What Tarot Cards Can Tell You About Love

What Tarot cards can tell you about love

Tarot cards are gaining popularity with people from all walks of life, with the majority of those people looking for answers. Some people want to know about love, others about personal growth, and even more, want to know about money and their careers. Tarot cards can tell you a lot of stuff…

But, what can tarot cards tell you about love?

What you can tell you about love depends on what school of thought you believe in when it comes to tarot capabilities. Depending on your belief, tarot cards can tell you about the following things in your love life:

  • Nothing at all
  • Your attitudes
  • Attitudes of others around you towards you
  • Infidelity matters
  • Outcomes of personal choices
  • Personal growth related to love
  • Marriage potential
  • Breakups
  • Your future

That being said, there are a lot of subtleties tied to tarot and a lot of different ways that your tarot readings can help you. If you’re curious to know about love using tarot, this guide will work wonders for you. 

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What Can Tarot Cards Tell You About Love?

This is a really loaded question, and it all is based on what you believe. Skeptics will not believe that tarot cards will reveal anything about their situation. Others, however, will believe that tarot cards can reveal hints about the future and your current situation. 

To this end, it’s all about what you believe. To make things easier on you, we decided to chop things down based on your belief level. 

A Skeptic’s View

If you aren’t a believer in tarot, chances are, you won’t learn anything from a love reading. Every tarot reading could potentially be explained away, and most skeptics will simply say, “They’re just cards.” 

That being said, it’s unlikely that you fall into this category. After all, you’re curious enough to give this a shot, right?

A Note About Reading Tarot Cards

Tarot readings are not an exact science. Rather, they’re an art form. Because tarot cards aren’t exact, what your spreads reveal will be up to interpretation. What may work for one card reader may not always work for you. 

A lot of different factors can play into what cards reveal to you about your love life, including the deck you’re using and the methods you’re using to read card. When in doubt, take a look at the artwork on the deck and try to figure out what the card’s symbolism is trying to tell you.

At the end of the day, tarot is exactly what you make of it. It can be a silly game, a tool used for self-improvement, a divinatory tool, or something else altogether. It can take time to get a feeling for your cards, so don’t worry if you don’t quite “get it” immediately. 

I’ve written a couple of other articles that can delve deeper into this topic:

How Tarot Cards Can Reveal Your Attitudes Towards Love

One of the most popular ways tarot cards are used in a love reading is to see how your attitude towards love is, and how it will evolve. Most psychics use tarot as a tool for self-discovery and introspection. 

Tarot cards can reveal the following when it comes to your attitude towards love: 

  • How your current situation impacts your attitude. Recent breakup? It’ll show in your attitude and views on love. 
  • What your current attitude towards love is. Wondering what you really feel about love? Worried that there may be less than great thoughts in your head? Tarot can help. 
  • How your attitude impacts your love life. Is that positive attitude attracting others, or bringing your love life down? Are you sealing yourself off from others?

With this look, you can learn a lot about yourself…or even get faced with matters you tend to deny. Be prepared to be a little shocked!

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Attitudes And Feelings Of Others Around You

A lot of anecdotal evidence suggests that tarot cards are also fairly good at figuring out what others think of you. If you’re wondering whether someone likes you, sees you as a friend, or sees you as a romantic rival, you might want to pull some tarot cards to find out. 

What Different Tarot Cards Say About Your (Or Someone Else’s) Feelings

There are many cards that are fairly ambiguous when it comes to readings about your attitude. However, these cards are fairly straightforward when it comes to your overall outlook on love:

  • The Lovers. Oh yeah, you’re looking for love. You might also be in a highly sexual mood. This card often comes up when someone is interested in you.
  • The Hermit. This is a card that typically comes up when you’re feeling lonely or desperate. 
  • 2 of Swords. This is a card that regularly arrives when you (or someone near you) is in denial about a love issue.
  • 3 of Swords. Oof. You (or whoever the reading is for) had some seriously painful feelings about love. You might be feeling betrayed, heartbroken, or totally done with romance. Pulling the three of swords means you should probably heal yourself before you date again. 
  • 4 of Cups. Feeling disillusioned? Tired of dating? That’s probably why you picked this card. 
  • 10 of Swords. This is a card that says you’re done. You’re at rock bottom, attitude-wise. The good news is, there’s no way to go but up. 
  • 10 of Cups. If you get this card, you’re probably thrilled with your love life. This is the card that epitomizes matrimonial bliss. 
  • The Empress. If you’re female, this card denotes that you’re ready to settle down or are happily married. For men, this card suggests they’re looking to settle down soon.

