with in this lifetime.

In that case, it will be an opportunity for you to assess the situation from your current point of view, with the new knowledge that you have obtained up until your 21st-century self.

Overcoming Fears and Phobias

This is something you might have heard of before.

It is a very common reason for people to start looking into their past lives; to overcome their fears or phobias.
Some people have an intense fear of something which they have never previously encountered in their current lifetime.

This can be a sign that the fear has been carried on from a past life. Especially in cases where your past incarnation’s life ended in a traumatic way, a subconscious memory of it will often remain.

The first step of processing trauma or difficult emotions is to identify them and observe them. This is where the tarot spread comes in, as you can become aware of the issues that you have to focus on.

For many people, negative emotions and patterns become easier to deal with once there is an understanding of why it was there in the first place – especially if the origin of the fear is from a past life.

If the issues are very severe, it might be necessary to get the help of an experienced professional while processing the traumas.

Suppressed memories and dreams

When one starts to address lingering issues from a past life, the subconscious mind will start to bring up memories that are needed to observe in order for them to heal.

Sometimes a past life trauma might be similar to a trauma suffered in the current lifetime, in which case memories from both lives might occur together.

Some of these memories might have been so painful and difficult to deal with that the person has subdued them entirely, which is what is known as suppressed memories.

It is also possible for past life memories to show up in a dream state, which can of course make it difficult for the person to recognize them as memories rather than just an ordinary dream or even a nightmare.

Usually, a dream involving such memories will be very vivid and it will fill you with emotion, whether those will be of a positive or a negative type.

For some reason, it will usually include either a very dramatic incident, perhaps the time of death, or the loss of a loved one, or it will be an entirely mundane memory.

One could choose to use a tarot to discover the true meaning of a dream. If you wake up feeling like there must have been a deeper meaning behind your dream and you would like to explore it, I would suggest you to try some of these questions;

  • Did my dream include past life memories?
  • What did the dream try to communicate to me?
  • How can I use this knowledge in my current life?
  • Am I ready to process this past life memory?
  • What is blocking me from learning the lesson behind this dream?

Other Ways to Explore Your Past Lives

For those who are not interested in tarot, there are other ways to explore the adventures that you have lived through in past lives.

Quantum Healer Hypnotherapist

One of the more intense ways, is by booking an appointment with a Quantum healer hypnotherapist for example. These sessions are long, lasting up to 4-5 hours, but they can help you access information that you had no idea existed in your subconscious.

Hypnosis is a very misunderstood action and many mistakenly think that a hypnotherapist will be able to make you do anything they tell you to. This is not how hypnosis works and you are fully conscious during the whole duration of the session.

You will be aware of everything that is said and you will have your own willpower just as usual.

The therapist will use meditation methods to help you into a deep and relaxed state of theta brainwaves. That is the same state that you are in just before going into a deep sleep, as well as just before you wake up.

Past Life Regression Guided Meditation

Another method is by using guided meditations in the comfort of your own home. There are numerous options to choose from on YouTube and I highly suggest going with one where you feel soothed by the person’s voice.

Many of these guided meditations will take you through an imaginary scenario where you are presented with different doors or different pathways, where each one will lead you to a specific event in a past life.

Both of these methods will be easier if you have developed your visualization skills to a decent level. Now, that might sound more difficult than it is. If I tell you to imagine a red balloon floating above your house while a bird flies past it, you may or may not be able to create these images in your mind.

The easier that is for you to do, the stronger your visualization skills are, and the easier it will be for you to observe past life memories.

Professional Psychic or Clairvoyant

A third option will be to visit a professional psychic or clairvoyant who is able to access some of the information about your past lives for you. Personally, I believe the other methods to be more beneficial for you, as you will be the one experiencing the memories yourself.

That means that you will feel the emotions in your body a lot more than you would otherwise do.

Accessing past life memories can be a daunting experience and I highly suggest that you keep a journal to make a note of any memories and emotions that might be stirred up. Reread your notes regularly and use them to reflect on the thoughts and how they have affected you in your current life.

You might be able to see connections that you had not yet realized.

Are the Memories Real or are they Imaginary?

This is the most difficult question to answer, as your soul will be the only one to know for sure. In my personal experience, the rawness of the emotions that are brought up by past life memories feels a lot more real than any imaginary thought that I can create.

I have experienced sudden flashes of intense sadness, anger, or happiness, very unlike anything that I have come across in real life. It almost feels as though there is a physical bond connecting two lives at times, and although the surrounding memories are forgotten, the emotions can remain.

Allow yourself the time to practice these practices mentioned in this article and take the time to trust yourself and your intuition. It is the key to learning more about your soul and all the knowledge is there for you if you want it.

Be patient and keep practicing!

How to Use Past Life Knowledge to Heal

As a final mention, I think it is important to address how we can use past life memories to benefit our mental health in our current lifetime.

One example is a client of mine who was suffering from severe abandonment issues, despite the fact that she had never been abandoned by anyone in her life.

This caused other problems for her as well, especially in her romantic life, as she was never able to trust her partner to not leave her for someone else.

After discovering that she had in fact been abandoned by both her mother and her lover in a past life, she could start to piece together the puzzle and overcome the fear once and for all.

She would still have moments of despair, but she would be able to sit down and go through the reasons why she was scared. Her partner was loving and loyal, and he had no intention of leaving her.

Knowing that her past self had gone through so much pain and trauma from being left behind by the ones she loved, made her try to avoid the same pain in this life.

The most important question became “What did my soul learn from those painful experiences?”. By answering this, she was able to move on from the fear, because once her soul has learned the lesson needed, then that lesson will not be presented to her again.

Other painful experiences will occur, but they will inhabit other lessons.

The sooner we tackle the pain by the horns, the sooner we will move on from them. Our Higher Selves will always try to help us through the difficult times and we will have the tools needed to work through our issues.

A good reminder is that we will never be presented with a task that we cannot handle, but we should never be worried about taking our time to solve it. It is important to do it in your own time.

If you want to explore a past life tonight, why don’t you set an intention before you go to sleep to be shown a memory in your dreams? If you remember your dream when you wake up, you can use the tarot spreads to figure out what the meaning behind it was!

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