How to Use Tarot for Yes or No Answers (With 10 Examples)

How to use Tarot for yes or no answers

There are many different ways to use your tarot cards. One easy process to get to know your tarot cards is to ask yes or no questions and pull a tarot card for the answer.

How to use tarot for yes or no answers:

Each Tarot card in a deck has a unique meaning.

If you are a beginner, start with the Major Arcana cards only. Hold the cards and begin to shuffle. As you shuffle think of your “yes” or “no” question. Stop shuffling when you feel its right, then draw a card from the deck. Place the card in front of you for the answer.

Tarot can be used for insight into your present situation, your successes, and difficulties, how to fix these issues, and what the future may look like, depending on what you do next.

Though an in-depth reading gives you more details into the overall situation surrounding your question, yes and no questions are an easier and quicker way to get answers for immediate questions. Want to learn how – yes or no?

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Starting Your Tarot Journey with Yes and No Questions.

When you are learning to understand tarot card readings, “yes” and “no” questions is a great first step in your tarot practice.  Not only do these types of questions encourage you to learn the cards. This will also give you confidence in handling and interpreting the tarot cards.

This is also a good starting point for a low-pressure way to get exposed to the cards without the stress of learning each card’s meaning. While yes or no questions do not require you to know the meanings of the cards themselves, it gives you the opportunity to work with the cards and look up their individual meanings at your leisure.

Taking your time learning what each individual card means will give you confidence if you want to learn more about psychic tarot card readings.  There is no pressure to know the meanings of individual cards in yes or no answers. 

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If the appearance of the card interests you, it is easy to look them up when you feel like it.

One method that people have used is to consider the answer to your yes or no question is the direction of your tarot card. If you pull a card and it’s upright, then the answer is yes. If you pull the card and it is upside down, then the answer is no.

Let’s take a look at some sample questions using that upright – yes, reversed – no strategy.

10 Examples of Yes or No Questions

For yes and no questions, you will not give any details to the questions you are asking.  The cards have little meaning to you in this situation. 

The meaning comes in whether the cards are facing upward or upside down.  You do not have to know the meanings of the tarot cards to decipher the answers, and you only need to see what way they are facing. When you ask a question of the tarot cards, you may want to know the answer right away.

“Will I Get the Job I Am Interviewing For?” 

This is an excellent yes-answered question.  A yes answer would motivate you to prepare more for the interview you have coming up.  Exploring the company history and mission statement would be more important to you if you found out you were not wasting your time going to the interview.

This would be an answer you do not necessarily want to wait for or have time for an extended tarot card reading.  You simply want to know the possibility of success at your upcoming interview. 

 “Will I Move This Year?” 

In a yes answer, you would want to pay more attention to where you are looking for a new place to live and spend more time researching areas you would like to move to. 

You may also be more serious about the places you look at for the results you expect to happen.  You would not want to waste your time looking at places that would not fit the needs you have when moving. 

This is a broad question without an exact period that does not need much of an explanation.  You want to know for many assorted reasons if this is a possibility.  It is just a general question that does not require a more in-depth answer.

“Will I Get into The College I Want When I Graduate?” 

Again, this is a broad question.  A yes answer may provoke more questioning to ensure this answer is correct.  It may be a better question to get details, but when you only want to know in the broad sense without the need for further investigation, this can be another good yes or no question. 

Exploring your college options may be taken more seriously with more thought when you receive a yes answer.  It can be helpful in that sense when asking this type of question and receiving a yes answer.

 “Will I Be Approved For a Business Loan in The Near Future?” 

A business loan may be an important question that concerns you with hopes and dreams for the future attached to it.  This is an easy question for a yes or no response from a tarot card layout. 

Though it may require more tarot cards or a more detailed response, it can be a question you would like only a yes or no answer for. 

In a yes answer you may want to investigate further the business and what you would need to ensure the success of the yes answer.  This will likely encourage a better-planned business proposal with more time and energy put into the preparation.

“Will I Get the Promotion at Work?”

A simple question only requires a simple answer.  You may not need more detail to this situation, and it only requires the knowledge of whether it can or will happen without exploring it further.

No answers could be either wanted or unwanted answers to the questions you look for from your tarot cards. 

Some of the no answers may require further cards to clarify the answer while other no answers are straight to the point without the need for an investigation into how to ensure the no answer or change the no answer.

“Will I Lose My Job?” 

Though this no answer is a prime example of a response you are probably hoping for, the need for more detail to be sure this outcome is likely.  This can be a stressful time if you have this question and an immediate answer will supply either preparation or relief. 

You may not need more details when stress is related to your question, and the answer in a question such as this provides the relief you need to deal with it.

“Will Everyone Come to The Holiday Celebration This Year?” 

This sounds like a fun question to ask and is probably necessary for the preparations for a holiday celebration.  The no answer may be disappointing, but the need for more detail is not only unlikely but also difficult to get in a tarot card reading. 