How To Use Attitude Readings To Improve Your Love Life

Knowing how you really view your love life can help you figure out how to improve your romantic prospects. If you have a sunny attitude and are looking for love, you should be alright. Things will probably work out in your favor as long as you keep your standards up. 

However, if you get cards that show you’re closed off to options, angry, bitter, or desperate, things may need to change. After all, one of the most common reasons why people hit roadblocks in love is because of their attitudes towards if. 

Think about it. How can you be open to love if your views on the matter are toxic? You can’t. So, take the cards’ advice and start to re-cultivate your attitude. With the right attitude, anything is possible. 

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Which Cards Suggest A Crush?

Wondering if someone has a crush on you? Well, you’re not alone there. There are quite a few tarot cards that can reveal a crush. 

  • Page of Cups. If a younger male is interested in you for a fling, it’s often the Page of Cups that gets pulled. 
  • Knight of Cups. This is a card that suggests you may have a male suitor who wants to be your “knight in shining armor.
  • Queen of Cups. This card is often seen as a girl who is pining away for someone she doesn’t feel she can have.
  • 6 of Cups. Often called the “soulmate card,” this suggests a type of crush that makes you feel giddy as a schoolgirl.

Matters Of Infidelity

There are many, many anecdotes involving a psychic who correctly reveals to a viewer that their spouse is having an affair. That might just be why so many people believe tarot cards can tell you (or warn you) about an affair. 

For the most part, asking about affairs tends to be pretty straightforward. Most people who read tarot cards for affairs will look for pairings of two people around a card that looks (or describes a person) like you. They also may look for “warning cards” relating to affairs.

What Cards Suggest A Cheating Partner?

Well, cards don’t always reveal anything in terms of affairs, but there are certainly some red flags that suggest something might be going on behind your back. A talented tarot user usually can spot affairs fairly quickly.

If you’re worried about affairs, you might want to watch out for these cards below:

  • The Moon. The Moon is a card that acts as a warning that not all is as it appears. It can be a sign of paranoia, or it could be a sign of someone hiding something from you.
  • 3 of Swords. It literally has three swords stabbing right through a heart. If that doesn’t spell betrayal, nothing does. 
  • 5 of Swords. This card is all about betrayal. Two figures are seen grieving the loss of their goods, while another makes away with them
  • 5 of Cups. If you were recently mourning the discovery of an affair, with two people continuing the relationship after discovery, this will most likely show up in your reading. 
  • 10 of Swords. This person was literally stabbed in the back. If you recently found out about a betrayal, this will most likely be a card you pull, along with the 3 of Swords.

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What Cards Suggest You’ll Be Tempted To Cheat?

Everyone will eventually have a moment where they question whether being loyal is really worth it. Sometimes, you actually may even go through with it. These cards suggest that the temptation to cheat will be very strong…or that you’ll carry on an affair on the down-low for a long time.

  • Justice. This tends to throw people for a loop, but it can be a sign of cheating if you were betrayed by your partner before. Be careful with this card, though! It also indicates that what goes around comes around. 
  • 3 of Cups. This may look like a happy card, but be careful. The three figures in here are often symbolic of a quick fling behind someone’s back or an ongoing affair. 
  • 7 of Swords. This card has a thief sneaking away with stolen goods, and while it’s often linked with theft, it also can mean getting away with adultery. The question is, are you the adulterer, or are you the victim?

Outcomes Of Personal Choices

In love, we often are faced with choices. Do we continue in our relationships? Do we choose to go? Which person do we want to spend our lives with? Some more in-depth believers trust tarot cards to tell them what choice is best for them. 

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Putting together a personal choice spread is fairly simple. You do a three-card spread for each choice. The first card starts with the present, the second is the near future, and the third is the distant future. 

Positive cards denote a good outcome, while negative ones tend to reveal that it might be a bad choice to make. What you do with that information is up to you. 

Personal Growth In Love

In life, everyone will eventually grow and evolve. This is a pattern that we cannot escape and shouldn’t try to escape. Tarot can often help us understand how we will evolve, and why we will need to work on ourselves. 

