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What Does Venus Represent in Astrology?

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Oh, glorious Venus! Venus is love, in all its forms. She is the Goddess of Love. In Astrology, she rules over love and passion. This means she dictates our warm fuzzy feelings.

Venus also has a hand in how we present ourselves to the outside world, that special gilding we use to be extra appealing. She also dabbles in money, and our passion for it. It takes 225 days for Venus to orbit the zodiac. She always manages to be 47 degrees or less from the sun.

Venus rules over both Libra and Taurus. This makes her represent two key areas in our life, love, and money. Venus rules our belief in what is beautiful and passionate. When this lady appears in our charts, she helps us learn about pleasure, art, and our tastes; basically, what makes us happy and why. 

Venus in our charts shows us how we approach romantic and platonic love relationships. She is also our guide to what gives us pleasure. We look to Venus in the natal chart to see how we approach relationships of the heart, as well as what gives us pleasure.

Which house Venus dwells in according to our charts shows what we enjoy about love. Venus in Cancer shows we value the security of our relationships. 

Before we delve into Venus and all the zodiac signs, I wanted to direct you to the bottom of this page, the Related Articles section. I have a couple of articles listed there that I know you will love! Make sure you check them out.

Do you love the chase, eventually capturing your love’s heart? Then it would be fair to guess Venus would be in Aries pertaining to your chart.

Table of Contents

Venus in the Signs

When we are feeling our Venus, we tend to make peace not war. We want love and beauty. Taking this to the darker side we tend to overindulge, focus only on ourselves and be exceedingly shallow. Think Hedonism. Our lady is all about the finer things. S

he means pleasure, especially pleasure shared with someone else, romance, and harmony in our emotional attachments. She rules marriages, friendships, and other unions. She helps us find the finer things in life.

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Venus in Aries

Aries, you are upfront flirts, direct, and daring. You show off how independent and ambitious you are. Your love is usually self-centered. It can drive some people up a wall.

Despite all the narcissistic tendencies, these Venus in Aries people have an innocent charm that is appealing, even though they can throw childish tantrums to match.

Venus in Taurus

For our Venus in Taurus people, you love the creature comforts and the physical world around you. The more sensual or pleasurable the scents, tastes, or texture the more you want them.

These people come off as comfortable and solid. You require a certain amount of predictability with your partners. You need people you can depend on.

Venus in Gemini

Ok my Venus in Gemini people, you try to win over those you feel loving towards. You will pull out all the stops, being witty, showing off your knowledge and interests. With all this hard work you are playful spirits, hard to pin down.

You tend to resist relationships that are becoming too comfortable. You want your relationships to be stimulating, and keeping you engaged.

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Venus in Cancer

Love for Venus in Cancer is all about commitment and predictability.  Sensitive and playful even seeming a bit naive and innocent in love. 

You as a person are sensitive in love, even if your Sun sign is the more playful. You give a lot back in relationships, comfort, stability, and large amounts of love.

Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo in Love is proud. You love to be courted and demand the best from your suitors. You need to feel special like the object of your affection is making changes or moving mountains just for you. After all, you are warm and generous.

You are loyal to those you love as love is the key to your life, even if you tend to flirt with others for attention. You will flaunt that attention but be careful you could chase your amore away. You cannot stand it if your love plays the same game with you.

That brings out your lion. That mass or dominant passionate energy is best kept calm Much like stroking a cat, your ego needs to be stroked to be the sweet Leo we know.

Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo, there is no flirt in you. You let your dedication and willingness to work on the relationship and to make the relationship work in real terms speak for itself.

You do not stop to offering grand gifts or trying to impress your beloved instead you give them all your devotion and attention to detail, such an amazing gift.

Venus in Libra

You want to impress with kindness. You do what you can to make your relationships work. You can come off as insincere when it comes to your love life, but that is due to your need to not insult or slight someone. You are consumed by balance and Venus enhances that.

Your gentle soul is offended by bad manners and conflict. You are the middle-of-the-road people, spending your whole love life on a fence. You tend to make all the compromises in your love life just to make your better half happy.

Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio, my nether world friends. You attract others with almost vampire-like intensity. When moved you are willing to commit completely. Your smoldering personality and deep focus suggest your feelings run as deep as the ocean.

Your actions show your deep commitment to your love of choice and keeping them well pleased with you. To add to your vampire-like focus and almost mystical dedication, you are fearless when it comes to intimacy.

Where we mere mortals dread to tread your stride with confidence and determination. You possess your lover, keeping them so drunk on your love and loyalty that they do not mind being possessed. You need to mind your tendency to be controlling, loving you is a calling, almost a dedication.

Taking up this mantle is a heavy endeavor as you completely immerse yourself in your lover taking your intensity and deep emotions with you.

You tend to take things to the extreme. You want to crawl inside the mind of your love, know them more than they know themselves, yet keep yourself locked up like a vault. You use your negative feelings as a shield.

If you are upset by an imagined slight to everyone around, you will know as sooner or later you will blow up magnificently or find a way to make look kill.

Your jealousy is legendary, what is yours is yours, no mortal hands allowed. Venus in Scorpio, you will pull the most underhanded maneuvers and cut through all the excess to get your way in love.

You see people exactly as they are not as they wish to be to the world, be careful to not let these clear images get skewed.

Venus in Sagittarius

When Venus in Sagittarius people are in love, you need to feel that you can grow and expand in your relationship. You want to spend time growing and learning new things as a couple.

Sagittarius you are idealistic lovers, you need someone with whom you to share your beliefs and visions. You are a jumble of seriousness and carefree that can confuse those that you love.

You nomads never want to settle down, you constantly seek your truth.

Venus in Capricorn

Now for my Venus in the Capricorn tribe, you try to win hearts by showing off your responsible attributes. Your self-control, presence of mind, and responsible behavior are your mating dance.

You want your potential lovers to know you are goal-oriented, witty, savvy, and perfectly in control. Enjoying predictability in your relationships, you like to show how competent are, no one can pull one over on you.

Overall, you are cautious in love you do not like looking a fool.

 Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius you are so open-minded and forward-thinking it is what people first pick up on about you. You come off as unique.

Aquarius also likes to seem a bit provocative and rebellious. You need to be acknowledged and appreciated, don’t we all?

You always take the road less traveled. When it comes to love you try to stay aloof and above the practical parts.

 Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces you like to be seen as the soft-hearted dreamer. From the way you flirt to your ethereal charm, you are playful and sweet. Like any other Victorian-age character, you can also be a bit moody and irregular in a fascinating way.

You love poetry and romance. You like to feel your way in romance instead of making plans, adding even more to your Victorian charm.

Venus in Pisces your love is unconditional, and you want your mate to know that. to know that their love is unconditional. You are attracted to the wayward, the underdog.

You love and accept them just as they are.

In Conclusion

Overall, Venus brings love.  She brings our softer sides out and encourages what we enjoy in life. It’s easy to see why this planet became the goddess of love. She is for more than just Valentine’s day.

Even though we all may express our Venus in a multitude of different ways there is no doubt we would all be the poorer with out this sphere’s influence.

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