You would not need a long-involved answer to this question, making it easier to get right to the point.

“Will I Pass My Classes This Term?”

This may be a stressful question to ask but a necessary one when so much is riding on the tarot cards’ answer. 

A no answer from your tarot cards is probably not the answer you are hoping for in this instance but will help you when knowing you need to be working harder and dedicating more time in your schooling venture to achieve what you want to accomplish. 

“Will My Job be in Jeopardy When the New Owners Take Over?”

This is a good question for a simple tarot card reading that requires little or no other details.  This may be a stressful time with such significant changes coming to you that you have no control over. 

A no response in your tarot cards will relieve the stress concerning this change and make you more comfortable while going to work each day, providing a more efficient job done by you due to the reduction of worry and stress the situation could cause.

“Can I Expect a Promotion in The Next Quarter?” 

Another stressful situation that may be necessary to prepare financially for the following months to come.  The answer from your tarot cards may not be one that you enjoy hearing it will likely be useful in the things that are attached to the response you receive. 

You would likely be less inclined to make a purchase that is not necessary, and this will likely encourage you to put extra money away in the possible event of an emergency.  Preparation for the future will be a deeper concern to you in this situation.

What to Do If You Need Further Investigation from Yes or No Answers

Many yes and no answers may need further details from the tarot card responses.  You may require an immediate response to a more stressful question prompting the quick and easy yes or no tarot card answers, but further details may be needed to ensure or change this tarot card answer.

How to Get More Details from Your Yes or No Answers

If you ask a single yes or no question that requires more details, it often only needs the first card laid in front of you.  When you know your answer is yes or no, you begin shuffling your tarot cards again, stopping when you feel the cards are right. 

There is no right or wrong time to stop shuffling.  Sometimes you may shuffle only one or two times and other times, you may feel like shuffling for a minute or two.  You will feel when it is time to stop shuffling, thinking to yourself the first detail you would like from your follow-up question.

After you feel comfortable stopping, you will think of or say the next question concerning your yes or no answer.  The questions should be thought out or even written before asking the questions you need to know and exploring the details when necessary will be a long process.

What You Can Expect from the Details You Receive

The answers you are looking for in your tarot card layout will give more detail to the questions you initially asked in your yes or no question.  You may or may not necessarily want more details to your question, but to prepare yourself to accept the given answer, this additional information may be needed.

With each yes or no answer, you can explore the reasons why in the follow-up tarot card responses.  My suggestion with this is to leave the first response card in the place and position it was first laid out without being disturbed.  This will help ensure your details are more exact.

These details will help you move forward in the first action you started.  The responses may provoke a few or many other questions that can be answered in detail. Clarification is what you need when exploring the details of the first reading. 

This is exactly what you will get when exploring further into your tarot card answers.

Timing of More Detailed Questions

If your initial yes or no question is something in the distant future and you can wait for a more in detail tarot card explanation, you may decide to pause the additional details of your reading.

You may choose to put aside remaining questions until a better time with more availability to explore reasons for the tarot card answer. You may need time to adjust to the answer itself before delving further into an explanation of the answer you received from your quick responses.

Many times, a simple yes or no question from a tarot card reading is due to the importance or immediate need to receive the simpler answer without much detail.  This can mean you either do not require details for the answer, or you simply do not have time to explore these tarot card answers further. 

Waiting until you have more time to understand the yes or no answer is useful in questions that do require more detail. 

This gives you the opportunity to think about the details you want.  You may also want to prepare your questions that the yes or no response may provoke.  Being prepared for a tarot card reading is always advisable when you have concerns or need an explanation.

Asking questions and thinking through what answers you will receive in either positive or negative scenarios will help ensure that you get the details you require to investigate further the preparations you need.

How to Lay Out Your Tarot Cards for The Details You Need

With your first response laid out before you, shuffle your tarot cards while thinking of your follow-up questions.  You only want to ask one detail at a time.  In doing so you can either ask more yes or no questions or you can ask specific questions. 

There are several tarot card spreads you can use to get details of the original question you have asked. 

The Past-Present-Future Spread

This spread is a good one to find out what in the past has brought you to the position you are in now.  Where you are presently in your situation is visible in this spread.  The reading will supply details you may or may not already know.  The future card explores the possibilities if you are still on your current path.

This is an easy spread for beginners and is even used by a professional psychic tarot card reader. 

  • When laying out this spread, you want to focus on the detail you want to know about while shuffling your tarot cards.
  • Pull your first card from the top of the deck, placing it to the left of your yes or no response.  This should be below your first card.  This is your past card.  It will help explain what in your past has brought you to where you are now.
  • Pull your second card from the top of the deck, placing it directly below your yes or no answer.  This is your present card.  It will tell you where the past has brought you now.
  • Pull your third card from the top of the deck and place it below and to the right of your present card.  This is the way things will turn out if you continue on the path you are on.