Many psychics use tarot cards as a way to gain guidance on how they can better themselves. They may interpret tarot readings as advice, and if you use advice interpretations, these cards can become priceless for querents.

Cards That Tend To Act As Advice

There are some cards that, when pulled, tend to be predominantly viewed as bits of advice and guidance rather than events. These cards are all about giving you advice (and maybe a pep talk) like a trusted friend. Here are some of the best advice cards to pull, and what they mean:

  • Strength. Strength is a card that both urges you to stay strong while also reminding you not to be heavy-handed. The angel in the card’s picture isn’t forcing the lion’s mouth open. Why? Because she knows that will make it bite her!
  • Temperance. Temperance is a card that’s all about urging you to stay calm, keep your thoughts in moderation, and mellow out. Everything about this card is peaceful and urges you to remember that calmer times are ahead.
  • 4 of Swords. Though most swords cards are pretty bad for readings, this one isn’t necessarily bad. It’s telling you to rest, relax, and take time off for yourself. Self-care is important!
  • 8 of Cups. Do you think it’s time to walk away from a relationship? This is a card that suggests the tarot agrees.
  • King of Cups. This card is often seen as a mediator card and tends to urge you to be diplomatic and tactful with others in your love life.
  • Ace of Swords. This is a card that often comes up when you know what you need to do to improve your love life but just haven’t done it yet. Think of it as tarot’s way of telling you to stop wasting time and start doing what you need to do.

When Cards Act As A Warning

In many cases, cards can give you a heads up when you’re on the verge of making a serious mistake in love. The warnings don’t always show up as a negative outcome card like the three of swords, though it’s possible they do if you’re doing a choice spread. 

If you notice these signs, there’s a good chance that your tarot cards might be giving a subtler warning about your decision-making or your attitude:

  • The High Priestess. This card rarely ever bodes well, unless you’re channeling your feminine intuition. In many readings, it’s a sign that a woman may be lying to you, that you may not know the full story, or that your insecurity is wrecking your love life.  More details about The High Priestess.
  • The Moon. A card often associated with mental illness and gas-lighting; the Moon usually acts as a warning to avoid letting your emotions get in the way of common sense and to watch out for deception.  (Also read this article about the Moon card, is it bad?)
  • The Hermit. In a love reading, the Hermit often comes when you need to get a grip on yourself and avoid desperate tactics. It’s a reminder that it’s okay to be alone from time to time.  More about the Hermit Tarot Card.
  • Knight of Wands/Knight of Swords. Are you prone to angry outbursts with your partner? These knights you not to snap at your partner, and think before you speak. 

Queen of Swords. The Queen of Swords is often seen as a single woman, often due to death or betrayal. It’s a warning sign not to become a bitter single.  More about the Queen of Swords: Queen of Swords Reversed

Marriage Potential

Sometimes, you already know people are interested, and things will go well. But, you still might wonder how well things will go. That’s understandable. Some may also use tarot to reveal the relationship potential of people they’re currently seeing. 

Because cards tend to show characteristics of people and your current situation, using tarot cards to figure out if the person has a little bit of long term potential isn’t out of the question. Laying three cards showing the potential of a person can give you fairly decent results. 

I wrote an article about what Tarot cards can tell you about marriage, read that article and get more details here.

Tarot Cards That Suggest Marriage

Wondering if you’re about to get engaged, or if the person in question really wants to marry you? Wondering how the relationship will pan out in the long term? These cards can indicate the potential for marriage. 

  • The Emperor/The Empress. These two cards are typically seen as cards indicating someone with serious marriage potential. The Emperor is a very traditional figure who is financially stable and wants marriage. The Empress is a homemaker, motherly type who is deemed ideal “marriage material” by most. 
  • The Hierophant. This is often an indicator of a religious marriage, thanks to the priestly theme. 
  • 2 of Cups. This is a classic card to pull when marriage potential is the question. It’s a great indicator of great relationships ahead. 
  • 4 of Wands. Depending on other cards around, this can be a sign of a wedding ceremony about to happen. 
  • 6 of Cups. Often called the “soulmate” card, this suggests the person in question may have come from a past life. It’s also seen as a card of innocent love. 
  • 10 of Cups. This is seen as a “happily ever after” card, often denoting the potential of a marriage wish come true as well as the birth of a child. 
  • 10 of Pentacles. This is a major family card, suggesting that you will have a very stable family life with this person if you choose to stay with them. 

