Moon in Libra Traits & Personality

Moon in Libra Traits & Personality

Libra is a sign of relating to others. This is not about love and marriage per se, but more about our public appearance and our ability to join others in the sense of ideas, businesses, and anything else, including committed love like marriage.

Moon in Libra “officially” doesn’t feel so good in this sign. However, this can be a changeable characteristic.

Also, Moon is all about personal worlds, and Libra is revolving around others. The person will hide their real feelings so much that in the end, their emotions will be collective emotions and about adapting.

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What does it mean to have a Libra Moon?

The sign of Libra is about harmony and diplomacy. It revolves around the idea of win-win situations and “happily ever after” for all participants. This is why the Moon could feel a bit confused here because Moon is showing our deepest and even secretive emotions.

We might share those emotions with best friends, siblings, or family, but we will surely keep the whole world out of them. The ruler of Libra is the planet Venus and here it has an air quality.

Airy Venus and Watery Moon are not friends in terms of astrology. On the other hand, Libra is the fourth sign looking from Cancer, and Cancer is the home sign for Moon. And Moon’s symbolism is all about our roots, family, and safety.

This is why the Moon naturally wants to achieve this Venusian idea that everything should look beautiful and everyone must feel satisfied and accepted. Yes, that is what the Moon dreams about, but this celestial body is often “messy”, chaotic, and can be really moody.

Moon in Libra Traits

Moon in Libra Traits & Personality

When it comes to positive Libra Moon traits, this person will be very calming to other people, and therefore, they could become excellent negotiators. They will also be naturally talented to be a lawyer, to seek justice, to gather many different types of people, and to make them work as one without ever raising their voices or using force.

Libra is surprisingly capable of seeing any object or situation from many angles or perspectives, and besides being great as an architect or any designer, they will know that any “truth” has many sides and be very careful when it comes to judging people and their situations.

When it comes to negative Libra Moon traits, this same ability to see any situation from all angles can keep you indecisive and confused. She will ponder or be hesitant like no one else for hours about what to do, and then do nothing in the end.

Also, Libra Moon is incredibly impractical with their ideas of beauty and balance which can often turn into big complications and inability to finish any project on their own, including taking care of their living space.

And the greatest nightmare for Libra Moon is to be alone for some time. In those moments, they will become desperate and totally confused as if they need someone’s presence or a voice to feel alive themselves.

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Aries with Moon in Libra

Moon in Libra Traits & Personality

This person will have changeable public status, and several marriages too, although they will seek “real” committed love throughout their whole life. They will seek peace or find peace and harmony in someone else.

Taurus with Moon in Libra

Many contacts with women will mark this person’s life. Those women will resemble the person to some extent, but the constant feeling that something is wrong, although everything looks perfect will air in the atmosphere.

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Gemini with Moon in Libra

The innate need to be with other people all the time, to chat and have social activities, will be this individual’s necessary part of life. They might appear shallow when it comes to deeper emotions, but they will be exceptionally talented in diplomacy.

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Cancer with Moon in Libra

The tendency to focus on home and family issues, to make everything look beautiful and harmonious, even if the reality shows the opposite, will become this person’s purpose and also, obsession. They could also become a talented real estate agent.

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Leo with Moon in Libra

Moon in Libra Traits & Personality

This person will love to have numerous social contacts, especially with affluent people. However, those contacts could be useful to some extent, but in most cases, the person will be subject to gossiping or plotting.

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Virgo with Moon in Libra

Variable income and income through numerous clients or social contacts will be in cards for this individual. They will be materially oriented, but at the same time, they will know that wealth comes through lucrative connections.

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Libra with Moon in Libra

Connections with a variety of people, including the official marital type of relationship with a romantic partner will be a necessary part of life for this individual. They will love to harmonize things and issues, even when they could lose themselves in this process.

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Scorpio with Moon in Libra

Trying to find the meaning of life amongst other people can make this person a shrewd psychologist or psychiatrist, or on the other hand, could produce many affairs, gossiping, or even disastrous outcomes in business deals.

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Sagittarius with Moon in Libra

Becoming friends with coworkers will become this person’s purpose. They will feel the instant connection at their workplace and try to extend the duration of time spent with those people or clients.

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Capricorn with Moon in Libra

Moon in Libra Traits & Personality

A career in diplomacy or politics will be in the cards for this individual, with changeable results depending on political fluctuations. This can also be a very successful socialite connecting many different profiles.

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Aquarius with Moon in Libra

Learning human and relationship psychology will become a necessary part of this person’s life. And they could even become a world-known relationship coach or motivational speaker. Words will be their weapons and allies.

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Pisces with Moon in Libra

Working with children or working in the world of arts or design will become their thing. The professions related to the wide public and arts will fulfill their days, and they will find or choose romantic partners through the area of work.

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