Like the first tarot card spread, these cards are laid from the left to the right under your first card. 

  • The left card stands for your blessings in your situation.  These are the things that have been blessings and what will help you in your situation.
  • The second card is your challenges card.  This will tell you what challenges you are facing and the problem that needs to be solved.
  • The third card stands for your action card.  This will give you an explanation of what you need to do to meet and overcome the challenges you are or will be facing in your situation

I’ve written a number of articles about different spreads and what are best for different situations, find those listed at the bottom of this article.

Where to Find the Meanings of Tarot Cards

Tarot card decks come with a book of definitions.  This book is separated into the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards.  In most books, it will supply a general overview of the suits before getting into detail of what each card stands for.

Here are 2 articles that go into depth about the Major and Minor Arcana:

For each card, you want to first look in the back of the book and find your spread to see exactly what the card is answering.  After you find what each placement means, you will turn to the page with the card to understand it is meaning. 

Write it down so you can put them together when you are done finding the meanings of each card.

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As you get the meanings for each card you start painting a better picture of your situation.  When all of the meanings are written down, and you understand what each placement means, you can put together the reading and see what the tarot card spread is trying to tell you.

Who Can You Ask Questions About in a Tarot Card Reading

Tarot card readings are only for the person asking for the reading.  It is not proper or ethical to ask about someone else without their permission. 

If you are doing a reading that concerns another person, ask them if you can use them in your questions.

If you are just learning how to read tarot cards and you want to try it out on another person, they will ask the questions and tell you when to stop shuffling the cards until you are more experienced and you trust that you feel when to stop shuffling.

In this case you must remind the person you are giving a reading to that you are new to tarot card reading, and your answers are not guaranteed or may not be correct.  This is important to remember when you are learning, even if you are practicing on yourself.

Remind the person you are doing a tarot card reading for that it is not ethical to ask questions about a specific someone else.  It is ok to ask questions such as, “Will I meet someone new?”  It is not ok to ask, “Is Joe Smith cheating on me?”

Also read this article that goes into detail about the best questions to ask in a tarot reading!

What Questions Not to Ask in a Tarot Card Reading

Tarot cards have powerful abilities, but there are some places a reader just should not go.

Never ask medical questions in a tarot card reading.  The reason for this is the way you get your answers.  Most answers come from the spirit world.  These spirits can be playful.  They may give you the answers they feel you want when it comes to such important questions.

Another reason not to ask a medical question is that tarot card answers are not guaranteed.  They give the likely hood and possibilities that lay before you.  Relying on these answers in a medical question is not recommended.

Psychic tarot card readers are not doctors.  Only a professional doctor can give you a diagnosis and the right treatment required to care for a negative diagnosis.  You do not want to rely on an answer that is only a possibility no matter how exact that possibility may be.

This a question that a professional should be answering.  This is likely to come up with a legal question.  Will an attorney take my case for XYZ?  The only way you can get an answer to this question is to call around to attorneys and ask them for yourself no matter how time-consuming this may turn out to be.

Getting Started with Tarot Cards

Psychic tarot cards are a fun way to explore the past, present, and future of one’s life.  Asking yes or no questions is an excellent way to gain experience when you are learning from someone how to read and decipher tarot cards. 

When you are teaching yourself, this will give you much-needed practice to fine-tune your new hobby.  Experience and practice will supply better results over time.

When you feel comfortable enough to expand your readings to others, you want to remind them that you are still learning, and the yes or no answers may not be correct.  I recommend you continue to practice on yourself while you begin practicing on other people.

Learning the tarot card meanings is not necessary when answering yes or no questions, but it gives you a good introduction to working with the cards. If you feel you will want to do more detailed readings in the future, you may want to look up the meanings of each card that comes up during yes or no questions.

Exploring the meanings of cards is an exciting way to gain experience with the tarot cards.  This will also give you the confidence you need as you continue to practice.  This can take a long time to learn the meanings of cards and what each placement means in a spread.  When you move beyond yes and no questions, I would work on learning a single spread at a time.

If you are looking to start using Tarot cards yourself, then read this article about choosing a tarot deck. There are so many different decks available with beautiful imagery.

Why Try Tarot

This is also a fun way to build a new hobby.  Learning details of your own life is exciting.  It brings insight into several aspects of your life and gives you an idea of how you came to where you are.  This is a wonderful talent if you enjoy it.

It gives a sense of pride when you can help your friends or family through this newly gotten craft you have learned.   And hey, who does not want to help those they care about.

You will also learn about your skill and connection with the spiritual world.  If your connection is good, you will carry out better results.  It is cool to know how strong your connection is to beings you can not see or hear.  It is an enjoyable way to understand what the spirits may be trying to tell you.

You may be good enough at it that others pay you for your time and effort. Once you are confident in your abilities and have practiced your craft,  you may find that you really take to the cards – and the cards take to you. You may also find yourself with clients!

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