Tarot Cards That Indicate A Bad Lover

Not all card layouts will have a happy ending, and if you’re reading for marriage potential, you might want to be careful. The cards below suggest a life with this partner will be fairly tumultuous:

  • The Devil. This is usually a sign that the relationship will be unhappy, and that one partner may feel chained to the other. 
  • 3 of Swords. Beware if you get this card! It’s a strong indicator of heartbreak ahead, at best. At worst, it’s a warning of domestic violence and betrayal. 
  • 5 of Pentacles. This card suggests a relationship that will be fraught with financial issues and uneven workloads. 
  • 5 of Swords. This isn’t just a sign of cheating. It’s also a sign that you might be used for your money. 
  • 5 of Wands. This suggests regular fighting between couples. 
  • 8 of Swords. This card indicates that a relationship may involve you or your partner feeling unable to leave or otherwise helpless. 
  • 9 of Swords. This card often indicates psychological abuse and misery in a relationship. 

Your Future

When it comes to predicting your future, the general consensus among psychics is that the future will only be predictable if you continue on the path you’re currently on. If you change course, your future will change. The future is not set in stone, you know!

That being said, tarot cards have anecdotally predicted quite a few different events. These indicators will help you figure out what might be in store for your love life’s future, aside from the events already indicated here. 

Read more about whether Tarot predictions are true?

Tarot Cards That Suggest A New Love

When it comes to matters of finding love, there are a lot of different cards that can indicate new suitors or interests at your doorsteps. Cards featuring members of the opposite sex, in particular, tend to suggest someone with their corresponding traits will be open to dating you if you give them a chance. 

That being said, there are definitely some standard cards that are more indicative of a new relationship in the works than others. These include:

  • Ace of Cups. The cups suit, in general, is seen as a relationship suit. An ace (any ace aside from swords, actually) indicates a new beginning and a new offering of love on the horizon. This is usually one of the most positive and promising offers on the table. 
  • 2 of Cups. This is a card that displays the union of two partners, holding cups, right underneath the symbol of healing. This is one of the best signs you’ll get a relationship soon. 
  • 6 of Cups. This is a traditional courtship card. Expect to get a message from a crush soon!
  • The Lovers. I mean, come on. It has love in the name! In many cases, this suggests you might have a choice to make between different partners.

Tarot Cards That Indicate A Breakup 

Breakups are not always predictable, but if you’re a believer in tarot cards, you might be able to see their warning signs before they do. Cards with a tone of heartbreak, loneliness, or finality, like the 3 of Swords or Death, are a fairly clear indicator of a heartbreak. Others aren’t always so clear cut. Here are some cards to watch for:

  • The Tower. This is literally a card that shows a couple falling from a tower, with everything suddenly crashing down around them. Unsurprisingly, this is a sign of a sudden breakup that leaves at least one person blindsided.
  • Justice. If you’re married, the Justice card can be a sign of an upcoming court battle involving divorce.
  • Ace of Swords. In some cases, the Ace of Swords can be a sign that you’ve just had enough and will be “cutting free” of the person holding you back. 
  • 8 of Cups. Sometimes, breakups are just things you need to do because you know it’s not going to be a lifelong relationship. That’s the kind of breakup the 8 of cups tend to represent. It’s not acrimonious, but it’s not the best outcome either.
  • 10 of Swords. This is often interpreted as the end of a relationship, as well.

Tarot Cards That Suggest An Unexpected Twist In Your Love Life

A lot of cards in the deck tend to allude to things that aren’t quite what they appear to be, or suggest that things are going to start changing. These cards suggest that you’re going to see a sudden difference that you might not have seen coming.

The Tower

If things are going smoothly, watch out! This card suggests that you’re probably going to see that steady relationship suddenly falls apart. 

Read more about the Tower card in this article… The Tower Tarot Card, A Complete Guide

The Star

If you’ve been feeling hopeless about love, this card is a great one to find. It indicates a sudden improvement in your life. 

Read this article for more details about the Start Tarot Card, A Complete Guide

The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is always turning. Sometimes it turns in your favor, other times against. When you get this card, it’s almost always a change in fate.

Read more about this tarot card: The Wheel Of Fortune, A Complete Guide!

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